The kingdom of Hyrue is filled with wonderous sights. Sights that seem commonplace to the country's occupants, trivial things such as trees, rocks, and sunlight. Things that, until recently, MOMO had little experience with. Having spent most of her life in a controlled environment, whether a lab, or aboard a spacecraft, she'd never really experienced what the real world was like. She's quickly grown to like it. Happy to just be around real trees, to smell real grass, and bask in real sunlight..they are simply things that were denied her most of her life. Even knowing that the forests aren't without danger isn't enough to keep her away. Resting beneath a tree, she giggles to herself when she sees a squirrel run by, carrying an acorn back to it's home. She's completely at ease, and obviously feeling very cheerful as well.

There's another stranger to Hyrule, who doesn't blend in quite as well as MOMO does. His heavy footsteps are rather easy to hear, and leave rather noticeble footprints in the grass and earth. The cybernetic feet weren't designed with nature in mind, afterall. The cyborg gets a few odd looks from the various Hylians, but they leave him alone. Strangers and strange faces keep popping up all over the kingdom lately. Ziggy looks around the country side, looking for someone. Luckily his sensors aren't malfunctioning today, he can tell a Realian is nearby somewhere, just not where specifically. So he looks for the next most defining aspect, pink hair. "..." Unlike MOMO, Ziggy DOES have memories of nature, or rather fragmented ones at least. He can't place it, but an environment like this is familiar. However he doesn't waste time trying to remember, and keeps walking and looking for MOMO.

Resting casually doesn't mean that MOMO isn't paying attention as well! She's got an extraordinary set of sensors herself, and she picks up on the fact that there's something unusual about long before Ziggy actually comes into sight! And once she picks up on who it is, she's quick to leave her little nest to go out and meet him! Of course her signal would be shown as moving torwards him a rapid pace. And before long, she busts out of the underbrush. "Ziggy!" she chirps in a happy voice. She doesn't bother asking what he's doing here, she's just glad he is. He's like the big brother she never had built.

"MOMO." He says, considerably less cheerful than she greeted him. But then, it's Ziggy afterall. Merely nodding at her as she approaches is more emotion than he'd normally show. "I have been trying to locate you ever since my repairs after the last Gnosis attack were completed." He gazes up at the landscape again for just a moment before looking back at MOMO "I've read the reports the others have made about this Videoland." He doesn't go into detail about how he found his way to Hyrule, he's quite resourceful anyway. "At any rate, I am glad to see you are unhurt."

The world would be scared if Ziggy was cheerful, though. Thus, not even MOMO expects it from him. "Yes! I've had a lot of fun since I first came here. There's so much less to worry about here. The Gnosis have only showed up once, and no one has heard of daddy.." Which means that she doesn't have to hear him insulted constantly. "But I am glad to see you! It's been kind of lonely sometimes without you around. But I've made a lot of new friends too, at the palace. Have you been there, yet? I'm sure that they'll like you there." After all, who doesn't like Ziggy?

Well, Jr. for one, but they only butted heads that one time. It may not even have happened yet. "I have not, but I have heard things about it." He'd say that he's a bit suspicious of the place, but that's only because of how used to how war is in their world. It's not so cut and dry, Heroes and Villains there. But he came here with the intention of lending them his aid, since he does at least trust the actions of the others "We would have to make the trip to Second Miltia eventually..." He warns, as if to keep her from getting too comfortable "...but as of now there is no rush. All parties from our world seem to be interested in this Videoland." Including himself, but more from a tactical perspective, rather than wanting to meet people, like MOMO.

MOMO doesn't even want to think about leaving, not now! She's finally got friends, people that accept her as a person and not a tool, friends she cares about and that care about her. She's experienced so much in her time here, and the look on her face proves that even thinking abot leaving cuts deep into her spirit. "....I guess you're right.." she says in a tiny little voice. It'd be hard to imagine her sounding much less happy about it. "But it won't be soon, right? Everyone here is so different from back hoom. Most of them have never even heard of a realian, so they treat me like I was real.."

Ziggy isn't so emotionless as to not detect MOMO's desire not to leave. "No, it won't be soon..." He states. It'll have to be eventually, just not soon. Not until he recieves word from Dr. Mizrahi anyway, though he avoids mentioning that part. "It will... probably be quite some time before that has to be done. And I doubt it would be as if you would have to remain there." Though that is speculation on his part, he isn't entirely sure what they would want of her once she arrives. "Right now, I think it would be best for you to experience what you can here. It is completely different from where we are from."

MOMO seems to cheer up a bit when she finds out it won't be soon. She really loves her new home, after all. "You'll come with me, won't you? To see all the wonderful things I've never got to see before. To see real worlds, meet people who'll treat me like a person, and to experience all the things I always wanted to? Even the prettiest scenery isn't worth much if I have to see it all alone."

Ziggy nods "It's my job to protect you afterall." He pauses, then adds "I wouldn't mind seeing a few of these things for myself." Realizing just saying he has to protect her sounds a bit too cold, even for him. "However I shall have to aquaint myself with the people from this Palace as soon as possible."

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