The lobby is fairly large when you enter from the revolving door. The floor is a mosaic pattern of circles and stars, colored rocky blue. The walls and ceilings are white. In the center of the lobby is a circular desk where the secretary sits. To either side are info booths, desks, and benches. On the far area of the lobby are two staircases leading to rooms such as the elevators, medical rooms, etc., while behind the secretary desk is a hallway of even more rooms. The tops floors are mostly medical rooms, offices, and whatnot.

Well, on the bright side, he's got a good view of the sunset. Even though by now he'd have given himself a clean bill of health and -left- to go be annoyed in peace, for some reason the doctors figured if he couldn't keep food down there was still internal damage and he had to stay. Junior's current theory is they found out where he lives and wanted to soak the Foundation for as much money as possible, but so far he had little proof. Watching the sunset from the rather uncomfortable hospital bed, clad in one of those *delightful* gowns they always make people wear, wrapped in a blanket the color of fresh blood, Rubedo busies himself with trying not to go nuts from boredom. He still had an IV in one arm (though he'd removed it twice they kept putting it back), and still had an oxygen tube stuck in his nose, which did nothing to make him look much healthier. Nor did the fact that his hair was still stark white, for that matter. The littlest URTV kills time by ... staring up at the ceiling and counting preforations in the tiles while every now and then a nurse pokes her head in to make sure he still has his IV and air thingie where they're supposed to be and not tied into complex knots again. Bored bored bored bored..

*tap tap tap*

The echoing sounds of Shion's heeled boots clicking against the hard tile floor of the hospital rings through the hall leading to Junior's room. She hasn't been out and about much of late, as she's had her nose buried in reports and documents going over KOS-MOS's progress, none of which have met with her personal approval, nor has the elongated absense of her beloved child left her feeling any more social than she has been. But, Junior has been hurt, and by that awful Mr. Piasora, she'll definately have to have a word or three with him next she sees the madman.

*ker-stomp ker-stomp ker-stomp*

The echoing sounds of Ziggy's robot boots ringing from down the hall, a few minutes behind Shion. Shion shouldn't complain about a social life, Ziggy hasn't really had one for 100 years. Nevertheless the bonds he's made with his new allies are at least strong enough to bring him to the hospital to visit one, especially after being... bleached by his arch enemy.

*click click click*

The echoing sounds of someone's steel-toed boots down the hall follow the sounds of Ziggy's rather noisy arrival by a couple of seconds. It's that -college student- again. No, wait--it's Albedo, though he's got the usual ward of illusions up as he wanders down the hall to the room where they said they were keeping his other half in bed. He had to check how they were doing, after all, and the fact that Ziggy and Shion are already here certainly isn't going to deter him. Besides, he had a get well gift to deliver.

Whereas Albedo and Shion's footsteps might be dismissable as some nurse's or other, Ziggy.. well, only a herd of elephants could disguise the sound of him getting around. On one hand, he's now going to have something to keep himself occupied with .. for a little while anyway .. on the other, there might be taunting in his future, and though he had his guns this time, shooting an ally and almost-friend is entirely out of the question. He was going to look so utterly pathetic. Need to fix that. Immediately he makes a grab for the IV-

And a nurse pops out of nowhere. "Leave that alone!"

"But I don't /need/-"

"Leave it!!"

"..Aw man. This sucks."

Shion Uzuki steps in right as the conversation goes on and she tilts her head to the side slightly, bringing a hand up to her mouth as she giggles. She then starts to shake her head slightly as she walks up to Junior's bed and says with a waggling finger, "You should listen to the nurse, Junior, she knows what's best for you and you'll only end up prolonging your stay if you don't stop fussing." She draws her lips into a smile and leans over Junior to adjust his blankie a bit and runs another hand across his head lightly as she says in a sympathetic voice, "You poor thing."

As Shion begins adjusting Jr's blankets, Ziggy steps into the doorway. Until now he had no idea Shion was even here, though she probably noticed him awhile ago if she was at all listening. "How is he doing?" He asks, as he takes a few steps inside. He looks at Jr for moment or two, before saying completely seriously "Nice hair." Zig walks around to the other side of the bed, and speaks again "So what is the extent of your injuries?"

Albedo's entrance is much quieter still. The retrovirus steps up outside the door, leaning in to see who's already there--before smiling to himself, and withdrawing for a moment. A passing nurse takes a look at him, then glances in the door, before smiling herself. "He yours?" she asks, simply. Albedo considers a moment, before his sly smile widens slightly and he offers her a nod. "The resemblance is striking, isn't it?" he replies. She chuckles a little, before going on her way, unawares.

Faust stands with Mewtwo and his Jolteon in a room. As he gets some things, he says, "So it was a substance, eh? Alcoholic? I bet it's that new 'Indigestion' brand....anyway, did you drink any? If so, have you experienced any stomach pains or cramps? Those are the effects /after/ the...'first effects', like your yellow friend has experienced..."

Petulance remains, even upon Shion and Ziggy's entrance. "Yeah, but it -itches-." How in the world can he switch from acting like an adult to acting like a kid and back without skipping a beat, anyway? "And I really don't need it. I think they're just trying to make the bill bigger." Rubedo doesn't seem to mind too much when Shion takes it to mind to fuss over him a little, but it -does- take a bit of effort to keep from playing it up and seeing how much sympathy he can get out of the situation. "I'll be okay. I'll never look at a washing machine the same way again though." Bleh.

The nurse that had kept Junior from trying to pull out his IV for the third time is the one who responds to Ziggy, eyeing the cyborg thoughtfully. "He's healing remarkably quickly, but still has damage to his resperatory and gastrointestinal systems. He's lucky to be alive."

"Bah." Luck had nothing to do with it! Junior just had l33t skillz and this strange ability to make beautiful women leap to his defence. The comment about his hair draws a scowl. "I don't like it. I feel all dried out." /Again/, Albedo's presence is missed. Junior really needs to start paying attention!

As if Mewtwo would lower himself to such a degree! Mewtwo simply narrows his eyes slightly at Faust, almost glaring at him for a moment, "~~ Do I sincerly look like someone who would do such a thing? ~~" He asks. The Pokemon then glances over the Jolteon and adds, "~~ This Jolteon requires treatment, I, on the other hand, do not. ~~" Perhaps he has been through with all the problems that came with drinking such liquor, though he was more worried about Jolteon.

"~~ I am more interested in knowing the information I would require so this Jolteon will be treated accordingly, if not give in a shot that'll... Make him 'alive' once again. ~~"

Faust sighs, and shakes his head. "I don't believe you /didn't/ drink any, honestly, but I can't force you on anything...anyway...." he gets out a bottle and a syringe. He injects it into the bottle and draws some fluid, and then injects it into the Jolteon's arm. The color seems to magnify in the pokemon after a few seconds. "There, he should be able to move, now...this is a simple medicine which cures paralysis. I use it commonly.."

Mewtwo knew enough about anatomy to know that, if he hadn't felt the side effects all too much, his liver must have worked out on dealing with the actual toxin. He just stays silent at Faust's proclamation, simply awaiting for the result of the doctor's shot on Jolteon... And slowly but surely, the little yellow spot of electric fur seems to come back to life.. A bit, though surely not quite as speedy as usual. "~~ Good...~~" He says. He lifts his gaze over to Faust and adds, "~~ Is there not anything else to do or shall it be all to cancel out the effects of the liquid he indigested? ~~" He asks.

Faust doesn't answer: instead, he gets out a small bag of...treats??? yes, all-purpose monster vitamin treats. He hands one to Jolteon. "Special minerals in this will clear all toxins..." he says.

Shion Uzuki smiles at Jr and leans over to give him a light peck on the forehead and says in a cheerful tone, "I'm sure you'll be just fine soon enough, and I'm certain they're just trying to take the best care they can of you, so have a little patience with them, okay?" Seems Shion's mother hen switch has now officially been moved to the 'on' position, and without a KOS-MOS to expend most of it on, Jr will just have to deal with it's effects for the time being. As Ziggy arrives she turns and smiles widely at him, there's a face she hasn't seen in a while either, she waves a hand at him briefly and says in a welcoming tone, repeating basically what the nurse just told him, and what she just told Rubedo, "He'll be alright. It's good to see you, Ziggy, how have you been doing?" Her hand has moved down to Jr.'s now, giving it a few light pats here and there, before she notices the newest arrival in the room.

"Mr. Piasora."

"Jolt!" The Pokemon exclaims himself, sniffing out the treats in Faust's hand before actually taking it whole in its mouth. As for Mewtwo, he spares a glance over to his yellow fellow, before returning his gaze back on Faust, "~~ I see. The knowledge of this should prevent any further incidents from occurying, over that would require, for me, one last thing... ~~" He states. Then, he turns his gaze over the small bag and says, "~~ I am sure, doctor, that you surely have a few spare... 'special minerals' to give me... You must understand, this Jolteon stuffs his noise everywhere, and I cannot look over it all the time, and his curiousity will make it prone to get into another such situation. Surely you will not mind if I take a few with me? ~~" He asks, tilting hios head to one side...

Faust nods, and hands Mewtwo the bag. "You may have them, for free. And anytime something else happens...feel free to come here."

Ziggurat 8 nods to Shion once she speaks to him. It's not like he was ignoring her, but he came to see Jr and decided to address him first. "I have been well, thank you. I have spent a lot of time surveying many of the zones in Videoland and gathering information about them. As well as..." He trials off for a moment as he also notices the retrovirus. He's also run into Albedo a number of times as well. "...I've had a few interesting encounters." He says simply. He then turns to face Albedo directly, making sure to keep between him and Jr. Even though Jr is likely as lively as ever, now is still not a good time or place for something to start, though in all honesty he trusts Jr's temper less than Albedo.

"~~ I thank you for all of your trouble Doctor. ~~" Mewtwo says, nodding slowly to him. He takes the bag that Faust hands him, though he simply does it by putting a psychic hold over the bag. He then spares a glance over to Jolteon and says, "~~ Come, we're leaving. ~~" He says, as he begins to leviate away.

"Jolteon!" The Pokemon says before hopping off the bed and rushing over behind Mewtwo.

Faust shakes his head. "It's no's what I do."

Albedo Piasora smiles faintly as all the attention the room--bar Jr.'s, but that was expected--abruptly shifts to him. He ducks his head in polite acknowledgment of Shion's greeting, replying with a murmured, "Ms. Uzuki." His attention flicks to Ziggurat, and he adds, in the same quiet tone: "Cyborg. Don't mind me; continue you what you were doing." All this, in the arch tone of someone who fully expects to be ignored. Ah yes; it's good to be him.

Gaignun Kukai Jr. doesn't mind one bit. A little mother henning for someone who never -had- a mother can be an interesting experience and not one he really intended to pass up without good reason. "I know, I know. It's just ... so ... boring." Boredom, be one adult or child, is a terrible thing. He didn't like being cooped up, and the longer he had to just sit here and do nothing the worse the desire to /move/ got. Which would usually trigger a nurse arrival.. Of course about then Albedo's presence is pointed out and Junior gives himself a mental kick for not noticing *beforehand* ... but the considerable bulk of Ziggy is between himself and Albedo. Which is going to make shooting his little brother a lot easier. The hand not being patted by Shion snakes sideways, plucking one of his guns off the convenient cart nearby. "Hey, Ziggy. Move three feet to the right, will ya?" It's a good idea to not trust Junior's temper. "I wanna say hello."

Shion Uzuki, on the other hand, doesn't heed anyone's words, not Junior's, not ZIggy's, not Albedo's either for that matter. She's like a hawk... beautiful to watch, but if you mess with one of her chicks, she'll take her claws to the eyeballs of the encroacher, and she seems to be on a beeline to do that right now. Stalking right up to the larger, white haired man, she pokes him in the chest (you know, in that spot that really hurts right in the middle of your thingamabob that keeps your ribs together) and unloads in a rather annoyed tone, "You have a lot of nerve coming here after what you've done to poor Junior, /and/ everyone else you've been tormenting, including myself. I don't understand why you insist on being such a... a... nng! I can't even think of an appropriate word to sum you up with, just know that it's very, very bad!"

Ziggurat 8 waves a hand in front of Jr, furthering his obstruction "You are in a hospital, Jr. There are a lot of patients recovering who do not need to hear a gunshot and an ensuing fight." Though, with Shion tearing into Albedo, he probably should have just let Jr shoot him, it would have been quieter. "And you..." Ziggy says facing Al "...shouldn't be here at all. Regardless of whatever you may say, I cannot believe you would be here for any other reason but to torment Jr further. He obviously doesn't want your visitation, so you should be on your way."

"Now now, Rubedo," Albedo chides, tone supercilious. "This is a hospital. Spare me the usual pleasantries and put your gun down. I'm only here to make sure they're treating you right--after all, I can't have any incompetent physicians -harming- you." That's a right Albedo reserves for himself, most of the time. "Besides, I brought you a gift." He steps all the way into the room--only to be stopped by the bundle of green-eyed feminine fury that is Shion Uzuki, and her poke to his xiphoid process. Even Albedo must stop in his tracks and blink once or twice; that's a rather interesting form of pain.

He starts again once the sensation's passed. "I could give you some suggestions, Ms. Uzuki, but they're not suitable for the ears of women and children." He gives her a nasty, self-righteous smile. "Now. If both of you -worthy- protectors will just let me speak to him a moment, I'll be on my way. I promise not to torment him." The 'too much' goes completely unsaid, though it's -always- implied.

Mewtwo escapes into a warp zone.
Mewtwo has left.

Junior meanwhile is torn between two reactions. He reeeally wants to shoot Albedo full of holes, but if he did that then he might upset Shion, and if there's anything he's learned in life, it's Don't Piss Off The Women. There's a good reason why KOS-MOS is female, and it's not the power of hypnotic hips. He leans off the side of his bed and peers around Ziggy as best he can to watch the sight of Shion confronting Albedo, at once alarmed and amused. You have to admire her spirit and courage, even with an ancient cyborg blocking the way. He'll just sit here and watch for the moment, yeah. He's not used to seeing this kind of thing!

As Faust finishes, he starts to go up the stares to Junior's room, and slows down when he sees the people. He hangs back, letting things fold out between the gathered.

Shion Uzuki's hips are a-wigglin' at that too, her head would be too if she wasn't currently agast at Albedo's notion. Giving him a sterner look soon afterwards however, she says in a rather disgusted tone, "At least you've got enough decency to not say them. Either way, I'm sure you can say whatever it is you need to from right there. Junior can hear you just fine."

"Indeed." Ziggy says, agreeing with Shion. It's not like he's going to disagree with her, Jr learned that lesson in less than 20 years, Ziggy's learned a lot more in 130. "You can say what you need to from there, but you'll not approach him." Ziggy doesn't seem to be 'quite' as suspicious of Albedo as Shion is, he doesn't really expect him to pull something sinister given the current circumstances. But he could still cause Jr grief, and Ziggy doesn't want to risk letting Al any closer than he already is.

Albedo Piasora raises his head at that, favoring Shion with a particularly arch look--much as a wolf might watch a mouse. "Woman," he says softly. "" He trails off, his eyes hardening. " Not now. Step aside for just a moment." He doesn't show any indication he's about to get violent; but then, when does he ever? Whether or not Shion obeys his command--likely not--he takes a step sideways, reaching into his coat to produce--a single thornless red rose. This, he lays on the table near Jr.'s bedside, before stepping back, smirking at both Shion and Ziggy. "You wouldn't suppose me to be a gardener, I imagine, but I didn't come to bear him hence, either. --Rubedo. Be a little more ALERT next time. I'm growing tired of your inability to -see- what's in front of you."

Faust has left.

"Well, you know how it is," Junior drawls. "I try to ignore things I don't like." Sometimes, the resemblance between the two is really unnerving. It really doesn't help that Junior now looks more like Albedo than ever. -That- is a real point of annoyance, but he's busily trying to not let it show. The lone rose is eyed for a long time, blue eyes narrowing ... before he sits back against his pillows, gun resting neatly on his lap, a smirk crossing his face. "Aw, how sweet." There was symbolism there, and he was quite aware of it, oh yes. Sarcasm and irritation is a great cover for raw unease, yes it is. "Now take a hike." Move just a little, Ziggy. Give him a clear shot. All he needs is -one- clear shot, and he'll be happy. C'mon.

Shion Uzuki looks rather annoyed as Albedo brushes by her, and appears to be ready to unleash a rather large dose of justice on the retrovirus before she finally gives in and simply walks up next to Albedo and says with a slight bit of sincerity, "It is quite thoughtful. Now please leave us be, your presense isn't helping Junior's recovery any."

Ziggurat 8 only nods when Shion speaks again, letting her do the talking. And unfortunately for Jr, Ziggy isn't moving, gunshot in hospital = bad. He just waits for Albedo to leave, he'll have more to say though if the URTV proves to be stubborn.

"Tsk. How like you." Albedo grins. "Running and hiding from what you can't deal with, my other half. One of these days..." He looks away, redirecting his attention to Shion. "Of course not, Ms. Uzuki. We can't have him down for any longer than he really -needs- to be, right? The Foundation might suffer." As if this is some joke only he understands, the retrovirus laughs--then turns away, heading to the door. "Good evening to -all- of you. Stay out of trouble, hm?" He pauses only once, as he reaches the door, to look back over his shoulder at Junior. "--Oh. Rubedo. Nice hair." And with that, he's gone.

Gaignun Kukai Jr. really wasn't acting very nice for his company, was he? Here he is thinking death ray thoughts at Albedo while Shion and Ziggy are risking their very lives to keep Albedo from doing Albedolike things. He'd probably be more appreciative if he was paying attention, but sometimes he has a seriously one track mind. The comment about his hair is quite too much for the mini retrovirus, who snarls something inarticulate, grabbing the nearest thing on-hand (a ceramic bowl that had once held ice cream) and sliding from his bed just enough to fling the object full force at the back of Albedo's head - or would have, if the bastard wasn't already gone.

And oops, he's managed to get that IV back out again, leaving a little trail of crimson across his sheets. "..Y'shoulda let me shoot him." He doesn't sound annoyed so much as tired and more than a little resigned, for once.

Shion Uzuki sighs and thinks about calling out or chasing after Albedo, but instead, decides it's best she just let him go for now and instead turns around to take Jr's hand in hers and gives it a gentle squeeze as she says to him in an almost pleading tone, "Violence isn't the only answer, Jr. Mr. Piasora may be rather... /broken/, but I think given enough time and effort we may be able to fix him." Oh such blind optimism.

Once Albedo leaves, Ziggy returns to his original position next to Jr's bed, in time to get out of the way of the more thna likely enroute psychotic nurse that will be chewing Jr out for the IV again. Ziggy looks at the rose, but decides not to ask the significance of it, whatever it is, it's between Jr and Albedo. "You need to recover, worry about paying Albedo back afterward." He states. At Shion's comment about fixing Albedo, well, Ziggy would honestly prefer not to deal with that. If Albedo could be fixed, it would likely take a lot of doing, that's assuming he's even broken. Ziggy would be perfectly happy if he never had to deal with Albedo complicating things ever again, like that's going to happen.

After a few moments, Ziggy heads to the door "At any rate Jr, if you'll excuse me I have some things to take care of. Shion." He says, nodding at them both "If you are still in this hospital in a day or two I'll make a second visit." And saying that, he leaves, following a long, loud walk down the hallway. Shion and Jr could probably even tell when he steps outside the Hospital.

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