Palace of Power - Guest Suites

This tower is more a series of small rooms, a guest quarters of sorts for visitors and residents of the Palace. Numerous rooms can be found here of every shape and size, and this is the place to live and sleep if you have nowhere else to go in Videoland.

So much time has passed, so many things have happened since ..well.. since MOMO and Ziggy had joined everyone on the Elsa, actually, that it's difficult to put everything into words. Or even pictures. /Some/ things just can't possibly be described. The door to the guest quarters; to one MOMO in particular, swings open as the pink haired Realian wanders out, yawning mildly. She's been so busy helping out on the Palace, it's time for a much needed moment to relax. And how best to do that? By poking around and seeing if any of her friends/guardians are about. From the sleepy look on her face, it seems she's just woken up from a much needed nap. How can you tell? The cute, pink fuzzy bunny slippers on her feet of course! They even squeak.

Ziggy's feet don't squeak, but they're not any less unique in the sound they make. The cyborg is seen, and heard, stepping out of his own quarters. He's not known for spending much time in there, only when he needs to recharge. His head turns in the direction of the squeaky shoes and his expression, well, remains the same. Still it's been awhile since he and MOMO crossed paths while in the Palace, so you can tell he's at least a little relieved to see her safe and sound. Not that he was worried, but, well... he still feels bad for not being able to watch her all the time. "Good evening, MOMO." He says in greeting.

After having agreed to become internal affairs officer for the Palace of Power not too long ago, it's become more important for the Director of the Kukai Foundation to drop by more often. Tonight, Gaignun's heading over to Helena Douglas' office to take care of various bits of business that, no, couldn't be handed off to a subordinate to deal with. It helps that it is *Helena's* office, after all; in addition to dealing with work, he can visit a good friend.
As he steps into a hall leading towards that office, Gaignun's telepathic senses prick slightly just before a door opens, and out steps one pink-haired peche. He pauses, glancing over her; hmm, it has been a long time since they crossed paths, hasn't it? And there, of course, is Ziggy, who requested Gaignun's help with something not too long ago.
Well, may as well take this opportunity to exchange a few words with them both. With his usual understated smile, the black-haired man approaches the two. "Ziggurat, MOMO," the URTV says. "Good evening."

MOMO completely understands that Ziggy was busy with his responsibilities; moreso than even MOMO! And a lot of the time their schedules didnt' quite mesh well. Still, at the sight of the bodyguard, MOMO's face lights up with delight. "Hee! ZIGGY!" Is the Realian's overenthusiastic greeting, as she bounds over on squeaky bunny-slippered feet to leap and glomp the Cyborg around the waist for a hug. "I've missed you!" Aww. And what's this? Registering another 'blip' on her sensor range, around the same time as Gaignun speaks, MOMO turns her head, her smile widening. Thus, she releases Ziggy from her Grip of Death by Pink to wave happily at Gaignun. "Hello Mr. Gaignun! How are you both this evening?" Ignore the occasional squeaking; MOMO never could stay still for long periods of time, and this is proven as she rocks on her feet. Thus her slippers let out little SqueaaaaaaAAAAk. squeak. Squeaaaaaaaaaaaaak. Noises at random intervals.

Getting glomp-hugged was not something Ziggy could ever get used to. Though he manages to look as nonchalant as he can, with a pink-haired Realian hanging off him, anyway. Though as Gaignun approaches he can't help but nod, as if saying 'Thanks' as it got MOMO off of him. He cares about her, of course, but.. he's not a hugger. "I'm fine." He answers to them both, as he folds his arms across his chest. "I haven't been on any violent missions lately to result in being damaged, at least." He looks back down at MOMO. "What have you been doing?"

They all have their responsibilities, don't they? And some of them are busier than others. We won't say exactly who those might be; it's not *especially* important anyway. Gaignun's smile widens slightly as MOMO's enthusiasm; it seems that, despite the goings-on of the world, it hasn't dampened her cheerful nature. For Jr.'s sake, that's good to see. "I've been well, thank you," he replies to the Realian. "Jr. has as well, in case you were curious. I'm merely on my way to Miss Douglas' office to take care of some business."
Then a nod back to Ziggy as the URTV reigns in that smile. While MOMO hugging him was cute, well--Gaignun can well appreciate a desire for less overt expressions of affection. "So that you know, Ziggurat, that request that you gave me--it's been a bit slow, but it has been proceeding smoothly. I haven't had any problems reported thus far."

Ziggurat? What's this Ziggurat business? Golden eyes silently scan upwards to Ziggy's face. Awww~! Ziggy's a much MUCH better name than Ziggurat. Ziggurat is too .. too...
Well you get the idea. And she knows darn well that Ziggy isn't a hugger. That just means she gets to do the hugging for the both of them! out Gaignun; you're next. *cough*
At Ziggy's question, MOMO hrms! Putting her hands behind her back, "I've been helping out around the palace mostly. But I recently picked up a few books. Mostly recipe books - I want to try my hand at them. Some of my attempts aren't that great, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong." ..! IDEA! "Hey Mr. Gaignun, Ziggy! Would you like to try some the next time I make something? I promise I'll do a really good job." Her cooking isn't on par with great chefs of the world, but it's still fairly tasty. She thinks anyway. Glancing to Gaignun again, MOMO looks relieved on hearing about Junior. "Really?" Of /course/ she's been curious; silly man! "I'm glad. I've been wondering if he's been okay." She'll have to make a point to stop in and see him when she had a moment again. "I've been wanting to make him something since I picked up those books. Do you know what his favorite treat is?" When in doubt, ask the 'relative' right? "You too Ziggy, I want to make you something special."

MOMO's energy does bring a slight smile to Ziggy's otherwise cold face. You can almost tell he's missed being around the 100 Series Realian. As Gaignun mentions his request, Ziggy's face becomes serious again as he nods. "Right. Thank you for your trouble. Don't worry about running into obstacles, I'm in no immediate danger of running out of parts just yet."
The discussion of food causes Ziggy to look back down at MOMO with a raised eyebrow. He's not much for eating anymore, especially since he doesn't need to. It's been a /long/ time since he's even enjoyed food. "I don't really have any particular favorite food." He admits. "It comes with no longer needing to eat to survive."

Fortunately, thanks to the gentle ministrations of such people as Young Link and Paula, Gaignun's become more easygoing about getting randomly hugged by children. Even if MOMO were to tacklesnug him, he'd probably oof, then laugh goodnaturedly and stroke the little Realian's hair before waiting patiently for her to let go. As for the use of Ziggurat? Well, Gaignun and Ziggy are both adults in the most austere sense of the word. That's simply what's appropriate for both of them, no matter what other people call the cyborg. Heck, Jr. calls him old man, after all. Gaignun gives him a faint smile. "All right. I'll let you know when they're collected and have them shipped to you." A brief gesture towards the room from which the cyborg had exited. "Your quarters here in the Palace will be fine, correct?"
Then the Realian pipes up about what she's been doing of late. "Hmm, so you've been trying your hand at cooking?" the URTV muses aloud. "Have you met Genis Sage yet, MOMO? He's only about twelve years old, but his cooking is quite delicious. I'm sure if you asked him for help, he'd be happy to assist you." Then a laugh, and the URTV kneels down to look the Realian in the eye. He knows she'd be curious about Jr., but he's a diplomat; softening phrases is something that's become natural to him. "I'd love to have a taste next time. As for Jr., hmm; his favorite snack is oranges. Maybe you could try making something with that. His favorite food in general is steak, but I'm sure he'd eat anything *you* made." Never mind the fact that Jr. would eat nearly anything, the walking stomach. It's still true.

MOMO's a better cook than Maya who can do some bread and cook stuff camp fire style but that's about it. She does make a good aid to a skilled cook though. She's just wandering the Palace after the incident in Ohio on one of the many versions of Earth out there. She doesn't keep track what was it with that little dustball anyway? Not that it wasn't normally a nice place. She does see some people ahead and makes for them she's not wearing her normal junker gear and her hair's lose too as she appoeaches the borg, the Realian and the URTV. "Hey, Gaignun, ziggy..." She blinks at the realian and she grins. "MOMO, it's been a while I didn't know you were back."

Well even if you don't /need/ to eat, it's nice to have something anyway right? Just .. for the memory? The Realian looks briefly disappointed - of course he didn't need to eat, but still. "Well.." She squeaks a slipper into the floor for .034 seconds, before brightening again, "I still want to do something special for you!" To make up for not being around for so long. She looks thoughtful for a second, and paffs a fist into her palm, nodding! "I'll just have to find out what." She is.. MOMO. On .. a MISSION. A Mission.. to do something /special/(Tm) for Ziggy! DUn DUn DUN!!
Glancing at Gaignun, MOMO shakes her head, "I haven't met him, but I will definitely look for him." She could use cooking tips! TO make something /other/ than Curry of course. As Gaignun kneels to her level, MOMO's smile widens, nodding happily. Orange steak? Steak with orange sauce? Oranges cut into the shape of a steak? Oo - Challenge! She'll /definitely/ remember this! - mark my words, there will be every meal known to man that has oranges in the ingredients made in the next few days. So even if Ziggy doesn't eat, she can look forward to treating Gaignun and Junior with snacks. n_n
Turning next as a third person joins the party, MOMO smiles brightly, "Maya! It's been too long!" Seems like forever, hasn't it? "I've been back for a while, but I've been keeping busy around the Palace, so I haven't had a lot of time to meet up with everyone lately. Until now that is!"

Ziggy nods to Gaignun again. "Yes, here is fine. I tend to alternate where I recharge depending on the proximity to my most recent mission, but anything delivered to this room I'll recieve."
Unfolding his arms he looks back down to MOMO "You don't have to concern yourself with doing something special for me." He says, even though he knows it's futile to try. He's not the type who likes people fussing over him, but.. well, the same can be said for hugging.
"At any rate," He says as he turns around to face the direction he was headed before MOMO caught his attention. "I have some business to take care of. Take care MOMO. Gaignun Kukai." A nod is given to each as he turns to leave, he also nods at Maya as he passes her on his way out. Typically, his heavy footsteps can be heard for quite some time before they finally fade out.

Oh, curry. Part of the reason that Gaignun's glad he's affluent is that he doesn't have to subsist on instant curry and ramen. Some places you go, you can get very nice curry and ramen--but even so, this URTV prefers food that appeals to a more exquisite palate.
Also, when he suggested that she try making something with oranges, he had orange-flavored cake and/or cookies in mind. Steak-shaped orange slices is... Yeah. A good thing Gaignun can sense that the Realian's thoughts are heading down a weird path and try to head them off with a friendly, "He's also a fan of sugary foods, so perhaps you can bake him a cake, or a batch of cookies. I prefer things that are less sweet, myself, though." Steak with orange sauce might be tasty, though.
As the blue-haired Junker approaches, Gaignun glances her way, then draws himself back up to his feet to greet her with a nod. "Good evening, Maya; it's good to see you again." Third person? Wouldn't Maya be the fourth, counting MOMO? --oh...I guess not, not with Ziggy heading out to take care of other business. Gaignun gives the cyborg a nod of understanding; that will make things convenient. "Take care, Ziggurat."

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