Hyrule - Old Hyrule

Scrub plains and old forests cover what was once the center of the kingdom of Hyrule, the people of the small nation long ago leaving this area for the more open lands of the north. Now this place is a haven for Moblins and Octoroks, and is considered to be the territory of Ganon, the evil King of Darkness. There are still weird portals in the land, though access to the Golden Land has been lost long ago. To the north, mountains form the barrier between this and the rest of Hyrule.

High on the peaks of traitorous Death Mountain (not THE Death Mountain, A Death Mountain, there's alot of them), east of the Hera Tower, North of the fabled Zora falls and deep within Ganon's known territory...

Monsters were slacking off, ever since the failure of 'Aghanim' and the destruction of the Dark World, the point where one could open Turtle Rock has been left eerily unguarded and silent, as few travelers would ever dare make such a trip. Yet one figure stood tall and proud on what would have become Turtle Rock, a black cloak flowing in the wind as wildly as his short white hair, grey muscles visible under the folds of his dark mantle and last but not least, a golden glowing symbol on his right hand. The Shadow Knight had much to think of, much to train for and to him, this was his secret spot.

Has anyone seen a little Realian? Looks about 8 years old? Well no, Ziggy hasn't lost MOMO again, he decided to take it upon himself to become familiar with Hyrule's geography, since MOMO often likes to spend time here. Of course, he's wandered a bit too far off into unfriendly territory, but you must know the good from the bad. Not to mention the recent news with what has happened in this kingdom, makes it crucial for Ziggy to actually know his way around in case something happens here.

So in the meantime, he has scaled Death Mountain, and is exploring the eastern side of it, conveniently enough. With the way things echo here his heavy footsteps should be easy enough to hear.

Footsteps schmootsteps, Dark Link merely assumes it could be an ironknuckle bringing a message or looking for him, nobody with common sense ventures toward Hera Tower not only because there's nothing of worth to most people there but also...well, it's kinda sorta dangerous. Thus the Dark Hylian simply stood there, his eyes gazing at the scenery as he clenched his right hand and focused, attempting yet again to draw out something from within him on command...but to a human or cyborg, the magical energies flowing are not exactly visible.

The footsteps keep coming, as Ziggy walks around Turtle Rock. He doesn't notice Dark Link at first, and he just walks around to the front to take in the view. Well, ok, he's not taking in the view, he's making a digitial scan of Hyrule from up here to extrapolate a map based on the pathes he took to reach this spot, and stores it in memory, so he won't get lost as easily. Of course, as far as Dark Link is concerned, some rather heavy footsteps just suddenly stopped at the base of Turtle Rock.

If the footsteps didn't also sound this close, he might not even have cared, however the Link doppleganger's crimson eyes looked around to know who interrupted his work with this annoying racket. His gaze fell on the man he had met in the past, and he felt a tinge of anger combined with an urge for revenge kick in. Controlling that for the moment, the Shadow knight asked a simple question: "We meet again stranger...what is your business here?"

Ziggy blinks. He didn't detect Darky earlier, since he was rather still and didn't make any noise. Of course he hears him as soon as he gets up to peer, and he's turned in his direction by the time he speaks. As always, his expression doesn't change, he just answers once Dark Link asks his question "Surveying the landscape for my convenience in later situations. To put it simpley, getting familair with the area. I have an ally who likes to spend time in this world." He turns around completely, gazing upward "It was not my intention to search you out, however now you have presented yourself to me. You are a wanted man by the Palace, you are to come with me. Do not resist." He doesn't make a move just yet, giving Darky a chance to respond. Ziggy seriously doesn't expect him to comply, but there are formalities to diplomacy, afterall.

Well, at least the man didn't say something silly like 'Halt, I surround you' or some similar amusing banter. "Oh? I am wanted? How kind...shall I recieve a slap on the wrist like the traitorous Player and then be sent home?" coldly states the evil doppleganger, his teeth practically gleaming with the evil intents he had in mind. A knife flashes in his left hand moments before being tossed at the human fool, the Shadow Knight adding "Leave now and you might live to see your loved one again."

Dark Link strikes Ziggurat 8 with his weak Warning Knife attack.
You have taken 11 damage.

Ow. Dark Link strikes one of the parts of Zig that's actually still weak and fleshy. Expressionlessly he grabs the knife, which struck him in his shoulder, and just pulls it out and tosses it to the ground. "You are to have this Triforce extracted, and then afterwards your punishment will be left up to the Gamemasters."

He leaps up to the top of Turtle Rock to face him "I didn't expect compliance from an individual like yourself, but I am required to be diplomatic when it can be allowed. Now you've lost that chance." The switchblade snaps into place with a "I will subdue you forcefully if I must." And he sure tries, dashing forward and he... doesn't use the knife, he gives him a kick instead.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Dark Link with his weak High Kick attack.

Dark Link gets smacked by the blow, hard, and rolls on the ground to lessen the impact before leaping back on his feet. "This fragment is MINE! Do not expect me to relinquish it to the likes of you, fool!" retorts the Dark Hylian, his words filled with venom as his right hand reached for his trusty runeblade while rushing forward, the black sword brought to bear and aimed at the cyborg's left flank.

Dark Link strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Got sword? attack.
You have taken 19 damage.

Thankfully Ziggy's left flank is metallic, and thus not quite as injured as he would be were he just a human. Though it still injured him nevertheless, it doesn't even slow him down. "I have no intention of claiming the fragment for myself. It will be returned to the Royalty of Hyrule." His eyes narrow every so slightly "While we're on the subject, where is Princess Zelda being held?" No sooner than he finishes asking it, he dashes forward again, switchblade up, and he tries to return the favor by slashing at Darky's left flank.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Dark Link with his Jack Knife attack.

Dark Link feels soft blood flow from the cut, the garnment preventing the blade from digging deep but causing harm nonetheless. "Do you honestly believe I would tell you?" softly retorts the Shadow Knight, beginning to feel the power of the Triforce flow within him, enhancing his senses and strength. A raw yell comes from him and what sounds to be a detonation, no physical attack seems to be given and yet the wave could be enough to push and disorient the cyborg.

Dark Link strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Awakening stun attack.
You've been stunned and cannot attack!

ERROR! DOES NOT COMPUTE! ILLOGICAL FUNCITON! ...well not quite, but Ziggy's sensors are not quite used to really powerful magic yet, and sorta short out at this banshee-yell. He just pauses, and that's it, left wide open.

The power flew wildly within the Dark Hylian's body, barely able to keep a lid and a semblance of control as his eyes seemed flooded with golden light, his cloak seemed as if it would fly away as if caught in a tornado of invisible wind, leaving his body quite exposed and yet the wound caused by the earlier cut ceased to bleed already.

The black runeblade switched hands, the right marked open palm aimed toward the cyborg as no word is given, black magical energies entwined with green light forming in the Shadow Knight's hand before fired off.

Dark Link strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Enhanced Shadow Ball attack.
You have taken 19 damage.

Well that snapped him out of it. Ziggy comes around to find himself even further damaged. He must have underestimated the strength he recieved from the Triforce. Bringing him back forcefully no longer seems to be an option, but he must at least find out where Zelda is being held.

"I will not be intimidated so easily." He clenches his fist, sparks flying from it, and he punches the ground, sending a shockwave towards Dark Link.

Ziggurat 8 misses Dark Link with his Lightning Fist attack.

Against all logic and common sense, the shadow doppleganger held his open palm there as the wave came toward him, the wave washing around him and seemingly avoiding the evil Link, a vicious grin on his lips as the glow did not fade. "You will learn." comes his words, yet even Dark Link's voice sounded different, a little more echoish. Rushing forward as his blade switched back to his right hand, Dark Link brought the weapon to deliver a quick three slash combo to the cyborg's torso.

Dark Link strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Triple Slash attack.
You have taken 21 damage.

Warnings start flashing in Ziggy's mind as his systems take some massive damage. He REALLY underestimated the power of the Triforce. "This new strength is impressive, it is obvious why the heroes now consider you three to be threats. However..." He lifts his left arm up, and taps some buttons on it with his right arm, an Ether Drive opening around him "You will at least tell me what I need to know." And then, a flash, no attack, but it sure seems to do Ziggy a world of good....

Ziggurat 8 strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Recharge/Speed Boost/My Guard/Ether Shift A/B/ healing attack.
You have been healed by 24%.

The Dark Hylian grinned as he flipped backward and got in a ready position anew, "We were threats far before then, now we are merely even stronger than before." calmly and still echoishly states the doppleganger Link before his left hand reached for his back again, drawing a SECOND runeblade. "Zelda will never be seen again." he adds as he rushed to attack again, coming in close to jump and slash vertically at the same time.

Dark Link misses Ziggurat 8 with his Dual Rising Blade Slash attack.

Zip! Either Darky's eyes are playing tricks on him, or Ziggy just got a bit faster. He dodges the blade easily, then charges at Dark Link, switchblade out. "Unacceptable." He merely states. "You will inform me about what you have done with her." He plants his foot into the ground, and then in a dizzy spinning motion, unleashes a Cyclone on the evil dark one.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Dark Link with his Cyclone attack.

Dark Link is blown away by the wind, the impact causing more than just superficial wounds as he skidded back. "I will do no such thing, you will suffer and FAIL!" retorts the Dark Hylian, the energy flowing about him again in a twister of magic, melding with his own shadow magic as shadows of himself appeared next to him, in front and behind.

Rushing forward, the shadow knight slashes once as he passes, a simple X cut that also acts as the trigger for the shadow doubles, and should the initial cut stun the cyborg for a moment the shadows would literally surround him and deliver a vicious six cut combo each.

Dark Link strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Farore's Wrath smash attack.
You have taken 29 damage.

Vicious indeed. Warnings are blaring like mad in Ziggy's head now, though he bypasses them for the moment, he's still not critical, and finding Zelda's location takes priority. Despite all the damage, he still shows no sign of fear or intimidation, which must be pretty aggrivating. "I have not failed in the past, and I will not now." His free organ arm reaches out, is he grabbing something? Not quite, the air around the arm shimmers, and a gigantic white gun appears. "The Princess' location. You will tell me." Typically when you 'Ask questions, then shoot' you're supposed to wait for an answer. Ziggy doesn't.

Ziggurat 8 misses Dark Link with his BMP55SX smash attack.

No answer came from Dark Link, his enhanced senses warning him of danger as he moved sideways in a blur, turning around and staying in a combat crouch for a few seconds. "You do not stand a chance against me now, machine, and you DARE to make demands!" shouts the shadow knight, his anger fueled by the fragment and the green wind now visibly flowing around him. Dashing forward without even touching the ground, the Dark Hylian rushed by the cyborg, the wind and his blades hopefully leaving a mark as he passed by.

Dark Link strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Tornado Slash attack.
You have taken 21 damage.

ALMOST at critical, not quite though. Still, it almost seems like this endeavour will be pointless. But regardless, he must try once more "You are no different than you were before. The power you hold is hollow, you yourself are no better than you were, you rely on the strength of the triforce. Like before, you rely on your strength and push forward, seeing no plan through, merely throwing everything you have with no order." He takes a few steps back "You may be more powerful, but you are no wiser, if not by me, you will lose that fragment eventually. If anything you are more fallible than before." Lightning crackles in his extended fist again, which he had raised into the air, and is suddenly snapped downward. It's not his fist though that Darky should worry about, but where the gigantic blade of death from the sky suddenly came from.

Ziggurat 8 misses Dark Link with his Executioner attack.

Dark Link laughed, a dark vicious laugh. "Your words are emptier than what you believe this power to be, consider yourself lucky to be the first to feel this mighty force that was kept sealed for too long!" shouts the Shadow Knight, however as he laughed his head was thrown back slightly and he noticed the blade moments before it would crash, allowing him the time to roll aside and avoid the terrible maiming that was to be his. No further comments, simply rushing at a range close enough to execute a furious spinslash.

Dark Link strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Twin Sword Spin Slash attack.
You have taken 18 damage.

Well, Ziggy can go no further. His personal mission to protect MOMO isn't being threatened by Dark Link, thus he cannot override his safties. He has to retreat. "That power will not be yours for long. Power without proper control is useless, you will make a mistake, and it will be lost." Another item is grabbed from subspace, looks like a flashbomb of some sort "And Princess Zelda will be found." And with that, KER-FLASH! Nothing but a bright display of lights, and Ziggy is gone when Darky is able to see again. Love those escape packs, instant flee from battle. He's already escaped through a warpzone, and only left Dark Link to ponder his words, which probably mean nothing to him...

Dark Link held his blade as the man spoke, "Then I shall master this power and become stronger than anyone who would dare stand in my way!" shouts the doppleganger at...well, nobody in particular since the man was gone. Victory had been his for now, and he had avenged the loss suffered before. The cybernetic man will not underestimate him again.

============================ BB Post in Progress =============================
Group: Heroes
Title: Dark Link
<No spinny, just a report. And it's text only, though marked as urgent.>

This is Ziggurat 8. Earlier this evening I was surveying the landscape of Hyrule in order to become better familiar with it in the case of an emergency happening there. I was exploring the region called Death Mountain, where I was confronted by the one called Dark Link. I had fought him before and bested him, it seemed he wanted a rematch. I attempted to take him into custody, however it seems that possessing a part of this Triforce makes one significantly more potent. In comparing my battle data with my previous encounter I estimate an 87 percent increase in his combat capabilities. However his fighting style remains the same, I strongly recommend against fighting him head on, but I predict that if a suitable battle strategy were formed, he could be taken down with ease.

During the battle I tried to force him to tell me what they have done with Princess Zelda. However he was not inclined to tell, and only said that 'she will never be heard from again', leading me to believe that they have either gone to great pains to hide her, or they have killed her.

I apologize for not being able to contain him, I underestimated the abilities he gained from the Triforce. I will be shut down for some time for repairs.
--Ziggurat 8 out.

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