Kukai Foundation

The inside of the Kukai Foundation looks like someone took out a slice of a planet and bottled it up inside. This, however, is not the case, while too small to be like a planet, it has all the functionality of a habitable planet. The colony is very technologically advanced, the atmosphere and weather maintained by nanomachines on a large, yet unseen level, and even the weather can be changed at a whim. For most cases, however, conditions are very pleasent inside the Foundation. There is a very large ocean at the center of the Foundation itself, which serves a twofold function--it is where ships come to dock with the colony, as well as where the Durandal locks into place, its red spire often present as an island-like building.
The sectors that most of the Foundation citizens occupy takes up a little over fifty percent of the colony itself, from skyscrapers to apartment buildings. Businesses and indusrtial complexes are spread all over, from the Foundation's very own A.G.W.S. Shop, among other profitable businesses run by the Foundation and its members. The other half of the colony is mostly unoccupied, but it consists of beautiful forests and mountain ranges, truly giving anyone who wishes to live within the Foundation a wide variety of living options. The Foundation is truly a multi-faceted organization, from fighting off the Gnosis and U-TIC, to being on the Galactic Finance 500's "Top 10 Fastest Growing Corporations" list.

A craft approaches the Foundation, sensors would be able to tell the registration as Ziggy's, and that it's being piloted by said cyborg.

At least the craft's expected; no sooner does the cyborg come within hailing range than he's contacted by one of the docking crew, providing directions to one of the open ports, a notice likewise sent right up to Junior ... who has managed to just barely finish dinner before being called. Mm, chicken alfredo.

Ziggy lands the craft and exits, making his way to meet with Junior. As always, there's no clue on his expression as to what this could be about. Ziggy would make the same face whether or not he was asking for a cup of sugar, or trying to apprehend someone.

Dishes dumped in the sink, shirt stripped off and exchanged for an /identical/, but less dirty shirt, coat snagged and slipped on. By the time Ziggy gets near, Junior's managed to locate his shoes and works on putting them on and /not/ falling over. Hop hop hop "Ack!" thump. But he does manage to get them on eventually, throw open the door, and head out to intercept Ziggy before the cyborg gets too close.

Ziggurat 8 nods to Junior as he finally approaches. "Good evening Junior." He folds his arms and looks at the hastily dressed URTV "Are you in a hurry? I won't take too long."

"Not really. I didn't think it'd be appropriate to go meeting people in my PJs, is all." This late in the day? Must have slept -real- late. Junior tugs his shirt into some semblance of order and beams up at the cyborg cheerfully. "So what can I do for you, Ziggy?"

"First of all..." The cyborg starts off "I have just returned from meeting with the SOCE Council. I'm sorry for vanishing for over a week without a word, but their summons was abrupt. Thankfully, Dr. Juki Mizrahi managed to convince the rest of the council to allow me to remain on my current mission, even though most of them wanted me replaced due to my recent series of losses." So that explains where he's been, anyway. "Ultimately, my contract with the Palace of Power is still in place...." He trails off for a moment, signifying that he certainly has something more to say.

Junior nods thoughtfully. It was nice to know /someone/ at the SOCE wasn't a complete drooling moron, though his opinions of Juli aren't exactly courteous. Maybe the woman saw the good in leaving Ziggurat with MOMO for now. "Well, that's good. I wondered where you vanished off to, didn't seem like you'd do that without warning if you could avoid it. I'm sure the Palace is glad to still have you onboard too." The smallest URTV pauses, studying the taciturn man for a moment before prompting, "And?"

Ziggy pauses for just a moment, before continuing "I am curious as to the nature of your own withdrawl of support for the Palace. The choice is yours, of course, to decide what to follow and believe in, whereas I don't have that luxery. Perhaps I would just like to keep abreast of the news involving you, Shion, and the others."

The small retrovirus' expression shifts, from cheerful curiosity to something more approaching .. annoyance. "I got tired of being expected to sacrifice my friends and family for the cause of a war that shows no signs of ever stopping, is all. I don't think I'll be able to do any -good- while tethered to their biased whims."

Ziggurat 8 nods, paying no attention to Junior's annoyed tone, it seems he just wanted his reason. "It is true, the war may never come to an end. The same could be said for the conflict with the Gnosis, and every other conflict that inherently exists in many of the worlds out there. None of them may end, however..." Ziggy unfolds his arms, and places his organic hand on his hip "...our own world is nevertheless caught up in the larger war. And obviously the way the Palace does things is quite different from what we are used to. The choice to support them is yours, but I trust you won't turn their back on them either." Ziggy doesn't really phrase that like a question, he doesn't expect Junior to. "Nevertheless, I am bound to follow the orders of the council. I only hope that your choice doesn't force us into a conflict one day."

"Hey, I'm not making an enemy of all my old allies just cuz I think the chain of command is inept," Junior protests. "Man, why's everyone keep saying that? I haven't declared hostilities or nothin'." The boy shoves his hands in his pockets surlily. "Nor am I going to abandon anyone who really needs help."

"Good." Ziggy states "I never implied such. But years of experience have taught me to keep an eye on such situations. Some bitter enemies in our world have started with simply broken ties." His expression softens, /ever/ so slightly "But, I know you will do what you believe is the right thing, Junior. It is unlikely we will ever have to deal with such a conflict. Just keep in mind that I am contracted to the Palace, only the SOCE Council can override Princess Lana's orders to me now."

-That- draws a brief smirk to Rubedo's lips, crimson eyebrows rising sharply. "Oh, well, if it's a fight you're worried about, old man, don't worry. If we ever get into a conflict I'll go easy on you." Or not, it's pretty hard to tell sometimes when he's telling the truth or when he's just joking. "..You know me, Ziggy. Gotta do my own thing. And this time I know what I'm doing, you'll see. This war needs to end, and the Palace simply isn't ... doing it. How can we worry about our home zone when we're forced to worry about everyone else's? ..I don't know if you're interested, but.. when the Durandal's replacement is finished, are you going to come to its christening?"

Ziggurat 8 nods "If I am unoccupied, I will be there." He lets the comment about going easy on him slide. Watch it, he's still bigger than you Jr. "It is not my nature to worry about the hows and whys wars start and end, Junior. I only do the jobs that are set before me. I just do the fighting for the side that has contracted me, and I no longer possess the ambition to do more to see a war ended than that." Junior should know this point of view well, if there's anything the two disagree on... "Whether or not the Palace is doing it, the SOCE has decided I am to aid them. For me that is enough. For you, it is not." He then abruptly chances the topic, getting to the other point he came to the foundation for "At any rate, I primarily came here to retrieve the small amount of supplies I had left at the Foundation, an number of data padds and equipment. I am setting up a more permanent quarters at the Palace itself."

Gaignun Kukai Jr. is not afraid! It's not the size that counts, it's what you DO with it. "Yeah, yeah. I know, I know, you've said this stuff before." Not that he agrees - or approves - but he had no way of forcing Ziggy around to /his/ method of thinking. Not without getting his hands dirty, anyway, and he wasn't quite prepared to do anything about that just yet. Soon, perhaps, but until then.. "Yeah? I hope you don't get a room near the mages. Kept me up half the night while I was there with their 'practicing'. And nothing says 'good morning' like waking up to find your -wall- transparent, and your neighbor not wearing a darned thing. If you can, get a room next to TeeGee, she's pretty quiet." And nice. And a robot. Perhaps Ziggy will find romance somewhere in the spark plugs.

Uhwellyaseeno. No romance for Ziggy, it's not happening. Besides, that'd make MOMO all jealous. "Don't worry, you should know I don't sleep like normal humans do. When I'm in a regenerative cycle I can't be woken up by any background noise unless my maintenence bed precieves it as a threat." Yes he knew Junior was really joking, but Ziggy just likes to occasionally unnecessarily back things up with tired logic. "I am not sure where the location would be, but it doesn't matter."

.... Damn cyborg. "I think explosions count. But hey, sure, ignore my advice, I'm just a kid who doesn't know what he's talking about." Junior nod nods, as if confirming this fact to himself. "And location always matters. If not for /you/ then for -MOMO- when she comes to visit you." The implication was pretty clear; then again MOMO's safety and happiness was one of the few things they could even begin to agree on.

Ziggy almost smirks, almost. "The Palace is large, but not so large that one room is inconveniently out of the way of another. And if my room is in an unsuitable place for MOMO to visit, I will have to visit her." Don't blame Ziggy, he's just used to never asking for what he 'wants', only what he 'needs'.

Junior can tell there's almost a smirk there. "Yeah, you need to do that more often. She misses you." Junior hasn't been seeing as much of the little Realian as much as he'd like either. He hadn't been the best person to be around since the Naju battle, and most people seem to have picked up on that. "I'll tell her you asked about her though." Even if it wasn't exactly true.

Ziggurat 8 nods again, though doesn't respond. "At any rate, I shall head to the Repair Bays to pick up the few items, then I'll be on my way. Good Luck Junior." Perhaps it's a good thing Ziggy doesn't know the whole story yet, especially the part about Albedo. Yeah, it's probably best...

Gaignun Kukai Jr. isn't telling /anyone/ that particular part just yet, though he's thinking about it. "See ya, Ziggy. H ope you don't get stuck livin' in the mage wing." Hehehe. Actually, that'd probably be interesting. The epitome of technology, being preached at by every highhanded 'magic is superior' person in the palace..

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