Dragon's Den - Alefgard

            Dark deeds and frightened people live in this ancient land, holding to the light of hope from Tantegel Castle as they strive against the evils of the Dragonlord, the hideous tyrant that holds sway over much of the land. Slimes, Drakees, and worse beasts keep people closely tied to their cities, and only those with a mind for heroism dare leave, using whatever they can find for a weapon, from clubs to simple bamboo sticks.

        There is a cleared field about a kilometer away from Tantagel Castle. It is the parade grounds and and jousting fields for knights... back when this land had knights and something to parade about. There are still poles that mark the boundaries, and a few faded decorations blow in the wind on this grey, overcast day.
      Armed with a fresh bag of tricks and a lawn chair, Fox is here to officiate the next match.

      Alefgard. Ziggy's first Melee took place in the pre-historic Chrono Zone. This is quite a step up in terms of technology and culture from that zone, but still a far cry from Ziggy's native zone. Primitive, but not without a certain beauty that even the cyborg must acknowledge.
Due just east of Tantagel is the temporary Super Smash Bros arena. Ziggy enters his side, and awaits the others. Once again he is faced with a battle against other heroes, and (more or less) unaligned. He was hoping to face a few villains before his time in the tournament was over. But that will depend on his performance tonight.

So many fights, so little time! Nanami's just had time to recover from her one on one match with Maya, which had been preceeded by the glorious brawl. Which she knows only one of her opponents this time had been in, so they might be at a disadvantage from being tired... Well, that was okay. Overcoming obsticles is what true victory is all about, or something like that! Though she's a little worried about facing off against three Palace members, with a Palace judge. No zombie to pound on this time!

There's a clicking noise as something grabs hold of one of the poles, then a man swings it, hanging from a long bionic arm, a massive gun slung over one shoulder.
This is Rad Spencer, the Bionic Commando, and he lands heavily, grabbing his radio and reporting in as he lands in a crouch on the ground.

A lot of battle in such of a little time indeed! But the Hero of Spielburg recovers very fast from the Smash Tourney. That's part of what he does, after all.
The Paladin comes down from the heavens on a light platform, and jumps off it to land on the ground, eyeing his rivals. Hmmm. Interesting...it wont be easy tonight! He draws his sword and shield and nods to signal his ready status.

      Once everyone has made their entrance, Fox stands up an announces his presence. "Hey guys, welcome to the Smash Brothers four-way free-for-all. If I wanted a good, clean fight, I would have stayed home and watched TV. So let's see some action out there." He sits back down, and opens the bag of tricks.

      And so, the signal is given, and the Paladin of Shapeir wastes no time. He bounces immediatedly toward the Cyborg -- the nearly full-conversion one, not the almighty Bionic Commando -- swinging his blade and bringing it down pretty simply at the Xenosaga character. Nothing fancy now -- he's just testing for their strength, at this moment.

The Hero of Spielburg misses Ziggurat 8 with his Generic Slash: The Almighty Return! attack!

The call is made to begin. Ziggy has already chosen his initial target. While he has seen The Hero of Speilburg in action before, Nanami and Rad Spencer are much less known to him. Since Rad seems to be a fellow cyborg (BIONIC cyborg!), Ziggy decides to test himself against him for now.

Since Ziggy has already begun running towards Rad, he outdistances himself from Hero's attack. Though he DOES make note of it, he'll have to return the favor later. Ziggy closes the distance between them, in order to get into melee range. He's not the greatest long-range fighter, after all! Once he's close enough, his elbow blade snaps into place, and he slashes quickly a few times to test Rad's reaction speed.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Rad Spencer with his Jack Knife weak attack!

On the other hand, Nanami is a midranged attacker, having options both ways... Though Nanami suspects in this fight she'll be better off keeping a distance unless she has to close in, she'll move in early, rushing at the mighty Hero of Spielburg and kicking at his back. Attacking from behind is one of her specialties, after all! "Hello~!" At least she sounds cheerful?

Nanami strikes The Hero of Spielburg with her Hi! I'm calling today on behalf of my foot! attack!

Rad Spencer moves back quickly as the fight commences, but he's not quite quick enough to get away from the knife, which slashes into his shirt, hitting the heavy kevlar beneath. "Fast... not too shabby." He grins, and lashes out with his bionic arm... but not towards the other cyborg. For reasons known only to himself, he goes after the only person not to be attacked yet, Nanami.

Rad Spencer misses Nanami with his Long, Long Arm attack!

      Damn! Damn you speedy cyborgs! The Paladin's momentum is even more broken when Nanami decides to be a martial artist pain and kicks him in the back. Stupid martial artist! It's time to bring out the major rules when fighting them:
 One: Don't let them use special weapons.
 The Hero of Spielburg straightens quickly enough and stares at Nanami and /bounce/ toward her, sword raised and bought down at the little girl, aiming for her arms. Not looking at chopping them off, of course, but more like stun them, at least.

The Hero of Spielburg strikes Nanami with his Arm Pacifier attack!

Ziggy frowns a bit, he can tell his knife only cut the kevlar. He intended it to go a bit deeper, to at least land a flesh wound. Spencer is fast too. This is going to be a good fight.

As Rad turns away from him, Ziggy does the same and quickly turns to face Hero, who got occupied attacking Nanami. Fair enough, it's all legal. Making a quick dash forward to put himself within melee range, Ziggy delivers a quick, solid kick to Hero's midsection.

Ziggurat 8 strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Metal Kick attack!

Nanami dodges Rad's attack at her, blinking in surprise - she was more lucky than good to avoid that one, really! She's just about to go after him to retaliate when the Hero strikes down at her, and opens a gash on her right and primary hand as well as kind of shaking her arms up for the moment. They'll be fine in just a moment, but for now.. Nanami leaps away, arms trailing behind her, and aims a flying kick at Rad's head, trying to get away from the man with the sword until her arms feel like holding a weapon!

Nanami strikes Rad Spencer with her Flying Dragon Kick! attack!

Rad Spencer is kicked savagely, head snapping backwards as he staggers, blinking away the pain. Frowning, he grapples one of the poles, dragging himself away from Nanami... up into the air.
Of course, what comes up, must come down...

Rad Spencer misses Nanami with his Right Back At 'Cha! attack!

Once the battle is joined, Fox sits back down in his lawn chair and puts his boots up. He's got a bow to launch stuff into the arena. Tucking a capsule into place, he fires it into the air, and it lands on Nanami. She gets...
Random Smash Item: Mr. Saturn (+weak)

Hero's target temporairly slightly incapacited, the Paladin changes victi--I mean, opponments. He leap toward the Bionic Commando, his sword bursting into an sheat of blue flames as he lands and...instead of using his blade...lashes out with his Hylian shield for a simple...

The Hero of Spielburg misses Rad Spencer with his SHIELD SMACK! attack!

Ziggy decides to take full advantage of his openings, and continue his assault on the Hero of Speilburg. Perhaps the fact that he can't die reminds him too much of Albedo, thus making him focus more attention on him? Nah, it's just the flow of the battle. Totally. Nothing more. ....darn immortals.

Since Hero decided to put some distance between them, Ziggy relies on one of his few ranged attacks. He charges his fist with some lightning ether and slams it into the ground, sending a small shockwave towards the nameless hero.

Ziggurat 8 strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Lightning Fist attack!

Nanami spots a capsule! Hurray! Maybe she'll get one of those bats that Miang used to clobber her, or a Pokemon that won't blow up everything, or...

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? Why does Nanami get all the bizarre and abnormal items? Nanami sighs a little, looking at the Mr. Saturn as Ziggy, the Hero, and Rad go at it... And tosses it over her shoulder, absently, where it arcs through the air at Ziggy. "What a waste of time!"

Nanami strikes Ziggurat 8 with her Mr. Saturn Fan? ...Maybe not. weak attack!
You have taken 10 damage.

Rad Spencer blinks, expecting Nanami to come after him... but not the Hero. Seeing the sword coming, he lashes out with his arm, grabbing the blade and trying to use it to fling the Hero helluva far. "I apologize, but swords don't agree with me," he says as he swings the Hero with all his might!

Rad Spencer misses The Hero of Spielburg with his Swing Battabattabattabattabatta! attack!

"I'm sorry, Rad!" The Hero says as he twist out of the way of the bionic arm, grinning wide. "But extend-o arms does not really work either against Soulforge!" Then, he brings down the blade at the still outstretched bionic arm. Like it's going to cut it, but it's certainly will hurt!

The Hero of Spielburg misses Rad Spencer with his You Are Cooler Than Dhalshim! attack!

A Mr. Saturn. Well that's a new attack. Ziggy hasn't even been to Saturn Valley, and has only ever heard of the creatures. The Mr. Saturn reb@unds (B@ING!) off of him, dealing some light damage. This also causes him to turn his attention towards Nanami. He was willing to let her be for the start of the match, mostly because he wanted to observe her fighting abilities first without engaging her. But now that she's gone and made an attack, all bets are off.

Ziggy calls an arm mounted laser-pod into his possesion, thanks to good old Xenosaga technology, and fires it in a wide arc in Nanami's direction.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Nanami with his Fire the "Laser" attack!

Ow. Nanami's shot by a laser from behind, and she's not even aware that she'd attacked Ziggy first. Still, getting blasted is definately going to draw her attention! Nanami pulls her seperated staff out, now, her arms feeling better, and charges at Ziggy, aiming a well earned smack at his head with the end of the staff. Maybe she can dent his paint!

Nanami strikes Ziggurat 8 with her Head-shot! Or staff! attack!
You have taken 19 damage.

Rad Spencer zips his arm back up before it can be cut off. Looking around, he sees an opportunity. Firing out with his arm again, he nabs that poor little Mr. Saturn from the ground, flinging it towards Hero as he moves back, trying to get clear of that awful sword!

Rad Spencer misses The Hero of Spielburg with his B@|N6! weak attack!

Fox McCloud feels a little bad about sticking Nanami with such a lousy capsule. So, he decides to make it up to her by launching the first pokeball of the afternoon in her direction. Does it feel heavy? Cuz if there's a Snorlax in there, Fox is gonna head for the hills. Summation: Pokeball -> Nanami.

Hero is not hit by the Mr. Saturn. Why? Because he caught the poor thing by the nose and looked at it wiggling. Poor Mr. Saturn. Forever doomed to be used as a projectile. Oh well, such is life. Being rather unoriginal tonight, the Paladin flings it back at Rad Spencer, with a VENGANCE!

The Hero of Spielburg strikes Rad Spencer with his z@@m weak attack!

Attacking his head is not the best place to chip any paint. Though it'll certainly leave a bruise! (Cyborg, not robot) But now that Nanami has gone and put herself directly in melee range, this saves Ziggy the trouble of having to close the distance himself.

Planting one foot firmly on the ground, he raises the other up and begins a series of kicks that very much resemble Chun-Li's Lightning Kick. Just backed up by hydraulics. And lots and lots of fire.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Nanami with his Cyber Kick attack!

Fire is Nanami's friend, as she told Maya earlier. Ziggy's foot, however, is not, and it HURTS. In fact, it's enough to get Nanami to go flying away from him, though she luckily snags a Pokeball in midair. And with that Pokeball, she chooses to throw it at Ziggy's feet, grateful for no longer being anywhere near him. All of the Pokemon she's seen so far have been HORRIFYING. She doesn't want to be near them!

Random Pokeball: Venusaur - Earthquake

There's another big pokemon in that ball, but thankfully it doesn't crush anyone. It DOES, however, cause an earthquake. The Venusaur rears back on its hind legs for a moment, then it comes crashing down, sending a shockwave through the ground at Ziggy.

Fox McCloud strikes Ziggurat 8 with his MOVE ZIG smash attack!
You have taken 36 damage.

Rad Spencer is beaned by the Mr. Saturn he just tried to throw! This really isn't his night. So use uses his other arm.
The one with the big, big gun.
"Target set. FIRE!"

Rad Spencer misses The Hero of Spielburg with his ROCKET LAUNCHER! smash attack!

As things get more interesting, Fox takes out another capsule and fires it with his bow. This one lands near Rad Spencer, possibly to make up for his poor aim. He gets...

Random Smash Item: Star Rod

      Hah! Mr. Saturn beaned! Take that, Rad Spencer! You and your funky bionic upgrades! No match for Hero's sword and hono--
 Knowing that projectiles coming from large cannons are always badnews, the Paladin quickly DIVE out of the way of the thing, making it fly harmlessly away. Maybe it's...time to let out his /OWN/ explosives! Still on the ground, the Hero charges and cast a spell, pointing a full palm at Rad Spencer and fire off a /LARGE/ dart of fire!

The Hero of Spielburg strikes Rad Spencer with his Charged Flame Dart smash attack!

Ziggy is trounced considerably by the quake. The cyborg is thrown off balance, and the shaking does some heavy damage to his systems. He needs new shocks, apparently.
But when the Venusaur vanishes, Ziggy is still ready to fight. If people are bringing out their big guns now, it's only fair Ziggy follow suit. The cyborg leaps high into the air, and begins shooting giant balls of fire down at Nanami from his feet. Yes, his feet. Blame Ziggurat Industries and their crazy 'groundbreaking' design philosophies. The rain of fire ends, briefly, as Ziggy forms one more giant fireball, before giving it a spinning-kick down towards Nanami to finish the assult. He then lands gracefully. Or, as gracefully as he CAN land, anyway.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Nanami with his Meteor Shot smash attack!

Ker-OW. Nanami's already pretty much done for, breathing rather hard as the flames scorch her - it's what she gets for tangling with Ziggy, really. Still, she'll try her best to keep in the fight, and if everyone else has decided to slaughter each other, then Nanami'll just have to try and even things out. Gesturing towards the Hero and Rad, who seem less injured to Nanami than herself and Ziggy, Nanami tries to negotiate a very temporary truce with the cyborg. Even as she does so, though, she uses her water rune, trying to at least get herself away from critical levels of pain... Healing sparklies~

Nanami restores Nanami with her Water to Sooth the Fire? minor healing!

Rad Spencer is bowled over by the fire dart, tumbling roughly on the ground and coming to a reluctant stop. "Okay. This isn't working." He looks around, then lashes out at Nanami again, trying to yank her off her feet with his bionic arm.

Rad Spencer misses Nanami with his Have a nice TRIP! weak attack!

 The Paladin's senses tingle as the healing is executed and follows Rad Spencer like an homing torpedo, charging straight at the poor martial artist. But...first, he need to shove Ziggurat out of the way! Which he attemps to do by swinging his firey holy blade at him, aiming at his sides.

The Hero of Spielburg misses Ziggurat 8 with his SWORD SHOVE! attack!

Hm. Darn it, Ziggy and his soft-spot for defensless girls. Even if Nanami is anything but. Still. She needs to heal up, Ziggy can get the hint. Besides, Hero just so rudely ran by him, and nearly impaled him on his sword! So Ziggy switches his sights yet again.

Turning to give chase to Hero as he runs by, Ziggy thrusts his elbow-blade foward in an attempt to shove Hero aside in the same manner in which he just tried to do to him!

Ziggurat 8 misses The Hero of Spielburg with his Blade Shove attack!

Well, Nanami will certainly let Ziggy and Hero go at each other. They're both probably better off than she is, and maybe better than she is, though she'd hate to admit to that. Instead of them, Nanami's going to go after the one who successfully aimed an attack at her, though she managed to avoid it, running back alongside the arm to aim a staff-strike at the bionic man's chest. "...Stop that! That's really, really, really creepy!"

Nanami misses Rad Spencer with her No need to be insulting about it... attack!

Rad Spencer sidesteps quickly, getting out of the way of the staff. "Hey, I'm a bionic commando! This is how I fight!" He strikes out again, trying to nab not Nanami, but something behind her, so he can hurl himself forward in a rather impressive recoil-driven jump kick.

Rad Spencer strikes Nanami with his Bionic Kick! attack!

"That's quite a bionic way to fight, I must admit!" The Hero of Spielburg replies as he duck under the elbow blade and springs upward for an vicious, brutal upper-swing slash.

The Hero of Spielburg strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Uppercut Slash! attack!
You have taken 13 damage.

Ziggy isn't the bionic one, that's Rad! Ok, maybe they're both a bit bionic. But Rad is the one who got famous for fighting evil not-Nazis!

Hero's slash cuts deep into the fleshy bits of Ziggy's upper torso, and even down into some cybernetics. It's never a good thing when metallic and organic parts are wounded at once. Ouch. But Ziggy is not at the end of his rope yet! He can still put those uber hydraulics in his legs to good use! Elbow blade still drawn, Ziggy leans forward, and suddenly starts spinning wildly, and trying to catch Hero within the bladed vortex.

Ziggurat 8 strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Cyclone attack!

Ow. Is everyone but her in this fight a dedicated Melee attacker? Nanami can't seem to do much in this fight, and she's about to admit to fatigue getting to her... But she should at least try her best to outlast SOMEBODY, right? And that means beating the snot out of Rad, who's in front of her. Nanami rolls back to her feet after the kick smacks her around some more, full-out baseball swinging her staff at Rad in an effort to send him to the ground in turn.

Nanami misses Rad Spencer with her Swing, Batter! attack!

Rad Spencer ducks the staff quickly, eyes going wide as Nanami goes nuts with the swinging. He lashes out with his arm once more, trying to catch Nanami around the ankle with it. He can't have that staff hitting him, so he's going to take her to the ground so it's not so easy to use. And keep her there, if he can help it.

Rad Spencer strikes Nanami with his This is where you fall down. weak attack!

Wow, this four-man brawl sure is taking a long time. Is it something in the air that's making everyone miss? Better throw another capsulated item. Fox loads, fires, and the capsule lands near Ziggurat 8. He gets...

Random Smash Item: Home Run Bat (+homerun)

It would seems so, Nanami! All of them are specialist melee combat fighters! Maybe except Rad. Because he's the ALMIGHTY BIONIC COMMANDO!
 But Hero is currently busy being shredded by a CYCLONE OF Blades, sending him flying backward and falling down. But he's quickly back to his feets and charges at the Cyborg, grabbing his sword with both hands and deliver down a /MIGHTY BLOW/ that will be staggeringly powerfull!
 Unaware of his future fate, that is...

The Hero of Spielburg strikes Ziggurat 8 with his EXCELLENT STRIKE! smash attack!
You have taken 29 damage.

Is IS quite powerful, in fact. Hero's sword cuts deep into the standard non-life-threatening-but-still-messy region of his upper left shoulder that is so commonly wounded in manga and anime when you want to make your hero look like he's really hurt but not suffer any permanant damage. Blood and oil splutter everywhere.

But Ziggy is, if nothing else, as tough as nails. He's about to launch another attack when a capsule lands conveniently near him. The weapon he pulls out causes even him to blink. He's only heard of the (supposed) awesome power of the Homerun bat. He was never a baseball player, but he can surely pull off swinging a wooden stick, right?

Though, this is more like Tee-ball than actual Baseball, what with Hero's head being so stationary, and everything.

Fox McCloud swings the Homerun Bat... long foul ball... (+weak)
Ziggurat 8 strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Apparently, Ziggy is very, very bad at Baseball. weak attack!

Well, Nanami's really just not doing too well, and as her attack is countered, the seperated staff is caught up under her, keeping her from trying to use it to peal Rad off of her. However, luckily for Nanami, she's well over the line of really being distracted by the pain, a vaguely red aura flashing around her for a second as she growls in combined angry and feral wounded animal style noises. It's a little disturbing. IT's more disturbing as Nanami's fist lashes out, barely even seeable, aimed expertly and hard for her tackler's throat. Ow.

Nanami strikes Rad Spencer with her Cheapshot: Throat smash attack!

Rad Spencer chokes, staggering backwards as the hit digs into his trachea, the commando blinking out spots in his eyes as he tries to get his bearings. He didn't want to do this... but now he feels he has no choice. Dropping to one knee so that he doesn't fall down, he levels his massive arm cannon at Nanami.


Rad Spencer strikes Nanami with his Rocket Fu smash attack!

Fox McCloud takes out another pokeball from his bag of tricks and--Ooh, there's ice cream in there. He saves that for himself, and rolls the pokeball into the arena instead of throwing it. The pokeball rolls to a stop next to Nanami, now with a little bug stuck on it. Maybe it thinks its a katamari.

Houston, we have a rocket-maniac. I repeat, we have a rocket maniac!
 But Hero will leave that problem to houston, for he has bigger problems to deal with. For the third time in the Smash tourney, the Hero of Spielburg is clocked over the head by an Home Run Bat! And for the third time again, it merly rattles the brain inside that thick skull of his. "...Ooooow..." He moans, holding his head with an hand and quickly shaking it. Not time to dwell on pain, Hero! There is a fight to battle!
 The Paladin twirl his blade idly and bring down a slash aimed at the Cyborg's left arm, trying to at least disable it!

The Hero of Spielburg misses Ziggurat 8 with his Dis-ARMer. attack!

Clearly, Hero missed because he tried to make a horrible pun. Maybe that will show him.

But really, Ziggy saw Hero moving to strike, after being hit with the bat ANYONE would be a bit ticked, and the cyborg is ready to leap back. Instead of launching another attack at Hero, though, Ziggy takes a few moments to concentrate. A low-power medica ether is activated, along with some nano machines to help cover his cyberntic injuries. It's nothing but patchwork and bandages, more or less, but it'll help keep him going for a bit longer. Hopefully.

Ziggurat 8 restores Ziggurat 8 with his Self Heal minor healing!
You have healed by 24%!

Well, Nanami's really just lost the ability to not get hit tonight, it seems! She's fried by Rad's arm cannon attack as she's in the middle of standing up, and she's only barely able to stand after the fact... But there's a pokeball at her feet, suddenly, and Nanami lifts it up and underhands it at Rad's feet, a bit of a grim smile on her face. Maybe she can get everyone else at the same time she goes, at least! Or at least mister arm cannon, there!

Random Pokeball: Chansey - Softboiled (Hello, Chansey!)

Ah ha, a pokeball! A weapon of awesome power and destruction and--
 Aw fug. Well, at least the eggs that Chansey leaves behind are yummy.

Fox McCloud restores Nanami with random delicious food.
Fox McCloud restores Rad Spencer with random delicious food.

Rad Spencer blinks. Well, at least he's been fed. He chews on the egg that pretty much fell in his lap for a moment, and shrugs. "Thanks!" He balls up a fist and shoots it at Nanami. "But I know you wanted something that would savage me."

Rad Spencer misses Nanami with his Rocket Fist attack!

Hero needs /NO/ healing to continue fighting, no sir! Or at least, not yet. While Ziggurat is busy fixing himself up, the Paladin keep on the offence, swinging and thursting his blade repeatedly in an attempt to overwhelm the Xenosaga character, and feint him.

The Hero of Spielburg strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Even Paladins Can Feint stun attack!

Ziggy is kept suitably occupied by Hero's swarm of blades. Oh noes.

Nanami blinks at the Pokemon. "...I hate you all." She probably means the Pokemon, though at least it feeds her... And that food does give her a bit of a burst of energy, as she manages to step aside from the rocket-powered fist attack, lifting her hand rather tiredly and, as the Rage rune is traced in midair above her, sending out a pair of flames that swoop in at Rad's sides, forming a vast (but narrow and dodgable) wall of flame.

Nanami strikes Rad Spencer with her Firepower attack!

Rad Spencer chucks the highly explosive rocket launcher as the flames hit, batting desperately at his clothes as he burns. But... if he's burning... well, he should share the love. Once more, he lashes out at Nanami, but not to hit her... no, he just wants to grab her and pull her in for a nice... friendly... flaming... hug!

Rad Spencer misses Nanami with his Standing Outside The Fire attack!

The Hero of Spielburg keep with the overwhelming swarm of blade and fire and finnaly finish the deal. This time, he does not thurst too early, swing not far enough. This time, he's going for a full body swing aimed at the Ziggurat's midsection horizontaly. This ouggha hurt.

The Hero of Spielburg strikes Ziggurat 8 with his This'll Cut You In Half With Laughter. HAHAHAH. I CAN MAKE PUNS NOW. TAKE THAT, CODE! YOU HAVE TO OBEY MY WILL NOW! HAHAH! HAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH! attack!
You have taken 12 damage.

And hurt it does, though comparitively not quite as badly as some of his more recent knocks. Ziggy is bleeding once again, though. Seems his patchwork healing job didn't quite do the trick for long enough.

The cyborg scowls. This has gone on long enough. If Hero wants to put all the cards on the table, fine. Ziggy leaps back a few feet to put some distance between him and the nameless hero. This is one of his rare, strong, ranged attacks. Charging up all of his fire ethers equipped on his various systems, Ziggy emits a tremendous wave of fire in Hero's direction. It scorches the very earth underneath it, and will probably leave it black for a long time to come.

Ziggurat 8 strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Hellfire smash attack!

All of a sudden Nanami has a second wind! And while it's only a matter of time before it runs out, she's got enough left in the tank to jump away from mister flaming hug... And she keeps going backwards, eventually landing far enough away so as not to blow herself up with what she's about to try to do to Rad. Nanami lifts her hand, and the Rage rune traces above her head for a second time... But this time, the sky darkens, and there's a screeching sound... And a big ball of rock and fire crash into where Rad was. Assuming he hasn't managed to either move out of the way, or kick her out of casting it, of course!

Nanami misses Rad Spencer with her ULTIMATE ATTAAAAACK: Final Flame! smash attack!

Rad Spencer's eyes widen as he sees the giant ball of rock and fire coming at him. There's only one way out of this. Just one. Bracing himself, he launches his arm at the incoming object, and pulls, swinging the mighty piece of stone with all his might. Of course he's aiming for Nanami... seriously, she's the source of all his troubles at the moment, and, well, he can't really do anything else but spin this giant hunk of stone until it hits something!

Rad Spencer misses Nanami with his Mace Of The Gods smash attack!

Fox McCloud checks his bag of tricks for a capsule that feels good and heavy. He's getting the hang of this bow by now, so he aims it good and high. Let's get this battle over with before the sun sets. Today's winner of the capsule prize is... Rad Spencer!
 He gets...

Random Smash Item: Super Smash Icon (+FMV)

Aurrrg! Fire! Fiiire is baaaaaaaaaaad! Why must he always get FIRED ON. WITH FIRE!?
 Fortunately, this time, the Paladin is not turned into a living torch! Which is quite fortunate, for him! Thus, depiste having some odd flames over his clothes, the Paladin keep his focus and get back to his feets, rushing the far taller cyborg and employing his weapon as a lance as he tries to plunge it right into his opponment.

The Hero of Spielburg strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Heroic Charge: The Lance of Honor smash attack!

You have taken 33 damage.

Ziggy is in a world of hurt right now. He's just lucky his tolerance for pain is insanely high. Hero's lance does, indeed, impale Ziggy's body. Though this also gives the cyborg a good chance for a counterattack.

His cybernetic hand grabs a hold of Hero's spear. "Times like this..." He says, somewhat pained. "I'm glad my own combat ether systems can't rebound on me. Not directly, anyway." What does he mean by that? Well, metal is conductive. And lightning ether, though it's an ether, still has many of the same properties as real lighting. So when Ziggy charges his cybernetic fist with lightning ether, guess what happens?

Hero's in for a shocking discovery, indeed. Good thing for Ziggy that his own cybernetic systems can handle then countersurge to a sufficient degree. Even this damaged.

Ziggurat 8 strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Shocking! attack!

Well, Nanami's quite wide-eyed as she sees Rad grab the rock out of the sky. Wow. That's INCREDIBLE. Also, frightening as heck. Nanami's still quick, though, and she manages to jump around the rock, pulling her Peacemaker out of her pouch and squeezing off a shot at Rad's head. If he gets the rock into her, it's definately over, and Nanami hasn't even noticed the capsule yet! That just makes things worse.

Nanami strikes Rad Spencer with her Bullet to the Brain~ attack!
Rad Spencer has been knocked out!

Rad Spencer sees the icon, but doesn't get a chance to grab it as Nanami pulls a gun on the soldier. Struck by the bullet, he goes flying backwards, bleeding from the head as he's knocked out, senseless and injured. He's out of this fight!

Not realising that his fate lies in this next attack, the Hero of Spielburg pull back his 'lance' as he shocked, letting out a loud cry of pain as he tries to refocus. Man, that was not a surprise, that was a /pain/. The Hero steps backward, eyes focused on the cyborg, then charge onward again and bring down his sword diagonaly, empowered by his own Honor made manifest!

The Hero of Spielburg strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Honor Blade attack!
You have taken 18 damage.

Hero's sword cuts into him yet again, and it seems Ziggy is nearly at his limit. The cyborg is in bad shape, and it's going to take quite a lot to heal him back to normal after all of this.

And still he fights on. In fact, the capsule that landed near his feet after being knocked away by Rad Spencer's defeat gives him renewed energy! Some incredibly renewed energy!

Suddenly Ziggy has a full stock bar.

Ziggy dashes forward, and hits Hero with a Combo of punches, and SLAMS him once with his bladed arm. If it all connects, this should knock Hero flat on his back, and wide open for the following barrage of combo attacks. Well, less combo, more SLAMMING HIS FIERY BLADE DOWN on top of him! After three of those strikes, Ziggy leaps back, and suddenly finds his newfound strength spent. Dizzy, so dizzy...

Ziggurat 8 strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Break Combo Bonus! Down! Burst Blade! finisher attack, but is stunned by the effort!

Well, Nanami's quite thrilled about having finished her current fight off, but the other two are still going, she realizes. And so, Nanami turns to them in time to see Ziggy go all dizzy and stuff, and Hero likely start reeling and the like... And so, she'll squeeze off a shot at the Hero. Ziggy had been kind enough to lay off of HER while she was going down hard, after all!

Nanami strikes The Hero of Spielburg with her Vulture shot! attack!
The Hero of Spielburg has been knocked out!

That was quite something, Hero will admit. He was not excepting to survive /THAT/ one. So, while still in a load of pain, the Paladin get back to his feets, and prepare his next offensive...
 ...And get blasted right off the stage as Nanami steal kill the Cyborg! Scandalous!

Fox McCloud strikes Ziggurat 8 with his Unstun'd trivial attack!

The sun is setting to the west, but you can't really tell with Alefgard's heavy cloud cover. Either way, it's getting darker on the field. With only two people left, Fox tosses in another pokeball to wrap things up. And yes, Nanami gets this one too.

Ziggy finally recovers his senses, just in time to see Nanami take Hero out. A slight sense of relief washes over him, but that is quickly dispelled when he snaps back to attention. He still has to keep fighting, it's not over yet! In the state he is in, he will not likely survive another direct hit. He has to put an end to it while he still has the strength to do so.

Lurching forward, Ziggy uses his last bit of agility to quickly close the distance between him and Nanami. With his elbow-blade drawn, Ziggy delivers a quick double-slash to Nanami's midsection.

Ziggurat 8 strikes Nanami with his Cross Lancer attack!
Nanami has been knocked out!

However, in the universe that actually happened, Nanami goes flying off from the slash, clearly having chosen the wrong target of the two as ziggy slices and dices her. She bounces out of the arena... Lousy initiative!

When Nanami falls, Ziggy nearly collapses himself, but only falls to one knee. To close. Too too close. But he came out on top in the end, once more.

It takes Ziggy a few minutes before he's able to stand again, but he finally heads to the exit of the arena. A victor twice over.

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