Suiko Zone - Toran Republic

Something is drawing a lot of attention in the A.G.W.S. Hanger. Or some/one/ I should say. For here is a bluehaired woman that is dressed like the Chief, but is not the chief. One could make a strong arguement that they're looking at her because she's attractive, or that she's wearing Shion's uniform (which is a big too big on her). But it's not. It's because the technicians all know whom it is.

And not a one believes that it's really KOS-MOS.

Patched up from his fight with Laharl, but still with a few parts offline, Ziggy has begun searching for chaos. He guesses he would avoid their homezone due to the strong Gnosis presence there, and begins looking for clues elsewhere. He only stumbles across KOS-MOS while looking through Toran by chance. Walking up behind the technicians, he berates himself for forgetting about her. She was altered too, afterall. Not one for stepping lightly around issues he walks around the technicians and approaches the former android "How are you feeling?" He asks abruptly.

"Despite being unable to get an accurate reading of my systems, I estimate all prostetical augmentations to be operating at full capacity." KOS-MOS has not even looked up from the terminal she's filling out a form on. "As for biological functions, they are assumed to likewise be at full capacity."

Ziggy nods, remembering that KOS-MOS was almost ripped apart "Not only have you been turned into a human, but a cyborg as well. Do you have any idea how long it will last?" This he IS curious about, because however long it would naturally affect her, it would affect chaos as well presumably. "And I was asking about how you felt, this must be a completely different experience for you."

KOS-MOS continues to type away. "That is correct. I am indeed more accurately classified as a cyborg, such as yourself. There is, at this time, no way of telling how long Travis Cross's cheats hold a being. Collected data suggests that it is random based on several variables, such as the power of the cheat, Travis Cross's emotion and mental state, and the being in question being affected." She pauses from speaking and typing, considering. "I feel normal." Typetypetype.

"I was afraid of that..." Ziggy comments "While you were radically transformed, you still seem to be yourself. But chaos, that is a different story." The cyborg pauses for a moment, wondering if he should actually tell her what's on his mind, but Jr has already told most of the heroes so chances are word would get to her eventually anyway "I cannot imagine what chaos is going through, but I believe he is starting to lose control. Last night Albedo came to the Kukai Foundation, he was injured, and bleeding. He ran into chaos somewhere, and somehow he caused actual injury to him. Last I saw of him, he was still raving, Junior was trying to get information out of him." He glances around the AGWS hanger for a moment, before looking back at KOS-MOS "I've begun searching for him, I don't know if it will work, but he must be found."

KOS-MOS nods curtly. "I am fully aware of the evens of the other night. I agree with the mounting evidence that chaos is losing his hold on this world. It is imperitive that he not join the Gnosis. I have already begun countermeasures to deal with this situation." She hits enter on the holopad one last time and stands up. An A.G.W.S., a VX-20000 by the looks of it, starts to be pulled from the recesses of the bay.

Ziggy watches the AGWS as it is brought out, then turns back to KOS-MOS "Do you intend to engage him? That may not be wise, if he is threatened it might cause the Gnosis to overpower what remains of him. But if he loses control he will need to be stopped. Though an AGWS unit may not be enough, he is more than a Gnosis, a single Gnosis could not have harmed Albedo like that." Ziggy folds his arms "Nevertheless, I am searching for him as well. I understand that Station can reverse what Gameshark has done, he could presumably change you back as well. Or are you remaining human by choice? To try to better understand humanity perhaps?" That's what Shion has wanted, afterall. "

KOS-MOS watches impassively as techs start to swarm the machine. "Indeed. With each passing moment chaos is further and further gone. He will soon become agressive and come after me. I plan on engaging and terminating him before that happens." .....what? "He must not join with the Gnosis at any cost. While I am aware of the limitations of a lone A.G.W.S. and my current state, I am still a dangerous advesary. Also, there is no time to wait for Gamemaster Station of the Palace of Power to act." Oh dear, this isn't going to end well.

Ziggy isn't startled by KOS-MOS' declaration, he's already heard this arguement. "So it is a race to find him then." He looks at KOS-MOS, this time making eye-contact which he hasn't done yet "I won't stop you if you find him first, I'm sure chaos would rather be destroyed than become such a threat. However I am still going to try to save him if I can. But I'll ask you that if you do encounter him, at least ask if Station is able to get there in time, there is no point in wasting his life if it can be saved. If he cannot, then do as you wish." KOS-MOS is still dangerous? Most likely. Probably still more dangerous than Ziggy is, especially with his diabled Ether Circuit. But he's keeping that bit of info from the new cyborg, if she finds he has no means of Ether Attack OR Defense, she may try to stop him.

KOS-MOS expected he would say something along those lines. Hell, if she were the type, she'd question him protecting someone else's life when he wants to throw his own away, buuuut, she's not the type. "I am aware of your sentiments, as well as those of Shion, MOMO, Junior, and the others. However, illogical human thought will not help us here. We are not dealing with chaos, we are dealing with a Gnosis and should act and react accordingly."

Ziggy actually thought that being human might mave made KOS-MOS open to a bit of that 'illogical human thought'. And as for throwing his own life away, well it wouldn't be the first time. "You are an illogical human now, as well. You still seem to be yourself, but is there any conflict at all inside of you? You say you will do it, but if you did become human than you are prone to the same emotions as them. Humans often are determined to follow a course of action, then hesitate when the moment arrives. Even though I have implants to help regulate my emotions, it still took decades of mental training before I was able to fully control them. Perhaps you can't feel them yet, but like chaos I imagine your mind is being affected as well. To kill a comrade, even if it is the most logical course of action, is something no human can do easily."

KOS-MOS simply states. "I am still a weapon, and I currently have the same emotional capacity that I have always had. I shall use my emotions, such as sadness, when such a reaction is deemed neccisary."

How ironic that the two beings that both see themselves as nothing but objects would be debating this issue like they are. Ziggy wonders if KOS-MOS is just saying this to convince herself, however he doesn't know the full extent of Gameshark's cheat, it could be possible she IS telling the truth. If he cannot convince her, he cannot convince her. "Then, it would be necessary when you have killed a comrade." Ziggy quickly thinks about his options. He could try to stop her by force. Her body is still human, and he could easily disable her without killing her, but as she said she is still a weapon, and it would prove to be far more difficult than disabling a normal human. He could rely on luck and chance, and find chaos before she does. But Ziggy never liked relying on unknown variables. Shion is the one person who could reasonably stop her, but if he wastes time trying to find the Engineer it might be too late. They are the only three courses of action, neither of which look promising for chaos' survival. However, he tries once more, this time fighting logic with logic. "If chaos was restored to his true self, he may be able to use his experience as a Gnosis to aid Vector and the Federation with their battle against them. Is it not worth the risk of letting him live, to discover an insight into the Gnosis we have never had before?"

Debate? KOS-MOS starts to walk towards the now completely prepped A.W.G.S. Time is running very short for logic. "Then I shall likely apply that emotion after I have terminated my target." She then adds one very kryptic thing which she's not likely to explain. "chaos is already in possession of all the knowledge of the Gnosis he is capable of having."

Curse you Namco for your unexplained plot points! But KOS-MOS is right, chaos wouldn't reveal anything before, he probably wouldn't after this. But it was worth a shot. So that brings Ziggy back to his first three options. Stop her by force, find him first, or tell Shion. Finally, he decides on the last two, thank god there is a thing called email. That wouldn't stop him for very long. "You may have more than just chaos to fight if you find him first. Junior has the full use of the Foundation at his disposal and has known chaos longer than any of us." It's sort of a warning, sort of a threat. Or rather, it's a fact. "And true to his character, he lost his temper at a few other memebers of the Palace that suggested killing chaos. You have more to deal with than just finding and terminating him." Since KOS-MOS is about to leave, Ziggy goes to make his exit as well. He doesn't have an AGWS, so that means she has one up over him.

"I will deal with them in the manner that I am required to." Another unexplainable answer from KOS-MOS. She slips into the A.G.W.S. cockpit and retracts the mechanisims, sealing herself inside. A minute or two of preflight checklist and the VX-20000 starts to lift off out of the rooftop bay doors.

Ziggy doesn't pause to watch KOS-MOS leave, he just wordlessly heads back to his shuttle. From there he quickly emails Shion and sets off on his own search.

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