Xenospace - Dock Colony

A convenient stopover for anyone wishing to travel through this region of space, the Dock Colony serves countless spacefaring men and women... provided you're not with the military, that is. This Dock Colony has all the amenities a rest stop could need - the A.G.W.S. & supply store known as Talk To Me, a hospital, and more than enough docking space for a large number of ships. Of course, every place has its ups and downs...and in the case of the Dock Colony, the major down is that its residents were left behind during the Miltian Conflict by the Galaxy Federation Army, and as a result the locals are, shall we say...more than a little hostile towards the military in general. For army men and women, going around here in full uniform is a dangerous proposition...

Despite it's run-down look, the Dock Colony is a place of commerce and trade. Actually, it's more of a pit-stop, but people DO call it home, even though it ain't glamerous. Some people tend to spend a lot of time here.

People like Ziggy, who has just wrapped up a bit of shopping for new parts and upgrades. Easy enough to tell, as he's leaving the supply depot with a few large bags.

So we've got a run-down colony pit-stop for space-faring travellers! What a wierd place to call home. But then, many such stops in history have had towns spring up around them. Travellers are the most profitable of people when it comes down to what they need to survive. It also tends to make a great many shops for a great many things.

Even as Zig is leaving one shop, hefting a load of bags, another arrives to the docks in what would appear to be a small, white, jet-looking fighter. The enclosed cockpit opens up, to release one particular twin-tailed fox kit from the somewhat distant lands of Mobius, who lands both feet on the dock's metallic ground, and immediately brings out a small holo-computer to input a few details. Looks like he's drawing a map of some sort.
Ziggurat 8 doesn't seem to be paying much attention to anyone else for a bit. Just making his way back to his flyer (on loan from the Kukai Foundation) Though Tails catches his eye, and he stops. Had he not been familiar with Videoland, his first impulse would be to think he were some sort of screwy Gnosis, though he knows better now. He blinks for a moment, then recognizes Tails from a few reports. Zig heads in his direction, his heavy footsteps a large give-away

"Greetings, you are tails correct?"

There's not a lot of people who can ignore heavy footsteps. Especially when one lives in a world where most robots are out to do things like maim, pillage, destroy, and/or kidnap little furry animals. Thus Tails ears perk up at said sounds, swivel, and then orient, dragging a white-furred muzzle up to sniff confusedly. He hasn't been in this zone long enough to understand just HOW many things here can make heavy sounds. Blue eyes focus on the approaching person, and then the fox ears relax. Non-threatening. It seems, anyway. Not a lot of robots can make threats while carrying bags of stuff.

In response to the question, Tails gives a quick and modest bow, "You'd be correct, sir. Miles Prower, Tails to my friends. I don't..quite recognize you yet though..."

Ziggurat 8 just nods "I have not made myself very well known among the heroes. But I am Ziggurat 8, most people call me 'Ziggy'. I am a comrade of Shion Uzuki, KOS-MOS, Jr and MOMO." Not to mention chaos, but he's not here yet. "If I may ask, what are you doing at the Dock Colony? Is something the matter here?"

Tails should have guessed. Fuzzy ears twitch around with the short introduction made by Ziggy, Tails' head tilting curiously at all the names listed, "MOMO. I haven't heard much about that one yet either. I know of the rest. So this is their home? Loosely speaking, of course." A quick headshake comes next, catching the question of 'something wrong', "No, no, nothing the matter, I'm just...curious. See, Videoland changes often, sometimes daily, and I like to keep up with the new worlds that pop up to see what I can learn. Sort of an information gathering exercise. Mostly I just map places out so I don't get lost if I have to go help the other heroic types rescue people and stop villains. It's good to travel, too! Nothing better than flying around without a care in the world..." A brief pause, the kit basking in a moment of reflection about flying, and then his eyes focus again. "Ziggurat 8? So, are you a.. I mean..wearing a robot suit or something?"

Ziggy says, "No, none of us live here, this is mainly a space port that travelers use, though people do have residence here. I technically don't even have a proper 'home'." He looks back down at Tails "Admirable activity, I have only recently come to Videoland, and I do not know my way around many places. The only place I have any amount of experience with is Hyrule, as MOMO likes to spend time there." He pauses again as Tails almost sounds tense about something "No, this is not a suit. They are cyborg limbs. Much of my body has been replaced with cybernetics, after I was restored.""

Cybernetics can be a touchy subject with some people! It's hard to know until it's brought up. So that part of the conversation lets the kit relax visibly, bringing up his little computer again and tapping a few more keys. "Cyborg limbs. Which would make you a cyborg... Or mostly one. Well, Mister Ziggy, it's nice to meet you. You're the second of your group I've met, though I'm not really sure I can count Shion since all I've really done is fight next to her.."

Ziggurat 8 nods "That is about all I've done with most of my allies as well. It is more than enough, especially when combat is almost a daily thing." He takes a look back at the Dock Colony, then to Tails "So do you need some help looking around the Dock Colony? I haven't spent much time here overall, but I am at least familiar with it's layout."

A guide! Tails nods a couple times, the holo part of his computer flicking to a barely started map of his surroundings. "Well... If you could supply a few names for the spots around here? Maybe the names of planets or something? That's the one part of mapping these places out that I have the most difficulty with, since I have to do all sorts of asking for names."

"Very well." He pauses "As far as nearby planets go, there aren't many with any notable detail. The closest planet with any significance that I know of is Second Miltia. There you can find the Kukai Foundation's space station, which would be worthwhile to look into." He looks back at the Dock Colony "As for this Dock Colony, this part is primarily a commerce section. I would be careful, though, if I were you. The locals may suspect you of being a new breed of Gnosis, they take on many forms, and the civilains might not be familiar with your world."

Gnosis. The word makes Tails blink, when referenced as something hostile. The kit's head turns again, idle fingers of one gloved hand inputting in the bits of info spoken already, "I've heard KOS talk a bit about Gnosis over the radio a couple times in passing. I take it those are like this zone's monsters? Every zone's got some sort of monster or another.."

"Monsters... you could call them that." He hmmms "We still do not know their true nature, they are aliens from a dimension alternate to ours, and are very difficult to fight. But yes, I suppose they are our 'monsters'. Aside from them, there is the U-TIC organization, and Albedo..." He looks back down at Tails "Nevertheless, you should be careful in the Dock Colony. The Kukai Foundation would likely be more hospitible, as news of Videoland has spread much more there."

A warning is a warning. Tails nods again, making a mental note to be cautious. Maybe... One ear perks up, a thought coming to mind, "Um... I don't suppose you've got any spare cyborg-ish-looking parts in a shop near here? I could always whip up a sort of disguise. Try to blend in and junk. I'm really curious about this zone, but I really wouldn't like to be shot at.."

"Cyborgs of my nature are uncommon, by most standards I am 'absolete'. However, if you wish me to accompany you while you look around the Dock Colony, I would be willing." He blinks, and remembers he's carrying some bags, mighty cyborg arms, never get tired! "If you would not mind my dropping these off to my flyer, first."

Ziggurat 8 nods, as he goes to drop his bags off, the flyer ain't far from here. He hears Tails' question, but doesn't respond until he returns a moment later "Because I was restored as a cyborg over 100 years ago." He says plainly "Since I was restored from death, some of my cyborg parts are irreplacable, and thus they need compatible parts, many new parts do not suit them. So I am considered 'obsolete'."

That sure stops the kit, who has to take a moment to digest that extra bit of information. "One-hundred years ago? That's...a long time to be a cyborg. You don't look a day over maybe twenty.." Blue fox eyes widen, and then wince, something of Tails' imagination thinking he might've said a little too much. "I mean.. I guess it surprises me how advanced this zone is with its tech. If they had the tech to make long-lasting cyborgs one-hundred years ago, what do they have now that's supposed to replace it?"

"...Albedo." He states, simply. "Though I would hardly call that an improvement." He then blinks at what the Kit said "And I was at least 30 years old when I died, I suppose I should take that as a compliment, as my organic body hasn't aged since." Well he certainly doesn't seem to mind talkin about the facts of his existance, you'd think death would be a touchy subject...

Sometimes after you die, it's not such a touchy subject anymore. Then again, sometimes it's worse. Tails is too curious... His curious side tends to get the better of him when it comes to robots and such. Cyborgs? Wow! "30? Geez... Maybe I'm just a bad judge of human age. ...Wait, Albedo? HE's your replacement? How does that work? He's too crazy to be a cyborg!"

Ziggurat 8 hmms "I didn't mean replacement in a conventional sense. In terms of technology, however, what he possess shall likely become available in the future. Right how his regeneration capabilities seem to be unique to him, but that should not last long. As for right now, most cybernetic limbs can entirely resemble regular human ones, but my own systems are not compatible with them."

Tails checks his memory to figure out what all Albedo has. All he can come up with is a short list. "So..regeneration and insanity with murderous intent will become available for public use in the future. I suppose I should be glad I live in the present, huh?" Meant to be a joke maybe, but Tails never had a perfect sense of humor. "Aw well.. I guess they can consider you obsolete, but you look pretty cool with all the cyborg limbs. I like it!"

Ziggurat 8 nods, he tends to be called 'cool' by younger people, particularly when he rescues them from an asteroid prison. "Regeneration at least, insanity is already widely available to anyone who wishes it." Was that a joke? Ziggy doesn't make jokes, but it sure SOUNDED like a joke, but could also have been a dry statement of reality. The world may never know."

Dry humor. Hard to tell if it's humor, but fun anyway! Joke or not, Tails gives something of a giggle anyway, nodding. "That's right.. Insanity's already everywhere. Regeneration sounds neat though. I've been looking into this nano-technology I've heard so much about, and that stuff seems to do a good job of regenerating. Mostly only for machines, but it's a start, right? I just haven't quite figured out how to make the nanobots yet to get it to work.."

"Perhaps, then, you should confer with Shion or perhaps Miyuki to aid you." He pauses just a slight bit before he mentions Miyuki's name. She's not unbalanaced, not at all! "The designer of Albedo's regeneration is unknown, but they could aid you with Vector's official information on them." In other words, all that Vector is actually willing to give out publically.

Which should be all of two words, right? 'He's Nuts.' Tails shrugs. The name Miyuki one he hadn't heard yet. "Miyuki... ...So wait, wait, you're saying that Albedo's not a human? That he was designed? Kinda like KOS was designed? That's news to me. I thought he was just a freak.."

Ziggurat 8 nods "I am not an expert on his origin, but I do know for a fact that he is a URTV. A type of realian used in a war 14 years ago. Whatever happened to Albedo between then and now gave him his regeneration abilities... and his insanity, it seems. I do not know much more about him besides that." He pauses "At any rate, he is more than 'a freak', he is a great threat. The fact that it seems impossible to destroy him make him a very lethal opponent."

"That much, for sure. So he's a realian.. I haven't heard a lot about those either. Mostly derogatory stuff from Albedo on the radio." Tails shrugs again, helplessly. He doesn't like being out of information on anything, but with so many worlds to visit, it's tough to keep things straight. "That seems rather ironic, doesn't it? A 'modified' realian used in a war, bashing modern versions?"

"Perhaps, but I am not the best expert on his psyche, I do not think anyone is. Jr. seems to know much about his past, but is unwilling to really share it yet." And Zig doesn't mind letting him keep his secrets, he's not one for prying.

Psychologists probably really wouldn't want to look into Albedo's mind anyway. It's probably pretty messy. Tails shrugs the thought off, reminding himself to bring it up next time Al's being vocal on the airwaves, and goes back to his more recent thoughts about what exactly cyborg arms do. One arm looks like a weapon, after all, and that equals interesting to a young kit! "So what kind of stuff do they outfit cyborgs like you with? If you don't mind my asking.."

Ziggurat 8 folds his arms and pauses for a moment "My cybernetic limbs have a number of weapons, such as blades, fire jets and electric turrents. I am also equipped with a cloaking device which can temporarily hide me from unaided eyes. Also, my organic maintanence is completely maintained by internal cybernetic components, eliminating my need to breathe, and reducing my need to consume nutrients." That, and his big stompy robot boots. They rule.

Hooray for big robot stompy boots that shoot fireballs! Ho ho ho! Tails listens, wide-eyed, wondering what sorts of ways such weapons could be utilized, "I find it hard to believe you could be outdated! It's too neat. Buuuut, I guess I haven't seen what else exists yet either, so that's like getting ahead of myself, huh? I mean, you even have cloaking ability. That's just neat!"

You bet it's neat! It even masks the sounds his feet make, even though the player can clearly hear them! Err, eheh. "IT tends to be unreliable when left activated for long peroids of time." He notes. "While current weapons can be adapted to fit my parts, my cybernetic parts as a whole largely cannot be upgraded. With any technology, that limits it's abilities." Zig idly thinks back to that duel with Margulis, and the comments he made about him being an 'outdaded' mercenary, jerk.

"I'm sure..there's some way to make it compatable, isn't there? I mean, if they made your cyborg parts once, someone else can find a way to improve them, right? Technology may be limited, but it was made to break limits too!" Tails always thought that, anyway. Heck, being the technogeek he is, he might even offer to help find a way to make this strange cyborg more adaptable! ...If he wanted, that is. Some people enjoy being 'restricted'. They work best as they are already...

Ziggurat 8 doesn't answer for a moment "Advancments in cybernetic technology as extensive as my own have been slow. Since I still have a number of organic parts to take care of, they are very difficult to replace--" He pauses, almost abruptly then speaks again "Forgive me. This is another case of being 'absolete', I need to return soon to my quarters and recharge on my Cyborg maintence bed. I misjudged the time I've been active. I am afraid I cannot show you around right now, but I would not mind some other time if I am unoccupied."

Tails got so wrapped up in extra conversation that he forgot all about the purpose of his visit! Argh! "...Yeah, that's okay, I can put off these docks until I have a little support. But thanks for the information! I like learning about other worlds. And tech." A small bow, and the kit puts his computer away, starting to turn back to his space ride, "Um.. Have a good rest, Ziggy."

Ziggurat 8 just nods a final time, then heads back to his flyer without another word. He may not seem very social, but he doesn't really TRY to be like that.

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