Dire Palace

Inside the massive gates of Dire Palace, is a rather large entry hall, with red stone floor, several pillars, and blue tapestries adorn the walls. If you are a stranger to this place, you are either being welcomed into the fold as a fellow monster and outcast, being dragged to the jail with the rest of the human captives, or perhaps invading, and best of luck to you if you are. The fortress is home to Necrosaro's followers, who will protect him with their life, and there is a large number of them, a frontal assault would be impossible.

Going beyond the great hall there is a prison down the hallway to your left, and the hall to the right leads to residential rooms for the monster inhabitents, and upstairs is Necrosaro's throne room, and meeting room. There are a few hidden passages, and rooms, a treasury, and typical fare you would expect from such a castle.

The fortress of Dire Palace rests in it's clearing in the middle of the forest east of Riverton. An ominous spire if there ever was one. As always, the guards are busy with their patrols, tormenting the prisoners, or any other duties they may have. Necrosaro is in his study, though is easily alerted by the guards if ... guests arrive. The castle is well protected by a magical barrier, someone could warp TO the castle, but to enter, the only way is through the front gates.

The energies of Chaos flow around the sphere of golden light signalling Amon's arrival, the Sinistral of Chaos himself choosing to bless the land with his presence...well, so he'd say anyway. His ego's quite large at times.

Nevertheless, Amon was intrigued by this new structure and presence, and so his sphere shatters into tons of little stars as he lands softly at the front gate, his size likely showing that he is no common guest if his aura of power doesn't do the job.

As opposed to Amon and the abilities possesed, the rather technologicaly inclined one that simply can be called an Elite of the Covenant has taken to exploring the many zones of Videoland. He had heard from a scout or two that a new structure had appeared in a particular area and he figured it would be best if he went to go and see it for himself. Riding along on a ghost, and in his golden armor, the elite slowly nears the castle, not meaning to appear hostile.

Though his minions leave something to be desired, they're not braindead enough to miss a giant golden man, and someone riding on a ghost. A skeletal warrior, and a man tiger approach the gates, looking over those who just appeared 'Halt! Who goes there?' One asks 'He looks like a human only bigger, he does...' Says the other 'Does that mean there would be more of him to eat?' Asks the Tiger 'Hmm, better go inform Master Necrosaro' The tiger runs off, and the Skeleton, foolishly, draws his sword and points it at the Sinistral 'You'd best to stay put if you know what's good fer ya.' He 'threatens'.

If Amon had a sense of humor, he might laugh alot at that. Too bad he doesn't and he simple points a palm at the guard, sending a wave of spiritual energy and using the Spiritual 'Force' he possessed to lift him in the air at eye level. "Do not trifle with me, mortal, I have come to see who be the master of this palace. You, however, do not wish to cross the Sinistrals." and with that he puts the guard down gently, but only because it's considered hostile to blow guards up on a whim when they're not yours.

Covenant Elite hrmphs a little as he brings the craft to a stop near the gates, "I'm not here to cause trouble, I simply want to know who is in charge of this castle and what he plans to do now that he is 'here'," the elite replies. He's observant enough to have noticed the one minion to run off, so he steps off the vehicle and stays near it, "Seeing as your friend took off I'll wait." Granted Amon causes him to peer back at the taller Sinistral, but at least he didn't blow him away or something. He doesn't say a word about, instead, opting to wait and see what the master of this castle does when he arrives.

The Skeleton mutters, almost indignant 'I'm not mortal, I'm undead, there's a difference' Taking a few steps back, a few more of the guards almost seem to come to back him up. It might have turned ugly in a few moments, of a voice didn't call out from the back of the entrance hall, having been fetched by the other guard."Stop it you fools." The tall, pale ruler of the castle walks down the carpet of the hall, towards the new guests, the minions may be nothing, but there is certainly an aura of power and menace from him "Even you creatures should be able to sense that this isn't a human." He eyes Amon "Nor is he a monster, or even a demon." He also regards Covenant for a moment, then looks to them both "What brings you to Dire Palace?"

Amon doesn't even remotely care about the words of the sketeton, however this aura's different, different enough to bring a slight smirk on the Sinistral's lips. "You are correct upon my identity, I am the Sinistral of Chaos, Left hand of Lord Daos, I would be known as Amon. It is my duty to see whom is this new presence we had felt upon the land during our last passage over these lands, and also to assert what your intentions may be. Seeing the forces you command..." The Sinistral's tone of voice changes to an extremely sarcastic one. "I would strongly doubt you fight in the name of foolish humankind."

Covenant Elite snorts, "I would agree, but I am here for the same reason as this one. Though I may not be.. as inclined in some of the skills you," he looks at Amon, "Or you," he looks back toward the castle's master, "I'm more technologically advanced in a sense. I had scouts report this place as new so I came to see what is here and what the ones within plan on doing."

Necrosaro snerks, and almost spits his words out "In the name of humankind?" He takes another few steps forward "I assure you, I plan nothing of the sort. My goal is the utter obliteration of humankind!" A few of the guards in the back almost cheer or rouse at those words, but a slight glace back by Necrosaro is enough to silence them "And what would your goals be Amon, Sinistral of Chaos?" He looks to Covenant "Or you, with 'advanced technology'? What do beings such as yourselves from outside my world plan?"

Amon crosses his arms, letting the words flow within his mind to be sure there's no double entendre. "Intriguing, our goals are not so different, we seek total and absolute control over our world, dissidents may they be humans, elves or any who dare oppose us shall be cleansed by the purifying destruction...once our foes and obstables are dealt with." Says the Sinistral, letting the Covenant explain what his goals are.

Covenant Elite grins slightly as the keeper speaks, "You're goal is much like my own and the ones that command me. They want the human race oblitereated before it spreads across the universe like the cancer it is. Moving from one planet to the next, stripping all the resources before they struggle to live on that world while others move onto the next, leaving the weak behind. It's pitiful and it needs to be taken care of."

Necrosaro grins at their words, especially the Covenant "The universe is it? Yes, a cancer they are, it is bad enough they have spread like they have in this world." He folds his arms, regarding them "I would very much like to learn more of your leadershp and structure, and if there are others like you. A little pest of a nemesis of mine seems to have made allies with other self-proclaimed, ignorant 'heroes', and I am seeking some allies of my own."

Amon nods quietly, showing no emotional change at the words. Poker face you might call it. "We cooperate, those with similar philosophy band together...we Sinistrals are powerful, but alone even we may prove to have difficulties in dealing with our foes. There are many of us working for the common goal of worldly domination, and many getting in our way."

"Agreed," he says, regarding Amon's comments. "If you wish to learn about my people, the Covenant, that would require quite a bit of talking about, sir," he muses. "Suffice it to say we're a very religious group made of quite a few different races and worlds, none of which are those cursed humans. As for my allies here, they share my common goal, most of them at least, on one level or another."

Necrosaro hmms, almost rumbling "The ruler of these worlds at the end of the battle is of no concern to me. I concern myself now with only two goals, destruction of all humans, and ruling of THIS world. This outside 'Videoland' is of no concern to me, but I'd rather not see it's rule fall into the hands of humans." His facial expression softens, just a tad "Well then, perhaps you could tell me where I could find others like you. No doubt there are more worlds out there, with other enlightened individuals, perhaps they all gather somewhere?"

Amon could get along with that, he didn't give a rat's ass about Videoland provided their world was theirs to control once the war ends. "We normally communicate using a...frequency they called it, twould be like a telepathic node where many minds may share thoughts. Others use technological devices to join in the conversation, and even some...humans as well, however some do happen to wield great power and are best treated as allies." He had a rough time learning that one, his lesson could be spelled out with a simple 'Don't mess with Dual'.

Covenant Elite snorts, "Much as I don't enjoy working with humans, the clause that says 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' still stands. I'm sure all of us here know how the humans war against each other and rarely band under a single flag. There are... some I tolerate, but will not when things come to an end.."

Necrosaro tch "Human allies...." Well, if they see the follies of their own kind, and turn against them for the greater purpose, then he could live with them. "Very well then, I have noticed some odd disturbances in telepathy lately, perhaps if I searched into them more I would gain access to this.... 'frequency'." He looks to them once more "Is there anything else I should be aware of when dealing with this world? Any humans that are known to make particularly annoying pests of themselves?"

Amon isn't going to actually give the list of the targets, that'd be far too tedious and under his stature. "You shall find out the difficult way that even the lowest of mortals may wield a power capable of equaling your own outside of your own domain, an unknown balancing forces seems to dim down the efficiency of magic or strengths you may have possessed once, villagers will not be strong enough to resist your strength if my senses do not betray me upon your nature and power, however certain heroes shall prove to be very difficult pests, many heroes..."

Covenant Elite hrms, "There is one I fight often called Master Chief, but besides him I'm not to familiar with the 'heroes' of this world by name. The best way to find out is to listen to the 'frequency', as Amon put it."

Necrosaro hrms, not liking the sounds of that. He DID notice his own magical strength dimish, or be somehow held back, while out visiting other zones. "I shall keep your advice in mind, and try not to underestimate those I come across." The minions squabble among themselves, strong humans? Never. "At any rate, I shall like to meet with some others, perhaps I will find my way where they all meet fairly soon."

Amon smirks. "I would find it unlikely, we all have our own personal holdings or bases, interaction is either when necessary or when we prepare a massive assault and require assistance from outside forces other than our own. Even with such conditions I have never seen all our allies at once."

Necrosaro nods "Well, I'll take all of your advice to consideration. Now then, since you only arrived to examine my presence, I believe that has been taken care of. If there is nothing else you wish to discuss, I have many more tombs to read."

Amon nods negatively. "I shall leave you to learn of this world before we meet again and choose where your allies and foes be, I do hope our next meeting to be upon the same pleasant terms." The Sinistral states calmly, waiting for the Covenant officer to be done as well before taking his leave.

Covenant Elite hrms, "There is a place called the Fortress of Evil or something of that Sort. That is where you can find our allies," he tells the castle keeper. "Seek it out, you can find me there as well as many others."

Necrosaro nods in regard to them once more, then turns in place, his cape spinning behind him, and reenters the entry hall, the massive doors being shut by hos cronies. He once again retires to his study, where he is leafing through the piles of data recorded on the secret of evolution.


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