Adventure Zone - Lost Continent

This mysterious land is, well, quite mysterious. Rumors of lost temples, forgotten civilizations, and fierce monsters seem to grip this land. The safety of villages lie few and far between, and eerily enough, its easy to get lost here and find yourself in another world entirely. Dark forests hide the center of this continent, and an eerie aura surrounds them... who knows what dangers lie beyond?

The Unknown Territories Investigation and Creation Organization has organized a fleet for the attack upon Mysidia. High in the skies over Mysidia -- though still many kilometers away -- a plane of three by four battleships are moving through the skies, with the requisite fighter escort. Most have the sleek, black, and hawk-like visage of the standard U-TIC battleship, but one has that of a purple stingray.

Onboard his battleship, Margulis looks impatient as he looks below. "What's the ETA for being in bombardment range?" he asks sternly.

"Five minutes, sir," one of the technicians replies.

"I'm moving to the dropship bay, then," the purple-haired man states. He turns, pivoting on one foot, and begins walking away from the bridge. "Pellegri, you have the bridge. Send our regards to the allies."

As the bridge door slides open and Margulis steps through, the crew gets to work on doing just that.

A much smaller craft was currently being deployed by the Neo-Arcadian Ground General, but Fefnir still took the largest troop transport available at the time, the helicopter currently hovering over the sea north of the city of Mysidia. Little to say, Fefnir was NOT getting anywhere that town just yet, but he had his troops ready to deploy on a moment's notice as he observed from afar for now.

Doctor Robotnik smirks as he watches from the command center of his ship, eyes shifting towards several Badniks as they work at their stations saying, "Everyone is to remain at their stations except for the troops that will join me. I'll move down first, the rest will remain near the warp room until I give the order for them to come down to the surface.", he checks his radio before adjusting his suit quickly making his way down to the vehicle bay where several machines await, Ivo studies each before activating the Egg Hawk, quickly pressing a few buttons on his remote before it attaches to the top of a heavily armed blimp saying, "Time to use the Egg Albatross configuration.", he chuckles as he climbs into the Egg Mobile quickly docking in the cockpit of the larger machine before launching out into the sky

Margulis enters the dropship, which then promptly launches. The dropships, however, perform a rather odd thing as they begin to move up into the sky. They fly up /above/ the formation of battleships. Margulis watches from a window, and then turns around to glance at the captain. "Order the bombardment to begin, and inform the allies."

"Yes, sir."

And in a few moments, the cannons on the hawk-like battleships begin arching downward on their turrets. Mysidia lays sprawled out below, unsuspecting of what is to come. Margulis' cold eyes narrow, as he watches the firing preparations begin -- and the call is sent out to the rest from E.V.I.L. and the other villains, to join in on the U-TIC signal.

The call is heard and answered, the Neo-Arcadian craft moving forward and beginning to drop forces about a mile west of the village, drones setting up a perimeter to prevent escape and to facilitate capture while remaining well out of range of friendly fire, provided the bombarding crew knew how to shoot right. The craft may bring suspicion from the locals, but the reploid commander doubted they would catch on before it's too late.

Doctor Robotnik smirks as he moves above the fleet moving towards the dropships as he activates his radio saying, "All weapons target the area below us and prepare to fire in synch with the other ships.", he deactivates his radio as he looks towards his ship, holding back a laugh as he activates his camera focusing on the area below as best he can

As for the giant stingray that s Robotnik's ship, it slowly moves into formation, all weapons on the lower decks moving into position as they target Mysidia below ready to fire once the word is given

In the sky, a rather alien ship slices the air. It basically looks like an alien jet craft. Inside, Duke is at the controls, grim. In the back: Enough guns and explosives to blow up Russia. The craft is most likely stolen. He zooms around the area, surverying the damage, and comes to this conclusion: Blow sh** up. He sends a message to the biggest ship out there.

In the skies approaching Mysidia is a ship, a shuttle belonging to the Kukai Foundation with Ziggy at the helm. The cyborg glances at the radar as it tells him just how many ships are in the vicinity. "Scan for known U-TIC vessels..." He orders the computer, and his screen soon flashes with the few ships with a U-TIC signature. "Arrange an intercept course, I'll deploy on foot as I approach." With the voice commands entered, Ziggy's shuttle flies in the direction of the U-TIC ships, and Margulis.

First she had to stop by the pokecenter outside of Mt. Moon to make a quick adjustment to her team. After that, finding a warp to the right zone wasn't that hard, and it's not like a massive air fleet is hard to track down from there. Though with all the spacefighters and jets and such flying around, a large and really pissed off blue and red dragon flying his way towards the aerial force, Terra crouched down upon his back for the ride. Well, looking pissed off is nothing new, Salamence tends to look pissed off anyways, and having his right eye gouged out to nothing but a scar only makes him look that much more pissed.

The U-TIC drop ships have thus moved down into the perimeter created by the Neo-Arcadians, and forced their way into the now burning city. Margulis remains at their head, but falls in line with Fefnir. He looks over at him. "General Fefnir, we're nearly at the city. Thank you for your assistance." He grunts. "Neo-Arcadia has never failed to impress me, thus far."

Doctor Robotnik smirks as he quicklly follows after looking towards Margulis saying, "Agreed, the Neo-Arcadian forces are impressive, especially when under Fefnir's command as I've seen.", the Egg Albatross floats a few feet above before saying, "Time to activate, warp in.", several energy spikes register as several Eggman robots appear nearby, a few armed with ranged weapons while the rest prep their lances, several large black robots wielding hammers can be seen near a few Badniks that look like mages that hover slightly the ground and behind them all are several units that look like E-123 Omega except for the differences in height and weapons, "First squad move out.", the Badniks quickly start to move in as several aerial Badniks start to launch from the ship above

Fefnir slowly leads the advance, entirely ignoring any movement beside for mysidians that would attempt escape, sending pairs or trios of GUTS Drones to restrain and capture them, electric stick drones handling the 'pacification' effort when necessary, mostly shocking them senseless. "Simply doing my duty Commander." he replies to the UTIC leader, crimson optics scanning the surroundings for survivors and potential capture targets.

Duke decides his target is the pin-/magenta/ robot's troops. Taking out a grenade launcer and rocket launcher, after he got out of his ship as it landed of course. He runs, shooting grenades and rockets at the GUTS drones.

The Kukai Foundation's shuttle roars over Margulis and Fefnir, the side hatch opens as Ziggy leaps out. You wouldn't think leaping out head-first into combat would be smart, but Ziggy honestly didn't expect to be facing more than the usual U-TIC grunts.

It is not until he lands and looks at who is before him that Ziggy recognizes Margulis. Not by name, but he had fought him before, and that was a very close battle. This will be more difficult than he anticipated. Nevertheless, his Jack Knife snaps into place as he addresses Margulis "You will cease your attack and withdraw your forces from this village." He orders. He honestly doesn't expect compliance, but protocol demands it.

Terra leans forward to look over Salamence's shoulder, and whistles a bit, that's a lot of troops. Hmmm. Need a few moments to come up with a formal strategy. But to do that, she needs to know what they're capable of taking down there. "Heat things up a bit Salamence, let's see just how hot they can take it." A roar is all the dragon gives in responce as he swoops down, and out of the open maw comes a blazing stream of fire blasted towards the general emassing of troops, trying to shake them up a bit.

The U-TIC soldiers begin their forward charge as Ziggy leaps down in their midst, and Margulis finds himself facing the cyborg. He narrows his eyes as he watches some of his men get burnt down underneath Salamance's jet of flame, but the rest continue their rush into the city. Their target, oddly, seems to be the civilians, and dropships are flying in with them (and with escorts) to meet them.

Margulis, however, remains facing the cyborg that got the drop on them. He gets a light smirk to his face, and he has a nearly bored amusement as he speaks. "The cyborg, eh? I'd wondered if you might have broken down and found your way to a scrap yard, yet," the Commander grunts as he slides his blade from the scabbard. "Well, then. This should be interesting, without the 100-Series Observational Realian to back you up."

He offers no more warning, as he steps forward and slams his blade, with his impressive might behind it, at the cyborg's side.

Margulis misses Ziggurat 8 with his Opening Slash attack.

A psycho firing grenades is a little difficult to miss, however the GUTS drones react on protocol: Raising their gigantic arms to block the incoming projectiles. Some make it unharmed, others don't do it quickly enough and become a statistic. Even blocking the explosive firepower sends the drones backwards, the reploid commander frowning faintly as heroes arrive.

"All units, focus on the capture procedures, assist UTIC forces." commands Fefnir, moving forward as his armcannon is raised toward the Duke. He considers a warning, but then the guy was already shooting at his units so a warning would be time well wasted, time better spent pulling the trigger.

Fefnir strikes Duke Nukem with his weak And pull the trigger he does: Small flame burst away! attack.

Ziggy's Jack Knife moves faster than Margulis would likely remember, down to parry his sword strike. Did Ziggy get some upgrades since their last meeting? Unlikely, rather he has just analysed and studied his memory of that fight to be far better prepared in case he ever met Margulis again. It proves to have been a worthwhile venture now. Pushing Margulis' sword away, Ziggy merely comments

"Her name is MOMO."

Then for the brief window of opporotunity he has, he slahes at Margulis' side with his elbow blade. It seems that the cyborg isn't quite so disadvantaged as the Commander has thought.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Margulis with his Jack Knife attack.

Margulis grunts as the cyborg's jack knife slices through his coat and into his side. He rolls with and away from the slice at the same time, but it still leaves a line of blood that begins to ooze out. "Her name is irrelevant," the Commander states. His sword comes up to hold back the jack knife for a moment, while his other hand comes up and faces Ziggy's face, open palm. A small blaze of flame forms, and hurls at the cyborg's head. "Let's see how extensive your cybernetics are, eh?"

Margulis strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Fireball attack.

You have taken 23 damage.

Doctor Robotnik frowns as a few of the badniks get blasted apart by the attack, he quickly focuses attention on Terra and here Salamence saying, "Hmm, the databanks register that as the Pokemon trainer, Terra. This should prove interesting.", another energy spike can be detected before more Badniks appear quickly moving into the city searching for any civilians that survived while Ivo chuckles manuevering the Egg Albatross towards Terra saying, "You and your pet won't be doing much damage when I am through with you. Take aim and fire!", several cannons turn towards the pair before firing several energy blasts

Duke is hit in the back by the flames, and his shirt and skin sizzles. Turning around with an angry face on, he fires the remaining ammo in both weapons at the drones, drops them, then turns around to face Fefnir, grim. He takes out a Klashnikov, and levels it to Fefnir's face. "Yippie Ki Yay, Mother-(bleep)er!" and fires a heavy round of bullets at him.

Doctor Robotnik misses Terra with his Eat Plasma attack.

Duke Nukem strikes Fefnir with his Lead for Breakfast. attack.

Bullets penetrate some of the Neo-Arcadian's plating, the others ricochet off or cause dents, yet Fefnir does not seem to be incomodated much by either. "Designation is incorrect, I did not do your mother last night." calmly and coldly replies the reploid in a way only a robot could do, keeping the armcannon raised as he begins to glow white, signs that the Neo-Arcadian was charging up for a powered shot moments before a fireball bigger than HE was launches from it, hello six feet five plasma blast.

Fefnir strikes Duke Nukem with his Charged Flame Burst attack.

Damn. Duke holds his arms up, but again they are charred, but he manages to duck and roll before the flames do too much. Getting up, he strafes, sending more bullets at Fefnir. "Come get some!" he calls.

Duke Nukem misses Fefnir with his Lead for Lunch. attack.

*FWOOSH* The fireball engulfs Ziggy's head and shoulders. If he actually had any eyebrows they'd be gone by now. He seems rather burnt by the time the smoke subsides, but his expression is still as hardened as ever.

"Her name is not irrelevent." The cyborg seems intent on contradicting the U-TIC Commander tonight. But he doesn't waste any time with any follow-ups, as his left foot suddenly darts upward to kick Margulis in the head.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Margulis with his High Kick attack.

Terra uhboys as the ship opens fire, and on reflex grabs onto the joint base of Salamence's wings for a sure grip. She doesn't need to give a command, the dragon pulling up on his own, plasma blasts zipping below with barely inches to spare as their glow flickers off his belly plates. Whew, that was close. "I say you give that thing a bit of turbulence to deal with." "Saaaaar." Righting his body slightly to come to a hover, his huge wings continue to beat, wipping up enough wind to send a sizable cyclone spinning towards the Albatross. Not one of Salamence's natural moves, but that's what the fun of pokemon breeding is.

Terra strikes Doctor Robotnik with her Twister attack.

Margulis rolls his head to the side and raises a forearm up to catch the cyborg's foot, but his mechanical strength causes him to grunt in pain as it hits his forearm bones. He swings his blade back from the cyborg's jack knife, ending the parry, and then pivots back on his left foot. He throws his entire body into a lower slash at Ziggy's waist. "A tool, cyborg, is a tool," he says. "We could give her any name we wish. She is still a 100-Series Observational Realian."

Margulis misses Ziggurat 8 with his Pivot and Slash attack.

Doctor Robotnik's eyes widen for a few seconds as the Egg Albatross is sent spinning, he quickly gets the sides of the cockpit before gaining control, he replaces his glasses for his goggles, a smirk crossing his face for a few seconds before saying, "This should prove to be interesting data.", he chuckles as the ship moves higher into the air, several turrets taking aim towards the pair before releasing a rapid burst of energy

Doctor Robotnik strikes Terra with his Rapid Fire Laser attack.

"Under the Federation Human Rights Act, Realians possess the same rights and freedoms as any human in peace time." He quickly takes a leap back to narrowly escape Margulis' slash. "Were it not for your organization and others like it there would be no need for them to be used as tools at all."

Ziggy doesn't go any further on the subject, and certainly not into the area which labels HIM as being nothing but a possession. That doesn't matter at this point. He clenches his cybernetic fist as electrical energy is gathered in it. He distinctly recalls from his previous battle with Margulis that fire-based attacks are virtually useless, so that limits his arsenal considerably. Nevertheless, this oncoming Electrical Discharge should prove to sting a little.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Margulis with his Lightning Fist attack.

"Request denied." sarcasticly says Fefnir, jumping over the barrage of ammunition with surprising speed for a reploid his size. "Concentrate less on your little catchphrases and more on aiming, human." even suggests the Neo-Arcadian, slamming a fist into the ground as he creates a wave of pure energy that tears the very ground itself, shaking the earth and possibly harming the Duke.

Fefnir strikes Duke Nukem with his Ground Breaker attack.

"It has been made clear before that the Federation's laws are often mistaken," Margulis says. He gets struck by the fist in his chest, and his eyes widen as lightning courses over him. However, the U-TIC Commander quickly grasps his blade, even through the raging electricity, and pushes his sword forward -- by trying to stab it into Ziggurat 8, and share the charge with him.

Margulis strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Taste Your Own Medicine attack.

You have taken 19 damage.

Duke is knocked down by the force, getting bruised. (I really need a vacation...) he thinks. Standing up, he takes out a very big CHAIN GUN and spews bullets faster and with more quantity at the robot. "You damn robots can kiss my ass, b****!" he yells.

Duke Nukem misses Fefnir with his Lead for Dinner. smash attack.

The stab hurts quite a bit, the electricity hurts less due to teh fact Ziggy is properly grounded. How else could he channel such large amounts of electricity and not electricute himself? Still, Ziggy steps back, removing the sword from his gut. They're only vital organs, he doesn't need them.

"Regardless, what is irrelevent is your opinion of MOMO. She is happy among people who treat her as a person, and she will never fall back in /your/ hands again." He almost sounds angry, almost. But even if he doesn't sound angry, his following actions seem to hint it. He begins a combination of slashing and kicking which is organized with a precision only a computerized mind could likely handle. Or a cybernetic one at least.

Ziggurat 8 misses Margulis with his Cross Lancer attack.

Salamence snarls as the rapid fire blasts pepper against his body, shoving him backwards in the air, the only thing protecting Terra from the attack is his angled position. He's not too happy about being hurt himself though. Some trainers might of gotten off and hide for cover by now, but Terra isn't one to not be in the middle of it along with her pokemon. "Try getting in close, Salamence, just shooting at it isn't working!" That, and she's got another idea. Hissing in agreement, the dragonmon lunges forward, his fanged mouth trying to clamp down on one of the wings.

Terra strikes Doctor Robotnik with her Bite attack.

Margulis regards Ziggy's words with his usual cold, unswayed gaze. "You speak as if you really have some control over that, cyborg," the man answers. He steps backward, rolling as Ziggy moves in with his assortment of slices and kicks, and then sweeps his feet at the cyborg's in an effort to throw him to the ground.

Margulis strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Sweep Kick stun attack.

You've been stunned and cannot attack!

Doctor Robotnik frowns as he looks towards Salamence yelling, "Let go, I just had that fixed!", he looks towards Terra for a few seconds as the engines start to speed up, rotorblades increasing speed as Ivo smirks quickly sending the Albatross into a spin in an attempt to throw them off

Doctor Robotnik strikes Terra with his I said, LET GO! attack.

"I do." Ziggy states, confident. Besides, he saved her from them once, he can do it again. But he doesn't get the chance to say THAT, as Margulis' kick knocks him down. Normally Ziggy has such a strong balance due to his robotic legs, that knocking him over in such a way is almost impossible. But due to the imbalance caused by the fury of his attack, Ziggy finds himself down and facing the sky. Not one for wasting time he quickly tries to get on his feet, but he is left vunerable to an attack from Margulis in the process.

Margulis does not take advantage of such a thing, instead grasping a med kit from within his robe and slamming it against the deep cut that the cyborg left on his side. The device crumples away as the nano-machines inside begin to eat through it, and then repair that grievous wound. He is but a man, and Ziggy is, at least in part, a machine. "Then you're mistaken."

Margulis strikes Margulis with his Med Kit healing attack.

"I'll pass." calmly replies Fefnir, oddly enough he was the calm one while the human was burning up in anger, how odd. Little to say, the Neo-Arcadian slams his fist on the ground again, causing a huge earth spike to rise and just absorb the firepower deployed by the Duke as the robot leaps over it, leaping on a collision course with the human to deliver a rather rough punch to that sunglass wearing face.

Fefnir strikes Duke Nukem with his Knuckle sandwich attack.

Margulis strikes Ziggurat 8 with his trivial Unleash All Zig!! attack.

The sunglasses break, along with Duke's nose. He falls as blood shoots from it. But he simply gets back up. "Alright, I see now. I get angry while you remain calm....alright, how's a-bout a little of THIS???" he says, and takes out an alien plasma blaster, shooting a bolt of electric-like plasma at Fefnir. Yes, Electric. Does Duke have a death wish?

Duke Nukem misses Fefnir with his Alien Plasma Launcher. attack.

Ziggy is disadvantaged regardless, whether he had been hit or not, now his opponent is in slightly better sorts than before. "Continuing this is pointless." He finally states, staring the Commander right in his own heartless eyes "Time will tell all. However we are not going to let the U-TIC Orgnaization have their way."

The Elbow Blade is brought back into action, as Ziggy rushes back towards Margulis and tries to impale him through the midsection. Margy already did it to Ziggy, now it's payback time.

Ziggurat 8 misses Margulis with his Jack Blade attack.

"You speak too soon," Margulis grunts in reply, as he slams the edge of his sword down into Ziggy's jack knife and keeps the swivel-mounted sword from running him through. He lets out a harsh grunt and throws himself forward, trying to just ram the cyborg backward.

Margulis strikes Ziggurat 8 with his weak Shoulder Ram attack.

You have taken 11 damage.

The Neo-Arcadian seems to smirk slightly at the Duke's comment, "Want me to be angry then?" he asks before placing his arms to his sides as he lets out an earthshattering yell, causing a torrent of flame to envellop him. Maybe the Duke's idea wasn't such a good one as the plasma just dissolves in contact with the flare waves coming from the combat specialist Guardian, his body becoming of a pure white color as Fefnir just...


Cue transformer theme if that makes ya happy.

Little to say, the reploid's shape shifts, alters, becomes something BIGGER as Fefnir's legs turn into wheels, his arms into quad-cannons and his torso a frame, a frame for a battletank. "Dragon Tank online." says the cocky warrior as he focuses all guns and all power in a single shot.

"Have a nice trip." even says the robot before the tips of all four heavy plasma launchers glow a blinding white, letting loose a STORM of explosive plasma toward the Duke's position, the explosion ensuing will be catastrophic without a doubt.

Fefnir strikes Duke Nukem with his Infernal Dragon Breath finisher attack, but is stunned by the effort.

"Aaaaack!" Terra can be heard yowling sharply as the ship goes into a spin, swinging the dragon around several times before he's finally torn free, and goes crashing into the ground from the momentum, Terra clutching to his back as she's pelted with debris from the crash. Okay, that didn't work. "Time to try Plan B." As Salamence gets his bearings back, she pulls out a second pokeball and tosses it towards the ship. It pops open, and the flash of energy shoots down towards the wing of the craft, where it compresses into a small pokemon of steel and grey armor. "Aron?" Big blue eyes blink... and then he realizes that he's standing on something made of metal. "Aron!" n.n! Happily he bounces up to the nearest turrent, and starts trying to rip bits out of it with his claws and teeth.

Duke stares as the plasma rips towards him. "That can't be good..." he says, just before he is it. In two seconds, he is sent flying off into space, his body charred all over. "DAMNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiii---" he yells, and there's a star as he dissapears.

Looks like Team Nukem is blasting off again.

Doctor Robotnik looks down as he hears the sound of ripping metal before saying, "Get that creature off the ship before it eats everything!", a pair of Eggman Robots look at eachother as the Aron eats part of the turret before taking aim firing off a beam of electricity

Doctor Robotnik strikes Terra with his Shock Therapy attack.

"I speak with experience." Ziggy states calmly. The cyborg mercenary does, afterall, have 100 years experience doing what he does, not to mention 30 years before that, even though he can't fully remember it, it still does him well.

Taking a few steps back to put some distance between them, Ziggy's cybernetic hand sparks with electricity again. This time, however, it's much more powerful, much more wild. Bits of metallic debris from all around them, and there is probably a lot lying around with Fefnir's amd Robotnik's soldiers. The bits of free metal fly into the sky under the will of Ziggurat 8, and form into a giant electric guillotine, which Ziggy then slams down towards Margulis while shouting "Executioner!"

Ziggurat 8 misses Margulis with his Executioner smash attack.

"Then allow me to put my birth and knowledge before your experience," Margulis counters coolly. He lets out a shout, and rolls forward as the electric guitoinne crashes down behind him and slams into the ground. As he comes up standing, he faces Ziggy, and his face adopts that rare, but frightening, mask of anger it sometimes has. His blade is held before him, the flat of it pointing at the cyborg.

This attack will doubtlessly be familiar to him, as the runes on it are touched by the ether circuit and light up. Their archaic designs take on a red glow, brightening into form one-by-one, and then fade with a final flash. A firestorm erupts around the sword.

Margulis snarls out as he leaps up, and comes down at Ziggy. The sword's edge is slammed down at the cyborg, and flame is unleashed upon him. "RUNE BLADE!"

Margulis strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Rune Blade smash attack.

You have taken 32 damage.

Well, that dealt with that, the Neo-Arcadian ground general does a quick 180 degree turn before focusing his optics on remaining enemy forces, fleeing mysidians, etc. Assuming the rest of EVIL can hold their own against the heroes, the combat reploid just assumes direct command again of the drones, shifting them off automatic as he resumes the capture effort, having his troops put the unconscious or those who surrendered in the center of the ruined city.

Bzzzzzzzt! Aron yelps a bit as he's shot with the electric attack, skidding back on the wing as his claws screech through the metal, and shakes himself out. How dare they shoot him while he's eating. How mean! How evil! How... He pauses, sniffing. Hey, they're made of metal too! Skittering up, he tries to take a chomp out of the nearest Badnik robot.

".. Huh. I shoulda brought Aggron too," is all Terra observes of the matter.

Terra strikes Doctor Robotnik with her Giving New Meaning to An Attack Of The Munchies attack.

Yes, the attack is quite familiar, and if Ziggy wasn't still in the process of using the Executioner he may have been able to parry it due to familiarity. But that is not the case, and Ziggy is barely able to brace himself as fire erupts all around him, and his midsection is slashed rather badly.

But even after that assault subsides, Ziggy remains standing. Ziggy may not possess the great knowledge that just about every other character in the series possesses, but one thing's for sure: He's as solid as a rock.

"Your attacks are impressive, but..." Ziggy puts his weight on one leg, and lifts the other facing Margulis "...I don't succumb to strength alone." Ziggy begins kicking Margulis madly, making sure to have turned the fire jets in his feet off, thus making this attack a bit less effective than it'd normally be.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Margulis with his weak Cyber Kick Revised attack.

Margulis is caught in the repetition of slamming kicks into him, his body pulverized and thrown back. He grunts and stumbles, one kick having sliced his forehead near his scalp. A rivulet of blood begins to run down his forehead and over his lips. He catches himself after a moment, getting some distance backward. "Then you've mistaken me to have more than strength." He hurls his hand forward, and sends a fireball at the cyborg's armored chest.

Margulis misses Ziggurat 8 with his weak Fireball attack.

Doctor Robotnik's eyes narrow as he watches what happens below on the lower half of the Egg Albatross as one of the Badniks loses a leg, he shakes his head before detaching the Egg Hawk from the armored blimp deciding to run the other ship by remote control while several more Badniks quickly move firing several stun bolts preparing to throw Aron off the ship if they hit

Doctor Robotnik strikes Terra with his Take a nap, Aron stun attack.

Ziggy regains some of his lost agility, and manages to side-step the Fireball. "No, but it is all you have tried to exhibit." Ziggy comments, apparently unimpressed by Margulis' attacks so far. From others it might sound cocky, but cockyness is not something Ziggy has. The Elbow Blade snaps back up, as Ziggy firmly plants one foot into the ground before Margulis. Then he raises the blade and pushes his body forward, at which point it begins spinning like a blender, with Margy hopefully at the center.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Margulis with his Cyclone attack.

Margulis growls as he gets cut up, the jack knife slicing him up as a tornado. He grunts, blood slipping from his lips. "Then have a taste of finesse," Margulis growls. He brings his sword up, and tries to catch the cyclone as it spins, and break it -- and turn Ziggy's speed and strength against himself.

Margulis strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Break the Cycle attack.

You have taken 21 damage.

Aron thumps down on his steel butt, happily chewing on his latest mouthful of metal. Thusly he's, literally, a sitting target for the blasts, what looks like yellow sparks crackling along his form for a moment. Terra's pokedex beeps loudly, and as she looks at the screen a ansiy,PRZ flashes next to Aron's HP bar. Terra mutters a bit, but reachs for her other pokeballs as she considers. Aron continues to just sit there.

Aron is Paralyzed! It cannot attack!

Fefnir strikes Fefnir with his trivial Before I forget later, unstun attack.

Doctor Robotnik chuckles as he gets word that Aron is paralyzed, he quickly taps a few keys before saying, "Launch that creature towards its friends with a missile, but remove the warhead first.", the badniks quickly get to work as the replace the missile's warhead with a dud before doing their best to tie Aron to it and be able to load the weapon as they take aim and fire

The Cyclone is broken and Ziggy is thrown back, but thankfully he maintains his balance. Ziggy has a number of cuts around his body, but he isn't bleeding as much as Margulis. Which is likely due to the fact he has considerably less blood than the human Commander. The cyborg doesn't bother responding to Margulis' 'finesse' comment, perhaps because Ziggy is about to go against his own words and try a little excessive strength himself. His BMP55SX Beam Pod suddenly appears in his hand, which charges for a split second before blasting Margulis with a white beam.

Ziggurat 8 misses Margulis with his BMP55SX attack.

Doctor Robotnik strikes Terra with his Got a Present for Ya! attack.

Margulis grits his teeth as he rushes forward, leaping away from the blast from the beam pod. The white beam slices the ground as Margulis hits the air, and comes down. His sword aims at the pod, and tries to drive itself into it -- and hopefully cause it to explode.

Margulis strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Destroy the Beam Pod! attack.

You have taken 20 damage.

*BOOM* The BMP55SX Is destroyed. Looks like he'll have to purchase another one. The explosion damages Ziggy, but the cyborg is still standing despite all of that. However, while Margulis' sword is adjacent to his hand, Ziggy decides to pay him back earlier for what Margy tried on him. With his cybernetic hand Ziggy grabs the blade of Margulis' sword, and discharges as much electricity as his Ether Circuit will allow. It may be reckless, but it'll also be quite effective if it works.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Margulis with his Electric Discharge attack.

Terra ah craps. Normally she'd yell at Salamence to avoid the missile, but with her other pokemon tied to it, that's not an optic. So instead, she drops off his back. "Catch it Sal!" The dragon rears up to do so, and then slams backwards into the wall behind him as the missile crashes into him. Good thing it was a dud. Muttering, the girl recalls the two of them, then looks back towards the ship. "Let's see how they handle this. Go, Zangoose!" A new critter is thrown into the mix, as the white mongoose pokemon appears, latching onto the side of the ship with one set of claws. The other set is what starts trying to rip into the metal hull.

Margulis is caught by a sudden electric discharge, and lightning again courses over him. Some of his nobleman's clothing chars, and his eyes bulge again. He manages, through sheer obstinance, to tear the blade away from the cyborg. "How much longer can you maintain this?" he asks. "Do you honestly think you can stand much longer, without the 100-Series Observational Realian to support you?"

He spins the blade once in his hand. As it turns, flame bursts around the sword and engulfs it. With that done, he slams the edge at the armor of the cyborg yet again.

Terra strikes Doctor Robotnik with her Crush Claw attack.

Margulis strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Flame Sword attack.

You have taken 24 damage.

Ziggurat 8 has been knocked out!

Doctor Robotnik smirks as the missile hits, "Just as I thought, very protective of your pokemon.", he then frowns as he moves the Egg Hawk watching as the Zangoose attacks the armored blimp saying, "This is getting pretty annoying. Sooner or later your going to run out of tricks.", he activates his remote sending the blimp higher into the air as he watches, waiting a few minutes before giving the order as a few of the remaining Badniks take aim and fire at the Zangoose

Doctor Robotnik misses Terra with his Gonna cook a Zangoose attack.

The warning protocols going off in Ziggy's mind even before the attack did well to tell him he was already at critical. He wasn't expecting Margulis' Flame Sword to be as powerful as it was, but he should have known better. He attempts to dodge it, but fails, and is blown back a few feet away from Margulis and lands on his back. Down for the count.

"An honest answer," Margulis comments coldly as the cyborg is blown backward. He approaches his opponent, slowly, and with his sword still out. Blood runs down the Commander's face and from other wounds, and burns can be seen from where Ziggy used electrical attacks on him. "Tell me, cyborg. You gave up your body." He slings his blade down, though not directly at Ziggy's throat or to kill him. "Do you even have a soul to send to Hell?"

Terra has plenty of tricks to go, actually. "Zangoose! Detect!" Craning his head up to peer at the robots, there's a glint in his eyes, before swinging himself up onto the ship out of the way of the blasts, nimbly avoiding the shots. And as he lands, Terra throws another ball up. This time it's a large black snake that spills out of it, blade-tail twitching as it hisses. "Sssseviper." "!!!" Cue momentary split-screen as the bitter rivals of pokemon glare at each other, and then back to the scene at hand. "ZAAAAN!" "VRRRRRRR!" Nature's feud takes over as they two lunge at each other, and disappear into a cartoonish cloud of smoke, growling and various flailing claws, fangs and blades whipping about as the two tumble and thrash, threatening to smash anything that gets in the way of their genetic hatred and drag it into the mess.

Terra strikes Doctor Robotnik with her Blood Feud smash attack.

Doctor Robotnik watches the fight for a few minutes as parts of the blimp are totaled before finally focusing his attention back on Terra saying, "Your getting the bill for that.", he manuevers the Egg Hawk forward, the grin on his face widening as he moves even closer, "Commence full barrage.", whats left of the blimps cannons take aim towards Terra as Ivo aims the main guns of the Egg Hawk, immediately firing off several bullets from the vulcan gun as the cannons let loose

Doctor Robotnik strikes Terra with his Full Artillery Barrage smash attack.

Margy would feel pretty silly talking to an unconscious opponent. Lucky for him Ziggy still has some grasp on the waking world. There is a slight rumble overhead, as the shuttle Ziggy used to arrive approaches. His cybernetic nature comes in handy here, allowing him to link directly to the auto-pilot, and have it activate a pre-configured command if his injuries become critical.

Still barely conscious, Ziggy gazes up at Margulis. Does the U-TIC Commander expect fear? Does he expect any sort of change in Ziggy's demeanor? Well he doesn't get it. The cybrog's voice and expression is the same as it always has been, stable and unwavering. "The matter of the soul is left to faith..." He says slowly as the shuttle approaches "I don't cling to faith, I cling to reality." At that moment, the shuttle roars down beside the two of them, the force if the engines likely enough to make the Commander staggar back. The side door opens, and with the little strength Ziggy possesses, his cybernetic arm reaches out and grabs the doorframe. To distract Margulis, the shuttle fires a small flash bomb. By the time the light fades, it is already in the air with Ziggy inside.

A lot of time has passed since Ziggy and Margulis faced each other on Pleroma, but one thing is still certain. Ziggy is still very thorough....

Margulis grunts and shields his eyes as the flash bomb goes off, letting it get away with the cyborg quite easily. He grimaces, and then shakes his head as it departs. If he were a man who wasted his time with rivalry, he would perhaps shout a final word -- but instead, he just narrows his eyes. That cyborg will be his one day, he decides. Why say it?

He looks back to the city. The U-TIC, Neo-Arcadian, and Badnik troops have rounded up a number of the populace into the U-TIC dropships. He begins approaching them, while slamming another med kit onto him.

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