Tetsuo's Hibachi Grill and Karoake Bar

A large building is illuminated by a neon sign reading "Tetsuo's Hibachi Grill and Karaoke" and the sound of music wafts out to the street, along with the tantalizing aromas of well-prepared food. This is one of the hottest places to be in Neo Tokyo and perhaps even the world. It's also known as a place where opposing sides will clash, errupting into a fight that bad enough to ruin the interior for a number of days. But the management must be good, because Tetsuo's is always open again for business soon enough.

Bolero [Armored] [Unarmored] [RF]
Treble [RM]
Bass [Bass] [RM]
Iris [Iris] [Uniform] [RF]
Ban Joe #0001

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.

Iris is, at the moment, up in the ceiling. Two of the ceiling tiles are missing; and issuing from one of the two missing tiles is Iris' dangling leg, which she's trying really hard to drag back up into the ceiling crawlspace.

"Well, since I have your attención, sera hacer the most of it." Bolero states confidently, flipping to the floor. "If I win, you leave, without having accomplished your original objectivo... I lose, you may kill him and then leave, unimpeded by me." he states, wincing invisibly as Iris' leg breaks through the ceiling. o0(Ay chihuahua... I bet she has a sinking feeling.) he muses to himself.

The UN's little pint-sized genius hacker is still enjoying a couple of days off. Wanting to make a trip back to Neo Tokyo, and get something to eat, Midi scampers on into Tetsuo's, maybe he can find some fanboy song to sing about RockMan on the Karaoke machine. But what's this? He was hoping that he might be able to accidentally run into Rock by coming to Neo Tokyo, seems he's done just the opposite. He stands in the doorway, not fully entering yet, as the Robot Master in Black, Rock's nemesis, Bass, stands in front of him. Maybe he should have just ordered delivery from the UN HQ.

"I know that leg." Bass mutters, red eyes narrowing as he takes a close-up shot. He abruptly laughs. "Oh, I see what's going on here. Wanting to protect your little date, eh? Fine. What do you have in mind, hombre?" He asks, voice dripping in sarcasm and disgust. The Neo Buster continues to whine up, the gauge on the side showing it near half capacity. He's holding back, but little by little.. Midi's entrance goes unnoticed.

Iris blushes furiously, up inside the ceiling tiles. This is NOT what she wanted to happen, certainly. It's becoming more difficult to remedy, too. After some grunting, the leg finally disappears back up into the ceiling. "It's...none of your business what I'm doing up here," she finally counters in an uppity tone.

Bolero eyes Bass, "Who says she's mi cita?" he inquires curiously, blushing behind the mask... o0(Thank Dios for one way glass.) He grins, Bass is playing right into his hand... So to speak. "Best dos de tres en blackjack." he replies calmly, crossing his arms across his chest, just as Midi enters. o0(... Chingao...) he mentally groans, feeling a surge of good humor building up as still more sonic power builds up around him and in him... Just raring to be used in a blast.. Oh yes indeedy.

Midi tiptoe/sidesteps in behind Bass from the door. Quiet quiet, sneak sneak... hey wait, what's he so worried about? They're in Neo Tokyo, and it's a cease fire due to Battle and Chase. Bass must be bluffing, yeah that's it! Still, he sneaks anyway, why tempt fate right? However as he tries to work his way into one corner of the bar from behind the black Master, he trips over a chair, knocking both it and him down, ker-thump! "Ow...."

[Radio: (C) RF-Hunters] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Party in the Reploid Room! First round's on me!"

[Radio: (C) RF-Hunters] Blade Raven transmits, "Good job, everyone."

[Radio: (C) RF-Hunters] Daito CO Michael Eildath transmits, "Congrats, Repliforce. We shut out the Mavericks... I'll have Bastion eating his words yet."

[Radio: (C) RF-Hunters] RF Command Major Spiral Pegasus transmits, "..... Better left unsaid. I'll leave it to Colonel to hand out the congratulations. If anybody needs me, I've got paperwork to finish."

"A game?" Bass laughs, and lets the man go, giving him a slight shove to land the human Andrew onto his rear. "Get the girl out of the ceiling first, or I may have to take measures to remove her. And you." His now free hand whirls around, pointing squarely at the fallen Midi. "Can be the dealer. Since I somehow distrust each and every one of you to play fair. But just let me remind you. If you fail to win, interloper, there may be more than just the life of this human taken. You understand, yes?" The Buster is given a little shake, the red gaze dropping to the weapon momentarily. Where's the whine?

Iris peers out from the hole in the ceiling-tiles that her leg made, and she frowns unhappily. Catching sight of Midi, her eyes grow wide. Somehow, that little guy shows up at the most horrible times!

Bolero shifts his gaze from Bass to Andrew to Midi to Treble to the holes in the ceiling. "Iris, por favor, venga aquí..." He states, pulling a grappling hook from one of the pouches on his utility belt. He flings it with ease, wrapping it around the support in the ceiling, the line leading directly to the floor. He then returns his attention to Bass, "So long as it is solamente me, I understand perfectly well." he states coldly to Bass.

Oh phooey. Midi and his stupid klutzy.. er.. klutzyness. He now finds himself with the one of the sights he fears most in the world, Bass. And he doesn't look too happy to see him. Unfortunatly Midi has NO idea what's going on "Dealer.. what?" He stands up, afraid? Yes. But still, he tries to act brave, even though it's painfully obvious he's terrified here. "What sort.. of game are you talking about, you finhead.. uh, sir?" Yeah, the 'uh, sir' makes the finhead comment AAAAALL better.

Iris manages a little smile for Bolero, and she slides out of the ceiling and down the cable, landing neatly on the floor beside him.

Indulging briefly in radio chatter, Bass gives his head a slow shake as it comes to a close, watching the path of the grappling hook as it ascends.. and without waiting for Iris to descend, steps right over to clear a table rather forcibly of its contents. Salt and pepper shakers go flying, and a torrid of napkins fill the air for a moment. "The interloper -- I assume you're a Repliforcer at that -- wishes to play a game for the life of this human, and for his own now. And possibly for yours also, if he fails, child. I assume you've got a deck?" The question is directed at Bolero, before a glance is given over a shoulder at the latest entrant as he pulls up a seat to the table, arranging himself backwards. Nice broad back, open to view now. Treble growls, not liking the numbers that are showing.. yet Bass knows what will transpire if things turn ugly.

Midi doesn't say much more, keeping his wide eyes on Bass, he edges his way toward Iris where she landed. The only look on his face, besides terror, is 'what's going on?'... if you can call that a look.
Bolero spots Spiral and frowns, darkly, at Spiral's arrival. o0(... I swear... voy a asesinar una cosa...) he grumbles in his mind, stepping rapidly towards the table. He takes a seat across from Bass, "Of course." he replies, a fresh deck of Bicycle playing cards shooting from nowhere. It hits the table and slides to a halt in front of where Midi should be standing. "Niño, vega aquí." he states, motioning Midi over.

Iris reaches out, and squeezes Midi's shoulder...the resulting pose looks very...matronly. As Bolero motions Midi over, she turns back to Midi. "Let's go over to the table, you'll find out. It's...a game, of sorts."

Midi just blinks at Bolero's words, not understanding Spanish apparently. <He prolly gets that a lot, no doubt> The little squirt reaches up and squeezes Iris' hand, and moves over to the table with her. Not much he can do. It's a game huh? Seems like an awful serious game to be playing in Neo Tokyo during a ceasefire. He's scared, but he tries to hold on to the thought that Rock will come save them if something goes wrong, he's beaten Bass before, right?

Bolero said he had the situation in hand, and therefore the situation -is- in hand as far as Spiral Pegasus is concerned. Casually, he walks up to the bar and orders "One shot of sake." The barkeep eyes the pegasus back suspiciously. With a sigh, Spiral unbuttons his uniform and reveals his bare chest. "See? Nothing there. It's all good." With a shrug, a shot of the house rice wine is slid over to Spiral who swallows it down with one gulp. Boing. "Good stuff."

Bass simply sits there, his left hand tapping on the edge of the table in an irritating fashion, his right hand a stump for the Neo Buster's presence instead. The cavernous opening is still charging, but it's being held near the three-quarter mark. Peaking into the red could have dangerous results in terms of holding the charge in. "Get on with it, runt." He growls at Midi, fingers tapping more loudly now. Iris' matron-like manner and Spiral's alcoholism displaying itself are ignored. For now.

Midi just blinks briefly "Get on with /what/?" His voice rises slightly on the last word, not sure what's going on still yet. And though terrified of the black one, still a bit... annoying, if you will, that Bass would do something like this, in a place like this. Hey, he just walked in on all this, he has no idea what Bass has planned, poor little guy.

Spiral Pegasus feels much more warm and fuzzy now as a smile crosses his muzzle. Even his wings droop in relaxation. Keeping an eye on the poker table, Spiral's ear perks at... something. He might be fuzzy, but he still has good sense to keep quiet and in the background. Though there's one comment just waiting to come out, but now... now is not the time.

Iris smirks anxiously, looking over at Bolero. What started as a really promising cocktail hour has turned into a card game with -really- high stakes. "Um...go ahead and...you know, shuffle and cut the deck, Midi. You know...the cards? Dole them out to the gentlemen."

Midi swallows. Oh, right. Poker. He had forgotten what Bass initially said to him when he first spoke. Nervously, he goes up to the table, and handles the deck. Though his hands are shaking, he shuffles them rather well, he has nimble hands, that little guy. After some shuffling, he distributes some cards. Not hard to tell he's still a bit antsy...

Bolero nods slightly at Iris, then looks to Midi. "Just deal dos tarjetas to each of us." he states, holding up only two fingers. He did, after all, say blackjack. He has the ultimate poker face at the moment, though... That being no visible face.

Midi shuffles and deals two cards to each then.

Spiral Pegasus shakes his head and returns his attention to the bar. So much for my stored 'Aces and Eights' remark.

Bass's combat roll has failed against Bolero.
Bolero's combat roll has failed against Bass.

[Radio: (B) World] Gemini Man transmits, "IT GENERATES POWER, people. WHAT MORE do you NEED to know?"

[Radio: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Where you are planing on stealing it from?"

[Radio: (B) World] Ether Skunk transmits, "The hell are you talkin' about?"

[Radio: (B) World] Gemini Man transmits, "Nowhere. WE built it."

[Radio: (B) World] Sai transmits, "Now THAT sounds decidedly Bad..."

And on the other side of the table, Bass looks as if he could chew through rocks for all of what this scenario has degenerated to. He entered with the simple intent of destroying a human, and now he's playing a game of blackjack with the human's life riding on the match. Surrounded by Repliforcer's, and some punk kid who doesn't know the inane lingo of Bolero across from him. His teeth grind together audibly, left hand clenching into a fist. He's feeling angry. Very, very angry. Lifting the cards, he glances at them, before flipping them over with a shrug. What he says, however, is entirely opposite to the match. "You might want to get your operative away from the dam, Pegasus."

Spiral Pegasus was debating ordering another sake, but events overtake that lingering debate. Glancing over at Bolero with a shake of his head, he simply says, "What operative? There's a truce on, we have no intentions of blowing stuff up... now."

Iris looks toward Andrew, the frightened human, and begins pondering the wisdom of simply grabbing ahold of his arm and running out of here with him. She can see that Bass' patience is wearing pretty thin.

Dam? What dam? Oh right, Midi heard some brief jabbering on global from another Robot Master about some damn dam thing. For now, Midi keeps his hands on the deck shaking slightly. Oh, and if Iris were to take Andrew and run, she'd have to leave Midi behind. But hey, Midi can be rebuilt, probably. Right?

Bolero looks at Iris, raising a brow behind his helmet. o0(... Some days, she frightens me...) he muses mentally, before raising a brow at Bass. "What operative?" he growls out, his left hand disappearing into a buster itself. His body language belies his confusion, even as he glances at his cards. "Chingao." he hisses.

Spiral Pegasus shakes his head again at his radio and calls up the bartender. "Another shot of sake. And yes, I -can- handle it." As the guy waddles off, Spiral muses and calls out, "Actually, make it two." This is not going to end well regardless, so might as well load up on the painkillers.

Right when both Bass and Bolero are grousing over their cards, Iris suddenly scurries into action with amazing alacrity fueled with desperation. (Please forgive me...I can't warn you without him knowing,) she thinks to herself, looking over at B and Spiral and biting her lip. In the spacwe of a few seconds, she has grabbed Midi's arm, and is dragging him along as she makes a beeline for Andrew. She grabs Andrew with her other hand, and forcefully drags both of them out the exit-door, running comically as if in fast-forward motion on a sped-up tape.

Bolero blinks, turning to peer at Iris. o0(... This bodes not well...) he sighs, before looking at Bass. "Guess that means only one thing." he states with a chuckle, before flipping the table over onto Bass. "EVERYBODY OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUT!" he screams loudly, backflipping away from Bass and Treble... The wolf that'd probably be Muttley laughing about now.

One minute, he's a dealer scared for his life, the next minute he's grabbed and being dragged off... scared for his life. Still, Midi hangs on for dear life as Iris drags him along. Though he gets rather dizzy, as little spiral swirly things appear on his eyes. Iris is gone, out the door, and down the street, with one very dizzy Midi behind her. The deck of cards he WAS holding on to has erupted into a mess of, well, cards. They likely provided enough of a distraction to cover their retreat. Oh... and the NPC probably got away too

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