Hollow Bastion - Marketplace Ruins

A silent world devoid of life, the place Maleficent knew as the Hollow Bastion stands empty, a stark reminder of failed ambition, once the center of the Heartless attack on Videoland. Maleficent's imposing castle stands empty and quiet, many of its sections ruined and falling into disrepair, though the threat of Heartless still existing in this quiet place looms large. Nearby, a town stands amidst the ruined battlements of Maleficent's keep, distressingly empty and choked with rubble. Beyond that, the foundations of an older castle sit, ruined and neglected... for this was once the home of Ansem, the man who threated to destroy all worlds.

A doorway opens...

And Lady steps inside the Marketplace first. She is leading the way as opposed to Killer, who is following along closely behind. Lady seems to be pretty calm and isn't saying anything, she isn't even making any noise. She and Killer are both looking about, almost as if searching for something. They are kind of suspicious looking as well. At least Killer is. Lady seems like she needs a better tailor.

"You find any gates yet, Lady?" Killer asks.

Lady doesn't respond yet.

Terra has been working, so to speak, on guarding Ansem's study. Of course, this is something you do in shifts; she usually brings a book that she does actually understand for when she's doing it. Other times, she comes to other portions of the city, and sleeps. It feels a little tedious, but only a little.

However, she's used to the streets being nearly empty except for colorful robots passing by on an automatic patrol. So when she sees people around around a corner, she lifts up her voice: "Hello?"

Uh oh, it's the fuzz!

Ziggurat 8 has also been hanging around Hollow Bastion lately. As a member of the Palace Guard he has seen fit to make a daily patrol around the city, and the bridge, to make sure nothing is amiss. It is far too sensitive an area, after all.

Currently, the cyborg is several yards behind Terra. His attention turns in her direction, though, when he hears her calling out to someone. "Is something wrong?" He calls out, as he begins approaching her.

Lady ignores Terra and keeps walking as she tries to sniff out for gates of malice. Whether she finds any is uncertain for the time being and even if she did, she wouldn't show much difference in facial expression. She keeps walking but stops when Killer speaks.

"Don't mind us, we're just looking for something. Stay out of our hair and we won't bother you." Killer notes to Terra. He glances his head towards Ziggurat 8 briefly but doesn't respond to him, maybe because he looks kind of straightlaced and thusly, probably under Terra's command. Don't feel bad Ziggy, Killer is even more whipped.

"Um, excuse me," Terra says stepping forward - she makes a 'come here' sort of gesture towards the cyborg, stepping around the corner.

She doesn't reach for her weapon, but she does say, "Are you lost? Look, if you're trying to get somewhere..." She also advances further. Perhaps menacingly? She doesn't give Lady much of a look, since her outfit, while odd, is not too outre` for where Terra is from.

At least from behind.

The cyborg approaches Terra as she signals to him, mentally preparing himself for anything. He then spots the two as he turns the corner. Certainly not familiar, at any rate.

For now, though, the cyborg remains silently behind Terra, letting her do the talking. She'll probably be better at the diplomacy. He'd be far better at quelling a disturbance if one occurs.

He eyes them both, though Killer gets a longer stare. Is he thinking he's the greater threat, perhaps?

Lady doesn't move or respond to Terra. She doesn't even look to Terra. She's 'scanning'.

"She doesn't talk or respond much," Killer explains, "She's not trying to be rude." Normally Killer wouldn't be nice but this is Palace territory. "We're not lost," Killer explains. He isn't much of a liar so usually he doesn't try. He glances at Ziggy again, returning his stare like an angry caveman.

"..." Lady says, and turns her head slightly to regard Ziggy before looking forward again. She takes a step forward and frowns. This area is unfamiliar to her.

"Then, um," Terra says, stepping forwards, "Who... are you?"

She still doesn't reach for her weapon but she sounds more suspicious, now. She continues moving forwards, her own brow furrowing. "And why are you here...?"

The cyborg advances right behind Terra, keeping the distance between them the same. He meets Killer's gaze, but eventully shifts back towards Lady. The cyborg is clearly suspicious. This area is a bit too out of the way for just 'getting lost' in. Either they're incredibly brave sight-seerers, or they're up to something.

"Currently this area is off-limits to civilians." Ziggy finally speaks. Just as well to come out and SAY it, isn't it? He was going to let Terra handle diplomacy, but sometimes the direct approach works better.

Killer says, "She's Lady. As far as I know anyway. It's not like I can ask her her name. As for me, I'm Killer."

They said they weren't lost, they were honest about that. But Killer doesn't want to say what they are here for anyway. Lady is tired of waiting, it seems, as she goes back to walking away from the Palaceites and even Killer, who sticks around behind.

"As for me, people call me Killer, but I'm not here to kill anybody -now-." He explains, "We're looking for a way to turn Lady human. We have reason to believe there may be something here that can do that, capische?" He's a naturally gruff speaker, but his tone is actually vaguely polite despite the terminology.

"Well, alright," Terra says, stepping still closer yet. She glances over at Ziggurat, before looking back with a slow nod. "But this place is off limits, at the present. Is this some sort of an - urgent condition?" She looks at Lady.

She doesn't SEEM that sickly. Of course, she reasons, it will be something that can't be delayed. Then she mentally swats herself for being overly pessimistic, and looks back to 'Killer'. "I'm Terra," she adds.

Ziggurat 8 doesn't change his tone, nor his demeanor as Killer explains the situation. Even if he believes his story, it doesn't seem to change his opinion very much. "Sorry, but the conditions here stand." He states, simply. "This area is both too dangerous and too unstable to allow non-Palace personell inside. We'll have to ask you to leave."

He is ready to pull his blade out at a moment's notice, despite trying to keep things civil. Ziggurat 8 is not someone who lets his guard down, that much is certain.

"I'm assuming it's urgent 'cause she gets really impatient if someone gets in her way. I can't ask her either, though sometimes she nods and stuff. Hey Lady, is it urgent?"

Lady pauses, looks back to Killer, and gives him the closest thing she can to a confused blink before she turns back around and continues walking. She doesn't seem to notice the various weapons or threats, maybe she can't even understand the words. Regardless, she is advancing and doesn't intend to stop.

Killer shrugs at Terra who seems nice enough, but he really wants to stick a knife in that Ziggy character. "Nice to meetcha Terra. Nice hair, doesn't look dyed. I don't think the Heartless are a danger to Lady. They sound kind of similar to her." How did he know Heartless were here? Well, he may have listened to Interzone...

"I, um," Terra says.

She pauses for a moment.

She makes a vague gesture in the air with one hand. "Do you - understand what we're saying? You really need to leave..." She lifts her voice after Lady. "Ma'am? Ma'am!" Then she looks at Killer. "Can you please - even if you don't think it might be a problem, we really can't take the risk..."

Ziggurat 8 takes another step foward, to be side-by-side with Terra. "She is correct. Off limits is off limits. Perhaps in the future this area will be open to the public, but for now we must ask you to leave."

He still draws no weapon, but he's more than ready to. He's also about ready to sprint after Lady, since she's getting just a tad too far for her own good. She SEEMS harmless, but then again, the most deadly threats seem harmless at first.

Killer frowns, "Y'know, it doesn't seem like it's our safety you're worried about," He eyes Ziggy's stance in particular.

Killer doesn't say anything else until Lady stops, turns around again, looking at Terra this time. She squints at her appraisingly before flashing her a sweet smile.

Killer glance at Terra as Lady starts walking back the way she came. Whether she found anything or not, she seems to have satisfied whatever curiousities she had. She continues on past Terra and Ziggy, and then past Killer without a word.

"Huh, maybe you got through to her." Killer isn't entirely sure, he'll have to spend a while 'conversing' with Lady to get an idea of what, if anything, they discovered.

Perhaps she really is harmless?

Hahaha, but really, Killer follows after Lady, tossing out a wave, "Sorry to bother you, hope we weren't trouble."

Terra's head turns to look at the strangely-garbed woman, and her companion, for a long moment. "No, ah - Please, when we've cleaned everything up," she says, "feel free to come back... But, not before then, alright?"

She looks to Ziggy after this. Perhaps she needs the approval of a male authority figure to feel complete! Or else he's much larger, and thus, has a sign-off factor with this offer.

"Hm..." Ziggy says after the two have left. He remained silent up until then. "I don't think they were being fully honest with us. But at least they left. Our priorities are to keep Hollow Bastion secure, so it might be prudent to put up a warning to inform the others of these two. In case they try this again."

Killer throws a wave to Terra, "Yeah yeah, I gotcha. Good luck with that."

Lady doesn't say anything. They leave without further fanfare.

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