Hyrule - Northern Hyrule

The forests of Northern Hyrule are ligher than that of the southern part of the country, grassy plains giving way to desert along the oceans to the north, this area the safest in Hyrule, and the seat of Hyrule's government. The towns or Rauru and Ruto grace the roads in this part of the country, and Hyrule Castle itself sits in a lake in the center of the land, the beacon of peace and hope for the wild lands.

Well this is pretty plain...that is, the plains of Hyrule had little in terms of sightseeing but it was a peaceful place, few travelers could be seen following the roads without a care in the world, some were even singing, unafraid of Ganon's reach in this bastion of good.

"My, such a dreadfully boring day..." states a cloaked figure aloud, sitting in a tree, S-h-o-o-t-i-n-g. A bow in hand and scores of animals dead on the ground and even a few drops of hylian blood but no corpses, the Dark Hylian was entertaining himself as he could.

Yes it is a boring day. Though Ziggy occupies himself as best he can. Pondering over battle data and such, and still trying to decide of he wants to wipe his own memories and become a souless machine just like he's always wanted. Such a nice day.

Nevertheless, the cyborg is a bit occupied at the moment, searching for MOMO. She's gone and wandered off somewhere again, and this is where the inconvenience of a place like Videoland comes in, it isn't like a Space Station where there is a small number of places she could be. It's hard for him to guard her if he can't find her. At any rate, the sounds of archaic weapons fire draw him closer to Dark Link's location.

Four obsidian tipped arrows flow in quick succession as the Shadow Double's eyes settled on the odd costumed man, all aimed to form a line in front of him and a warning. No words said, actions speak far louder than words ever could.

Ziggurat stops in his tracks, and tilts his head to gaze down at the four arrows, having landed not far from his big metal feet. He then gazes back up and resumes walking towards the aggressor, saying surprisingly calm "Have you seen a little pink-haired girl around here?" His voice is totally flat, no hint of emotion in any way. But he seems perfectly capable of attacking suddenly, the large switchblade that just came out of his left arm should be sign enough.

Dark Link actually blinked, this guy stepped over the arrows without a care in the world, how...suicidal. "Pink hair you say? I have seen many things in my long life, why would I reveal any of my knowledge to you, stranger?" asked the Dark Hylian, placing his bow back within the many folds of his cloak and leaping off his vantage point.

The cyborg blinks "Let me rephrase..." He says in the same flat tone "Have you seen a young girl with pink hair within the past few hours?" He pauses and takes a look at their surroundings, and adds "...she doesn't have pointed ears." Switchblade is still out, but he doesn't seem to be making any moves to use it, or any other attack at the moment. He's not showing much of anything, in fact, remaining eerily still.

Dark Link snorted. "You answered not my question, why would I reveal such information to the likes of you, stranger. This girl obviously seems to hold value to your eyes lest you would not ask...should her value be in her continued life or death, however..." thinking aloud is one of the Shadow Knight's traits, although some thoughts are better left unsaid.

Finally! A display of emotion! His eyes narrow. Slightly. Miniscule, really. "I was informed that the typical inhabitants of this world were friendly and courteous. I see you are not a typical inhabitant." His eyes quickly scan over his visible weaponry and his form "Since you persist in a show of arrogance and do not tell me, then there is a 63 percent chance you have seen her, and do not wish to tell me. Or a 37 percent chance that you are merely toying with me." His robotic hand clenches and opens, as if preparing "I suggest you clarify it, or else I will assume the worst. Then I will have to force an answer out of you."

"To put it simply stranger, I see no reason to aid you when you seem like a worthy way to pass the time, perhaps even a challenge, the goddesses forbid." calmly stated the Dark Hylian, his hands still within the folds of his cloak. "I care little for purcentages, but should you prove to be a worthy adversary and to shake this dreary boredom that had fallen upon me, I may decide to part with the information you seek."

Ziggurat is silent for a moment. "...as you wish." Afterall, MOMO takes priority. He can continue wandering aimlessly through an unknown countryside, or he could possibly get some answers here. He certainly doesn't waste any time. He springs forward with some surprising speed, considering those heavy-looking boots, and he dashes forward, with the switchblade moved up in place, and slashes with it, in a rather simple, but effective manner.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Dark Link with his weak Jack Knife attack.

Dark Link doesn't move, gauging his opponant's strength as the quick blade gashes his cloak and skin within. "Well, I'll give you this much, your speed is commendable but you make far too much noise as you move." idly comments the Dark Hylian, a hand coming out of the folds like lightning to punch the man's nose.

Dark Link strikes Ziggurat 8 with his weak Punch that nose attack.
You have taken 9 damage.

Ziggurat is silent for a few moments, as he regroups and advances again "Stealth is not a large concern once battle has already begun." Besides, they're on grass right now, his boots make FAR more noise in artificial hallways. Oh, and speaking of the boots? One of them is on a collission course with Dark Link's stomach. And this is no mere fleshy leg, it's all metal.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Dark Link with his High Kick attack.

Dark Link expected a weak kick, if he knew he might have tried to block, that was a mistake. "Oof!" is the sound of air coming out of his lungs because of it. Staggering backward for a few seconds, the doppleganger smirked and even laughed for a moment, amused by this situation. The laughter lasts only for a moment though before the greyskinned hylian draws his blade and strikes.

Dark Link misses Ziggurat 8 with his Drawing Slash attack.

Ziggy easily dodges. Why? He didn't waste any time laughing, and was already in a defensive position to parry the bladestrike easily. Inside, his brain is still working.

< Continuing Analysis. Hostile is apparently unstable. Enjoys fighting, and allows his emotions to rule him over his judgement. Optimum Strategy: Use caution and remain focussed.>

So he does just that. No uneccesary battle banter for him. His switchblade seems to surge with electricity, or some type of energy. Dark Link would feel pain all the same if it hits.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Dark Link with his Laser Blade attack.

Dark Link curses mildly under his breath, stupid blade. "My, aren't you the silent and boring type." comments the Dark Hylian, bringing his blade to push the switchblade away from his body before spinning quickly and going for a good slash.

Dark Link misses Ziggurat 8 with his Spinslash attack.

In dodging the second time, Ziggy allows himself to make a comment as well "I fail to see the point in bantering with your opponent when it distracts you." The battle certainly seems to be in his favor so far. And he's not about to alter his strategy much. The swtichblade, snapping backwards in the unused position for the moment, his cybernetic hand is raised and... looks like it's on fire. Or rather, fire is coming from it. Ziggy dashes forward and punches the ground at Dark Link's feet, causing an explosion.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Dark Link with his Ignition attack.

Dark Link winced, the flame causing him no good. "My, it makes the battle far...ugh...more enjoyable." stated the wounded shadow knight, growing annoyed more and more by the second. Drawing a throwing knife, he threw the weapon at his foe's shadow, using dark magic to pin him down or at least try.

Dark Link misses Ziggurat 8 with his Shadow Pin stun attack.

Ziggy merely states again "Battle is not meant to be enjoyed. It is an unpleasent necessity that occasionally needs to be dealt with." Well, now that their two philosophies are out of the way, he comes up to about 2 feet in front of Dark Link, and plants one of his feet firmly in the ground, the other perfroms a Chun-Li-esque series of kicks that would be almost impossible for any human, except... Chun-Li, to manage. Love those Cybernetic Limbs.

Ziggurat 8 misses Dark Link with his Chun-Li... I mean, Cyber Kick attack.

"Well it shows that you know not how to have fun, stranger." says the Dark Hylian, moving sideways as the kicks struck the cloth with quite a bit of fury. The Dark Hylian's wounds were unpleasant but not fatal, and he intended to return the favor with his own runeblade.

Dark Link misses Ziggurat 8 with his STABBITYNESS attack.

Well he finally missed. More battle data recorded. Planting his two feet back on the ground, he keeps up with Dark Link as he moves, finally coming to a stop, the swtichblade going back into place. "How to have fun is a vague ideology, that is specific to individuals. However, I find your idea of having fun, to be misguided." He raises his arm up at a 45 degree angle in front of his face, what does he plan to do with that? Oh, just spin around like crazy, and slice Darky up like a blender.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Dark Link with his Cyclone attack.

Dark Link covers his face with his blade, the spin too quick to stop and his torso gashed far too much for him to care. This is fun no longer, this foe was too boring and yet too quick for him, the Dark Hylian unable to find his groove. "Hmph, you are quite a cold man, stranger, enough to ruin my mood and my amusement." He says as he lept backward and out of reach of a quick strike, "If you truly must know, the girl you seek has not passed upon this road, nor has it been seen from Rauru town to here, your search shall lead elsewhere."

Ziggurat ceases his attack as quick as he commenced it. He stands upright, the switchblade going back out of the ready position, though not out of sight. "Then you should have said so from the start. Your apparent love for combat is a vice you should work on. Those are injuries you didn't need to suffer." And just as easily, he turns his back to him, and begins his search anew. But the switchblade is still out, he's not foolish enough to leave his back defenseless to a foe.

Dark Link smirked, "Perhaps, but one must always be ready, well honed like a sharp blade." he retorts before walking away in the opposite direction, his back to the human and his weapons sheathed anew, however a hand holding knives should the need arise.

He doesn't cease walking, though he does state, probably almost out of earshot "Being prepared is one thing, and vital at that. But there is a difference between that, and foolishness."

----Some time later, Ziggy attempts to contact Shion and his allies via radio---

<InterZone Chatter> Ziggurat 8 says, "<A new individual clicks on the air, a syncronized female voice saying:New global frequency detected, ajusting radio transmitter.> And then a man speaks "Good. This is Ziggurat 8, under the employ of the Second Miltian government. I am looking for Shion Uzuki and her allies."
<InterZone Chatter> KOS-MOS says, "Hello, Ziggurat 8."
<InterZone Chatter> Dark Link says, "Third door upon your left."
<InterZone Chatter> KOS-MOS says, "Or would you prefer your nickname?"
<InterZone Chatter> Ziggurat 8 says, "My nickname is fine, KOS-MOS. I have been searching for everyone since my repairs were completed. I found MOMO in a world called Hyrule, now I am seeking to meet up with everyone else."
<InterZone Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "Shion eh?"
<InterZone Chatter> KOS-MOS says, "Very well, Ziggy. Shion, Allen, and I have been residing in Toran Castle. Jr. resides on the Durandal, as usual."
<InterZone Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "Then you want to come to the Toran Castle instlation, Ziggy."
<InterZone Chatter> Ziggurat 8 says, "Very well. I shall find my way there."

Palace of Power - Warp Zone Room

This room, the center of warp activity in Videoland, is a series of long hallways, warp zones sitting like multicolored pools of light against the walls, each one labeled, destinations certain for those who step into them. From here, you can go almost anywhere in Videoland, your imagination the only real limit to your destination.

<InterZone Chatter> Jim Raynor says nothing but Aster says "Welcome to videoland Ziggy. So whats your connection to Shion and the others?"

Jim Raynor has arrived.

<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "I bet he's a Russian Spy."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "That makes him... A COMMUNIST!"
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster screams madly.
<InterZone Chatter> HR1205 says, "Where?"
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster pauses, "Er... I mean... right, nevermind all that."
<InterZone Chatter> HR1205 says, "No, you said there were some Commies."
<InterZone Chatter> Dark Link says, "Odd as always Dreamcaster."
<InterZone Chatter> Jim Raynor says nothing but Aster says, "Err I ain't see Yuri's lackies about in months."
<InterZone Chatter> HR1205 says, "COMMIES."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "If I was normal, then I'd just be another dork like the other Gamemasters."
<InterZone Chatter> HR1205 says, "WHERE?"
<InterZone Chatter> Ziggurat 8 says, "I am not a Russian, or a spy. I met up with Shion and the others, as I was fleeing from the U-TIC organization with MOMO."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "At least now, I'm a /weird/ dork."
<InterZone Chatter> Agent 3D0 says, "And Videoland has now seen what happens when Shaun tries to put his three brain cells together."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "Hey now, I got at least... *audibly counts on fingers* ... this many left!"
<InterZone Chatter> Dark Link says, "Entertainment ensues."

A warp hole opens up, and a rather large cyborg (complete with stompy boots) walks out. He has in hand one of those neato futuristic data padds seen in Xenosaga (with the holographic screen) apparently, they're directions.

<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster futily shoves his hands and one toe in front of him at the imaginary camera.

The sounds of foot falls can be heard as someone in Terran hostile enviorment armor can be seen entering the warpzone room His face is covered by the standard helmet, Rebreather and goggles. Over his left shoulder is a rather long rifle of some sort. "Yo, you need anything?" The Ghost asks his voice sounding raspy from the rebreather.

<InterZone Chatter> Agent 3D0 says, "And this is what passes for leadership with the Heroes."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "I'm not so much a leader, as I am a spokesman."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "Well... maybe that's not a good term to use either."

The cyborg looks up at the Ghost. Appears to be a soldiers uniform, special ops perhaps, looks almost typical from his own world, with some modifications. "I am looking for the Toran Republic." He states, in a flat voice.

<InterZone Chatter> HR1205 says, "He's our comedy relief."
<InterZone Chatter> Dark Link sighs. "Were it not due to such foolishness by all parties, this war could have been over decades ago..."
<InterZone Chatter> Street Fighter Ryu says, "...He's more like the 'cheerleader' of our team. Except male. And he is a bit more frightening."
<InterZone Chatter> Ziggurat 8 says, "You acted with an amount of foolishness today as well, stranger."
<InterZone Chatter> Alex Kidd says, "He's not frightening. Not really."
<InterZone Chatter> Street Fighter Ryu says, "But not in the way that 'Har' is. Dreamcaster has his own special sort of fear, much is similar to the kind Ken is. It isn't bad per say. Just well, frightening."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "I'm the mascot."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "I'm what sells the product."
<InterZone Chatter> Dark Link hmphs. "What you call foolishness is what I call amusement, Ziggurat."
<InterZone Chatter> Ziggurat 8 says, "You still allowed yourself to become too absorbed in the battle. You were careless."
<InterZone Chatter> Dark Link says, "Perhaps next time I shall fight more seriously then, should you desire. I had no interest in leaving a bloody corpse upon the road."
<InterZone Chatter> Ziggurat 8 says, "I do not engage in pointless combat. I do not fight meaninglessly."
<InterZone Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "That's Har's job."
<InterZone Chatter> Daggoth randomly sends telepathic transmissions of Hydralisks and other zerg creatures. Evenutally it falls it Daggoth splashing in his cesspooll singing, The telepathic cry of a bunch of zerglings cry out, <Yes he is!!!> Daggoth stops and states, <Ahhhhh not while im taking a shower you idiots!!!!!!>
<InterZone Chatter> Ken Masters says, "Fighting is cool. At least when you're as good as I am... *pause* Oh wait, nobody's that good..."
<InterZone Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "They're better."
<InterZone Chatter> Ken Masters says, "... You can go and die now."

The sounds of foot falls can be heard as someone in Terran hostile enviorment armor can be seen entering the warpzone room His face is covered by the standard helmet, Rebreather and goggles. Over his left shoulder is a rather long rifle of some sort. "Yo, you need anything?" The Ghost asks his voice sounding raspy from the rebreather.

<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "Boys, boys."

The cyborg looks up at the Ghost. Appears to be a soldiers uniform, special ops perhaps, looks almost typical from his own world, with some modifications. "I am looking for the Toran Republic." He states, in a flat voice.

<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "There's no need to bicker, especially when Big Daddy is here to make you all look just a little bit smaller."
<InterZone Chatter> Ken Masters says, "... I swear, man. I can't say -anything- without somebody tryin' to take a potshot..."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster chuckles.
<InterZone Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "Hot damn a Zerg who showers? What next? One that is a peace monger?"
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "It's become a language, Ken."
<InterZone Chatter> The Player says, "wurd. pwn. more l33t than j00."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "Soon, insults will be our friendly greetings, and we will haggle with innuendo and profanity. It will be a world gone mad, where monkeys rule, and children will cry in their graves."
<InterZone Chatter> Ken Masters says, "..."
<InterZone Chatter> Ken Masters says, "... Right."
<InterZone Chatter> Daggoth <You know you are in awe of my singing ability Jimmy. None has the angelic voice that compares to the telepathic uplifting spirit of a Cerebrates song.>
<InterZone Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "Monkeys ruling the world? Those damn dirty apes!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ken Masters says, "He said monkeys... not your mom..."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "Ooooooh!"
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "Who's new on the schoolbus?!"
<InterZone Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "And a Sense of humor I see why you manged to surive Kerrigan's little purge."
<InterZone Chatter> Foxy Roxy sighs.

The Ghost nods a bit, "Ah, you got to be that Ziggy who was talking on the Interzone right? Well I was headed there my self. I could show you the way." He looks over the cyborg's metal systems. Just out of curiousty not out of gawking. "The name is Aster."

<InterZone Chatter> Daggoth <One that seldom remains when faced by the banterings of a nieve human.>
<InterZone Chatter> The Player says, awed, "It's like listening to two preschoolers fighting in the sandbox."
<InterZone Chatter> Daggoth <We are old friends.>

He tilts his head slightly "Ziggurat 8. Though everyone calls me Ziggy lately." He closes up the padd he had in hand, now that he has a guide. "The details I was given were sketchey, and I was not informed of this Toran Republic. Do you know how long Shion and the others have been located there?"

<InterZone Chatter> The Player says, "I'll bet."

Aster thinks for a moment, "Lets see we picked up KOS-MOS's pod a good number of months ago, Shion and Allen turned up shortly after so I'd say about 4 months give or wake a week."

<InterZone Chatter> Daggoth <Which reminds me, Raynor, how is the current defenses of your rag tag fleet of rednecks defenses in the Koprulu Sector as of late?>
<InterZone Chatter> Ken Masters transmits snoring.
<InterZone Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "Not bad at all, even the UED is doing fine actually. So is Mengsk hell there are rumors about the Conferates again too.""
<InterZone Chatter> Daggoth <You remeber the Dead World NGC-1611 which you helped to destroy so long ago?>

Ziggy nods "4 months. That coincides with the last Gnosis attack, where my central cybernetics were badly damaged. Very well, lead the way then please."

Aster shakes his head, "Gnosis, they hit a transport ship about 2 weeks ago, one hell of a mess, I'm not sure they are even alive I could sense nothing from them even when they were phased into reality. Not that I'd want to pick up their surface thoughts. Be thankful you ain't cursed to be a telepath."

<InterZone Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "I see where this is going."
<InterZone Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "Its been missing and let me guess you stole it?"
<InterZone Chatter> Ken Masters says, "Okay. You guys are like MAD borin'. Can we please talk about something that matters... like my new video! It's called, 'Ken Masters: It Doesn't Get Any Better' and it's in stores as of yesterday! So... go get it!"
<InterZone Chatter> Dan Hibiki says, "It's boring."
<InterZone Chatter> Ken Masters says, "..."
<InterZone Chatter> Dreamcaster says, "Hibiki-sensei!"
<InterZone Chatter> Core Commander says, "Masters, do us all a favor and be slient."
<InterZone Chatter> Ken Masters says, "..."
<InterZone Chatter> Dan Hibiki says, "Hello, Student Shaun! Going well?"
--Here, Ziggy shuts off his global radio--

---The Toran Castle---

The Toran Castle is a rather odd one. It's a well-fortified installation, first and foremost because the damn thing's in the middle of a rather sizeable body of water. No aiborne ships go in and out of the castle, as the owner, one Tir McDohl, has made it quite clear that overt displays of technology surpassing those of the early steam-age surroundings are to be kept to a minimum. The only way to access the castle, really, is via boat - through the dock on one side, particularly. It is here, now, that KOS-MOS stands, awaiting the arrival of the one called Ziggurat 8, her blue hair fluttering in the breeze.

Gui has arrived.

It's funny, that Tir doesn't allow such advanced technology, yet KOS-MOS is there. And now, approaching in a craft, is Ziggy. He is typically without any definable pose, no arms crossed, or hands on hips, he just stands there, waiting for the boat to dock. He does look the castle up and down as it gets closer. Primitive looking installation, though he is aware of the way Videoland works, he does not take it lightly.

Aster is moving along With Ziggy however the Ghost has a clock on not his personal one but as in the clothing to hide his body armor and such. However as they near the castle he pulls back his hood and says, "Hello, KOS-MOS." He actually likes the walking weapons platform along with most self aware machines. No stray thoughts he would pick up, no things clawing at his mind. Its just nice and silent even Ziggy's abit hard to read with his cyberwere so no complaints there.

Poor Aster. Guy must go through a bottle of aspirin every day. As the boat comes up to dock, KOS-MOS offers a simple, "Good afternoon, Aster, Ziggy." She steps closer to the boat to facilitate conversation, but does not assist with the docking process.

To heck with docking, Ziggy just steps up off the ledge of the boat and onto the dock once it's close enough. He's not used to sea-faring craft, heck, even when he's in space MOMO often drives for him. He merely nods slightly "KOS-MOS." No, no heartfelt reunions, nor tearful hugs with THESE two. They're the most 'straight to the point' of the cast. So he does just that "I arrived in Videoland two nights ago, and after locating MOMO, I decided to find the rest of you. I was made aware of the war with the Palace of Power, and the Fortress of Evil, however I was not told of this Toran Republic." He gazes upward for a moment, at the towering castle "Perhaps you could inform me as to everything you and the others have been doing here?"

You have no idea on that infact most Terran Telepaths do so the lucky ones with Psi-Dampers to keep their powers in check. Aster removes his goggles and rebreather. He lets the rebreather hang from its mount but the goggles he hands on to with his right hand. "Better come inside as that could take awhile even with KOS-MOS' nature of being to the point."

KOS-MOS turns and walks toward the gate. "Yes," she says simply. "It would be best to speak indoors, where we will not be interrupting any arrivals or departures." And with that the android enters the castle, leading her two companions in the direction of the Vector tower.

Ziggy merely nods, and follows. Not one to partake in idle conversation, he'll find out all he needs to inside, and if there's anything else, he can ask. And if he feels KOS-MOS isn't telling him everything, he can ask Shion what she knows, and if all else fails, ask MOMO. Ziggy can only assume their presence here is significant, if there is a 'Vector Tower' in such a castle.

Aster keeps quiet and just follows aftter the Android and the Cyborg. oO(What a a crew we have in Videoland. Heh and to think that I used to think Gui was odd...)

KOS-MOS walks up to a fairly nondescript door after a few minutes of walking. Stepping up to one side of the frame, she starts tapping on a small, well-hidden keypad, and after a few moments, a resounding *KLIK* can be heard - a lock releasing. Turning back to the door, KOS-MOS opens it wide, revealing to Ziggy and Aster the pristine white halls typical of Xenosaga-zone architecture. "There is a meeting room down the hall," she states evenly. "Come."

Ziggy is almost surprised to see such a room in a castle like this one. Then again, who knows how far technology can be transferred and integrated across worlds. He enters, wordless, into the meeting hall, and waits for KOS-MOS to bring him up to speed.

Aster says in a somewhat amused tone. "You can have any colour of bulk head you want so long as its white." Yes a badly altered quote from one of the first major car producers on Earth.

KOS-MOS doesn't get Aster's little joke. Ford lived a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago by her standards, she probably is only marginally aware him and his fellow innovators existed at all. Standing at the head of the fairly standard, to Ziggy's eyes - and probably hella advanced, to Aster's mind - meeting table, the android begins to speak, voice as calm, even, and emotionless as ever. "I arrived initially by accident, as you may have been briefed, Ziggy. Making contact with Vector, I was able to secure an official assignment to this location for field testing and other operations as need arose. Vector has decided to side themselves with the group known as the Palace of Power, the current legal ruling body over the majority of the current multiverse. Shion and Allen were sent along with the engineering team subsequently sent here. This tower serves as their base of operations. Jr. arrived after some months, following Shion and my signals; MOMO was sent soon after his arrival. As you may know, the S.O.C.E. and other groups with a vested interest in her safety felt she would be safest here, where there are a large number of people quite capable of protecting her from U-TIC or other groups as the need arises."

Ziggy nods. "I would have arrived sooner myself, but some of my core cybernetics were damaged a few months ago, and with my 'absolete' designs, it took awhile to repair." He pauses, having already spoken to MOMO, and he knows how she feels about this place, he is not looking forward to the day when he would be ordered to finally bring her to Second Miltia. But that is likely some time away yet. "Now that I am here, I believe I should aid this Palace of Power as well, however protecting MOMO is my utmost priority. As I am sure you are well aware."

KOS-MOS nods once, the motion performed with such a flawless grace and economy of motion as to seem all but bladed. "I am aware. It is your mission, provided by the Subcommittee on Close Encounters, to protect MOMO, and see her safely to Second Miltia when the time comes. Although I am not in as constant contact with the S.O.C.E. as you are, I believe they also have a vested interest in the goings-on here, as although they were not created with this place in mind, it does fall into their area of concern. If they require information beyond what I and others have provided, we will work to provide it."

Oh they're interested all right. And quite aware that there are probably at least as many dangers to MOMO here as well, if not more, than there are in their homeworld. The people in the Palace and the other friends she has made are well and good, but the S.O.C.E. obviously want someone they have tabs on to keep an eye on her. Even if it wasn't requested of him, Ziggy would likely wish to keep an eye on MOMO anyway.

"Indeed. Well then, we should be working together again in the near future. I will have to return briefly in order to attain the equipment I need. As you know I would need a Cyborg Maintence Bed for any place I would be located." He stands from the table and prepares to leave "I will return here once I am finished."

KOS-MOS offers, "I am maintaining contact with Captain Matthews. Although I have not heard word from or of chaos recently, I believe the Captain may be willing to continue to house your maintenance bed, or at least house an auxiliary." Then, with no sparkle in her eye, no smirk, nothing to indicate the fact that she's likely joking, KOS-MOS adds, "As you well know, the Captain is eager to maintain as many sources of income as humanly possible."

Aster nods a bit, "Well Ziggy I or KOS-MOS can get you in touch with the A Gamemaster or Lana to get offically allyed with ys and 'absolete? I don't want to see cutting edge cyberwere then. Then again rocks and sticks still make efftive weapons depending on the Zone here. Aster nods a bit not that its common info though knowing Wilhiem he might know that Aster and 3 other Terran Ghosts took a vacation traviling about the Xenosaga zone to collect some first hand info on it. "Anyhow, You want me to lead ya to the barracks? I was going to see if I could catch some of the techs for a Xenocard game."

Ziggy doesn't laugh or smile, of course, but he does find it a bit amusing. "Of course, if that Cybernetic Maintence Bed is still on the Elsa, it would save the trouble of having to return to fetch another." He still has the money to pay the captain for the use awhile longer.

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