Palace of Power - Guest Suites

This tower is more a series of small rooms, a guest quarters of sorts for visitors and residents of the Palace. Numerous rooms can be found here of every shape and size, and this is the place to live and sleep if you have nowhere else to go in Videoland.

All seems to be mostly quiet in the Guest Tower of the Palace, save for the sound of a heavy set of footsteps. Ziggurat 8 walks down one of the corridors carrying with him small box. It would seem like the cyborg is moving in...

And out of one of the small guest rooms that stretch off into the horizon, comes the Guardian! Of course, she's only a few doors down from the Zig, and when she sees him with a box, she says with pleasant surprise, "Oh, hello! Are you dropping something off?"

Ziggy stops and turns to face The Guardian when she speaks to him. "Not exactly, I'm relocating here." His tone is calm and rational-sounding, and he nods to The Guardian. "I am Ziggurat 8."

"Oh, are you?" the Guardian says cheerily. She tilts her head a little and then asks, "Are you having any difficulties? I'm assuming you don't have a great many personal effects - most people who move in here don't."

Ziggy shakes his head "No, I'm not having any difficulties, and I don't possess any personal effects of any sort, save for what I need. A few larger pieces of equipment have already been moved into my Quarters, all that's is this box." Luckily, Ziggy is holding it with his cybernetic arm, so he could stand around like that all day, "You are The Guardian, correct?"

The Guardian nods her head! "Yes," she confirms, before wrinkling her nose slightly and folding her hands behind herself. She asks, after a moment's thought, "You don't have any personal effects? If you want something to liven the place up, I could get you a piece or two... I could probably use the room."

The corner of Ziggy's lip moves upward ever so slightly, that's the Ziggy equivalent of a chuckle. "Thank you, but it's alright. I don't make a habit of keeping decorations in my Quarters, and I usually only spend time there when I need to. I can appreciate how other people would feel more comfortable in a room with a bit more personality, but I don't expect I'll be getting many visitors."

"Yes, but you might find it more comfortable... besides, some of them are good luck. Hold on, let me find you something small--"

And TG turns and moves into her own room with a quick sort of darting motion! And after a few moments, emerges, holding a small and rather ornate icon to some obscure Hindu deity, with plenty of gold (or at least faux-gold) highlighting. The god in question is uncertain, but it has the head of an elephant.

"That's alright, I..." He tries to say, before the Guardian darts off. He could take this moment to slip off, but he's still there when she pops back out, and offers the golden statuette "I appreciate the thought, but I don't need anything like that to feel comfortable in my Quarters. And I don't really believe in luck..."

The Guardian smiles and says, with apparently-sincere faith, cheerfulness, or some /other/ pleasant quality, "Yes, but luck believes in you. I promise you that you'll notice the results within days." She then moves to place the little icon on top of the small box, so that it cannot casually be tossed in the bin!

Ziggy can only blink, as the Guardian insists Ziggy take the statue by placing it on his box. He may not need any decorations, and he doesn't believe in luck, but he's not rude either. "Alright, thank you." He says with an unwavering patience. Perhaps he can find a spot to place it in his room, and let it gather dust. Or perhaps he could simply give it to MOMO... "But I doubt I will see any sort of result from possessing a single statue."

"You may, you may not," The Guardian says with a slight smile. "But look at it this way - he'll be aware that you're there." She nods to the elephant-headed god, and adds, "If you leave him a little bit of milk sometimes, he'll be very glad. Although really anything would do; it's more something to focus your mind and get his attention."

Wow, a religious android! This is perhaps ironic.

Well Ziggy comes from a series that throws several mainstream religions into a blender and hits the highest setting, so adding some Hinduism to the mix shouldn't be too out of the ordinary.

"I don't consume milk, or much of any food to be honest, so I'm afraid he will recieve little in the ways of offerings." He shakes his head "Like I said, I can appreciate other people's beliefs, but I don't lend myself to such a system..."

"Oh, don't worry," TG says with a smile. "Anyway - do you need any help with anything else?" She folds her hands behind her back, her meddling, it seems, done for now.

Ziggy shakes his head "No." He really didn't need help with this to begin with. "Thank you. My room is just a few doors down." He takes a few steps forward, and turns back for a moment "Good Evening." Ziggy doesn't mean to come off as being rude or insensititve, it's just how he is, really.

"Alright. Be seeing you," the Guardian says, before continuing on down the passageway on whatever unknowable errand she was about to undertake.

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