Hyrule - Southern Hyrule

The southern half of modern Hyrule is a place ruled by thick forests and swampy passes, roads connecting the few towns that lie here. A wilder, more untamed part of the continent, the people here constantly fight against the forces of Ganon, who routinely descend from Death Mountain to terrorize the countryside. Nevertheless, staying to the roads makes for safe travel, though the passes to the north and east are often blocked by landslides. The towns of Saria and Mido lie here, the latter built around the massive graveyard that makes up the eastern side of the continent. Ferries carry travelers from Mido across the sea to Eastern Hyrule.

Chun-Li glances around, hrming to herself. This is certainly a spookier place than the Boo Forest, she'll give it that. It's not at all what she imagined it to be from just a glance on the map. 'South' is usually equated with 'sun' and 'warmth.' Not so for this dismal and rugged landscape. Nonetheless, she feels the experience will be good for her, so the location will remain unchanged. She's wearing one of her infamous combat dresses again, only this one is a jade green color. Hey, she likes a *little* variety now and then.

Overhead a craft approaches, and lands in a nearby clearing. On the sides of the craft is the insignia of the Kukai Foundation. A moment later a door slides open, and Ziggy steps out. A relatively tall man, looks to be about 30, his left arm and everything below the torso look to be compltely cybernetic, but that's only what is visable. His face, as always, has an unwavering stoic expression.

Noticing Chun, Ziggy heads towards her, the soft earth absorbing what would normally be his trademark heavy footsteps. Coming to about 6 feet away from her, he nods "Greetings. Are there any preset rules of engagement in your matches? Or is one allowed to make use of all of their skills?"

Chun-Li smiles, placing her palms together with a formal introductory bow. "Greetings," she returns. "I have only two rules, really. One, that you try not to rip my costume to shreds." That bill is getting unbelievably high, and if she sees one more news story featuring a cheesecaked Chun-Li... "Two, no maiming or breaking bones. Other than that? This is a street fight." Even if there's no street. "Absolutely anything goes. You fight to win." Finished with her terms of engagement, the young China girl smiles at last. "Are these acceptable to you?"

Ziggy nods "They are acceptable. I would not have attempted critical injuray regardless." And as for the clothes ripping thing, well, when Ziggy was ressurrected he lost anything even remotely resembling a libedo. Below the belt is ALL metal. Readying himself Ziggy takes a couple of steps back and raises his left arm. Out from the forearm a long blade shoots out to the elbow, then snaps forward. Ziggy takes his typical fighting stance and says to Chun-Li "This is your challenge, you may start." He states simply.

Chun-Li inclines her head. That knife will probably hurt, but then again, what didn't when it came to a street fight? At least he won't be breathing fire at her like a certain starved Indian man she knows. She slides one foot back, bouncing on the balls of her feet for a few moments while she collects her thoughts, focusing her chi. Then she's moving forward with the swiftness of a cobra, one leg extended to punch at his chest. "YAH!"

Chun-Li strikes Ziggurat 8 with her weak skimming side kick attack.
You have taken 9 damage.

Seeing Chun-Li's charge, Ziggy quickly places one foot back, as a brace. Her kick connects but Ziggy remains solid and doesn't move, though that stung a bit since she hit one of the few parts of his body that is still largely organic. While she is still in such close range, Ziggy moves to attack. Using the foot he had stepped back on as a brace, he sends his other cybernetic appendege up for a high kick.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Chun-Li with his weak High Kick attack.

Chun-Li is amazed! It was a flawless execution, and highly reminiscent of one of her own attacks. "You've studied tai chi?" she asks curiously, bringing up a palm to rub at her sore chin before she recovers to return the attack with one of her own. One foot rises to plant against his chest before she arcs her back, flipping away to bring her toe against his jaw.

Chun-Li strikes Ziggurat 8 with her chest flip kick attack.
You have taken 20 damage.

Ziggy's head snaps back, as her kick connects, though a moment later he lowers it again, it looks bruised but his face betrays that, as he replies "My cybernetics allow me to quickly learn many forms of fighting arts. None of them however were called Tai Chi, but it is possible they are similar." Raising his left arm, the blade is ready, he quickly swings it at Chun-Li's midsection, following the trail of the knife is a quick blue shockwave which circles around Ziggy.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Chun-Li with his Jack Knife attack.

Chun-Li yelps, slashed neatly across her abdomen. Drat. Another costume ruined with her blood. At least the slice was neat enough that it could probably be stitched back together, but the stain...best to just get a new one. She holds back her sigh, instead retaliating with both palms slamming against his own midsection with a fierce punch. "Possible indeed...I shall have to see for myself." Especially those aforementioned cybernetic kicks.

Chun-Li strikes Ziggurat 8 with her strong punch attack.
You have taken 18 damage.

Oof, she strikes flesh again. But Ziggy's internal metallic skeleton keep him from crouching over in pain. Still, nothing registers on his face, save for the slightest twitch in his right eye. He doesn't bother responding to Chun-Li again, though he is readying his left fist again. It seems to actively crackle with electricity, Ziggy is immune to the violent power however. Once the electricity looks like it's almost unstable, Ziggy slams his fist into the ground, sending it into the earth, and up into anything that happens to be standing on the ground in a close radius.

Ziggurat 8 misses Chun-Li with his Lightning Fist attack.

The moment she sees that Ziggurat 8's fist is not heading for her, but the ground instead, her brain instinctively fires off the instructions to JUMP. And she does. Maintaining a healthy bout of air time, Chun-Li twists overhead with arms crossed at her shoulders before she starts to fall back to earth...and Ziggy's head. She stiffens her leg to plant her heel against his crown, bouncing off to land behind him.

Chun-Li strikes Ziggurat 8 with her head stomp attack.

*Click!* The shock of her falling kick apparently scrambled something in Ziggy's optical processors, as for a moment all he can see is garbled static. It clears after just a moment, however, and his sensors tell him his opponent is now behind him. Quickly he spins around and faces her. Well, if she's so intent on seeing Ziggy's kicks, get ready. He quickly leaps towards her to close the distance, plants his left leg into the ground for much needed support, and raises his right leg to deliver a flurry of kicks. To add to that, jets in his ankles also serve as small flamethrowers, and Ziggy's kicks are accompanyed by the danger of fire. To count how many are sent off is difficult, as his limbs move so fast, you can almost hear hydraulics working in his limbs.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Chun-Li with his Cyber Kick attack.

Chun-Li oofs as she's driven back. It doesn't hurt as much as that knife to the gut, but it still hurts something fierce. "I...that move..." she stammers, flabbergasted. "I thought only master Gen and I..." No no, concentrate, you ninny! Save astonishment for another day! She doesn't yet show off her own version of the rapid kick assault, instead choosing to focus on gathering her chi into her palms, guiding it like a nurturing mother. Blue light pulses between her hands before she throws it forward with all her might. "Kikouken!"

Chun-Li strikes Ziggurat 8 with her yeah, kikouken attack.
You have taken 22 damage.

Hit by the blast of Ki, Ziggy takes a couple of steps back. He makes a note of that attack, he's familiar with Ki, Albedo exhibits it in spades, but it's something he's personally unable to do. Deciding that if this fight shall continue thuswise he may lose, he's been unable to dodge any of her attacks yet. Not that he has any honor or anything else at stake in this fight, but he internally berates himself for getting so rusty. So instead of taking this moment to attack Chun-Li, his systems release a number of Nanites into his blood, which immediately begin repairing some of the damage he has incurred. A few bruises and scrapes vanish without a trace.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Recharge healing attack.
You have been healed by 19%.

Chun-Li hesitates, waiting for an attack that doesn't come. "..." She doesn't see him recharge, of course, but Chun-Li isn't the sort to let idlers just idle. She follows up the kikouken almost immediately, leaping up with one leg curled beneath her, the other slamming at his collarbone before she twists. The other leg slashes out with another fierce thrust at his chin, bringing up the back of her hand to her brow simultaneously to wipe off the perspiration. "Hyah HYAH!" she cries out, dipping back to the earth to land in a half-crouch.

Chun-Li strikes Ziggurat 8 with her Ten Shou Kyaku attack.
You have taken 19 damage.

Realizing that stopping to heal in the middle of this fight may be an exercise in futility, Ziggy aborts the Nanite healing protocol, as he cannot use that and fight at the same time. Bringing up his left arm again, the Elbowblade snaps back up, and Ziggy dashes at Chun-Li. Once he's close enough Ziggy's right foot plants into the ground, and then Ziggy begins to rotate incredibly fast, trying to catch Chun-Li in the bladed vortex.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Chun-Li with his Cyclone attack.

There's just no way Chun-Li could avoid that, and the tip of the knife cuts her up pretty badly. The battle dress is definitely beyond repair now, and she's silently grateful for an opponent who wouldn't think nasty thoughts about her in this partially-revealing get up. She ducks low to throw her leg against the back of his knee to stop the wild orbiting, then springs up to bring the same leg around aimed at his temple.

Chun-Li misses Ziggurat 8 with her Combo: Sweep Kick + Spinning Hook Kick attack.

Lucky for Ziggy, there's a digital protocol that is followed with a number of his attacks which require superhuman uses of his cybernetic limbs. Once he has stopped spinning he immediatly jumps back, narrowly escaping Chun-Li's attack. Once he lands from jumping back, he leaps into the air, about 15 feet or so. The various fire jets located around his body begin throwing out massive amounts of flames, which form into a huge ball. The ball of fire is then shot down at the China gal. Goodness Gracious!

Ziggurat 8 strikes Chun-Li with his Great Balls of Fire! attack.

Chun-Li acks! He even has a cybernetic kikouken attack too! Now this can't possibly be sheer coincidence, can it? Couldn't be! Well then... Coughing up a little puff of smoke, Chun-Li shakes the soot from her singed bangs and gives chase, looking to close the distance with a flying jump kick. Should it hit, read on. If not, stop here and turn the page. The kick is aimed to knock him back against a solid boulder. And now that she has leverage to keep him in place, the leg of hers pounces with blinding speed against Ziggy's upper body, a blur of chi and stocking-sheathed leg lashing out fiercely.

Chun-Li strikes Ziggurat 8 with her lightning kick smash attack.
You have taken 30 damage.

The attack connects and Ziggy is sent back against the huge rock, which typically forms many large cracks after the cyborg hits. The second kick strikes and for a moment Ziggy's head hangs down. Finished? No, not quite, as it does not stay down for long. Though here Chun-Li may get a disturbing image, his face is /still/ as stoic as when the fight started. Either he has no emotions, or he has perfect control over them. There's not much time to ponder this, however, as Ziggy rebounds off the boulder with lightning speed, his elbowblade out again, and this time surging with the same electricity as he used before he slashes with the electric blade twice, once horizontal and once vertical, both intersecting at a perfect 90 degree angle. A yellow shockwave remains for a moment after each strike, briefly forming a cross at the apex of the slash.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Chun-Li with his Cross Lancer smash attack.

Chun-Li screams with terrible agony, nearly collapsed with the brutal assault. This wasn't good...she needed to collect her thoughts and reassert herself, gather the chi. Heaving herself back to her feet and pulling her hand away from her aching stomach, she bows her head and closes her eyes, concentrating, settling her mind into a state of calm, cool collectedness. Ohmmmmmmm...

Chun-Li strikes Chun-Li with her meditation healing attack.

Oh-ho, now it's Ziggy's turn to keep the heat on. Literally. Ziggy begins forming another ball of fire, and decides to 'cross the streams' as it were, and embue it with some lightning as well. Yes, the attack may look quite chi-like, but Ziggy either has no chi, or doesn't know how to use it. This is all cybernetic. But despite that difference, the electric fireball probably hurts like a bugger all the same.

Ziggurat 8 misses Chun-Li with his Firebolt attack.

Chun-Li snaps out of her meditation, a renewed calm and energy shining in her dark, China eyes. She vaults backwards and to the side in a back handspring, and stays there, legs poised overhead. Now this is one move she's certain that Ziggy doesn't know. Because seeing a robot pull off the spinning bird kick would just be too freaky for words. Scissoring her legs, Chun-Li swings them at Ziggurat 8 with an orbiting spin, keeping her palms pressed to the ground for leverage.

Chun-Li strikes Ziggurat 8 with her spinning bird kick attack.
You have taken 15 damage.

*KickKickKick* Ziggy takes another step back, recovering from the multiple strikes. An impressive technique, though it is unlikely he could pull it off himself, most of his weight is in his legs and lower torso, and he does not have sufficient strength in both of his arms to prop himself up long enough to pull it off. Ziggy sees that the end of the battle is not far off, and decides to throw another big attack at his opponent, perhaps this would do the trick. He raises his left arm, and his fist begins to crackle with electricity "Let's go!" he says, signifying his position to soon bring the battle to an end. The electricity from his hand, however, isn't directly aimed at Chun-Li, instead it is sent into the air, carrying with it a number of small pods which were ejected from his arm with it. The pods, being subspace beacons, explode into what looks to be various large pieces of scrap metal, they form into what appears to be a huge guillotine, held together by the electric current, which is still attatched to his hand. "Executioner!" He shouts, though he doesn't often say the name of his attack. He quickly lowers his hand, and the giant electric blade is sent towards the earth.

Ziggurat 8 misses Chun-Li with his Executioner attack.

It seems that her bout of meditation has thoroughly energized and rejuvenated Chun-Li, her mind and body flowing in perfect harmony. The moment she sees the attack begin to form, she acts immediately on her brain's warning to dodge like hell. She flips up, moving to crouch on top of the large boulder she'd previously smacked Ziggurat into. Coiling her legs beneath her, she springs at the cyborg swiftly, swinging her bracelet-sheathed wrist at the side of his head.

Chun-Li strikes Ziggurat 8 with her weak jump punch attack.
You have taken 11 damage.

Once the Executioner blade lands, it doesn't waste any time blinking back out of existance. Seeing Chun-Li jumping up behind him, Ziggy quickly turns to face her, only to get punched in the head. Given the part of the skull she struck, Chun-Li likely felt metal, more than bone. Ziggy decides to return the favor given the close quarters. His elbow blade quickly snaps back so he doesn't stab her with it, and he quickly punches her in the stomach with his cybernetic arm.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Chun-Li with his weak Cyber Punch attack.

Chun-Li oofs, nearly losing her lunch with that one as she's slammed back, knocked into the boulder and bumping the back of her be-bunned head against hard, solid rock. She drops to her knees, giving her dizzy head a quick shake. "You...you fight very well..." she pants, the soothing calm of the chi-induced meditation starting to wear off so that she feels pain once more, throbbing through the numb of an adrenaline rush. Not yet willing to give in, Chun-Li pushes off from the ground with her fingertips. Once more she somersaults through the air, one leg extended to land the heel of her boot directly on top of Ziggurat 8's noggin.

Chun-Li misses Ziggurat 8 with her Sen'en Shuu attack.

This time, Ziggy's cybernetic arm catches Chun-Li's foot. He doesn't hold it though, he grabbed it merely to block it, then he released it and steps back. "I have been a mercenary for over 100 years, I have to fight well." He states, simply. While Ziggy doesn't show signs of exhaustion, his internal systems are warning him that he cannot hold up for much longer. Once again, he decides to see if he can bring an end to the fight, as he raises his right leg to deliver another kick.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Chun-Li with his High/Middlin' Kick attack.

Chun-Li is struck yet again, the foot slamming into her cheek viciously. She, too, knows that this will be an incredibly close match, and she's still unsure just who will deal the final blow. Truth be told, she doesn't really mind if she loses. The fight, as a certain bandanna-clad warrior often states, is everything. She learned more than a few things from this cybernetic mercenary, and she's proud to have fought such a tough opponent. Deciding to give it all she's got, she takes in a deep breath...releases it...and dashes at Ziggurat 8 with a sudden burst of energy. She doesn't stop to kick, though. Her arm snaps out to wrap about his shoulders as she shifts her weight, aiming to throw him down to the marshy ground *hard*.

Chun-Li strikes Ziggurat 8 with her throwdown attack.
You have taken 22 damage.
Ziggurat 8 has been knocked out!

Of all the attacks Ziggy was expecting, this was nowhere in his planning. He honestly never expected the Chinese girl to attempt to outbalance him and slam him to the ground, let alone succeed in it. Ziggy's systems were already near shutdown, the force of the impact, more from his own weight than Chun-Li's force, are the last straw, and they shut off. Ziggy's out cold, on the marshy ground.

Chun-Li gasps for breath, waiting, expecting some sort of possum trick. It doesn't come. The adrenaline drains out of her system, leaving her legs trembling with the strain of fighting with her whole heart, and she drops to her knees beside him. "Ziggy?" she asks softly, touching his brow, moving her fingers to his throat for a pulse...before remembering he probably doesn't have one. "Are you all right? Was I too hard on you?"

No there is no pulse, of course Chul-Li wouldn't know for sure if that's right. For a moment Ziggy is completely unresponsive, however internally his systems are restarting with their emergency backup protocols. Typically, when Ziggy is KOed in battle, that is a bad thing, and he was designed to regain consciousness as soon as possible. A few moments pass, when his eyes quickly open. Then all of a sudden his hand darts up and grabs Chun-Li's, as if he were defending himself. After another moment he blinks, then releases it "....sorry." He says.

Chun-Li tenses, her other hand raised to throw a chop against his nose. But she relaxes when he does, and offers a tired smile. "It's all right. That was the best fight I've had in a long time." She sits back on her heels, still somewhat breathless. "Do you need assistance to return to the Kukai Foundation?" Assuming that's where he wants to go, of course.

Ziggy pauses, still unmoving from the ground "I should be fine momentarily. My internal systems are able to repair enough damage to get me on my feet in minutes." He is silent for a moment, then adds "...when I am normally knocked out in combat, my systems are designed to get me conscious again as soon as possible, and they warn me when I do come out of it, under the assumption that danger is still nearby. That is why I reacted like that." He says, explaining himself. "They are still not designed for things like friendly sparring, it is something I had never done before I came here." Here of course, being Videoland. After another minute or two, Ziggy sits up.

Chun-Li scoots back a few inches to give him his space, inclining her head. "I thought that might be the case. There's no need to apologize," she smiles. "I'll keep that in mind, should you ever long for a rematch." She certainly enjoyed herself. It's not every day that you get to go up against someone who shares a fighting style. Unless you're Ryu. So many shameless knock-offs...

After another moment, Ziggy is on his feet. He's obviously not at 100 percent, but he's able to function on his own. "Indeed." He says "However I prefer to train in Environmental Simulators, it allows for more extreme output of my abilities." He pauses "But if you ever want a rematch, then feel free to ask." Ziggy isn't one who typically seeks out one on one sparring. "At any rate, the fight is yours. You are a worthy opponent, and extremely talented for an unenhanced human."

Chun-Li smiles, blushing slightly. "Well thank you..." First time she's had a compliment like THAT. She rises as well, and bows respectfully. "The credit is yours. I'm only as strong as my opponent forces me to become." She smiles warmly, somewhat glad that she doesn't need to escort him home. Even though she and Gaignun are on good terms again, it would still be a rather awkward meeting. "Thank you very much for humoring me."

"No need to give me credit." He says, as he walks back towards his transport. "I was just rebuilt to be this strong. You must have earned your strength through training. For a human like you to defeat an ex-human like me, your strength should be acknowledged." Saying that, he opens the door to his Kukai Foundation shuttle.

Chun-Li smiles gently, folding her hands in front of her. She didn't earn the title of 'Strongest Woman in the World' with looks alone. "I'd like to speak with you some time, when you have a free moment. But for now, I'll let you go and rest up. Thank you again, Ziggy."

Ziggy only nods again, then enters the shuttle. A few minutes later it takes off back into the sky, and soon disappears on the horizon.

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