The Toran Castle, a monument in the middle of the lake. The Toran Liberation Army banner flutters in the wind. And sitting on the docks, fishing, is none other than the master of the castle, Tir McDohl.

And approaching on a vessal is none other than Ziggurat 8, latest resident of the Castle, even if Tir doesn't know it yet. He's already been here once with KOS-MOS (my what a chatty pair THEY were) and is now returning after organizing a few things, to meet with the master of the castle.

Tir McDohl hrms, looking up, seeing the boat coming this way, flying the fishing rod out of the water, a large fish attached, and placing it to one side as one of the other fishermen on the dock goes to deal with it. Tir walks forward, waiting just about where the boat will arrive.

Of course, Ziggy should certainly be an unfamiliar face, unless Tir's been talking to KOS-MOS recently. It's unlikely Tir has anyone in HIS ranks with metal legs. Ziggy doesn't wave or greet when the boat approaches, it's not in his nature. Once the boat docks, he steps onto the ramp, and speaks with the young man who seems to have steped up to meet him "I am Ziggurat 8, I wish to speak to the master of this castle." Ziggy knows him by name, though he hasn't actually SEEN him yet.

Tir McDohl grins at Ziggy. "I am he. Tir McDohl, at your service. And you are?" He says, with a bow.

Ziggy continues, voice as flat as ever "I am an ally of Shion Uzuki, who I understand has taken up residence here. I have been here once before, and have spoken to KOS-MOS. Since I have now allied myself with the Palace of Power, I would like to speak to you about locating myself in this castle as well." Straight to the point, as always.

It will also make his job much, much easier! That dynamic duo aren't the only ones who spend a lot of time here, MOMO does as well! Though she tends to bounce between the Palace, the Durandal, and the castle, she happens to be here in time to catch the meeting between Ziggy and Tir. Stepping into the room looking tired, oddly enough, she wears a slim smile on her face. Even realians need rest, after all. However, she seems to light up at the sight of her partially organic friend. "Ziggy!" She sounds happy to see the cyborg. Imagine that! "And good day to you as well, Mr. McDohl." she says, with a polite bow to the castle's master.

Tir McDohl gives a nod to MOMO. "Greetings, Miss MOMO." He responds, before turning back to Ziggy. "Well then, that shouldn't be any problem. Especially with the Vector wing having been installed."

Ziggy gives a glance to MOMO as she arrives and just nods in greeting to her, and turns back to Tir "I am also charged with keeping MOMO safe. So as I told Captain N, any time she is in danger, she takes priority. Aside from that, however, I am at the disposal of you, and the Palace."

And that's why she likes him! There weren't too many people MOMO could really trust and believe in before Ziggy did her the favor of removing her from that cramped little cell. Things have only gone uphill for her since then. "...I'll try to not do anything else stupid and make it harder on you." she says, eyes focused anywhere but on the two grown men. "..I wasn't so careful two days ago. My internal nano-repair systems have taken care of the damage, but I shouldn't of even been there! I felt bad because everyone was working so hard to make things safe for everyone, and I wanted to help to! But I couldn't. Sorry.."

Tir McDohl knows that feeling. "It's okay, MOMO. It happens to all of us. Nobody can be perfect." Bah. He's not the one who should be doing this comforting .That's Ziggy's job!

No, it's Jr.'s, though don't let Ziggy find out. He's not the greatest comforter in the world, though he tries when he can. "Do not worry MOMO, I failed for not being there, however you are still alright." He turns back to Tir "I do have one piece of equipment that would need to be installed in your Palace." Which would apparently be the contents of the very large, sci-fi looking crate, that probably came from the Xeno zone. "A Cyborg Maintence Bed, which I need to keep my systems in check, and to repair critical damage."

MOMO shakes her head. "No, you shouldn't blame yourself! I was just being foolish! There really was no long term harm done, but I didn't feel right not telling anyone. Honestly, I don't even know how I got back to the palace. I got struck hard, and I fell down..and woke up safe, somehow. I wish I knew who helped me out, I really would like to thank them." That aside, she turns to Tir. "Ziggy is a good person and always lives up to his word. He will be a big help, and your castle will be much safer with him here. So please, let him stay! I can help him with any repairs he needs done, once everything is set up. It won't be any problem at all!"

Tir McDohl shrugs. "Well, I've got no problems with you staying here. And you can probably set that stuff up properly in the Vector wing, unless you'd rather set up somewhere else. It's up to you on that part."

Ziggy nods "It would be best set up in the Vector Wing. From what I've seen of the rest of the castle there may be... compatibility issues." He walks over to the crate, and places one hand on it, at which point it disappears. Gotta love that item storage technology "I believe that is everything then."

Like being trapped in the dark ages! However, MOMO finds it rather cute. She'd never seen a real castle before going to the Palace, and now she's seen three! The actual palace, Zelda's castle, AND Tora Castle. "Great! Let me know if you need help setting things up, Ziggy!" Twirl torwards McDohl. "Thank you very much, Mr. McDohl!" Retwirl, back to he of the metal joints. "Have you been to the big palace yet? The people there are very nice and helpful, for the most part. You should go soon, if you haven't already."

Tir McDohl shrugs. "No problem." He then nods to Ziggy. "See you around." With that, Tir starts to mvoe off, probably to go and admire the view of the area from the roof.

Ziggy nods at MOMO "I have been there already, and have spoken to Captain N. It is an.... impressive structure." He pauses to nod at Tir as he heads off "Now that I have the radio set up, and am familiar with their system of reports, I believe I will introduce myself publically, once I am finished setting up in the Vector Wing."

================================== Heroes ====================================
Title: Notice

A tall cyborg stands in the Vector wing of Toran Castle, for those who are familiar with it. He speaks, his voice a bit cold, and straight to the point "Greetings, allies and residents of the Palace of Power. I am Ziggurat 8, also called 'Ziggy'. I have recently allied myself with your organization, and I will be residing here in the Vector Wing of Toran Castle. Currently I'm under the employ of the S.O.C.E. to guard MOMO, however I will still be putting my skills to use to aid you against your enemies in the Fortress of Evil. I am at the disposal of Captain N and the Gamemasters, feel free to call on my aid whenever it would be needed. Ziggy out." Not one for conversation it seems, the screen blips to black.

<S.O.C.E. Spinny>

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