Seoul - United Nations Plaza

It is here that most of the world's decisions are made. The kind of power here reflects in the architecture, with the HUGE UN building that holds the General Assembly. Blue and dome shaped in design, it is the only one in the world of its kind, and workplace to the thousands that work here. The perimeter of the General Assembly building is surrounded the flags of every country that has a seat, which is nearly everyone. Outside are a number of other large office buildings, ranging from delegate bureau's, to the Headquarters of the UN Police, to a Repliforce office. Constantly patrolled and guarded by UN Police, safety is among an utmost concern after the infamous April Fools Day Massacre. Despite that, the place is a very safe environment.

Cyclops [Armor] [M]
Metal Man [Blader] [RM]
Wildrider [Hunter] [MH]
Press Stand
United Nations Vehicle Garages

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North <N> leads to Seoul - Eastern Residential District.

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Gemini Man is here. Right smack in front of the United Nations building. Leaning against a signpost put up there for tourists. Untwinned... smoking a cigarrette. A few butts at his feet suggest that the cig is actually REAL, and he's been here for a while. Though no one in particular saw him arrive, he's certainly not hiding himself. He's being quiet, not looking at anyone.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Serenade transmits, ""

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi

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Midi is also here. Though he just arrives from the UN building itself. Dressed in a slightly different armor than normal, with a backpack and everything! He's ready to head off into space! Whee! Of course, he doesn't intend on getting a free ride, he plans to do what he can with any computer systems they might find up there in that thing. He's eager to go, anyway.

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Job is there standing behind midi and seems to be toating a fair amount of salvage gear and other equipment he might need on the mission to Starhaven. He seems to be going over something on the com with someone saying, "Yes make sure the Star Seeker is fueled and ready to go at a moments notice..."

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Cyclops just stands right near the entrance to the UN Building, taking a few moments to look at his former workplace. He's actually here as the main Maverick scientific mind, Dr. Doppler unable to make it and Gizmo Glider, well, not able to come thanks to his current 'situation'. Eye flashing brightly, he just continues to wait...

Kalinka probably shouldn't even be here. She knows full well she'd be safer at home, in her room. But why pass up the opportunity of a -lifetime-? How could she? So...she's lingering in the area, cautiously.

Once upon a time the Dire Wolf prowled this plaza on a daily basis. Not as a visitor but as an employee. Ah, such is life, one supposes... Such fond memories are associated with this place as well. But that's neither here nor there. Quietly he pads along, having heard of a gathering and wondering about the general details of the situation. He hunkers down on his haunches nearby and observes quietly.

Hey that girl looks familiar. Midi notices Kalinka, and recogizes her from that one time he saw her out skating. Well if Midi has one thing it's a good memory. Of course, he's in a different outfit than he was that day, but nevertheless, he goes over to talk to her anyway, because, well, there are quite a few unfriendly types starting to gather. With his new space-armor and his backpack, he walks on up "Hi!"

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Void Starfish hides invisibly on the cieling waiting for a ride to the big yummy shimmering gravity something she knows is up there somewhere.

Kalinka startles a little bit as Midi comes strolling over...then when she sees who it is, she chuckles. "Oh, hello! Wow, you are dressed all up like a space are all ready to get on that ship too, hm?"

Guts Man walks on in sipping into a keg sized slushy. That's not even considered a big gulp for him, "Pffft, free refills my butt."

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Midi nods enthusiastically. Well, he comes off as being enthusiastic, he's trying to keep as positive an outlook as he can. "Yeah! I mean, I hope things'll go well. I'm gonna do what I can up there if I get the chance!" He often doesn't seem like one of the greatest hacking minds in the world, does he?

Void Starfish. Invisible. On the ceiling. Waiting. So there.

Gemini Man loves the irony of this situation. Maybe that's why he's here, not being a nuisance, just...waiting, patiently and quietly. Half a year ago, the Stardroids made him the UN's Number One danger. Now, the UN is going to ferry him up there to their little device. Still standing still and quiet, pondering, he smokes, and waits, eyes scanning the crowd. He couldn't try anything if he'd wanted to. Way too many goodies here, of those he could see. Oh, well. At least he could count on Guts Man.

Kalinka chuckles. "You and me both," she says to Midi, looking around. "Hey, did you bring candy? I have some licorice..."

Job looks over at Kalinka and says, "Hello Miss Cossack, You know there could be anything up on that ship. I chased after the pendants about a year ago and I'll say... be ready for any sort of twisted stuff up there..."

Kalinka grins widely at Job. "Twisted? Oh boy, I cannot -wait-!"

Cyclops looks slightly to the side, drawn by the sounds of Midi's voice. And it's then he notices Kalinka, someone he's already met several times. He doesn't walk over however, and just keeps an eye on her and the others near her for the time being...

Midi nods again "Yeah! Naturally!" He flicks his pack off and spins it around. The bottommost compartment is unzipped, and form it, he procures his favorite pixie sticks. What, you didn't think he was taking ONLY his equipment did you? "I got lotsa stuff!" He exxlaims.

"Oh yes you can," Pipes up an older feminine voice as another figure approaches those speaking. Apparently Gemini wasn't the only ex-pendant bearer that had intended to enjoy the irony of things--Or at least try to ensure that there wasn't a repeat if possible. Rigger walks up beside Kalinka and looks down at the shorter girl with a shake of her head. "You should at least tell us when you plan to do such things, you know."

Enforcer Malamute wanders along, shaking his head as he goes. Damn Stardroids. They can't leave this planet alone, can't they? Noooo. He was here when they originally showed up, and now he's back to take care of this, again..

Pallbearer takes a look around as he arrives, trying to pick out familiar faces in the crowd after having secured his place yesterday. The mummybot is loaded up with sample containers, analysis chemicals, and a laptop for proper data collection - he's been waiting for this, there's no way in hell the medic will miss this chance.

"Well. When was it ever Hunter policy t' show up in an organized fashion, Rigs?" queries Wildrider, who's got a duffel over one shoulder, and a large mocha in his free hand. Joining the small group with a few strides, he yawns, and takes another sip. "Seems like we're due for annoying formalities. Damn shame."

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Guts Man keeps sipping his blue slushy.

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Near the UN Reploid and the younger Cossack Blizzard Wolf continues to lurk silently, watching events as he waits to see what may yet unfold. This is certainly a most.. unusual.. siuation to have himself be in, but these are unusual times. A small wolf android pads up to his boss, a cup holder clenched in his teeth. The Dire Wolf takes the offered iced coffee quietly, reconfiguring one of his arms to allow for grasping, and sips quietly.

Void Starfish wakes up and falls off the ceiling, looking outside. People. It must be starting soon. She turns visible and heads out towards the crowd, keeping a discrete distance.

Kalinka takes a pixie stick from Midi, beaming a grin. "Thank you, kind sir!" Noticing Rigger coming right up behind her, she turns a little bit red. "Ah.. *cough* is it you are here?"

Job gives Rigger greetings, "Hi, the name is Job." He punches one last bit of data into his datapad and puts it in an armored legcompartment. "If we end up being short on how many people we can take off. My own ship is ready in the Eurasia stardock for launch, its rigged for salvage operations so it might be able to help." Not to mention haul back some possible salvage from the station itself.

"'Lo, Rigger," Gemini Man says, turning his head toward the former 'Venus' as the Hunter joins her fellows. He's calling over the large group of them, and it's the first he's spoken in a while. "You going up with the hunter crowd, or are you still showing interest in joining up with Doc Wily?" He gives her a half-wink, then looks away again.

Midi doesn't know as much about the pendents as those present. All he knows is what he's read in reports since he was quite... occupied during the last ordeal. And in fact, Midi has no experience dealing with Stardroids, so perhaps his naivety will cost him in the future, but at least he's keeping a positive outlook on things. Taking out a pixie stick for himself, he glances around at those gathered. Wow, Gemini Man and Guts Man too. Now if only Mega Man would come, Midi would feel even safer going up on this thing.

Cyclops finally turns away from the UN building and begins to slowly walk over Kali, Job, Midi and the others collected in a bit of a group. His red orb of an eye growing slightly, he takes a look around, before speaking. "Hello there."

Rigger stuffs her hands into her pockets as Wildrider joins in as well, just shrugging momentarily. "Yeah but Kalinka *is* still underage and under the guidance of her father," she points out. Right before being thoroughly distraced by Job, whom she nods to, and then Gemini. "I'm quite fine with the Hunters. What'd you guys expect me to say with Guts threatening to beat me up? I've had enough things broken lately."

Kalinka smirks a little bit, then begins examining the paper tube of the Pixie Stik, turning it over in her hands. "Midi, what is this thing you gave me? I thought it was a sweet...which end do you open?" Apparently, they don't have Pixie Stik in Russia.

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Wildrider shakes his head. "The kid's also a hunter." he argues. Then again, the only Cossack threat he feared was the one to ground him from the planes. Not one he can do as easy anymore. Still, before he can say much more, he's far more distracted by the new arrival making it's way over. Since well, he's never seen the Maverick 'borg before.

Blizzard Wolf casually stands upright in the background, sipping quietly at his drink without losing a beat. He absently rotates his free arm at the shoulder and lets out a soft grunt as something briefly catches and then eases off. "I really need to chat with Father about having that checked..." he mutters to himself softly. Eh. It can wait. He then moves a bit more closely to the other Hunters, not exactly trying to hide or anything.

Midi turns to Kalinka, someone who has never eaten a Pixie Stick? Gasp! "Well.." He says "You take one end, and tear it off carefully, then pour the rest in your mouth." Eager to demonstrate, he opens and devours the one he had taken out for himself. Mmm, sugar.

Rigger rolls her eyes vaguely, "She's also a medic and engineer. How many times have I been told to keep my rear out of possible combat situations for that reason, huh? Honestly you guys let her get away with everything."

Pallbearer continues searching about the crowd for friendly faces, somewhat difficult considering how often Pall gets out socially. The mummybot, still slightly weighed down by the satchel-briefcase of extra equipment he carries, is only slightly more awkward than usual as he goes about the area.

WIthout much fanfare, infact none at all, Gimel walks into the plaza. He's trying to keep a low profile, and manages to succeed in doing that. He wanders around for a while, taking in to various conversations going on right now.

"I hate undercover work," he mumbles. "Being all sneaky and ninja-ish is one thing, undercover is another story entirely."

Kalinka observes Midi, then looks back to her own Pixie Stick a bit skeptically. If she's paying the conversation between Wildrider and Rigger any mind, she's doing a good job of acting nonchalant about it. "Well...okay, then." She rips off one end of the paper tube, then quickly flips the sugary powder into her mouth. Her eyes widen in surprise; apparently, this isn't at all what she expected.

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Job replies fo Cyclops saying, "Hey, Cyclops so your comming on this mission too? Well you bring any techinal gear for this?" While he looks over the hunters who have gathered here. "Thoughts on what we might find there?"

Midi takes Kalinka's reaction as positive "Good huh? I got a few more if you'd like." Actually, replace a few, with a few /dozen/, this is Midi after all.

Cyclops stops right near Rigger and the others, taking one look behind him before taking a good look at everyone there. Some of them he recognises, others he's never seen before. He doesn't say a word, just stands there. As Job replies, he merely stares at reploid, not saying a word, nothing...

Wildrider shrugs helplessly. "I've never said any such things." he explains, before leaning over to whisper an additional comment in the ear of Rigger. As for Job, he shrugs. "Could be anything. Could be nothing. Regardless, it's gonna be a learning experience, to say the least."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Void Starfish transmits, "So... who all's going? Anybody I know?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Midi transmits, "I am! I hope."

Ring Redwing is a little taken aback at how many people are milling about getting prepared already. It shouldn't take many people and much time to prepare a shuttle launch in this day and age does it? o 0(But I only spent a little time at the Seoul Mega-Mall.) She reasons to herself while wondering how she's going to find anybody in this mess of people.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Rigger transmits, "I'm here as well as Kalinka, Wildrider, and... I think that's Ether's tail I see over the crowd."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Sai transmits, "I'll stay behind. I was built to hit things, not think about 'em, after all. Besides, someone needs to keep Dad company while half his research team is away."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "So any idea what the makeup of the team we are sending is going to be like?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina transmits, "I am stayin' so far away from that that it ain't funny. Artificial gravity or lack of gravity make me sick. You don't want me there sick."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Isaac transmits, "I will stay behind to help from the ground."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gemini Man transmits, "Looks like a lot of girls and Maverick Hunters."

Kalinka coughs a few times, then sneezes. "CHOO!" Not once... "CHOO!!" ...but twice! She sniffles, then grins at Midi. "That was very good. You have another one??"

Pallbearer looks about once more, finally just rolling his eyes a moment. "Bugger that." he mutters, starting up his scanners and looking for Repliforce presences. Spotting Redwing among the crowd, he blinks a second, before making his way over towards her.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "It's going to be this crack team of commandos. 1 old guy. 1 chameleon. 1 crazy guy and 1 tough black guy."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job laughs, "The A-team? We could use em."

Midi nods "Lots more, actually! Plus some chocolotes and stuff!" He hands Kalinka another one. As always, Midi has brought along more than enough, but being a reploid, he doesn't have to worry about gaining weight or anything. Lucky for him.

Enforcer Malamute just hangs back, by himself, leaning against a wall as he sits back and waits, "C'mon already." He murmers, wanting to get on with this..

It paid to be able to fly, sometimes. Especially with this hellish crowd. As the gathering for the expidition to Starhaven grows, Serenade watches with something akin to disgust as she's only able to find a few of her kin in the crowd of sickening amounts of Hunters and Repliforcers. She remains seated on the edge of one of the smaller office buildings, content to remain out of the throng for the moment. They could be going into a life threataning, hell, -world- threataning situation, and all these idiots can think to do is talk about chocolate and pretend it's some sort of party. Idiots.

Midi isn't an idiot, just naive about the situation. Meanie.

Serenade still thinks you're an idiot. Naive, idiot. Same thing.

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Void Starfish actually decides to approach the crowd from the Hunter side of the party. She looks about cautiously as she approaches. "Hello... Mind if I go up with you guys? I want to see if I can feel any residual distortions of that warp field they used..."

Midi still thinks you're a meanie. <razz>

"Chocolate?" Well. That got Rigger's attention. She glances at Midi a moment before looking away to Cyclops with a curious expression. "Ah, doctor. How.. nice to see you again."

Blizzard Wolf rumbles softly from somewhere up and behind Kalinka, "Good evening..." As to his general opinion on the gathering, he isn't really revealing it. The Wolf is a hard machine to read much of the time. He nods slightly to his former co-worker at the UN politely and sips again at his drink. Where he's going they likely don't have coffee, and he would hate to have gone without for the day.

Kalinka opens another Pixie Stick, making funny faces as she tries to figure out how to consume the powder. Chewing it is fairly unpleasant. Swallowing it too fast results in inhaling it, which isn't fun either. She makes funny faces as she gulps it down. "Mmf, Hello Blizzard," she greets.

Gemini Man glances over.. Hm. Serenade. Another friendly face, and it's gotta be HER. He drops the cigarette butt from his hand, and grinds it into the sidewalk. Maybe he can feed her to the Stardroids.

Serenade fully intends to shove Gemini through a blender one of these days, and not his holographic clone. But she's content to bide her time. Who knows what might be on Starhaven.

Ring Redwing spins to her right in response to a radio communication, o 0(doko doko? I don't see Pall anywhere) She should probably hover a bit over the heads of all gathered since she is rather short, but that'd be a little rude to just up and fly above the heads of everybody gathered here.

Midi has eating Pixie Sticks down to a frickin art. An art that cannot be taught, only experienced, or something. "They take a bit to get used to. But they're really good!" He takes a few more out of his seemingly unending supply. He must have the same type of item bag RPG's have or something.

Pallbearer manages to make his way through the crowd in due time, emerging from nearby his fellow repliforcer. "*whew* There you are. I was starting to think I was going to be a one-man delegation." He flashes a grin, looking around the grounds. Being rather tall himself, the mummybot's quite capable of navigating. "We've still got about 20 minutes until the transports begin, lucky for us I was able to secure seats yesterday. It's impressive how many scientific minds wanted to go on this flight, even though the bulk of them know how dangerous it'll be."

Guts Man finishes slurping down his keg sized slushy, "Mmmmmmmm brain freeze."

The tip of a black-and-white-striped tail bobs around on the fringes of the crowd gathering here, bouncing up and down every now and then. Ooh, look, it's a skunk. A big skunk.

Wildrider raises an eyebrow at Rigger's comment. "Doctor? I don't see any doctors over here." remarks the pilot, fairly confused. But then again, being out of the loop for some months doesnt help. "I mean, unless Doppler got an overhaul, I don't think I'm lookin at a Maverick Doctor." he comments, crossing his arms.

Kalinka blinks, looking at Midi. "Do you mean to tell me you eat these things, all day and every day?"

Letting themselves through the massives crowds a large number of men of different origins press silently through. They seem to hold a cold aire about them as they stare uncomfortably at the people around them. While some of them men wear business suits and shades others wear baggie jeans and gang clothing. Each member within the group has a known file of being a Yakuza member of some form, which gives them a good reason of being uncomfortable. However the group have made their appearance in perhaps the last place they are wanted...outside the UN building. Some of these people take this knowledge shyly, trying their hardest to avoid everybody. While others, mostly the street gang members openly converse and act tough amongst the others. In the hands of one Japanese man is a small box of some sorts.

Ring Redwing is not a scientific mind, so what's she doing here? Umm, morale support and Stardroid greeter! That's always handy to have isn't it? "No problem Pall, should we get going now? Surely don't want to miss a flight!" She greets.

Gemini Man starts a slow walk from his current spot, over to where Guts Man is patiently sipping and waiting. He ...sort of ignores Serenade. "Getting crowded," he says to Guts. "Looks like it's you and us in on this one."

Cyclops now has his back turned, just looking directly at the UN building and not speaking to a single person. For the moment he just wants to think...

Midi blinks "Oh of course not, my system couldn't proccess them if I ate them THAT much." He tears open another one and eats it. "No, I usually only eat a few dozen a day." He comments as he finishes that one.

Guts Man nods to Gemini, "Sweet!"

Gemini Man gives Guts Man a Thumbs-up.

The Wolf chuckles softly to himself and settles down to act as a nice, big, blue signpost. "There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.." he remarks idly as he looks around for signs of any other Hunters who might have decided to come out for this little exercise.

Seeing the group of men make their way into the plaza, Gimel mutters to himself, "This must be really important if there are that many guard-people, and he's not even here." He shrugs, and continues wandering around.

Rigger shakes her head a bit as she watches the massive sugar consumption. This was going to turn out bad, she had a feeling, and sugar-high reploids and teenagers would not help. "Eat it slowly, Kalinka. Just a little on your tongue at a time so it melts."

Pallbearer grins. "I've got a feeling they'll call for us." he says, looking over the various more noticeable attendants. "It looks like everything's sent a delegation." He takes a deep breath, clasping his hands together and smiling. "This'll probably go in the history books. I don't think I've ever been part of something so....exhilarating."

Kalinka crosses her eyes at Midi in playful surprise, then chuckles. Nodding to Rigger, she mentions, "He did not tell me it was pure sugar crystals! I did think it was a candy-pop or something. Yeah, this is definitely something to take a little bit at a time!" (Although, they ARE very good,) she thinks. (Maybe I should have a few more...Midi seems to have quite a few!)

Ring Redwing agrees, "I'm sure it will be a lot of fun." Although from the looks on people's faces when Starhaven appeared recently, it seems like most people are expecting doom and gloom. Redwing has a different outlook however, after all she's never even seen a stardroid before. "Do you think we'll get food and an in-flight movie?" She wonders aloud.

Wildrider meanwhile lowers his bag, and withdraws a datapad. Idly, he begins tinkering for a few moments, just to pass some time. Might as well since he's not being addressed.

A bit at a time? But that's no fun! You'd notice Midi just dumps the whole thing in at once, but due to his non-human mouth, he can eat it, and talk at the same time. But eh, he supposes humans need to process it differently. He looks at Rigger "Do you want one?" He offers. Sure he has plenty! And Midi is usually generous as long as people are nice, and his supply holds out.

The Magellan, one of the UN's biggest orbit-capable transports, rumbles in overhead, looking all big and dark and stuff against the early morning sky. Moving slowly, humming lowly, but quietly (thank goodness for advanced anti-grav engines), it drifts down to an empty part of the plaza, roped off by UN security goons.

Pallbearer laughs, just for a moment - about the happiest sound the mummybot's ever made in recent months. "It depends, I guess...Can't be very sure what they'd show, but no doubt it'd be something interesting. There's a lot of doomsayers about, can't say I'm not one of them but this should, at the very least, be one of the best experiences I've ever gone through." He smiles, looking over to Redwing before speaking into his radio a moment.

Pallbearer sends a radio transmission to Ring Redwing.

Ring Redwing receives a radio transmission.


"Hopefully..." Blizzard remarks as the huge craft starts moving by overhead, "This affair will turn out somewhat more satisfactorally than the Atlantis venture did..." He then puts the empty coffee cup into the cup holder held by one of his drones and assumes a casual standing stance, looking down a little towards those nearby shorter than he.

Kalinka's attention is caught by the Magellan coming in for a landing. She fidgets restlessly, bouncing on her heels, as the sugar surges through her system.

Rigger glances over far more calmly than the young sugar-high Cossack to stare at the arriving ship. Her hands dig deeper into her pockets and she rocks back on her heels idly.

Cyclops finally looks away from the UN Building, now shifting his attention to the newly arrived Magellan. Smiling, he then turns his attention back to the others behind him. "Not too long now..." Seems he's a bit bit more socialable now...

Job looks up at the shuttle. "So they are supplying a ship? I rather trust my own ship to this...

Gimel watches the Magellan, "Thats-a one spicey meatball."

Gemini Man watches the descent of the UN ship, with eyes narrowed and very serious.

The sugar doesn't affect Midi QUITE as much, but he's naturally hyper. Still popping some Pixie sticks in his mouth as time passes, he'll give one to just about anyone who asks in the meantine. Nothing much to do now but to wait for things to start. Oh look, the Magellan.

Ring Redwing nods in response towards Pall and then her attention is caught by the approaching craft as well. She points up towards the sky, "The plane! The plane!" Well okay, that's a bit too obscure a reference for some folks perhaps so she just says, "Looks like the ride's here."

Enforcer Malamute lifts his head once the Magellan finally comes down and lands, "About time." He growls, as he stops leaning on the wall, and starts towards it. He's just here because...He's not sure why he's here. But hey, whatever..

Serenade hasn't said one damned thing to anyone today, and she doesn't plan to, hopping off her perch and wandering into the gathered group quietly, winding up somewhere near the knot of Hunters.

Wildrider shrugs as he places the datapad away. "Job... That is your name if I'm not mistaken? Don't worry. The Magellan's the finest the UN has too offer. And it's comfy too. The only thing it lacks are cute stewardesses, and peanuts." explains the former UN employee, as he picks his bag up again. "So, let's stop eating candy, thinking about candy, lollygagging, and get ready to get to what we came here t' do." suggests the pilot.

There is much protesting and indignant squawking as that skunky tail, or at least whatever it's attached to, pushes its way through the crowds in an attempt to get closer. Ether eventually pokes her face out from in between a few gawkers, watching the descending craft as well, whistling quietly. "OoOOoooOoooooh."

Pallbearer looks up as the Magellan starts to land, his smile broadening. " going to be beautiful. C'mon Red," he says with a smirk, "let's not keep 'em waiting." He starts heading through the crowd towards the forefront, motioning for Redwing to follow as he makes his way towards the goon-encircled landing zone, making sure his credentials are prepared.

Job says, "Ya that is my name." Then at athe later comments he chuckles. "Amusing, sir still my ship was desgined for salvage work orginally. Anyhow you do have a point overall its likely a higher grade of ship than my own. So what is your name?"

Blizzard Wolf manuvers himself carefully into a position somewhat closer to Ether and rumbles at a pitch that she might be able to hear him at in this throng, "Evening, Boss..." in a conversational intonation.

As the Magellan touches down, its support gear folding out and hissing as it shifts to hold up the craft's weight, a panel on the side folds open, pivoting down towards the plaza pavement and folding into a staircase. Helmut Haschenkopf, as seen on TV, and a retinue of UN scientists begin to descend, headed towards the Press Stand set up here in the plaza. Moving up to the podium, Haschenkopf clears his throat and looks over the gathered crowd, while speakers set up on its fringe hum to life.

"You are still within hitting range, Wild," Rigger pipes up with an amused smirk. Perhaps it was the 'cute stewardesses' remark. Either way she follows after, looking at it curiously. "How many people can it hold anyway?"

Kalinka turns her attention to the podium, shifting her weight from one leg to the other restlessly.

Job gets ready to listen.

"Hope he's not gonna talk for TOO long..." Midi mutters to himself. This time instead of taking out a pixie stick, he takes out some chocolate. Mmm, chocolate. He idly hands a piece to Kalinka.

Gemini Man grins wryly at the UN's setup as he waits for their announcement. oO(Two to come aboard...)Oo

Cyclops quickly turns his attention towards the press stand, his red eye flashing slightly as he waits...

Serenade likewise listens, bored. Why she was here at all, she had no idea. But it's gotta be sitting around in the common room fighting over the remote.

Gimel watches, considering there's not much else to do. He tries to steal some Pixie Stix from Midi (don't ask how, he just that good (maybe kinda sorta)) in his boredom.

Barrage Raptor grins a long toothy grin as she filters through the milling crowd. She shakes her head muttering to herself before she looks up to see the UN Craft touching down. With an exhasperated sigh the raptor breaks into fast run tearing towards the assembled crowd of would be tomb raiders.

Enforcer Malamute listens, just like everybody else, shaking his head. He just wants to get on with this already..

Wildrider shrugs helplessly at Rigger. "And? It's not like I suggested you should wear one of those stewardess outfits, hat and all? And a skirt a good foot or so from the knee." he remarks, before reflexively bracing for the incoming hit. Hand ready to block sensitive hits? Yes. "As for my name?" he begins, turning his head to Job momentarily, distracting him. "Wildrider. As for my real name? Doesn't matter. Nobody uses it." finishes the Hunter.

Sigma arrives from the Seoul - Tourist District.
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Ricochet arrives from the Seoul - Northern Commercial District.
Ricochet has arrived.
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Ten arrives from the Seoul - Historical District.
Ten has arrived.

Ether Skunk finds some UN gumby's shoulders to sit on, drawing a surprised blink from the soldier, though no immediate protest. Hey, he has some chick's thighs wrapped around his head. Ether fishes around in her tailfloof, then procures a lighter, flicks it to life, and holds it up. "WOOO!" she howls. "UN ROCKS!"

Guts Man just stands there, something's bound to happen sooner or later.

Ring Redwing places her hands behind her back as the important-looking person gets ready to speak. "Looks like there's gonna be a speech or something." In meantime her player wonders, (Isn't having a lighter in a potentially flammable tail rather dangerous?)

The Wolf just chuckles softly, crosses his arms over his chest and turns to regard the podium silently.

Ten arrives. Ye'll get ne long pose from me! >.<

Ricochet is likely hanging around with the Repliforce contingent, and perhaps some of the Hunters. Pacing. Along with Orbit. Isn't that facinating?

Haschenkopf smiles to the crowd, clearing his throat. "Greetings, all of you," he says, in his mild German accent. "And thank you for being here tonight. I am assuming you have come here to volunteer for the Starhaven expedition, and for that, you have our thanks. We stand to learn much, but we stand to risk much as well." He gestures to the Magellan, humming quietly behind him. "This ship is currently equipped to carry us to Starhaven above, where we will be docking in the station's hangar. Before we go up, however, I shall tell you what we know of Starhaven so far, and of the situation with our soldiers up there."

Pallbearer nods to Redwing, looking up towards the venerable doctor and listening up.

Guts Man shouts, "Kill the Stardroids!"

Gemini Man nods. No reason not to trust a guy with a German accent. He glances sideways at Guts Man, shakes his head, then looks back at the UNer.

Andromeda giggles softly, up in the sky above the crowd as she floats in from the nearby area. Her flight path is topsy turvy at best, swinging up and down in playful loops and summersaults, with her orientation to the ground changing as many times as the color of her hair, which can't decide between a bright happy yellow or a festive red as she finally comes down to stand among the crowd gathered here.

The Yakuza members relax just abit and force the Original Gangster Street Gangs to silence. After all it does get pretty annoying with gang bangers talking smack about practically everyone and everything.

Midi is heading up with Job anyway. One thing, it means rushing to the teleporters and through Eurasia, but it also means already being in orbit when they take off. So it's a toss-up. As a UNer he SHOULD be going on the Magellan, but he already made arrangements with Job. It probably won't matter in the long run, he thinks, as he munches on his chocloate lightly.

Enforcer Malamute turns his head to look at Guts Man, and mutters. Idiotic Masters. He folds his hands over his chest and just waits for the explanation.

Cyclops just continues to watch Haschenkopf, just waiting for him to get this all speech over and done with.

Gimel yawns, and dozes slightly, though is promptly woken up by a voice in his head yelling, "Wake up, stupid, this is important!" Nothing like your common sense piping up to make you pay attention.

Barrage Raptor comes to a halt within decent earshot of the roly poly German speaker. She turns suddenly as she her attention shifts from person to person at random intervals, Her sudden turn is punctuated by people milling around on either side of her, a few feet away stumbling, one spectator falling to their knees. Barrage mutters something to herself as she refocuses er attention on the german.

Rigger focuses on the German scientist as he speaks, listening carefully to it all. Most of it was a similar speech she'd heard before, though the times were a bit different.

Kalinka continues to listen, her foot tracing restless patterns on the ground. She doesn't remember being this ancy before getting here...

Serenade turns on a recorder, and takes a nap. She can replay it later.

Ricochet stops pacing to listen. Orbit leaps up onto his shoulders for a better look. Finally, DOING something about this.

Ether Skunk bounces a little on her 'perch,' making him totter about, trying to maintain his balance. His trooper buddies give him various grins and make a few off-color comments, making the grunt only squirm further. Ether doesn't notice, slowly waving her lighter back and forth overhead.

Blizzard Wolf just listens.. and stuff.

Vile arrives from the Seoul - Tourist District.
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Wildrider meanwhile breathes easily as old man Haschenkopf begins. Quieting up, Wild listens, and thanks any divine powers that don't want to destroy humanity for such a timely intevention.

Matic arrives from the Seoul - Historical District.
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The German UN fellow continues. "When our contingent approached Starhaven following the dissipation of its gravitic field, we found no resistance whatsoever, and boarding the ship at its hangar was a simple matter. UN soldiers have secured the hangar, and are currently maintaining strict control over all entries into the station. Things onboard are..." He pauses, licking his lips a moment while he thinks. "As quiet as things outside would suggest. It would appear that Starhaven is abandoned, as we have found no signs of recent life on board. However, we have not pushed very far into the station, and there is little telling what we will find there tonight. This is why all of you are here."

Prismatic Spider arrives from the Seoul - Northern Commercial District.
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Midi is prepped and ready to handle any of the hacking stuff that might present itself. It's an alien system, but hey, Midi ain't a hacking genius for nothing. If that thing has a central computer, he'll get into it, or at least, he'll try. And in the meantime, he has plenty of sweets to keep himself busy with, yum.

Guts Man looks to Gemini Man, "I bet when they get there in full force traps will booby on them and peoples corpses will be possessed and then we'll have this Godly battle between each other trying to figure out who would make the best Stardroid for earth! And then we'd all be like, "Noooooo!!!" And Hero Boy would be like, "Wheeeeee die!!!" And we'd all be saved yet again!"

"Oh. No one home?" Gemini Man shrugs, and starts to turn. Then Guts Man starts up... And Gemini's jaw goes half-slack, then shuts again, the smaller Master turning back toward the direction of the UNer, with a serious frown. "Maaaybe, Guts."

Kalinka narrows her eyes, her expression turning serious as she listens to the man at the podium.

Haschenkopf sighs, and smiles thinly. "More, I cannot tell you. This is literally alien territory that we will be entering. I cannot guarantee you anything once we step beyond the hangar's gates. Now, unless there are further questions, please board the Magellan. Further instructions will be provided once we have docked in Starhaven's hangar."

Ricochet snorts. "That's a relief." he mutters sarcasitcally, but quietly enough so that he doesn't disrupt the speech.

Guts Man raises a hand.

Enforcer Malamute shakes his head a little bit, "So we're here in case there really is a danger up there, a team of humans doesn't get slaughtered." He murmers.

Haschenkopf looks to Guts Man. "Ahh... yes?"

Prismatic Spider arrives just in the nick of time, it appears, as his hoverbike finds a parking spot nearby, miracle of miracles. As the TRON-esque windshield rises, allowing him to disembark, he shakes off a small glob of some amber-colored material into his hand, which is quickly disposed of. Bloody experiments with new quick-setting restraint materials... He quickly approaches the crowd, looking for any Repliforce personnel, one mummybot in particular. He heard that Pallbearer was there... Now to just find him. MSE sticks together.

Before moving to board the craft, Kalinka turns back to look at Rigger and Wildrider. Apparently, she'll follow their lead before going on her impulsive feelings. "Bye, Midi, I will see you there!"

"Among other things." A dark voice replies to Enforcer Malamute. A humanoid of a normal and standard height, concealed completely in a brown cloak looms from behind his shoulder. An evil aura of death and decay permeating from within the cloak, the tone raspy and withered like a wraith who belongs not among the living. A single red eye penetrates the darkness within the hood.

Guts Man says, "Yes. Do you think once we're on the Death Trap<tm> that green tentacle monsters with deep voices will appear and try to eat us? Or do you think that there'll simply be an infestation of fast running black aliens that can shred you to bits and pieces? OR maybe we'll end up meeting space ants who will make us work in their sugar mines!"

Job commets "Outstanding." as he heads for the shuttle.

Wildrider meanwhile rolls his eyes at the antics of others, though some of it has merit. If any situation had the potential to go in such an unbelievable direction this could. Then again, it could also just be all the fault of...

*Cue Ominious Sting*


Red Herring pops up in a small window, and snorts. "How could I Jones? I don't even exist!" And Red departs in a puff of logic.

Gemini Man looks back at the Enforcer, overhearing his mutter... "Welcome to the mindset of the United Nations." Then, he smiles somewhat, and, brazenly stepping his way through the ranks of UN soldiers, he walks toward the readied craft...rolling his eyes at Guts Man's query.

Haschenkopf smiles in a businesslike manner. "I assure you, the Magellan is in the hands of our most skilled pilots. The ride up to Starhaven will be without incident."

Kalinka follows along with Rigger, into the UN ship.

Serenade wakes up eventually, and peers at the gathered crowd. Shuts off the recorder, and replays it, heading for that dropship or whatever the heck it was, that was to be their free ride. Not very sneaky of her.

UN Heavy Transport <Magellan>

The inside of the transport has been set up to accomodate people... so there are seats here. Smaller seats near the front, larger in the middle, big ones in the back, plus an open space for cargo and anybody who generally doesn't fit into a chair. The topside of the craft is made of all the latest in transparent steels, allowing a glorious view of the sky, or space, or whatever, outside. At regular intervals are security cameras, keeping an eye on everybody on board, and armed guards stand ready every few aisles. Enjoy the view, but mind the security.


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Sword Man has been here the whole time. Really! Well, anyways, he heads near where the rest of the RMs are and quietly broods for now.

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Matic slips in under the heavy plodding of Guts Man and darts into the back silently.

Wildrider meanwhile follows in behind the other Hunters, still hefting that darn duffel bag. Whatever could he have in there? Knowing him, it's probably got two triggers and an ammo belt.

Gimel walks in, muttering something about wanting to collect on his life insurance early, then realizing he doesn't have life insurance and muttering something about asking the boss for a raise.

Pallbearer has arrived.
Barrage Raptor has arrived.

Cyclops quickly enters the transport, looking around for the other Mavericks he's sure are here. But still, he can't spot any...

Ether Skunk has arrived.

Guts Man takes a seat. "Alright we're off to Vegas!"

Kalinka has a seat, marvelling at the view...from ALL sides. Transparent ship sides *rule*. This is going to be just like a roller coaster! She bounces in her seat excitedly.

Gemini Man gets himself a window seat. He waves, grinning, at a security camera.

Prismatic Spider has arrived.

Ether Skunk prances on board, still holding her lighter overhead, waving it around. Woo! Rock! Though on seeing a 'no smoking' sign, she flicks it closed and stuffs it back in her hypothetical pocket. Glancing around for a seat, she takes one on one of the security trooper's shoulders, having grown appreciative of piggyback perches.

Pallbearer takes up a seat nearby the back of the shuttle - he's going to be the first off here no matter what.

Sigma has arrived.
Vile has arrived.

Ricochet takes a seat near Pallbearer. He wants a piece of them Stardroids. Of course, he's also pretty sure that he doesn't want to be here... ah, paradoxes. Orbit sits in his lap, idly hoping that they aren't all about to die.

Blizzard Wolf strolls in with Kalinka and company, performing his function quietly and unobtrusivly. He's very good at making a self-declared bodyguarding mission look like a casual stroll off into the unknown. He parks himself in a seat near Kalinka and Rigger and gets comfortable.

Gimel takes a seat close to the door, then remembers that it won't help to be closest to the exit in space. So he takes a seat far from the door instead, hoping that everyone else will be suitable shielding in case something bad happens. And knowing this bunch of people, which he didn't, something was BOUND to go wrong.

Prismatic Spider gets on the shuttle, finally noting the mummybot and sliding in be him and Ricochet. "Hey guys."

Haschenkopf is one of the last to board, he and his security patrol. They all take a seat up at the front of the craft, in easy view of all, and as they settle down, the stairway doors fold shut, closing, sealing the ship up tight. The soft *hum* of engines rises to a louder pitch, and outside, the polished spires and bay windows of the UN plaza begin to fall away, as the Magellan and its cargo begin to take off.

Wildrider meanwhile takes an aisle seat, before placing his bag under the seat. He's also in the 'hunter row'. Still, a slightly amused look begins to cross his face, which shifts to a mischevious one.

While Matic hides his matter of entrance, the Yakuza however in without much of a second thought. Pulling towards the back of the shuttle the mob settles quietly down. Amongst this group a rather bulky looking Asian places down a box and turns on the switch. Letting the box slide from his fingers the man takes a couple steps back a huge holographic black Asian dragon appears.

Oh look, a cupholder. How interesting. Serenade winds up snagging a seat towards the front, just behind Hackencough and his security teams, and promptly putting a half dozen candies in the complimentary cupholder. Hey, she'd need something to do on the ride.

Andromeda floats over to a seat by the other hunters, setting down into the seat and deftly securing herself into with a practiced experience at fastening these restraints.

Ricochet nods, slightly. "Hey, Spider." Orbit blorps and waves from Rico's lap.

Job calls out to Haschenkopf "Sir, I have access to a personal shuttle which is desgined for salvage operations... do you think it be of any use for this?" Then he grabs a seat near the Maverick hunters and settles in for the flight.

Barrage Raptor shuffles off to the side of the entrance, refraining from taking a seat and taring out through the windows, and then watching Haschenkopf with a sneer.

Midi gets a smaller seat, but hey, he IS smaller than most everyone here. He takes out some chocloate covered peanuts for the trip. In-flight snacks... wonder if there'll be a movie?

Breeze has arrived.

Pallbearer looks around, a bit confusedly. "Ah...did anyone see where Redwing went? I must've lost her in the crowd or something..."

Gimel peers at the dragon holo, "Nifty-keen..."

Haschenkopf turns as Job approaches, listening politely. Isn't he just a gentleman. "At this time, we are not sure whether there will be anything to salvage, Mr..." He pauses, awaiting a name.

Matic tucks himself neatly into the overhead compartment, magnetizing the cipher strapped around his waist to the upper wall, thus securing him for any bumpy ride. Adjusting his shades with the tip of his boot, the knotty Director glowers over the motley crew with a sinister smile.

Guts Man says, "Alright everyone! Time to sing road songs! Ooooooh 99 bottles of beer on the wall! 99 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 98 bottles of beer on the wall! 98 bottles of beer on the wall! 98 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 97 bottles of beer on the wall! 97 bottles of beer on the wall! 97 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 96 bottles of beer on the wall!"

Sword Man merely watches out the window, having taken a seat in the row behind Serenade. He honestly come in too late to hear the briefing by the head of the excursion, but hey, he's always about to help, especially if there's a gigantimous threat to the planet. After all, it's no use fighting to help Wily rule the world if there's no world to come back to.

A very tall-seeming man with black dreadlocks and claws protruding from his hands walks into the Magellan, one of the last to come on, it seems.

Enforcer Malamute just sits down, and close his eyes, trying to just keep his mind on getting up there, rather than the idiots out here..

Cyclops just sits, trying to block out Guts Man's singing...

Job says, "Job, sir. I'm a salavage operator and I was more thinking it might help us with the equipment is has. We may need to attempt to repair or even remove some systems from the ship. Its still an offer if its needed."

The plaza drops out of view of the windows along the side, and soon, the city of Seoul as a whole does the same, dropping out of view. As the craft speeds up its vertical lift, much of Southeastern asia comes into view, fading away into a haze of blue and white as things do when viewed from high above. The interior of the Magellan is lit brightly as the light of the morning sun catches it, before localized shades dim its glare; up above, the blue of the sky grows increasingly dark, as the upper levels of Earth's atmosphere are breached, and the void of orbit draws near.

Pallbearer recieves a radio message.

Guts Man says, "96 bottles of beer on the wall! 96 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 95 bottles of beer on the wall! 95 bottles of beer on the wall! 95 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 94 bottles of beer on the wall! 94 bottles of beer on the wall! 94 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 93 bottles of beer on the wall!"

Kalinka looks around, marvelling at the amazing view from all directions. It isn't often one can take a ride on a transparent ship!

Haschenkopf smiles to Job. "Very well. Thank you, Job. We will be sure to keep you in contact should your services be required."

Ricochet sends a radio transmission.
Rigger receives a radio transmission from Ricochet.

Blizzard Wolf just relaxes quietly, eyes half-lidded as he waits patiently to get to the objective. There's not a great deal that he can really do right now, so he's coserving his energy until it's actually required. Meanwhile his attention gradually circulates around the cabin, seeing if anyone immediately jumps out in his memory, just in case it becomes important later.

Pallbearer gets a disappointed expression as he hears his radio. "Redwing couldn't make it onboard, turns out an old friend of hers was in the crowd. She wishes us all well though." Muttering slightly, he opens up the satchel-briefcase of exta equipment he's brought along, opening up the laptop. "Wish she was here, honestly enough...Having more people around we can fully trust makes me feel a lot better."

Rigger sends a radio transmission to Ricochet.
Ricochet receives a radio transmission.

Midi just eats his peanuts, not really noticing Guts Man's singing, and just enjoying the view. Sure they could all be heading to their deaths, but he's trying to keep a positive attitude.

Ricochet sends a radio transmission to Rigger.
Rigger receives a radio transmission.

Job says, "Thanks, well we will have to see just what is up there now don't we?"

Guts Man says, "93 bottles of beer on the wall! 93 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 92 bottles of beer on the wall! 92 bottles of beer on the wall! 92 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 91 bottles of beer on the wall! 91 bottles of beer on the wall! 91 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 90 bottles of beer on the wall!"

Ether Skunk hops off her perch, and, her gravity field helping her float along with the antigrav-propelled ship, drifts over to paste herself against one of the windows, looking out. "Oooooh. Hey, look!" she hollars. "There's Tokyo! I can see my house... er... my labs from here!" She looks around for someone to tell, and reaches over to tug on Kalinka's ear. "Look, miss Kalinka ma'am! It's Neo-Tokyo! Down there! You can see it!" Ether's been in orbit herself plenty of times, and on the Eurasia lots, but... never in a ship like this!

The holographic black dragon looms quietly in the back and stretches out its large body. Its red optics dart carefully around, studying everything insight before it smiles with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Its silver mane sways abit as it moves its large head whiles its talons dig gently on the ground.

The mob slowly moves away from their leader, and try not to look directly at it. They seem slightly unsure what to do with a giant holographic dragon in their presence.

Cyclops begins to growl, staring directly at Guts Man. His patience is quickly running thin from all that signing...

Prismatic Spider sighs and idly activates that Guts Man filter he had installed in his audial sensors. "Indeed... But we can trust the Hunters and UN."

Through gritted teeth, Matic ponders how many wires he'd have to snip to shut that bellowing bulldozer up.

Ricochet converses over the radio to someone to be heard over the din, watching the blue orb grow smaller and smaller. Orbit presses his face against the window. "*BWIP BWIP*" <Mom always said never to get in a rocket if we could help it.> "She said never STRAP yourself to a rocket." "*BWIP BWIP*" <I worry about mom.> Rico glances towards Pallbearer, and blinks. "She dropped outta the mission?" A faint frown. One less of Us, one less for Them to worry about. Or something.

Guts Man says, "90 bottles of beer on the wall! 90 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 89 bottles of beer on the wall! 89 bottles of beer on the wall! 89 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 88 bottles of beer on the wall! 88 bottles of beer on the wall! 88 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 87 bottles of beer on the wall!"

Kalinka chuckles, turning toward Ether with a grin, and then staring down...down, past the transparent 'floor' which seems to drop away with the rest of the scenery below as the ship climbs. "Uh...oh yes, there it is!" she agrees.

Whisps of white pass by the windows as the last few layers of clouds are breached. By now, the sky is filled with the static glow of a thousand pinpoints of light... the starscape from above Earth's atmosphere. Though it cannot be felt, the upward momentum of the Magellan slows as it reaches the proper level in orbit; on-board gravity generators keep everybody in their seat. No weightlessness for you, m'afraid. Gliding forward, the transport begins humming along, following Starhaven's path. To your left, you'll see the Eurasia at a distance, its windows and domes glimmering like jewels as it floats serenely in space.

Pallbearer nods. "I know, I know...." He lets the thought trail off, glancing towards the window as the ascent continues. "Well, should something go wrong I wouldn't want her there myself. And she didn't exactly drop out, just...well, got caught up in an unexpected eventuality. Happens to everyone sometime."

Rigger just sits in her chair as calmly as possible. With her eyes squeezed shut gripping at the armrests the entire while. Pefectly normal, of course.

Job says, "Wrapped in 2,500,000 tons of spinning metal all alone in the night..." He muses as he sees Eurasia out his window.

Barrage Raptor paces while gaing out at the scenery.

Prismatic Spider grumbles. "It almost happened to me..." He quiets down as he looks out into the endless void of space, the diamond dust of incrediably distant stars hilighting the velvet darkness. "You know... I could get used to this."

Gimel receives a radio transmission.

Guts Man says, "87 bottles of beer on the wall! 87 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 86 bottles of beer on the wall! 86 bottles of beer on the wall! 86 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 85 bottles of beer on the wall! 85 bottles of beer on the wall! 85 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 84 bottles of beer on the wall!"

Gimel peers out the ship, and looks like he's going to be sick, "Eep... long way down, not good, not good at all..."

Gemini Man watches out the windows of the craft like a tourist, and looks for his stars....squinting at them a little when he finds them.

Sword Man simply lays back in his seat in the back (yes, he moved once he realized the bigger seats are thataway. :P) and stares out into space. He tries to pay no attention to Gut's attempt to start a round of "99 bottles of beer on the wall" while stargazing. He remains quite silent, however, trying to steel himself for whatever might happen or go wrong.

Ricochet exhales quietly. "I dunno... rather be on Earth myself." he presses his own face against the window, matching Orbit's expression. "this is the first time I've actually been in space, 'xcept for Eurasia..."

Wildrider raises an eyebrow at Rigger, and just shakes his head. Him? He's looking over at Midi's peanuts. "Hey kid? Can I get a coupla those? You're makin me hungry." states Wild, eyes on the bag.

Blizzard Wolf just waits watching the Eurasia drift by silently. "It really is a beautiful sight..." he remarks casually frmo the seat behind Rigger.

Pallbearer shivers and chuckles a bit. "My first time at all..not about to let that stop me though."

Kalinka is having the time of her life. In fact, this jaunt would probably be perfect if not for the imminent danger...and of course, that HORRIBLE NOISE from the losers 'on the back of the bus'.

Cyclops just ignores Guts Man's singing, simply sitting back and relaxing as he waits...

Midi shrugs and offers a few of his peanuts, they're chocolate covered not plain, to Wildrider. Share the wealth, or something.

Enforcer Malamute keeps his eyes closed. He's seen space before.

Guts Man says, "84 bottles of beer on the wall! 84 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 83 bottles of beer on the wall! 83 bottles of beer on the wall! 83 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 82 bottles of beer on the wall! 82 bottles of beer on the wall! 82 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 81 bottles of beer on the wall!"

Gimel sends a radio transmission to Kaph.

Vile has disconnected.

It's the imminent danger Rigger's rather worried about. If she were religious at all she'd be praying by now, but as it is, she's just trying to remain calm. Not an easy feat given the rather loud noise of everyone in the ship.

You will no longer hear messages on channel <O-Civilian>.

Matic snarls silently as heballs his fists several times, wanting no more than to burst out of the overhead compartment like so many suffocating pillows and slice of Guts Man's head screaming "Now who's bad?" The suitcase Strider maintains his cool for now.

Up ahead, and on several viewscreens situated throughout the interior of the ship, Starhaven first comes into view, the upper tip of its pointed shape sweeping up over Earth's horizon... though not so much visible, as it is a black space where the stars are blotted out. The Magellan moves at a swift clip, approaching the alien vessel quickly. More and more of its rigidly geometric hull comes into view, and soon, the entire thing can be seen, drawing closer and closer. As it did when it first arrived in orbit, it spins slowly on its vertical axis, like a vast, sinister top. As each side turns, it catches the light of the sun, causing the entire thing to sparkle in its own unusual way, and calling to attention the many cracks and missing chunks that fill its sides.

Haschenkopf's voice rises on the intercom. "We will be docking momentarily. Be aware that the inside of the ship is pressurized, so vacuum-capable equipment is not necessary. We will organize further upon disembarking in the hangar."

Kalinka grins with growing excitement, patting Rigger's arm. "We are here...woooooow, you should take a look at it!"

Guts Man says, "81 bottles of beer on the wall! 81 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 80 bottles of beer on the wall! 80 bottles of beer on the wall! 80 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 79 bottles of beer on the wall! 79 bottles of beer on the wall! 79 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 78 bottles of beer on the wall!"

Serenade idly begins unwrapping the candies she'd brough one by one, not actually eating them, just unwrapping them with quite a bit of crackling. Somehow she'd always envisioned Starhaven as a fortress more similar to a crystal city; perfect, beautiful, but ultimately empty. That this monolithic structure was nothing like her imagined city doesn't bother her a whit.

Pallbearer taptaps away at his laptop once more, and starts setting his internal recorders. "Well we go." he says to Ric and Prismatic, smiling expectantly.

Matic's rage........rISing......ears....unable to close.

Andromeda has left.

Ricochet sighs quietly. "...I really hate Stardroids." he mutters. Orbit climbs onto his back, and he stands, joining his fellow Repliforcers.

Blizzard Wolf waits queitly, watching the space station grow larger and larger in the screen.

Sword Man peers at the picture of Starhaven, humming slightly uneasily. "An inkblack void of hidden nothings...." Leaning back, he straightens out a bit...before turning to Guts and glaring. "Sir Guts, would thee PLEASE restrain thy singing? Perhaps you could merely sing it under thy breath?" Yes, the singing has finally gotten to Sword as well.

Midi glances around in amazement at the sights of the interior of Starhaven. It's eerily creepy, but fascinating. "I wonder if their computer systems are still active..." Midi wonders, oh how he wants to get a look at them! But he'll wait for the time to come, if it does. He makes a mental note to stick near the Hunters if things get hairy, not like he's a fighter. At most he can blink someone to death with his laser pen.

Barrage Raptor stares up at the Starhaven in awe for a moment. As Haschenmkopf talks she sneers at the german again for the distraction, "Hey Herschelheimer. Do you even have any good guesses as to why it's here?"

"I'd rather not ever see it in my lifetime," Rigger responds as she prepares for the docking. This should be quite interesting.

Gemini Man checks his energy levels, looks outside... Somehow, he's able to ignore Guts almost completely.

Pallbearer shuts up the satchel-briefcase, looking about and preparing to disembark.

Gimel is very glad that he goesn't have to look out the windows anymore, he was getting a little queezy from that. He looks around, and edges towards the large dragon holo. He peers at is while everyone is distracted by standing up.

Guts Man says, "78 bottles of beer on the wall! 78 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 77 bottles of beer on the wall! 77 bottles of beer on the wall! 77 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 76 bottles of beer on the wall! 76 bottles of beer on the wall! 76 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 75 bottles of beer on the wall!"

Job looks at the station and says, "Look at the size of that thing..." He hushes up before someone tells him to cut the chatter as he just gazes at it. He has never seen anything like it but he gets this feeling... something is not right.

Cyclops just continues to sit, looking around as he gets ready to leave the shuttle and begin examining the interior of Starhaven.

Ether Skunk's eyes go wide as STarhaven looms ahead. "S'creepy," she mumbles, hopping away from the window to find a seat. A real seat, this time, not just some UN flunky. (Nearby security guards look mildly disappointed.) "Hey, my copy of Dungeons and Dragons 45th Edition has a die that looks just like it! It has eight sides and everything! Though I don't think there are alien beasties lurking inside my dice." SHe frowns. "At least, I hope there's not."

Wildrider accepts the peanuts, and munches. So very choclatey. "Hey, these are pretty good kid, thanks." states Wild appreciatively, before leaning back to take in the view. And what a sight it is. Unnerving, unearthly, worth the trip in itself.

Guts Man says, "75 bottles of beer on the wall! 75 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 74 bottles of beer on the wall! 74 bottles of beer on the wall! 74 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 73 bottles of beer on the wall! 73 bottles of beer on the wall! 73 bottles of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! You take one down and pass it around 72 bottles of beer on the wall!"

The dragon sighs softly as Guts continues to sing. Annoying racket....soo annoying. Taking an inward breath the dragon lowers its head and places two claws over his audio sensors.

Enforcer Malamute taps one of his fingers on his arm, growling faintly at Guts Man. Oh if it weren't for the truce he'd he shoved him out of the airlock by now..

As Starhaven continues to turn, the gaping entrance of its hangar comes into view, a large, rectangular black hole in the ship's side... though this one looks intentional, not damaged at all. Placed around the hangar entrance are a variety of UN-marked turrets, clamped onto Starhaven's hull with magnetics or somesuch, and inside the Hangar proper, a number of human soldiers and other UN-marked ships can be seen, awaiting the docking of the Magellan.

The black edges of the hangar entrance begin to sweep over the ship as it enters, the light of the stars and sun outside blotted out. Engines humming a bit louder, the transport begins to settle down in the midst of the hangar. Throughout the windows, the alien construction of Starhaven's interior can be glimpsed... filled with both the familiar sights of the human ensemble that has gathered here already, as well as a number of strange shapes... ships. Alien ships, no doubt the Stardroids' collection, docked here as well.

Haschenkopf's voice rises on the intercom once more. "We have arrived. Please disembark in an orderly fashion."

Midi disembarks in an orderly fashion, because he's a good little reploid.

Pallbearer heads out, among the first to do so thanks to his door-side seat.

Pallbearer has left.

Ten disembarks more or less orderlyly. Orderlyly? That can't be a word.

Ten has left.

Hangar - Starhaven

The Stardocks level of Starhaven is used for entering and exiting the large space station as well as launching or docking spacecraft. The entire level is huge, cavernous, but brightly lit and colored in grayscale. On one wall, there is seemingly nothing holding back the void of space, an invisible magnetic shield keeps the atmosphere in and the vacuum out, but still allows objects to pass through, and gives one a beautiful view of the Earth. All manner of spacecraft are docked here, from the simple and utilitarian to the exotic and specialized, some captured and kept by the Stardroids as momentos, other their personal craft. Outside of the magnetically shielded entrance port, on either side, are two enormous double-barreled cannons of unfathomable power, ready to repel anyone the Stardroids don't want boarding their station. In the very center of the level is a large turbolift tube, used to go up the station's spindle to the rest of the levels.

Ten [Main] [RF]
Pallbearer [Pall] [RF]
UN Heavy Transport <Magellan>
Mecha Orb

Southwest <SW> leads to Vestibule of Spectres - Starhaven.
Southeast <SE> leads to Menagerie - Starhaven.
Out <O> leads to Orbit of Earth.

Barrage Raptor has arrived.
Breeze has arrived.
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Blizzard Wolf has arrived.

Kalinka enthusiastically disembarks, looking around with the wonder and exuberance only a young person can have for this sort of dangerous situation.

"I've always thought that if you've gotta go.. you might as well go smiling..." the wolf muses thoughtfully as he walks along behind Rigger.

Guts Man has arrived.

Midi has a cheery disposition, as he exits the Magellan. Keeping with the group, he idly glances around in search of terminals, or the like which he could possibly tinker with. Hmm... alien mainframes.. this is the chance of a lifetime!

Terror Tanuki has arrived.

Gemini Man steps out of the ship, and starts looking around at once. Finding it impossible for him to take in everything he'd like to see, he splits in two, right in place, and both of the Geminis move their eyes around in different directions.

Serenade once more trails the leaving crowd, still quiet, still absently unwrapping candies that aren't being eaten. Candy goes in one pocket, wrapped in another.

Wildrider has arrived.

Prismatic Spider disembarks with the other Repliforcers, hopefully ready for anything.

Matic has arrived.

Sword Man walks out behind many of the others, little expression on his face. He does take in the surroundings intently though. After all, it's not everyday you get to see inside a giant intergalactic ship without initial fear of total annihilation. He quickly peers toward the crafts, tilting his head at the odd things, before quickly straightening up and preparing himself for the next briefing.

Matic again slips out of the transport amidst the hubbub, eyeing Guts Man with daggers of hatred. The Director seems to find the shadows of the hangar as comfy as the ones back home, and quickly jumps back into them.

Breeze floats on out of the transport as others do, and like the rest of the masses she's looking around trying to take in the sights. She says nothing, however.

Ricochet clenches a fist... loading the attack orb launcher on that arm. Just in case. Not that it'd do much good, it's worth a shot anyway.

Job has arrived.

Rubbing their ears frantically the Yakuza rub their ears painfully, still trying to get that annoying singing out of their heads. Placing the holograph box back down they restart up the hologram.

Coming back to life the dragon growls with annoyance as it shifts its head back and forth looking for Guts. "I swear I will remove that mechs vocals someday..." The hologram hisses under his breath as it slowly begins to stalk the area.

Cyclops walks out at a casual pace, looking around in amazement. He doesn't say a word, just continues to look at as much as he can from his position just outside the transport. There's a bit of a smile on his face, something he rarely has...

The UN soldiers on hand stand at attention as the 'volunteers' disembark, chins lifted, plasma rifles held to their chests. Though their demeanor is respectful, their eyes are watchful, especially around some of the more.. mischievious explorers here tonight. This may be Stardroid turf, but for the time being, the UN has the place locked down tight.

Haschenkopf, once again, follows most everybody out, headed up towards the front of the Hangar. He steps onto a cargo platform that hums as it lifts him up, over most of the volunteer's heads, so all can see him. "Welcome to Starhaven," he states. "This is where our explorations will be based from. We have sufficient military presence to keep this place secured, as well as any supplies that will be needed for tonight's explorations. Medics are on hand if needed, and we have enough transports to ensure a hasty withdrawal if necessary."

Guts Man looks around and cracks his knuckles. "Alright! Time to lay waste to potentially dangerous alien technology!"

Andromeda comes out and promptly takes to the air again, her green visor glowing softly as she sweeps her view along the spacedock, all manner of displays popping up in her viewer, showing information such as chemical composition (where the chemicals are know.), outline cracks and holes, things possibly of interest, etc. .oO(I want one of these for Christmas!)Oo.

The Terror Tanukis step out from the transport - they were in there all along, remember? The two hold hands, looking around the cavernous space with mouths hanging open. This /big/. They ignore the other assorted folk surrounding them for the moment, although one of them does glance at Haschenkopf when he begins to speak.

One of the Geminis waves at a glaring set of UN soldiers, before simply moving along to get a closer look at some of the wierd, docked, Stardroid craft.

"Don't break it, Guts Man," says the second twin, giving Guts an admonishing glare. "Not until we figure out what it does."

Job tromps off the transport and brings a number of his scanning systems online and other gear as he gets ready. "Well ain't this just going to be fun..."

Midi continues to keep his eyes peeled for a Terminal. He's not willing to leave a large group to wander off on his own, even if he was allowed. But even so, the chance to look at the alien database that runs a place like Starhaven is far too tempting for Midi to just ignore.

Kalinka takes some preliminary readings of the surroundings...the machinery lining the walls...the cannons...nothing escapes the young scientist's notics, and she's amazed by it all.

Wildrider yawns and stretches, whistling appreciatively as he spots the cannons, and other things within. Casually, he breaks out both datapad and visor from his duffel, integrating the two to get start some of his own scannings. Wouldn't hurt, and the visor cam records for posterity.

Blizzard Wolf looks around the docking bay quietly, what is he in search of? He's in search of common design styles with the only other beleived-to-be Stardroid anything anyone has had an opportunity to look at that he's personally visited on more than on occation: Atlantis. He isn't taking any notes, but he is recording his visual feed.

Sword Man glares at Guts'....enthusiasm. "Calm thyself, Sir Guts. We still do not know what lays beyond. And unfortunately, the UN has laid claim to this area of the ship." Of course, Sword is anxious himself, to see what lays beyond the next few doors. Nowhere near Guts's hubris, but enough that his usually stoic facade falters a slight bit.

Guts Man pffft, "The UN can kiss my big non hairy butt."

Ricochet's optics dart left and right as he sticks around Pallbearer and Prismatic. "...I really hate Stardroids." he mutters again. Idly wondering if it was a good idea to come with the pendant... though it's too late to ask questions like that.

Bluegrass has arrived.
Bluegrass enters the base.

Enforcer Malamute just looks around, hands over his chest as he waits, watching, still ready to deal with the Stardroids as soon as they show up. Since he's almost positive they will.

Gimel coughs, "this is kinda creepy and possibly dangerous, can we kinda hurrypleaseplaseletsgonow?"

Job is armed with an odd looking M-4 assault rifle. If anyone got a look at some of the markings with say enchaced senses they might see the Raccoon PD logo on the rifle. Well Job now just waits as he gives the weapon one last check before returning it to its slot on the equipment pack.

Prismatic Spider nods. "I know, Ricochet, but relax. They're supposedly all gone, right?"

Haschenkopf waits several moments for the crowd to calm and quiet... as well as to give his UN troops a quick look that tells them to play nice. "From here, there are two apparent paths into Starhaven." He gestures to the large, locked gateways to the relative Southeast and Southwest. "We have no idea where each leads, and have not yet opened either. Half of you will proceed down one path, while the other half, follows the other. I leave it up to you to divide up how you see fit."

Ricochet snorts, and shakes his head. "I'll believe that when I see it." "*BWIP BWIP*" <If seeing it isn't a trick, of course. And it probably would be.> He rubs the wall plating slightly, before glancing towards the doctor, and then the other 'forcers.

Letting himself slip near Kali's side the black dragon silently observes the young girl before giving what seems to be a smile. "Interesting that they let a child in such a dangerous place." The dragon hologram lets its head drop letting its large red optic focus on Kali. "But then appearances do seem to be deceiving."

Prismatic Spider peers over to Pall and Ricochet. "Pall, we should each go with one group for best coverage. I'll take southwest, you southeast. Sound good?"

Midi glances back and forth between the two paths. Hmm, just great. Midi thinks about it, and respolves to head with the same group as the main Hunters, or at least, Kalinka. He idly walks up to her "Hey, which way are you going?" He asks.

Ether Skunk looks to the other Hunters, swishing her tail and waiting to see where they go, to presumably follow behind.

Kalinka begins heading toward the southeast room, pausing as the black dragon suddenly arrives at her side. "You know, appearences are deceiving," she says to him. "I am not a little kid anymore." As Midi comes over, she says, "I was thinking of going southeast, actually."

Sword Man hrms as he peers toward both doors...the finally makes his way totward the Southwest door. He turns about expectantly, wondering what the other RMs are gonna choose. Of course, he keeps on walking as he looks back. The wonders of an independant floating torso, ya know.

Gimel closes his eye and points in a random direction. After opening his eyes, he chooses the direction he wasn't looking in.

Ricochet furrows his brow faintly, but nods, after a minute. "Alright. You sure, though? You'd be goin' without any other 'forcers, I think..."

Matic wastes no time as he heads to the east, picking his way through the various shadows over towards the entrance to the 'menagerie'. Clever Director, yes.

Wildrider nods, and leans in towards the other Hunters. "Alright. Let's split up, gang." begins the pilot, before he gives a slight twitch. "Maaan, that felt creepy. Still, Blizzard, Kalinka, you two take one way. Rigger and I'll go another. Best to split the brains and the brawn evenly, just in case." he explains, with a slight smile. "Unless anyone else has a suggestion?"

Midi nods "Mind if I come with ya then?" There's an equal chance of each way leading to a possible mainframe access, may as well stick with the friendly types. Southeast it is!

Ah, choices, choices. Gemini Man just hates difficult choices. So, predictably, perhaps, he doesn't make one. Both twins look at one another, and both of them...split up. Unless he runs out of hologram range, he's got this situation well in hand.

Prismatic Spider shrugs, grinning a bit. "I just suggested that me and Pall split. You can choose whichever way you like. I'm capable of taking care of myself in a pinch."

Serenade unwraps another candy, though this one she actually eats, chewing on it absently, eyeing the two paths outlined by the scientist fellow. Easterly or westerly.. Hn. West will do. The Femme sets herself quietly in that direction and waits, head tilted slightly, watching the Gemini twins split up, and others make their choice.

Enforcer Malamute turns and heads towards the group heading Southeast, as per orders.

Guts Man hmmms, decisions decisions, "I think I'll go..." He starts to point to one door then another, "Eenie meenie minnie moe, catch a tiger by the toe, if he holler's let him go. Eenie. Meenie. Minnie... MOE!" He chooses the south east door!

The dragon chuckles softly and nods. "Of course you are not Ms. Cossack. Of course. You have grown up some if I understand correctly." Letting his focus fall on Midi the hologram lets off a soft of annoyance as it stands up on its hind legs. "But allow me to introduce myself if I may. Since I already know exactly who you are, I believe I should give you an idea on who I am. I am called Kumicho. It is more then a pleasure to meet."

Rigger glances at Wild with a slight nod of agreement. It sounded like a good enough plan, even though she gives Kalinka a hesitant glance. She could worry about her later. "Alright. Everyone stay together and keep on your guard, got it?"

Ricochet blinks, and nods. He scratches his head slightly. "Oh... uh... either of you need me more?" He glances off towards the South west... might go that way.

Ether Skunk swishes her tail, smiling, and scoots towards the Southwestern group for now. It'll be fun!

Job is on his own pulls a zenny flips it and choses to dead to the South West. Well he is ready as he ever will be so time will only tell. he says to Kali and Midi, "Watch you backs you two and be ready for anything." Then he trecks off ready to explore the unknown.

Bluegrass glances about... while glaring as much one can without a face... to several humans around her. (Yakuza... Why Yakuza...)oo. She glances in the direction of the menagrie. Does Bluegrass trusts the Yakuza/Shadow Hunters? Oh, hell no.

Blizzard Wolf sends a radio transmission.
Ether Skunk receives a radio transmission from Blizzard Wolf.

Dynamo has arrived.
Dynamo enters the base.

Cyclops begins to look around for a certain pair of twin Mavericks while beginning to walk towards the southwestern door...

After a brief radio conversation, the Terrors begin moving towards the southwest door. As they walk, still hand in hand, they glance around as if looking for someone - but when they spot a Gemini heading for their door as well, judging by their surprise, that wasn't who they were looking for.

Ether Skunk sends a radio transmission to Blizzard Wolf.
Blizzard Wolf receives a radio transmission from Ether Skunk.

Serenade silently offers Ether Skunk a candy. Caramel by appearance. And indeed it actually is. Sometimes she could be friendly. Then again, maybe she simply had too much of the stuff and felt like sharing.

Blizzard Wolf sends a radio transmission.
Ether Skunk receives a radio transmission from Blizzard Wolf.

Matic clenches his fists as he sees Guts Man lumbering his way. You'd think the looming spaceship would quell his rage....but no.

Cyclops sends a radio transmission.
Enforcer Malamute receives a radio transmission from Cyclops.

Andromeda floats over toward the group going through the southeast passage, keeping herself moving over their heads. Perhaps she's not as frightened about being in Stardroid turf as the others, since she was built after their coming.

A haunting tune plays from nowhere.

No, it's not a whistle. It's humming.

Dynamo appears in a flash of gold and white. What? You expected maybe Protoman? He appears with a smirk, singing under his breath. "Oh tell me why, do we build castles in the sky, oh tell me why..."

Enforcer Malamute sends a radio transmission to Cyclops.
Cyclops receives a radio transmission from Enforcer Malamute.

Ricochet arbitrarally decides. "I think I'll head east."

Wildrider scratches at his chin, motioning towards the Southwest door. "Ladies first then." explains Wild, with a smile at Rigger, and a sweep of the hand. After she begins moving, he's sure to follow. Chivalry and that.

Barrage Raptor sighs rather loudly shouting ust audibly over others, "ho cares you have to go one ay or another to get somewhere. And don't tell me you kno here e're going."

More like looking at her rear... But Rigger does indeed move off in that direction. Best to get this overwith, after all.

Prismatic Spider waves to Barrage. "Hey Barrage, come with me. Rico's going the other way."

While this is all going on, Serenade pulls out that little camera again, and snaps a few pictures. No flash, but some of the people ... and things ... in here are definitely scrap book material. She'd never seen ships like these, or a non-violent gathering like this in a while. Some opportunities are not to be passed up.

Dynamo blinks over in front of the Maverick Hunters. "Oh, I must insist on grace before beauty." He gives them a most salacious grin, and heads west himself.

UN soldiers move to take up positions by the two gateways, one Southeast and one Southwest. They prepare to open the doorways, while awaiting for the two groups to assemble nearby.

Haschenkopf overlooks the group assignment quietly waiting. "Once again, we are not sure what any of you will find beyond these doorways. Proceed so long as it is safe, and be careful. Return here if repairs are needed. Maintain radio contact with eachother... do not lose your team members." He turns and nods to the soldiers, and with a grunt, they haul the heavy airlock doors open. Darkness looms in both directions.

Kalinka rather fearlessly heads off into the darkness waiting to the southeast.

Menagerie - Starhaven

Eerie darkness leaves this room more cavernous than it normally would be. The walls are made of a strange chitinous material, like armor. Unlike the rest of the ship's surface, this remains in near perfect condition. Scars are visible, but seemingly have been healed over, like real flesh would cover a wound. Up and down the maze of hallways are heavy cages, fenced and sealed in by the armored material. Some have simple bars, while others are covered by a thin exoskeletal membrane that is airtight but transparent. All are empty, however. Whatever was housed here is now gone - escaped, released, or destroyed in the conflagration.

Also hanging on the walls, here and there, are the remains of strange devices. Weapons, tools, and other things of indeterminate origin. All have been horrifically scarred and damaged, but some are still identifiable. These hang in strategic locations, as though to be viewed with reverence and honor, among the empty cages and the silent darkness.

Kalinka [Work]

Northwest <NW> leads to Hangar - Starhaven.
Southeast <SE> leads to The Bibliotheca - Starhaven.
Gemini Man has arrived.

Blizzard Wolf has arrived.
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Matic has arrived.
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Andromeda has arrived.
Bluegrass has arrived.
Gimel has arrived.

Matic slips down the hall, thankful there are plenty of dark spots to hide in as he picks his way along parallel to the group. Interested more in treasure than information, the Strider activates a variety of scanners on the pommel of his techno-cipher, and keeps his pace mirroring the group.

Kalinka pulls a flashlight off her utility belt, shining it in front of her to illuminate the darkness. "Is this not amazing, Midi," she whispers.

Ricochet heads through the door. Hoping, perhaps, that he made the right choice. Orbit follows along.

Blizzard Wolf follows along quietly behind Kalinka eyes glowing in the darkness a dull hue of red. "Charming..." he remarks absently as he looks around the area quietly. "Geiger would appreciate this. Post-modern Xenomorph?" He sniffs at the air thoughtfully, as if trying to decide how long it's been unoccupied.

Bluegrass marches with the group, sticking close to Kalinka and the other good guys, while offering a brief glare in Matic and Gemini's way.

Midi nods slowly "Yeah... neato..." He briefly figits with his backpack, spinning it around so that it faces his front? How odd. Or so you'd think, he quickly flips it up and around, and opens it up. Now it's a labtop that's positioned right in front of him, being held up by the backpack straps. Ingenious little set-up. Starting up his system, he begins to record as much information as he can, still keeping an eye out for a terminal he can access from.

"I do not know what these cages held...can you imagine?" Kalinka asks Blizzard in the same reverant whisper. "Bio-organics...there is a lot about this place that suggests a self-repair system..."

Enforcer Malamute shakes his head as he walks along, "Wonderful. It's like a zoo, only nothing's still here." He murmers, "Who'd be willing to bet they're still out in the station somewhere?"

Gemini Man steps in and looks around this dead place with eyes flashing with wonder. He seems almost dazed by it... ignoring Bluegrass's glare to instead peer into one of the cages as if seeking its occupant.

The area remains quiet, and as empty as first impressions would suggest. Off in one corner of the chamber, one hanging cage swings back and forth on the long chain that supports it. The rusty links that affix it to the ceiling squeak and whine softly in the way that rusty metal squeaks and whines... the only movement that presents itself to the explorers as they begin to filter in.

Kalinka quickly shines a flashlight in the direction of the swinging cage -- illuminating it eerily as it squeaks and whines back and forth.

Ricochet doesn't notice the motion... in fact, he's looking in the other direction. "Looks abandoned." he says, to no one in particular. He's most likely subconsciously headed towards the Hunter contingent - after all, they're the closest thing to other Replforcers here. "*BWIPBWIP*" pipes up Orbit. <Did anyone hear that?>

Guts Man looks around, "Wow. So this is what we came all the way for. A rusty swinging gogo cage! Wow!"

Midi types quickly on his keyboard, clackclackityclack, as he walks onward. Though he's watching the screen, he walks around objects and other potential tripping hazzards easily, he's just damned used to it, probably. He glances over at the cage that Kalinka illuminates "That's.... creepy... is there anything less spooky in here?"

Blizzard Wolf lets out a soft grunt. "An old fashioned zoo..." he remarks after a moment's consideration. His gaze then locks on the cage, a frown making his expression seem even more toothy than normal. he'd rather like to know what caused it to MOVE if there's supposed to be nothing HERE...

Gemini Man provides his own 'flashlight,' the crest on his helmet glowing slowly before him, and providing an ambient glow around his location as he walks into the darker shadows of the room.

Enforcer Malamute walks with one of his hands always staying close to his hip. Why? It's a natural cop thing when you're in an area like this. It's supprising he doesn't already have his weapon drawn. He does, however, click on a flashlight, which maglocks to his right wrist.

Bluegrass notes, "The way you put it, miss Cossack, it seems like this is the place where they keep those they've chosen until they can be 'Stardroid-ized'." She hears that slight creak and hrms, "Now, what ya'll think that could be?" She heads in the direction of the moving cage, crossbow in hand... just in case.

Job sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Anything interesting on your end?"

[RADIO] You send Job a direct message: "So far... just a creepy cage being suspended from the ceiling. You?"

Kalinka shakes her head, and murmurs... "Something best left in the dark, no doubt." Nevertheless, she swings her torch this way and that, checking out the cavernous walls on either side for signs of life.

The cage continues to swing, back and forth, its arc of movement slowing with each pass. Soon, it rests relatively still. It's not much to look at, for all the looks it's getting.. but Blizzard touches upon a very good point. Just what made it move?

From the other side of the room, a sudden *clang* of metal on metal as something drops to the floor amidst the darkness... a long, hook-like tool, clattering to a halt. The sound of its fall rings through the silent chamber for many long moments.

Job sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Some sort of.. I'm not sure how to describe it here but its like a techno fantsay ghost town here..."

Matic seems to be willing to let the group play with the various toys and observe from afar. Still, the Director feels along the walls, probing for any loose bits - any bauble he can swipe and carry along - hopeful for a microchip or even a jewel of decent size.

Blizzard Wolf sends a radio transmission.

Midi virtually jumps "What was that?" He turns in the direction of the fallen object, but without his own light, he'll have to wait for someone else to illuminate it to get a look.

The Kumicho and several Yakuza members slink behind the others and seem to be taking their time in observing the area.

Kalinka quickly turns the torch toward the metal tool as it clatters loudly -- then, reflexively, she shines it upwards -- trying to see what made it fall.

Orbit blinks. "*BWIP BWIP*" <...if it isn't something horrific, then the place is falling apart all around us.>

Ric bites his lip. "...that's... possible..." he glances towards the Hunters. "Are you guys finding anything?" His optics follow Kali's light.

Enforcer Malamute receives a radio transmission.

Enforcer Malamute doesn't jump, but he does turn his head towards the source of the noise, ears flattening against his head as he almost draws a weapon...Nothing yet, though, "I hate this." He murmers..

Enforcer Malamute sends a radio transmission to Cyclops.

Blizzard Wolf rumbles softly, "Okay.. that's it.." as he starts to turn his head towards the place the sound came from, turning up his visual sensors to full power. He's a paranoid by nature and function, he's in the dark, of course he's gonna switch over to full infrared in a situation like this.

Bluegrass stands stock still... "Ya know, Ah suddenly feel like Ah'm a certain movie. The ones with Jason." She activates her headlight. "Nothin' yet, sugah." She tells Ricochet. (And hopefully we will still find nothin'...)oo.

Guts Man looks around as things fall, "Wow, I feel like we're in some bad haunted house. Only that whoever is in front will probably end up getting chewed up by a giant shadow creature! Or maybe the guy in the back of the line as we tell'em to watch our backs."

Enforcer Malamute receives a radio transmission from Cyclops.
Enforcer Malamute sends a radio transmission to Cyclops.

"Something's here!" Gemini Man says. It's not a shout of shock, but a shout of extreme excitement. The light on his helmet flaring up slightly, he rushes forward, toward the sound of the falling object, just to get a better look.

Job sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "We got movement on my end. I don't think this place is empty..."

[RADIO] You send Job a direct message: "Same here... something caused something to be knocked over... it's like some creepy dark haunted house, with bad taste."

The wall that Matic quietly probes disagrees with the treatment, and seems to quickly remold itself to become tougher and more solid in every spot he pokes, actively resisting him. A few small chunks of the semi-skeletal armor break off, and seem to bleed for a moment. Meanwhile, a random Repliforce gumby who was at the back overhears Guts Man, and screams in terror before passing out from thinking too much about being a nameless character in a situation far too close to a horror movie.

Job sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Keep frosty and any weapons you might have ready...It could get messy here..."

Bluegrass peers back at Cowardly Chicken... then looks at Rico. "Ya shouldn't take rookies ta areas like this, sugah."

As the lights converge on the location of the fallen tool, they once again reveal... nothing in the shadows. Vaulted ironwork of cages and the twisted barbs of alien tools cast haunting cruel shadows along the wall, but nothing that lends itself to what made the noise. Whatever it is... is doing a very good job of staying out of view. At least, until it tries to grab someone.

A massive claw, long and lobster-like, but with edges that glisten like metal, sweeps out of the darkness nearby Gemini Man, trying to grasp at him. The claw *clanks* loudly as it snaps at the Master, before gaping wide once more and going for another grab.

[RADIO] You send Job a direct message: "...frosty? Well, uh, I don't have much in the way of weapons, but I'll stick near the Hunters."

Ricochet glances backwards at his fine feathered friend. He facepalms. "I knew he shoulda gone with Prismatic." he mutters to himself.

Orbit kickkickkicks at the fallen gumbie. "*BWIP BWIP*" <Hey, get up! For all we know it's Colonel Sanders running around in here!>

Kalinka frowns at the wall. She shines the flashlight on the wall, looking at the patches that seem like they're bleeding. "This is so strange. Now see...this is very much like..." As the large claw swipes out at Gemini, she utters a Russian oath and steps back toward Blizzard, startled.

Midi glances around frantically "Whowhatwherewhen?" Quickly he records the events in his database, luckily he can type and do many other things at the same time, multitasking afterall. He idly inches towards Kalinka and Blizzard, he's not... scared... just... uh... allergic to death, yeah.

Matic pulls himself further into the darkness, watching with intensity at the events unfolding. He fingers the forcefield switch on his cipher as he begins an IR scan through the shadow he's in, fearful of a massive melee arm coming at him from the blind side.

Guts Man eyes Gemini Man, "Where's Bright Man when we need an oversized lamp post?"

Job sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "It means keep alert and that is a wise idea."

[RADIO] You send Job a direct message: "Ah! Something just grabbed at Gemini Man... I think..."

"I. Hate. Seafood. That bites back..." the Dire Wolf declares as he interposes himself between Kalinka and the big craby thing, his cyrogenic core spinning up to speed. He's awfully glad that he took the time out of his schedule to have his systems checked over carefully before he came up here.

Ricochet half-turns towards the claw - not like he can miss a sound like THAT. He raises up his arm and attempts to acquire a target lock. "Well, it was nice knowin' ya." he mutters to his allies. Orbit jumps up alongside him, charging up an electroblast, if need be.

With a shout of surprise, Gemini jumps back just as the claw snaps out at him. It strikes his arm, and he pulls backward, the appendage coming loose finally, not with a shower of circuits and sparks, but with a kind of stream of light in its wake. Gemini takes a leap back away, and shouts aloud: "FOUND SOMETHING!" His arm-mounted weapon starts to hum.

Oh good, a large claw. Just what Enforcer didn't need on this trip. "Great." He reaches behind his back and grabs his Desert Eagle, taking it up in both hands, but not shooting just yet, "You all think the armor on this station is strong enough to absorb a fifty caliber action express round if I miss?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "I don't like this..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "Well, what would you like?"

Bluegrass turns around and stares, "Oh yah. Ah'm not goin' ta like this trip... not one bit," She declares loudly. She moves next to Kalinka, ready to protect her in case that thing comes here... Blue even looks at Rico. "Get ya friend up before it decides that Chicken Salad tonight IS a good thin'."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job says dryly "A map.

Pallbearer looks about as he arrives in the area, finally having gotten off the transport to catch up after being trampled across by more eager spectators. "Bloody hell...this place is amazing." he says quietly, walking alone along the hallways.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blizzard Wolf transmits, "I have a nice, econmoy sized crustcian I could loan you."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Enforcer Malamute transmits, "Anyone got boiling water and some butter sauce?"

That big ol' claw, about as long as a cadillac, snaps and chews at its captured arm, before the rest of the beast sweeps out of the shadows as well. It appears to be a very large crustacean... and anybody who was at Atlantis should see what it resembles quite readily. Sporting a long, spiral shell, from which emerge a pair of hefty claws, the thing looks like the Guardian of Atlantis's smaller cousin, with two eyestalks that look at the gathered crowd of explorers curiously, and a host of chitin-covered tendrils that carry the thing along with a gait somewhere between a landlocked squid's and a spider's. The creature hisses in a most hostile manner as it brings its second claw to bear upon Gemini, snapping at the holographic Master, trying to pull him apart quite messily.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blizzard Wolf transmits, "I brought bugspray. I wasn't expecting lobster."

Ricochet half-glances towards Cowardly Chicken, and one of the other gumbies. "Cockroach, get El Cluckers outta here!" Attractive Cockroach, the bug with the bow tie, balks. "Why, I never!--" "*BWIP!*" <JUST DO IT!> The insect shakes his head, and begins dragging the finger-licking-good Repliforcer away from the fray.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blizzard Wolf transmits, "Oh lovely. The Guardian of Atlantis has a little brother."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Remember, put the lobster in live for best results."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "...Wait, what?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Enforcer Malamute transmits, "Guardian of Atlantis? Must have missed that one."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "Big, nasty, hungry, at Atlantis."

Guts Man blinks, "Wow! That's the biggest... one of those things I've ever seen!"

Midi continues to record what he can. What else can he do? "Ohboyohboyohboyohboy..." He starts up. He's trying to keep himself from panicking. If only there were some way for him to be useful here... but all he can do is watch and record. And keep his eyes open for a terminal of some sort.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Enforcer Malamute transmits, "Right, well, for those of you that have seen this before, how do we put it down?"

Kalinka watches in fascination. She could care less about Gemini getting taken apart -- her ultimate fantasy is to see all of those Masters dismantled anyway. She marvels at the thing from a scientific its build, its size...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "We didn't. It went away on it's own!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Enforcer Malamute transmits, "..." The hologram does NOT want to shut down and risk seeing what else is back there. Even if he really...really doesn't like Stardroid Seafood. He leaps away from the creature, and starts to rain laserfire upon it, almost reflexively. He hopes it has some effect, as he's not likely to have much backup.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Enforcer Malamute transmits, "Wonderful.."

Bluegrass glances at Blizzard Wolf, Rico, and Kalinka. "Ya'll think we should help 'im?" She asks curiously as she points at the crab.

Pallbearer simply...gawks at the lobster as he arrives with the main group, its resemblance to the Guardian of Atlantis striking him quite readily. "This...this could be the place where the Guardian was..." he lets the thought trail off, watching it as it goes after Gemini.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Anyone up for tracking that thing we spotted?"

Bluegrass glances at Blizzard Wolf, Rico, and Kalinka. "Ya'll think we should help 'im?" She asks curiously as she points at Gemini. (OOC: Correction. We will not help the evil crab! o.o)

Ricochet optics the crab. "...let's see how it reacts to the lasers, first." Personally, he couldn't care less if Gemini sates it's appetite, but might as well figure out if it reacts to conventional weapons. "The guardian didn't seem solid enough to attack."

Kalinka looks up to Bluegrass...then looks over to Gemini...then looks back to Bluegrass again. "Honestly?"

Enforcer Malamute lowers his weapon just a bit. No reason to be so quick to help. Maybe it'll only take out Gemini Man. Then there's no big deal, after all, if it leaves once it kills him.

Matic stays hidden in the corner, watching with - IS THAT A SMILE? - the Strider seems to find the struggle horribly amusing.

IF Midi looks to his right, he'll notice something nice and comforting. It looks technological, and vaguely computer-y. The rest of the room also lights up from the flashes of laser fire, showing the strange material of the walls shifting in difference places to intercept the blasts with heavier bits of armor. The entire room seems to flow from point to point.

Blizzard Wolf rumbles, "Right...." as his tail stiffens into a rigid ice crystal, a telltale sight that his he's starting to rev up his ice powers for an attack. He then calmly opens fire on the crab with a burst of ice.

Oh look, Midi looks to his right. Yee. Well, he's doing a lot of glancing around, and he just doesn't miss something, uh, ccomputery. He blinks once or twice, and decides, during all the madness, to scoot on over to it to see if he can make any sense of it. Mmm, computery. Maybe it'll be an uplink to the database, or some controls to ships systems, or who knows? Midi quickly tries to see if there's anything that can be done.

Bluegrass blinks, "...If someone tells me Starhaven is alive from that shiftin' thing... Ah'm so gonna scream." She loads up her crossbow and hrms, "Ah think it's time ta see how heavily armored this thing really is..." and fires off a armor-piercing bolt.

Pallbearer looks about, trying to see if there's anything he can properly do. The forensics expert kneels down, placing his fingertip sensors to the floor and reaching out with his scanners at maximum range, trying to examine the area.

While the Guardian was only arguably solid, this thing seems quite real- and Gemini's laser fire strikes its shell quite obviously, though the energy is scattered, the lasers reflected. The creature hisses once more, releasing the master, its claws drawing back; and along with its eyestalks, drawing back into the shell. Its tendrils remain, however, and skittering along, its long, shelled body moving as sleekly over the floor as it would under the water, it shoots away from the Master, moving along the edge of the group, out of the range of the other shots that careen towards it. Turning back towards them all, it once again deploys its metal-lined claws, and leaps forward, snapping both towards Bluegrass. Whatever this thing is, it's not friendly, no matter who you work for.

Ricochet frowns slightly... "...well, so much for THAT idea." he says. He raises up his arm, and fires off an orb from his launcher - stasis ball. If it hits, it should strike it with a restraining forcefield, giving them at least a few seconds to work with. Assuming, of course, that the beastie can't simply cut through it somehow.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Th-they're splitting us up..."

Guts Man blinks at the creature. "Think if we poke it in the eye it'll go away?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "Who is? Who is 'they'? The UN?"

Gemini Man steps back, and looks down at the place where his arm was 'torn.' It doesn't seem damaged anymore. He rolls that shoulder back, then, raises it again. He continues to shoot at the crab, despite the fact that it's not using him as a target anymore.... at least until it gets too close to Bluegrass for him to have a clear shot.

Well, so much for the thing just going after Gemini Man, "This armor better be as tough as it looks." Murmers the malamute, as he raises his Desert Eagle, pulling the hammer back with a thumb, before he pulls the trigger, letting loose with a blast that lets out a loud roar as it goes off, the fifty caliber round launching through the air at the monster, followed by a second, and then a third..

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "KEEP TOGETHER!! Whatever is doing this, it wants us to split off. We must remain concentrated. It is classic divide and conquer tactics. If they cannot divide us, they cannot conquer."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "Yes, we can all die screaming together."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "This is just like the Trial for Pluto's pendant."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Enforcer Malamute transmits, "They can still conquer. It just takes longer."

Pallbearer ponders a moment.... "Wait...the shards! Of course, why didn't I think of it sooner!" Because you were trying to find the rest of the group, silly. "Hit it with a bladed weapon! Something directed and forceful! No energy or heat weapons, they won't work!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Panic is the last thing we want to do. Sword Man is correct we have to keep from losing it!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi is oblivious to anything else "A terminal!"

Midi's new toy is.. something. It sticks out largely because it's made out of a bluish-white crystal, instead of the dark chitin. There isn't much in the way of an interface, but there's a couple of indentations and button-like things. Of course, if they really are buttons is questionable, since they look like solid parts of the crystal.

Meanwhile, Pallbearer finds out some fun stuff about the room itself. The most interesting of them is that while the walls and cages bleed, move, and exhibit some basic intelligence, there are no signs of life - at least not as we know it. Some sort of fluid movement below the surface, but nothing else.

Kalinka frowns as the crab-thing goes after Bluegrass. Reaching into her coat pocket, she grasps a vial of acid, and as Enforcer begins shooting the thing, she hurls the vial in the crab's direction forcefully.

Bluegrass shrieks loudly as that crab-like thing attacks her. "Dear sweet god...!" She gasps before screaming loudly, "Defense Changer -- Forcefield mode, NOW!!!" a clear white forcefield forms around Blue. Hopefully the crab can't take out forcefield just like that.


[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "At least... I think it is..."

Matic raies a brow as Pallbearer suggests a bladed weapon.

Midi runs his hands across the surface of the object. "Fascinating..." Well that was his Mr.Spock impression for the night. Seeing it's not the standard type of terminal he'd be used to, he tries to experiment. I mean, what's the WORST that can happen right? He tries pressing some of the indentations like buttons, and other types of prodding things to see if it's some sort of uber advanced Stardroid terminal thing.

Mist billows from Blizzard's mouth as he carefully shifts his positioning, trying to keep himself between the human Russian scientist and the Lobster From Hades. "Could be..." the Wolf remarks as he tries to figure out what to do. Claws? He holds his hands at the ready his claws deploying. "Claws.. I can do... Kalinka. Stay low." He then leaps straight up, giving a half tiwst and latching onto the wall. He skitters about three meters along the wall as if it were the floor and then vaults out towards the crab, servos whining as he tries to invoke the Second Coming of Slash Beast on the crab.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Careful when you try to access that terminal Midi."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "I'm not sure WHAT it is... it IS Stardroid technology after all... but I'll figure it out.. I think"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "This place is a salvagers dream and worst nightmare at the same time..."

The crab-thing gurgles furiously as its metal-tipped claws dig into that forcefield, pressing in slowly, gradually, like they were sinking into thick molasses; sparks flying where claw meets energy, the creature obviously having a difficult time breaking through. But the second bevy of attacks distract it once more, and the thing shrieks as Blizzard's claws drag over its shell. Deep cuts lace the chitin that forms the creature's spiral housing, and in response, it whirls towards the wolf reploid, dragging its own claws away from Bluegrass, letting one swing violently towards Blizzard in an attempt to knock him away. The other claw claps at the air, before snapping outward towards Enforcer Malamute. Each lobstery mandible moves smoothly, surely, almost independantly of the beast they're attached to- it's very efficient at harassing the explorers, really, and if they're not careful, there's no doubt it could tear a reploid apart in moments.

Kalinka remains rather obediantly back behind Blizzard, only changing her posture to toss the acid vial at the crab.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "Sounds like there is someone home still..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gemini Man transmits, "Wish you were here."

Guts Man says, "You know, if I had two metal phone poles I could probably crack that thing open and we'd have a feast. Although I guess we'd have to cook that thing first."

Pallbearer has a hand on his own bone-handled saber, ready to defend himself if the need arises. "If this thing is what I think it is...we might have a chance." His briefcase-satchel is quickly attached onto the medkit panel on his back, turning it into a hard-shelled backpack should he have to get in a brawl. With that, the medic draws his saber, striking a defensive position as he moves foreward towards the focus of the battle. "Keep hitting it! The composition of these things can't take blades!"

Midi makes one of the most common errors of people entering a strange and unknown ship from Beyond Space. He presses random buttons on the control panel. Three possible things could happen. He could save everybody. He could destroy the station. Or - and this is far more likely - nothing will happen. The fourth option happens, instead. The crystal gives a rapid string of beeps, and then the entire thing flashes to a brighter blue hue. Congradulations, Midi. You have just accessed an extremely advanced and alien computer - and immediately caused it to BSOD.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "Maybe I should have gone but its too late now."

Blizzard Wolf wasn't exactly in a position to dodge cleanly, and the backhand from the critter managed to catch him in a glancing blow. He spins upwards towards the ceiling, rotating very quickly around his vertical axis and comes to rest .. on his feet, attached to the ceiling. "Stop the world.. I wanna get off..." he drawls as he tries to get his bearings.

Ricochet glances towards Pallbearer. "I hope you know what you're doin'. Where'd you get an idea like that?" However, deciding that that's as good an idea as any, he materializes a pair of spike balls. Instead of loading them in his launchers, he hurls them towards the crab-thingie with his hands. Orbit unleashes an electrical burst to accompany Rico's attack, lacking blades of his own.

Gemini Man backs away from the crab creature as far as he can, now that it's at least partially contained. He gets behind those that are continuing to pile on the aggression, hoping he'll at least be a less likely target if it strikes again.

Midi headscratches. "That's funny..." Well at least he got a response. His processer records the sound and timing of the beeps as they come, it may be important later on, or not. Shrugging, he keeps going, pressing more random 'buttons'. Not like he's about to give up. He'll figure it out! He's stubborn that way. Or rather, he's obsessed with trying to find out as much as he can about the alien technology. He tries to examine the buttons and the crystal, to see if there's any sort of shape or form, or noticable pattern to it.

Enforcer Malamute grunts as the claw just about hits him, managing to take a slice out of his armor. His left hand goes behind his back, and draws his riot shield a moment later, holding it out in front of him, firing off another couple rounds from his magnum handgun.

Pallbearer looks more to the creature than to ric, trying to avoid getting distracted. "The shards we took - they shatter if hit with things with directed force - blades and bullets mostly. They're very heat resistant and completely reflect energy, but they're extremely brittle. I have a feeling this is made of similar stuff, and it would seem like I'm right."

The beast snaps the claw that batted Blizzard away, before driving it forward, latching it onto the edge of Enforcer's shield and trying to yank it away. The other claw reaches out towards Pallbearer, now, giving him a turn at being on the receiving end of an attempted squeeze-play. Another furious gurgle sounds from inside the creature's shell... its movements growing uncoordinated, shakey. It's almost as though it's losing its mind in a berserker rage, and while it's big, it's strong, and it's fast, it's pretty clumsy. The bullets that ring off its shell draw pained wails, chips and chunks breaking off, while the wash of acid that Kalinka tosses causes the thing to cringe, but not back off...

Bluegrass gasps. (Take deep breaths...)oo. Upon assuring the crab's attention isn't on her anymore, she states, "Defense Changer -- Offline." The damaged forcefield flickers away. Bluegrass readies her crossbow as she hears Pallbearer state what she knew (somewhat) all along. She draws out a number of Armor-Piercing Bolts... and fires one after another at the crab... "TAKE THIS!!!"

Matic brings his cipher in front of him, pondering if he could slice the guardian open, and if so, the pinata-like treasures that may be inside. Surely a beast such as this has to have /something/ of value in there, right? Still, the Director is reluctant to reveal his presence, and remains in his recluse area.

The Dire Wolf recovers his bearings pretty quickly and then drops towards the crab, tucking up into a ball and rolling down towards the thing at a pretty good revolution, unfolding his limbs at the last possible moment in an attempt to claw at the big, nasty thing's back.

Pallbearer looks at the oncoming claw....a second too late. Just as he finishes talking to Ric, he notices the claw coming after him, attempts to dive out of the way...and is snagged, hard, by his off-hand. Cringing in pain, the mummybot stabs wildly with his saber towards the joints in the creature's claw, trying to get free, his captured arm twitching as it is wrenched and squeezed painfully.

Well, the beast made a big mistake by latching onto Enforcer's shield, "Bad move!" The malamute reaches down with his right hand and presses a button on the inside of the shield where it's attached to his left arm, turning on the full powered electric charge that runs through the hard plastic of the shield.

The room suddenly shifts radically. All around, the cages shift, opening and closing at random. A few actually fold in on themselves and vanish. Whatever Midi's pressing is doing something, but who knows what. A cage near the back opens widely, the bars acting as teeth to the giant mouth. Uh oh, let's hope nobody's standing there when it snaps shut again in a second.

Gemini Man , still trying to avoid the creature the others are attacking, looks around as the doors open and shut. "There'd better not be any more creatures on there...." Unlike what's happening elsewhere? He knows this one is real.

"PALLBEARER!" Ricochet yelps. Loading both arm-launchers once again, he attempts to aim the two at the claw. "LET HIM DOWN!" He fires, sending a pair of bullet-like Ricochet Spheres towards the enemy. "*BLOOP BWIP*" <Can't aim... dammit...> Orbit mutters, of his electrical shocks, as the room suddenly warps. "*BWIP*" <Here goes...> he releases a stun-calibrated electrical wave at the crab, in hopes of at least stopping it long enough to get Pallbearer out.

Midi sweatdrops "Uh... whoops? Let's see here..." If some of those buttons caused the cages to act funny, he tries pressing them again! Along with more buttons.

And more buttons! More buttons! He's on a pressing spree! Nothing like the thrill of encountering alient technology.

Bluegrass immediately halts her attack once she sees Pallbearer in that creatures' grasp. "..." There is nothing she can do, without endangering Pall's life. "Ah protect miss Cossack." she notes.

Nyaha! The crab chitters as it seizes Pallbearer's arm, seemingly pleased that it finally has a hold on something of real meat... before not only another hail of fire rains around it, but the room rearranges itself nearby. Two waves of electricity course through its body, causing the thing to spasm and jerk in place, while armor-piercing bullets riddle its shell with holes, sending forth showers of broken shell and green ichor, and Ricochet Spheres smash round indentations into its shell elsewhere. The creature snaps its claws a few times as it withdraws, wheezing, backing away from the explorers with a few frantic twitches, before turning away and attempting to flee outright. It's just then that Midi's button-pushing and room-warping erupt around the big crab.. and the floor beneath it snaps open, only to spew forth a few glistening spires, no doubt the cruel jaws of an blossoming cage. A shriek is torn from the oversized crustacean, as those spires lance through its weakened shell, piercing the thing like a shrimp on a fork and hauling it high into the air. With a solid *clank,* the cage snaps shut; the creature, caught impaled amongst its bars, squirms and kicks for several long moments, before going still.

Guts Man just looks on, there's no point in getting involved right now. There's always something bigger and badder in the next room when things involve Stardroids.

Andromeda floats in from one of the the nearby rooms, instantly noticing the big crab creature and quick floats up toward one of the walls, standing upside down as she scans the large crab with her visor, trying to gather as much information as possible on the beast (Assuming of course her visor /can/ gather anything.) She aims her arm cannon carefully at the beast, before it's suddenly impaled on the spot.

Gemini Man startles slightly at the sudden catch of the crab, and, then, watches with interest as it squirms its last throes. "...Well done..." He looks around at the rest, then, smirks. "I'll stay in the middle of the group."

Bluegrass whews, "Ah'm glad that's over with. Good job, sugah." She notes to Midi.

Pallbearer continues hanging precariously, arm still in the crab's grasp, painless now but still there. "...Right...agh...Now, that we've all had a wondrous victory here....could someone do me the great service of getting me down? I'd like to see if I can keep this arm.."

As if in response, the hand of the wounded limb twitches and sputters slightly.

Ricochet keeps his launchers trained on the crab, as does Orbit, as they make their way to Pallbearer. "Orbit... go pull the claws apart." "*BWIP BWIP*" <YOU do it.> "You're smaller." "*BWIP*" <You're stronger.>

Blizzard Wolf muses from the floor, looking upwards, "Lobster shishkabob anyone? It's a mite undercooked at the moment..." He then starts to drag himself upright again, scowling at a spiderweb pattern across the crystalline armor on his chest. Drat it. He then looks upwards with a thoughtful expression towards the trapped limb.

The creature is fairly limp. Any firm tug will release whatever it's holding.

Pallbearer unfortunately doesn't have very good leverage at present.

Off in a distant corner of the room, there's a soft whirr of machinery, before a soft light spills into the Menagerie hallways. A doorway has opened, opposite the one from which the explorers entered... it would seem the way onward has presented itself.

Ricochet eventually makes his way over there, with Orbit, and the two try to free Pallbearer. "You alright?"

Enforcer Malamute pulls his shield away once the thing lets it go, "Freaking monsters." He growls to himself, as he slips it and his Desert Eagle away, opting to go for something bigger. Namely his M3 Super 90.

Matic, being the perpetual opportunist, nips his way off towards the new pathway, leaving his 'comrades' behind as he moves to get a first glimpse.

Bluegrass sighs, "Ah'll do it." she heads over to Pallbearer, and uses her mighty strength (yeah right) to set Pallbearer free.

Midi blinks, as he looks over at the crushed crawfish. "Wow... I did it!" Feeling a bit pleased with himself, he decides to leave well enough alone for the moment, and leave the panel. "Chances are, that panel was for controling the cages, so I don't think I should play around with it anymore and risk getting someone else caught in them, or maybe releasing something else." He flicks his labtop back up and starts to record his findings "Shall we continue on?" Well doesn't he seem fearless?

Pallbearer drops down, hand going to his injured, twitching limb as he soundlessly opens his mouth in an expression of pain. "Been better." he says a moment. "Been worse, too, but I'll be fine. We should keep moving...I can fix this once we get to the next room.

Gemini Man looks over toward the opening door. Keeping to his word, he nods to Midi, and says, "Munchkins first?"

Midi shrugs, he's plently brave for now! Nothing can beat his mighty hacking powers! Except, you know, non hacking things. Still, he decides to head onward. Expect him to yelp and run back in a panic if he seems something that startles him though

Guts Man says, "Just punch the panel so that no one can use it again."

Blizzard Wolf moves over to make sure that Kalinka is still alright and looks towards the others.. and briefly back up to the lobster. Oh yeah. He's *not* feeling well about that dratted thing.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blizzard Wolf transmits, "One slightly less than economy sized lobster.. eliminated."

Ricochet glances down at Orbit, then himself. "Would an energy boost help?" Orbit's electrical pads spark a bit.

Andromeda slowly floats down over the door, mass of metal popping out of the mouth of her arm cannon, switching through a variety of drills until it comes and rests on a kind of saw, Romi floating nearby the crab, waiting for it seem to be dead so she can collect a sample of it.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "What a fascinating system of terminals... wish I had the time to study it in peace and quiet without disruption.."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "We are in the dark here..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bluegrass not Serena Gilbert transmits, "Sorry, sugah. We'll kill the next monster nice and quiet like just fer ya."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gemini Man transmits, "Then follow the guys with the lights."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Littlery"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "'Tis better to light a match then curse the darkness, so shut up and stop whining."

The Bibliotheca - Starhaven

The center of this nearly cubed shaped theatre suspends itself mysteriously above, within, and without from the two entrances. The edges of each door form craggy, crystalline teeth that intertwine with deep grey, stringy extrusions of rock. The interplay of these two elements, when one looks to the center of this oddity, writhes and slides over itself when at visual preiphery, only to snap back into place when full attention is returned to it.

Biting cold, reminscent of space, the room doesn't have many of the books and data disks that would contain the massive amount of information that would be present in a library. Instead the center of the room is a single round floor that floats within a single forcefield that can be walked through. The floor is connected by two walkways that appear to be techno-organic in nature and almost seem to be moving constantly. On the floor itself the biting cold of space reaches through here with the forcefield shimmering all around those here, quietly priming their minds for the spike and subsequent dump of unfathomable amounts of information into their consciousnesses.

Northwest <NW> leads to Menagerie - Starhaven.
Southwest <SW> leads to Observatory - Starhaven.

Matic has arrived.
Gemini Man has arrived.
Enforcer Malamute has arrived.
Blizzard Wolf has arrived
Pallbearer has arrived.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "I got a flood light on at the moment..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Then what's the problem? Man, some people."

Guts Man has arrived.

Blizzard Wolf continues forward, covering the scientist types.. That's his job here. As always, he continues recording. "Something is wrong..." he says after a moment, stating the blitheringly obvious. More for the sake of reassuring himself than anything. "I can smell it."

Midi enters the room, and gapes around. "Wow...." he exclaims as he glances at the size. He idly checks for anything that might resemble another crystal terminal, but otherwise, he begins to head to the center of the large platform in the center of the room. Nothing ventured nothing earned.

Matic slips in and quickly moves out and along the wall, flicking the thermal switch on his body armor as the chill greets him. Sweat is siphoned off and body temperature controlled and concealed as the Red Dragon makes his way around.

Guts Man walks on in following the others. "Now where are we? I hope this place has a can. I shouldn't have drank that huge slushy earlier."

Bluegrass has arrived.

Andromeda has arrived.

Pallbearer looks about...managing to ignore the pain in his arm for a moment as he notices the area. "Dear lord...this place is amazing..." He starts taking snapshots with his internal recorders of the area, observing as much as he can.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi whistles "Interesting.... I wonder what this room could be used for..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Keep chatter minimum, maybe? If something is on that ship, interception of our radio tranmissions could warn it of your presence."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bluegrass not Serena Gilbert transmits, "No idea, sugah. And bandage boy is right... fer once."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "The UN landing earlier and securing the lower decks, not to mention all the other commotion, would have done that nicely already."

Ricochet has arrived.

Gemini Man walks into the room with the rest of the crowd, keeping his light on and looking over the strange, almost living bridges. Pretty weird... He's curious enough to try and walk up on the platform, but he's not eager to go FIRST after what happened last time. Whose turn now?

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Dare I ask what you're all up to tonight?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Job transmits, "Exploring Starhaven."

No crystals here. And nothing resembling a bathroom either. Stupid Stardroids. This place is, however, full of lots of empty here. Compared to the giant zoo-like room before, this is small and quite spartan. The chill air is the only presence. No creatures. No cages. No automated guns on the walls waiting to blast everybody. There aren't even any major archetectual features. Just the doors, the center platform, and empty.

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "I'm examining the Stardroid's systems up here on Starhaven! It's fascinating!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Yes. Announce it to the world. Why, we should start firing flares and banging drums, let the inhabitants of all Starhaven know you are there."

Bluegrass steps into this room... and has sense of dread filling her. The sort of dread where a librarian glares at you for not being quiet. "This feels... antipersonal if ya'll ask me."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "You people are so paranoid..."

Enforcer Malamute uses the flashlight on his shoulder to light one way, and the flashlight on the shotgun to light another way, as he walks along, "So who wants to take point this time?" He asks, as he looks around..

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne winces softly... "...Guys... ...I /REALLY/ don't think you should be up there... ...Something just... ...doesn't feel right. ...Be careful, okay?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Dynamo transmits, "It's not paranoia if someone /is/ out to get you."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Oh I'll be fine..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Job transmits, "We will and if there is anything they would know we are here already..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bluegrass not Serena Gilbert transmits, "WE FOUGHT A FREAKIN' GIANT CRAB!!! WOULDN'T YA BE PARANOID?!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Giant crabs? Bah. Crabs are easy."

Midi stands around the center of the room. "So... empty... I wonder what it could be..." He's feeling exceptionally brave over the last incident. And particularly naive as well, bad combo. So he decides to do something most likely stupid. He calls out to the big empty room rather loudly. "HEEEEELLOOOOOO?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Just. Be. Careful."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Gunsmith Cat transmits, "Hunters, UN? When all this is over... we need to talk. There's a situation. Contact me directly for details, it's not something I want to discuss over an open channel."

Blizzard Wolf rumbles, "Antipersonal doesn't begin to describe this place...." as he glances back towards the zoo they just left. "Homocidal? Now that might be a bit more on the mark..."

Guts Man shouts back, "HELLO! I WANT TO EAT YOUR BRAINS!!!"

Andromeda pushes off the ground again, floating up into the air, after all exploration requires one go into the unknown. She flies a ways above the platform, just taking pictures and recording any information she can with her visor, hoping that if there is some catch, they'll be a sign before she actually get's near the thing. "Would you be quiet, I'm trying to concentrate."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Bluegrass not Serena Gilbert transmits, "Understood, sugah."

Pallbearer hunkers down for a moment, reaching back behind him for his medical supplies as he tries to work on his arm some. Opening up a panel, he begins twist-tying some broken wiring together, sealing up the damaged portions and reworking his inner circuitry in minor ways. As he finishes, the mummybot flexes the damaged limb once more, checking to make sure it's functional enough for him to use. Satisfied after a couple quick tests, Pall continues on, looking towards the platform.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "I'd prefer the crab."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Wildrider transmits, "Damn, but this isn't trippy."

Heat Man has arrived.

All the shouting echoes - and that's it. There's no response. Dead silence, cold air, and the central platform. As Andromeda flies over it, passing through the forcefield, the floor lights up and starts to slowly rotate around.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blizzard Wolf transmits, "A whole lot of nothing..."

Matic skitters along the side of the walkway, picking his way ever so quietly, taking quick steps during Guts Man's booming rhetoricals.

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Note: ...If you see a... childlike... ...creature... with a very big hand... just run."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Thisis just amazing.."

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "I'm aware, Tron. I'm here as well... I think I'd prefer Duo right now to the other things..."

Gemini Man leans back, with a falsely casual cross of his arms, as Andromeda flies through the field. "Looks like we have a contestant..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Metal Man transmits, "I would second Tron's suggestion. I saw it back on easter island..."

Bluegrass blinks as the platform rotates, "Someone please tell me that is a good thing?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "And I still say you're all being paranoid. This is a fantastic opprotunity here!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Ricochet transmits, "I think 'just run' is what we'll be doing from anything that moves, up here."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Good luck, Rigger. I'm down here rooting for you. ...I'll try to moniter what I can... ...And yes, Midi. It is. ...If it isn't a Trap."

[RADIO: (B) World] Bluegrass Not Serena Gilbert transmits, "Yah. Ta be KILLED."

Guts Man oooohs, "It's like a merry go round!"

Enforcer Malamute lowers his shotgun slightly, "I doubt it." He murmers in response to Bluegrass.

Midi walks on over to examine the moving floor. "Now I wonder what caused that... interesting." This place is just a wonderland, a deadly wonderland.

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "If it is, then we're already in it. So we should take every chance to learn as much as we can while we're here."

"Unfortuantely, I'm not fluent in Stardroid.. so I wouldn't know.." the Wolf muses as he looks around warily. "You know. For a place where people lived, this place is startlingly unfriendly. I wouldn't want to live in a place like this."

Matic takes a short hop and using a magna piton, latches on to the underside and hitches a ride to the other side.

Ricochet says, "I'd bet that it looked better before it was blown up, Blizzard."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "And... just so you know... ...If you manage to find any interesting odds and ends... ...The Bonne Family will pay highly for any technilogical remnants."

Pallbearer starts for the platform as well, moving to pass through the forcefield onto it if he can. This is too good to pass up, there's got to be more.

Blizzard Wolf says, "A lot of things look better before they're blown to bits. But this is still decidedly austere."

"Unless ya are insanely powerful," Blue notes to the Wolf, before nodding at Enforcer, "Ah like this place even less NOW."

Andromeda lowers her altitude a bit, coming a bit closer to the platform and then cautiously placing one foot down onto the platform, ready to spring off it and onto the roof at a moment's notice. "Well I /looks/ save enough.."

Ricochet's optics flick towards Pallbearer. "Pallbearer, don't - it's in a forcefield for a reason!"

Guts Man says, "Probably scared of us."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bluegrass not Serena Gilbert transmits, "We'll remember your brave sacrifice, Andromeda..."

Pallbearer looks back towards ric, not far from the field. "Relax. If there were a problem with the field, I'm sure I'd pick it up before it got unavoidable."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "What's going on?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blizzard Wolf transmits, "She made something light up and spin."

The platform just floats over the ground, rotating at a constant, slow pace. Even Matic hanging from the underside doesn't seem to change the steady course. There isn't anything visibly holding it up, and nothing unusual about it, aside from the hovering and the forcefield. As Pallbearer passes through it and sets foot on the platform proper, the field suddenly shifts, becoming more solid-looking. But it isn't any less intangible - it merely shifts to become semi-opaque. And on the interior walls of the field, a massive map of space appears, slowly rotating around, showing off the galaxy.


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