The Island of Myst

Abandoned, quiet, and very, very misty, the island of Myst was once home to the last of the D'ni, Atrus, and his wife and sons. Now, the island lies silent, visited only by those who wish to explore the Ages to which it links - or those who wish to emerge themselves in the silence and tranquility the lonely isle offers.

Myst. Silent. Peaceful. The most harmless place in all of Videoland except, possibly, Pong. Nothing dangerous here...

...unless you count chaos, still stuck as a Gnosis, still taking refuse on the island of Myst, and still desperately struggling to keep control of his mind. How long had it been? A day? A week? A month? A year? More? chaos couldn't tell; he was locked in meditation, attempting to keep out the voices vying for his soul. Any interruption now could mean the end of it all. Any interruption at all...

Indeed, Pong is the most harmless place in all of Videoland. KOS-MOS isn't able to come for you there.

chaos should have gone to Pong.

A small Vector craft, crew of one, hovers over the small island. Most of it's systems are automated, it's a just a dropship. A dropship for A.G.W.S. With a loud clatter, a VX-20000 touches the ground and powers up its systems. The blue haired <slightly human> pilot begins her loud search for the <slightly Gnosis> chaos.

chaos REALLY should have gone to Pong.

Also in the skies above, another craft is approaching, though it is quite a distance behind KOS-MOS dropship. Ziggy's Foundation Shuttle approaches the island, increasing it's speed ever since Ziggy's scanner picked up an irregular life-sign blip. His gamble seems to have paid off when he confirms it is a Gnosis. For a moment he believes he may yet be able to get chaos to the Palace and get the aid he needs, until his scanner picks up another blip. Human..... no, cyborg. Ziggy narrows his eyes ever so slighty oO(Am I too late?) Despite the risk of potentially facing KOS-MOS AND chaos, Ziggy continues. On top of everything else his Ether Circuit is still offline, which makes him especially vunerable to Ether attacks, but he's not about to leave. If he turns around he may forfiet chaos' life, and Ziggy doesn't like failure.

In the back of chaos' mind, he knows SHE is here (Ziggy's occupation isn't Main Character, see, so chaos doesn't care about him).

He knows that SHE is probably here to kill him.

He knows that if he reacts, he forfeits his existence.

So chaos sits there, bordered by trees on all sides, focusing all his might on pushing out this invasion from within.

<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "D Triple S sensor charged and expanded to maximum range."
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "Oh, hello, KOS-MOS."
<Hero-IC> Christine says, "Hiya, KOS-MOS."
<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 is silent for a moment, with cockpit noises in the background before he speaks up "Someone, please prepare the medical bay at the Palace. Regardless of how things play out it may be needed soon."
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "What's going on?"
<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 says, "...a conflict... of protocols."

The VX-20000 plods ever closer to the Gnosified chaos. The Hilbert Effect coelesces and expands from the mech as the D.S.S.S. Sensor is fed information from dropship's computer. "D Triple S Sensor charged and expanded to maximum range." The mech comes to a stop in front of the motionless half Gnosis. The rifles level off and then stop. The's not reacting.

"Target identified. Engaging."

Pong is probably sounding /pretty/ good right about now, eh? *BLAMBLAMBLAM*

<Hero-IC> Gum says, "... Whose protocols?"
<Hero-IC> The Guardian is quiet for a moment. And then says, "Is this one of those things which can only be dealt with by a certain small group of people, or would extra assistance of some kind be welcome in any way, shape, or form?"
<Hero-IC> Angela says, "What's going on?"
<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "Target identified. Engaging."
<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 says, "Mine and KOS-MOS'. Nevertheless I don't believe you will get an answer out of her, and in a moment I will be too occupied to answer as well. Just have the medical bay ready."
<Hero-IC> Princess Lana says, "Understood."
<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 says, "Thank you."
<Fac-Palace> Princess Lana says, "All right, who's got this one?"
<Hero-IC> Cody says, "Wait...who're ya takin' on?"
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "They're going to have a stupid fight, Cody."
<Hero-IC> Angela snorts.
<Hero-IC> Cody says, "...err...right. 'Gainst who?"
<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "It is imperitive that chaos does not join the Gnosis. If no cure can be found in the next five seconds, he will be terminated to prevent that from happening."
<Fac-Palace> Gradius Commander David Burton says, "Which one?"
<Hero-IC> Princess Lana says, "KOS-MOS... Please repeat that?"
<Hero-IC> Pikachu says, "Pika pikachu? <TG, are you back to normal?>"
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "Yes, Pikachu."
<Hero-IC> Cody says, " mean Fishface's cheat didn't wear off?"<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 says, "She plans to kill chaos, Princess Lana. I plan to save him."
<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "I state once again, it is imperitive that chaos does not join the Gnosis. If no cure can be found in the next five seconds, he will be terminated to prevent that from happening."
<Hero-IC> Angela says, "Good luck whatever your name is."
<Hero-IC> Princess Lana says, "Understood Ziggurat, good luck."
lt;Fac-Palace> Princess Lana says, "David, get the Med Bay preped please."
<Fac-Palace> Gradius Commander David Burton says, "Right."
<Fac-Palace> Cody says, "This is gonna end up messy..."
<Fac-Palace> Gradius Commander David Burton says, "Wait a second...Lana, aren't both of them androids?"
<Fac-Palace> Princess Lana says, "I believe they are. hence why I want someone to try to contact Shion, Cecil, or Dr. Light ASAP, just in case."

Ziggy's shuttle roars overhead and hovors there for a few moments, before the side hatch opens. A moment later Ziggy leaps out and lands on the ground. He doesn't land between the AGWS and chaos, that would be suicidal. He won't be any help to chaos dead. He lands off to the side, where both chaos and KOS-mOS are in front of him. "KOS-MOS, I'll ask you one more time to stop this course of action. We've found chaos, we just need to take him back to the Palace and this can end with him dying. Otherwise..." Lucky for him she doesn't know his Ether Circuit is offline, and hopefully she won't find out "You will have two targets to contend with." His Jack-Knife snaps into place to show he's not kidding around.

<Fac-Palace> The Guardian says, "I don't think KOS-MOS is going rogue, ma'am."
<Fac-Palace> Princess Lana says, "To be honest, it wouldn't be the first time TeeGee, which gives us all the more reason to contact the individuals I just listed."
<Fac-Palace> Gradius Commander David Burton says, "Roger, I've told the staff here to prep for both of them."
<Fac-Palace> Gradius Commander David Burton says, "Hopefully we can reach someone in Vector Industries as well..."
<Fac-Palace> Princess Lana says, "David, Vector is an unknown quanity still, and is not to be trusted."
<Fac-Palace> Destin Faroda says, "Make sure that you prep the Medbay for a human, or maybe a cyborg. If Travis' cheat on KOS-MOS hasn't worn off yet, she still may be human."
<Fac-Palace> Link says, "Eh? Isn't Shion part of Vector though?"
<Fac-Palace> Gradius Commander David Burton says, "OOC:Mis. I said that, not Link."
<Fac-Palace> Princess Lana says, "Maybe, but she's also proven that as an individual she can be trusted."

The bullets whiz right through chaos' ethereal form - unlike most Gnosis, he seems to be immaterial even here, far from the borders of the Galaxy Federation and the Gnosis. Perhaps an effect of the Cheat. Either way chaos continues to sit there. His body tenses, but he remains otherwise inert. He must be break is to lose, to break is to die.

KOS-MOS's mech charges forwards even as the bullets spray uselessly through chaos. KOS-MOS knows the truth, the terrible, cold hard truth. He can't last forever. No one can. Termination will begin now. Her voice filters over the A.G.W.S.'s speakers. "Ziggy. You should know the danger that the Gnosis pose to everyone. Taking one to the Palace would be an unwise action." The mech swings an arm in a wide arc, dragging a boxy weapon behind it. The swing draws out the beamblade, which slashes at chaos with savage precision.

Ziggy honestly didn't think words would work, but he had to try them. Nevertheless, NOW he does the suicidal thing and runs between KOS-MOS and chaos. "A Gnosis, yes, but this is chaos. Look at him KOS-MOS, he is remaining still despite your attacks. What Gnosis has ever displayed such a passive manner to such aggression? He has a better chance of controlling himself if you cease your attack." Still, Ziggy's putting perhaps too much faith into chaos holding onto his mind, he's facing the AGWS, with his back to him. If chaos loses it and attacks he'll be in a bad situation indeed. Regardless, Ziggy tries to defend the unfortunate Gnosis as best he can, parrying anything he's able to parry and even taking hits wherever feasable, while doing what damage he can to the AGWS. Which isn't all that much when he has to rely on his blade and kicks.

The blade passes right through chaos, leaving an odd wake in his body. An odd, crackling wake. chaos flinches, his flimsy control weakening under the attack. He grunts, struggling to maintain what precious little control remains. He can't fight KOS-MOS, not here, not now, he must be strong...Ziggy, Ziggy will protect him, yes,

Lucky chaos. But there's no way that he can keep this up against a concentraited assult. Not forever. And not against the firepower KOS-MOS can bring to bear, even in this state. <<Ziggurat 8, I have no desire to harm you. Stand down.>> Not a request. And it's lucky for Ziggy that the VX-20000 stands about twice his height. It's more effective to shoot over his head then to hunker down and paste chaos /through/ him. The subunit on the back opens up, swarms of missiles arcing overhead to lock in on chaos and volly. You have got to LOVE Airds.

"I cannot do that." Is his simple reply. The VX-20000 may stand taller than him, but it's not like Ziggy has never taken down AGWS single-handed before. He dashes up to the left leg while giving KOS-MOS one more message "I cannot and do not hold your decision against you, you are following your protocol as I am following mine. We shall see in a moment just which of our protocols made the right decision."

With all he had to say said, he grabs the left leg of the AGWS with his cybernetic arm, and forces his Ether Attack Circuit into squeezing the last bit of juice it has left, into one big Red Mark surge. The feedback pours into the AGWS' circuits and into the cockpit, strong enough to KO an average human pilot for a good 10 minutes. For KOS-MOS, probably less, but she would probably be down for at least half that.

The Aird units rip through chaos' frame, shattering the distance between Here and There that maintains chaos' Gnosis invulnerability.

The pain is too much. Too fast. Too strong.

chaos' eyes snap open, and he growls, a low, angry sound that is, while entirely human, much angrier than chaos' voice normally is. He hisses, "You...should not...have...come....HERE!"

And once again, a terrible force is born.

chaos holds forth his hands, glittering with terrible blue and purple energy. Before, when chaos struck Albedo down, the energies were separated - but now, oh no. Now, the energies are comingled, the glorious blue and the terrible purple unified into one horrific force. Behind chaos, wings form - neither entirely angelic or demonic, but comingled - dark and spiky protrusions holding the strange, disturbing leather feathers aloft. And suddenly there is POWER, ripping through Ziggy and the AGWS' forms, shattering systems, sundering body parts, damaging the very soul.

Is THIS the true power of chaos? Or merely some abomination born from his transformation? It's hard to say, precisely...but what is for sure is that when the light passes, and the wings fade, chaos only manages to gasp, "I'm...sorry..." before the intelligence fades from his eyes.

And out indeed does KOS-MOS go. The shock to her system is too much for her. Ziggy hit her in mid-charge, so the A.G.W.S. sputters forwards a half step more and falls to the ground out of balance, the pilot down for the count. Thank god the thing fell in front of Ziggy, it'll make a very effective body shield.

But it's not going to take a second hit of the kind that chaos is dishing out. Parts go flying, ripped clean off the frame of the Gnosis destroying mech. The weapons are the first to fall, then several limbs and even heavier armor plates are reduced to slag, pure slag. And through it all, a hole has been torn into the side of the mech, through which a blue haired pilot is struggling with her restraints.

The VX-20000 falls, and Ziggy lets himself feel relieved for a moment. Perhaps with the attack ceased chaos will continue to hold onto his---- oh snap, nevermind. "chaos, no!" Is all he can say before the maddening surge of power rips through the AGWS, and through him. Perhaps had he not felled the VX-20000 when he did chaos' attack may very well have killed him. But with the mech taking the brunt of the force, Ziggy is just left to be hit by little streamlets of raw force, and the soul-damaging power that chaos holds. As for the damage to Ziggy's soul, well best leave that to specualtion, the resurrected cyborg may not even have one to damage.

Nevertheless, when everything clears Ziggy is on the ground, his cybernetic arm has been partially blown off, which is the most amount of damage is located, aside from numerous other cuts, bruises, and frayed wires and torn metal. After a few moments he struggles to get up, but he's not doing anything anytime soon.

chaos breathes heavily, voice echoing in an inhuman manner...and then he hisses, in a voice not his own,





chaos suddenly leaps from the ground, tremendous strength and Gnosis phasing allowing him to literally rip his way through the AGWS' armor to stand before KOS-MOS, his hand flaming with terrible power. The blue is gone now...only purple remains.

See, KOS-MOS, if you'd just sat there this wouldn't have happened.

chaos snarls, the sound inhuman and terrifying and perhaps enough to shatter the ironclad control KOS-MOS has always held over her emotions. She's weak. Vulnerable. And now, as his hand reaches forward for her throat, it looks like she will also be dead.

KOS-MOS grabs at her restraits with massive human strength. Well. THAT'S not working. In every A.G.W.S. there is an emergency panel. This panel contains things such as a breathing mask with an external oxygen tank, a few flairs, some's a survival kit in case the mech goes down and can't be recovered instantly. Or at all. But most importantly, there is in this kit, a pistol. Supposedly, it's for self defence, but all the pilots know what good it is against a Gnosis. They all know what it's /really/ in there for.

To put a bullet in your own right temple.

KOS-MOS's right hand reaches down into the compartment, fishes around and returns. Clasped in a death grip is the 10mm weapon, clip already loaded...there is no safety, not on this gun. And a testiment to her iron will, KOS-MOS points it at chaos' face and dumps the clip in the face of death.

Caught up in what he was, Ziggy is fairly disoriented. Once the utter physical shock wears off, what just happened comes back to mind. He tries to stand, but finds he doesn't have much luck at first. You've heard of death by 1000 cuts? Well Ziggy has about 800, and had his left forearm chopped off. So he's in bad shape to say the least.

So it is either through his own powerful will, or the strength of his endurance that he finally is on his feet again. Blood and mechanical fluid staining his clothes. And he stands only to see chaos looming over KOS-MOS' cockpit, as the valiant andr-- cyborg empties a clip of bullets in a last ditch effort. Did he make the wrong choice? It is now irrelevent, saving chaos was a priority, how just surviving period is. If chaos kills KOS-MOS, he may be the next target, and he's in no condition to fight, barely enough to flee.

oO(Options? ...few.) He can do nothing to help KOS-MOS at this point, nor chaos for that matter. Instead of fleeing he remains where he is. With a bit of irony, he remembers all he used to do, all the dangerous missions he'd take on with the hope he'd get himself killed in the effort. He never thought he'd be destroyed by an ally he was just trying to save.

The bullets stream, and chaos face craters. He's out of synch still, so MOST of the bullets go right on through...but one impacts with his forehead, causing the Gnosis-boy to shutter. The bullet remains there, stuck, somehow not passing into the brain, suspended by some strange purple light. chaos reaches up and rips the bullet free forceably, and would have caused some bone damage if he still had bones. The tragic youth's hand gets only millimeters from KOS-MOS' throat, and the Gnosis-voice hisses, "Yes...join us..."

And then another voice screams, NO!

His hand stops abruptly, brilliant blue light impeding its progress. Purple wars with blue for control of the aura that now surrounds chaos, and the Gnosis-voice hisses, "YOU ARE DEAD! YOU ARE WE! THIS--"

This can be. This will be.

You will not harm her here.

And then the blue light explodes in power, shredding the last vestiges of the AGWS, sending chaos flying and fracturing trees until he impacts with the odd tree-cottage at the far end of the "forest", where he lays.



And human.

*clickclackkaCHAK* KOS-MOS reloads the pistol in a smooth motion.

The android turned cyborg cuts open the restraints with the knife located in the Emergency Kit. Would have helped to remember about that a few moments ago, the price of being human. Pistol still in hand, she walks over to chaos and points it once again at his temple. And then for a /very/ long moment, she pauses.

"Target elimated. All Gnosis have been terminated." She drops the pistol and picks up chaos and calls down the dropship. She walks over to Ziggy. "You require medical attention."

<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "Target eliminated. All Gnosis have been terminated. Returning to the Kukai Foundation with chaos."
<Hero-IC> Angela says, "I hope that's good news."
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "He reverted?"
<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 says, "It is, the situation has been resolved."
<Hero-IC> Princess Lana says, "KOS-MOS, I would strongly recomend that you bring him to the Palace or Power, saince we do have experience with any possibly lingering effects in regards to what happened to chaos."
<Hero-IC> Angela says, "Let me ask that a different way..."
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "That's a relief! I hope none of you are badly injured."
<Hero-IC> Angela says, "Is he alive?"
<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 says, "I believe he is."
<Hero-IC> Sounding Somehow Indistinct and Ghostly, chaos's radio remains broke, otherwise he would be breathing at you all. So instead you just have to take their word for it!
<Hero-IC> Angela says, "Good."
<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "I am currently persona non grata at the Palace of Power until such time as Doctor Light can examine me and determine that I am not a threat to the Palace and it's allies. However, should you wish to overturn that decision, set down by Lady A, then I shall bring chaos to the Palace."
<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 says, "I can transport chaos to the Palace, if someone will meet us there."
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "I'm willing to. Would you be arriving by warp or the front gate?"
<Hero-IC> Princess Lana says, "Thank you Ziggurat. And I believe that I probably do not have to ask for a volunteer?"
<Hero-IC> Princess Lana says, "Thank you Guardian."
<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 says, "By warp."

Goddammit chaos, Ziggy just struggled to get to his feet, and now he's blown down on his back again!

Disoriented again, Ziggy manages to sit up, and sees KOS-MOS with a pistol to chaos' temple, and then taking it away. oO(Was that the random power of Gameshark's Snow Crash, or the natrual power chaos possesses?) Ziggy, like the others, has never understood chaos' power, and he has never pried. He's not about to start now either. As KOS-MOS approaches him he looks up at her and merely replies "Indeed." He manages to stand again under his own power. After a few moments Ziggy's Shuttle flies back overhead. Well at least the remote for that wasn't damaged. He spends a few moments looking at chaos before he turns to KOS-MOS "I sincerely hope that our.... protocols never again conflict with each other like this."

<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "OK, give me several moments. Also, Princess, I'm willing to vouch for KOS-MOS if you need some sort of interim authority or anything like that."
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "OK! I'm in position. What are the nature of his injuries?"
<Hero-IC> Princess Lana says, "Guardian, until either Dr. Light, Cecil, or Dr. Hikari check out KOS-MOS, I unfortunately can not change her status. Unfortunately the information that we recieved just prior to the heartless situation is, as far as we know, still valid."

KOS-MOS is still holding chaos, blatently not responding to Ziggy. Not in the manner he's prolly hoping for, at any rate. "Are you capable of moving under your own power?" She offers over chaos to the normal cyborg, not even awaiting the responce. She either knows him, or knows more then she's letting on.

<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "... you mean the king of Ba-- oh, I understand you."
<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 says, "I can see no substantial injuries on his person, he's just unconscious."
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "OK, we're preparing one of the warm goo tanks. We'll have a camera on hand to record his expression when he regains consciousness."
<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "chaos has taken a large amount of Ether related backwash, as well as several wounds from A.G.W.S. class weaponry. While no physical woulds are present, that does not mean they have not affected him. Ziggurat 8 has sustained a large amount of ether damage as well, and will likely require further cybernic replacements and augmentations."
<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "I am close to my full capabilities for this form."

Ziggy nods. Perhaps he wasn't expecting a response, but he felt he had to say it regardless. "My right arm is undamaged, and I can manage to carry him the rest of the way." He says, accepting chaos' frame, good thing he's so scrawny. He carries him back to the shuttle not saying anything more. After a few minutes the shuttle flies back into the air. From there it arrives at the nearest convient portal to warp to the Palace.

<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "Have you gone back to normal yet?"
<Hero-IC> Angela says, "Magic overload then?"
<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "I have not."
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "Well, it could literally be at any moment. Do you have any sensations of irritation over the skin?"
<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "Negative."
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "OK. That might not happen to you, but if you do experience it, that's likely what's going on."
KOS-MOS enters her own shuttle. It's a good thing she had the foresight to load several different types of A.G.W.S. into it before departing. It's a shame she had to lose her heavy hitter so soon, though. Well, if she believed in luck, she'd be hoping it lets her not need any of the other mechs for her next fight.
<Hero-IC> Ziggurat 8 says, "I will be arriving in the Palace Warp Room momentarily."
<Hero-IC> Princess Lana sighs, "All right, Guardian, if you're willing to... Watch over KOS-MOS, and if she's willing to stay confined to the med Bay, I am willing to wave things for now, until she fully returns to normal. That way, if she wants, Station can try to help her.
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "OK. Sorry about this inconvienence, KOS-MOS."
<Fac-Palace> Jim Raynor says, "I'll send a Pair of Ghosts armed with Lock-Down rounds as well. They'd be able to disable her with out doing damage using those. If you so wish it Princess."
<Hero-IC> KOS-MOS says, "Negative, I have already inicated a column jump and will be unable to return to the Palace for several hours. Also, I am in no need of medical assistance."
<Fac-Palace> Yuko Ahso says, "Except she's human right now, so that's not a good idea."
<Fac-Palace> Princess Lana says, "If KOS-MOS agrees to come in, she is to be under survelience the entire time, and to be under guard. And that's on top of her being confined to medbay. Same goes for chaos. And Jim, if you don't mind, thank you."
<Fac-Palace> Jim Raynor says, "Tranq rounds then."
<Hero-IC> The Guardian says, "Alright. I need to make you try my curry recipe some day, too."
<Fac-Palace> Yuko Ahso says, "Mmm...those should do, but hopefully won't come to be needed."
<Fac-Palace> Jim Raynor says, "Agreed, better to have a non leathal way to stop a problem right?"

Palace of Power - Warp Zone Room

This room, the center of warp activity in Videoland, is a series of long hallways, warp zones sitting like multicolored pools of light against the walls, each one labeled, destinations certain for those who step into them. From here, you can go almost anywhere in Videoland, your imagination the only real limit to your destination.

A warp opens, and in walks Ziggy, carrying an unconscious chaos in his arms. Err, arm. chaos hardly has a scratch on him, Ziggy on the other hand looks like he's been through hell. He's missing his left forearm, he has cuts and lacerations all over his body, and his clothes are stained with both blood and cybernetic mech fluid. Despite that he's still standing, and carrying chaos.

And there, looking neat and clean and almost /glossy/ - although she does have a couple of frost patches at odd places on her flight-armor - is the Guardian! Who's expression becomes concerned at the sight of the badly battered Ziggy. She steps forwards and says with the same concerned expression, "Do you want me to carry him for you?" /She/ still has all parts attached.

"If you would." Comes his reply. It seems that Ziggy's remarkable endurance is the only reason he's even able to stand. "Please, if you can hold any questions about what happened, I shall compile a report once I have seen medical attention." He hands chaos over to TG before they set off to the Medical Bay.

The Guardian shifts the unconscious young man back and forth a little, before finally (and gently) resting him over one shoulder. It's almost absurd-looking, but it balances fairly well. "OK," she says, before turning to lead the way towards the Chamber of Torments!

Palace of Power - Videoland Research and Development

This tower of the Palace, once another set of guest quarters, has been turned into a makeshift laboratory, numerous rooms holding hundreds of experiments, good scientists putting their skills to use making the most unusual devices imaginable. It is here that the scientists who built Kevin's Zapper work, and they continue to invent, making new and better devices to keep the Gamemasters equipped with the most up-to-date equipment possible. Never mind the loud explosions that occasionally rip through the area... it's natural.

Ziggurat 8 walks into the Medbay looking like hell. Yeah, he probably needs attention, all that blood mixing with cybernetic fluid probably isn't a good thing.

The Guardian comes in close behind the cyborg, with chaos slung over one shoulder. She puts the poorly-capitalized young fellow into one of the 'unconscious person healing tanks' which is filled with warm medical goop. She also pauses to fiddle with something mounted on the outside of the said tank.

Lucky humans, they just get to be suspended in goop. Ziggy is a bit more complicated. Luckily he had seen to it when he first came to the Palace that the MedBay been outfitted with an appropriate cyborg maintenance bed. "The Kukai Foundation can supply the appropriate parts." He says, his voice with a slight twinge of weakness "Please inform Junior of what happened if he arrives before I write my report." Saying that, lying down on the maintenance bed, he promptly shuts down. Or falls asleep. Or both.

The Guardian nods once and then says, gently, "Please don't worry too much. We'll take good care of you." And she gives the Ziggurat a gentle pat on the shoulder. And then informs the local lab technicians on her way out! Oh no, he might get /Rebecca Chambers/ as a medic.

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