The 2 NES Goemon Games

Never actually released over here, and no translation, so details are sketchy. Basically, Goemon met Ebisumaru, and they go around Oedo stealing money from rich shoguns and giving it to the poorer people, ala Robin Hood. They wind up in jail a few times, but break out and go at it again. Very happy go lucky, and carefree.

SNES Goemon Games

Ganbare Goemon 1, aka Legend of the Mystical Ninja - After all their adventures in the NES games, Goemon and Ebisumaru under the aliases of Kid Ying and Dr. Yang (original SNES translation of their names, bad I know, but official translations count in Videoland so I had to work them in somehow) live in Oedo, still with their plundering ways, helping the people out. They learn of a ghost woman in the Horo Temple north of Oedo causing trouble, and they go to check it out. There, they learn of the kidnapping of Princess Yuki from Kurobei of the ninja cat-clan, and are asked to go save her. Along the way they come across most of the rest of the cast, Ninja Spy Yae who helps them along, the Wise Man of Iga and Sasuke. Eventually Goemon and Ebisumaru save Princess Yuki and her father clears the two of their crimes against the evil corrupt shoguns of Oedo. With much accomplished, they go on vacation.

Ganbare Goemon 2 - Resting in the Ryukyu Resort, Goemon and Ebisumaru's vacation is cut short by the Wise Man of Iga's creation, Sasuke. He informs the two of the evil 'Western' General, Magginesu, who has set his sights on Japan. Having already taken over Oedo, he works on the rest of the land. Being on the other side of the island, the three set out to make it back to Oedo, and encounter Magginesu's hench-Bunny-men along the way. First they run into the Wise Men of Iga again, and he informs them of his latest invention, and gives Goemon the Triton Shell, which will summon his new creation Goemon-Impact, but warns him not to use it until necessary. After penetrating the first fortress of Magginesu, his Bunny Man General gets away, and Goemon uses the Triton Shell. To his surprise, a giant robot breaks through the wall, and places Goemon and the others in his control seat. Giant robot Goemon-Impact chases after Magginesu's General, and eventually faces off with a Giant Sumo Robot. Disposing of it, the cast head on their way once more. Along the way, they run into Yae once again, and as well, while they are occupied, Magginesu kidnaps both the Lord and Princess Yuki, and as well the Coffee Shop girl of Oedo, Omitsu, whom has a secret relationship with Goemon. Eventually, Magginesu kidnaps Yae as well. Finally, after Goemon-Impact defeats the third giant robot in Magginesu's army, the Sky Castle takes off. Impact quickly flies after it, and the trio storm Magginesu's stronghold. Finally they reach the end of his domain and confront him. In a Dr.Wily-esque battle, Magginesu attacks them, but quickly loses, so it seemed. It was really a robot double, a decoy. Then the panel in the back of the room opens up, and Magginesu tells them of his plans, and that he not only has all their friends captured, but he also somehow got his hands on the Triton Shell, which they must have dropped along the way. Now Magginesu, with Omitsu in an embarressing bunny costume in tow, summons Goemon-Impact and forces him to fight Goemon and the others in the final battle. His one mistake, though, was ordering his troops to attack them as well, throwing bombs at them from above while he tries to crush them with Impact's fists. Goemon knocks the bombs back at Impact, and eventually damage him enough, and Magginesu is ejected. Magginesu begins apologizing profusely for trying to take over, and westernize Japan, and promises to leave the country alone. Along the way he must have said something to insult Omitsu, because she (still in the cockpit of Impact) fires at him. Quite agitated at the whole situation, she powers Impact up and blasts both Magginesu and the good guys sky high, and goes on a bit of a rampage in Impact, before he finally falls apart. Magginesu dissappears, and everyone is safe. All's well that ends well.

Ganbare Goemon 3 - Sometime after the battle with Magginesu, the Wise Man of Iga has restore Impact, and finished his latest invention, a Time Machine. He quickly disappears into the future, leaving behind a monitor for Goemon, Ebisumaru and Omitsu to see what the future is like. However he doesn't waste time, and quickly begins chasing the ladies from the future. Suddenly, Omitsu screams at the monitor, as the Wise Man is captured, by Ebisumaru's evil french catholic descendent, Sister Bismaru, who plans to use the Wise Man's inventions to take over both the past and the future.. The Wise Man barely manages to tell them to get Sasuke's help, and Goemon and Ebisumaru get ready for adventure again. They set out for the Wise Man's temple, along the way they run into Kurobei, whom they haven't seen since the first game/quest, and further ahead find Impact, buried in the ground, Sister Bismaru is already at work. Reaching the Wise Man's temple, it is infested with Sister Bismaru's robots, and finally they meet Sasuke, who attacks them. After knocking some sense into him, the three escape from the Wise Man's temple, riding three mecha, being chased by Bismaru's vessel. Eventually, the three meet up with Yae, and recover Impact's Triton Shell. Returning to Oedo, they find most of the town demolished, and Sister Bismaru gloating. After a brief skirmish, she kidnaps Omitsu, and runs. Furious, Goemon summons Impact to give chase. Soon they face off with her robot, Bismaru-Elegant. After clobbering it, she escapes in her pod to the future, and Impact follows. Sasuke and Yae wake up, seperate from Goemon and Ebisumaru. Eventually they are captured by Bismaru's men, but are soon rescued by Goemon and Ebisumaru. In the future, Neo-Oedo, they eventually learn of who is behind the plot, Bismaru's leader, Jurokubei. After going the length of Neo-Oedo, taking out Jurokubei's strongholds, and fortresses, they eventually face off with him, and Bismaru in their combined, transforming robot. They defeat it, but the evil duo escape to their HQ. With Impact, they break in, and eventually find the Wise Man, who is being controled by a doohicky on his head. After a quick battle, they snap the Wise Man out of it, and Sasuke and Yae take him out of there, while Goemon and Ebisumaru go ahead to confront Jurokubei and rescue Omitsu. In a rooftop confrontation, Jurokubei finally confronts them face to face. He makes a deal, the Triton Shell for Omitsu. Being cornered, Goemon had no choice but to give it up and save Omitsu. Jurokubei laughs, and flies off. However they really didn't save Omitsu, it was just Bisumaru in a mask. Punting her off the roof, they hear Jurokubei calling out. He has the real Omitsu in his clutches, and the Triton Shell, which he says he will use to gain the power of the legendary soldier. He uses the Triton Shell, but doesn't take control of Impact, as Sasuke and Yae arrive in him, and pick Goemon and Ebisumaru up. What Jurokubei was really up to, was using the Shell to apparently call the Impact of the future, Dark Impact. Impact faces off against his twin, and as Jurokubei attacks, something seems to go wrong, as the two robots are hurled through time once more. Back in the past, Princess Yuki, the Lord, and Kurobei are commenting on how peaceful it's been lately, when Impact appears out of nowhere, landing on the castle, crushing half of it. Dark Impact then appears, and Jurokubei wonders what went wrong, and how he ended up in the past. Deciding not to waste time, he begins his attack for real. Impact vs Dark Impact. Darky is able to do everything that the real Impact can do, but eventually the real Impact lasts, and Dark Impact is destroyed. Relentless, Jurokubei flies out of the wreckage of Dark Impact and lands in front of Impact's cockpit. He says if he can't have Dark Impact, he'll take the real thing. But he must spend too much time talking, as in the middle of his winded speech, Impact blasts him off his face. Soon after, Goemon, Ebisumar, Sasuke and Yae, find Omitsu and a defeated Jurokubei. By the looks of it, Jurokubei cries out that 'that hurt', and they get into a bit of an argument. Apparently, he realizes he must be a decendent of Goemon (at least, that's what I believe the text is saying, from my limited knowledge of Japanese) He was willing to give up, but Sister Bismaru runs in out of nowhere and apparently tries to convince him to keep being evil, but Jurokubei becomes annoyed, and punts her into the stratosphere, stranding her in the past. Jurokubei takes her pod, and prepares to depart, but compliments Omitsu one last time, and she briefly becomes quite smitten with him. Goemon mutters about letting that jerk go, but them Omitsu realizes one last thing, and asks them where the Wise Man is. And they all realize, they forgot him in the future. That's the end of the game, at some point they must have gone to fetch him before Goemon 4.

Ganbare Goemon 4 - Some time passes after the last events, and Impact disappears. Goemon, Ebisumaru, Yae, and Omitsu visit the Wise Man to celebrate his 98th birthday. After surprising him (and Sasuke who was.... dressed up for the occasion) the doorbell rings. The Wise Man answers, and looks up to see Impact kneeling over, greeting him. He informs the lot that for the past while, he was on 'Planet Impact', a place where everyone seems to look like him, only human sized, and they seemed to greet Impact as their ruler. His reign as a king was cut short, when the planet was invaded and overthrown by a 'Seppukumaru' and his forces, who took over the four moons around Planet Impact and set up a barrier around it, and threw Impact out. Thus, Impact has returned, and asks the Goemon crew for help, to defeat Seppukumaru and free 'his people'. Ready for adventure once more, the four of them naturally accept. Pleased and grateful to them, Impact stands and turns around, but his leg slams into the Wise Man's temple, and topples it over by accident. Apologizing, he takes off into space with Goemon, Ebisumaru, Sasuke and Yae, leaving the Wise Man to rebuild his home. Arriving at the planet, Impact drops the four off, each on one of the moons, Goemon on the Desert Moon, Ebisumaru on the Forest Moon, Sasuke on the Ice Moon, and Yae on the Water Moon. The four soon find that Seppukumaru is obsessed with all kinds of sports, as his compounds and fortress are littered with various sports themes. Along the way, Goemon meets up with a Tanuki who impersonates Omitsu, Ebisumaru runs into his eternal rival, Obisumaru, Sasuke goes on an errand to deliver medication to some patients, and Yae goes shopping for an odd clan of executioners. Eventually, they all meet up with his four, egg-shaped, henchmen, and to destroy each Moon's barrier, they defeat them all one by one, in 'combat'. One challenges Impact to a sort bungee jumping match, the second presents him with an odd guessing game, the third races Impact across a track, and the fourth forces them to play an odd sort of puzzle/tetris game. After toppling the barrier, they all arrive in Planet Impact. The four then run into Seppukumaru's four hencheggs again, who yell at them, and seem to tell them how to find their master, then disappear. Finally reaching his domain, they fight through revised versions of the various sports fortresses they toppled before, and finally, face Seppukumaru in a showdown. It isn't a traditional battle, however, as the four and Impact are on the planet's surface, while Seppukumaru is high above on the deck of his spaceship. Seppukumaru hefts a gigantic black sphere and hurls it at Impact (and I mean gigantic, it's like he threw the Death Star at him) and the fate of Planet Impact was decided by a game of catch. Impact barely manages to catch the sphere, and tosses it back at Seppukumaru, who catches it, but his spaceship is damaged each time it happens. Eventually, the ship can't handle it, and breaks apart. In a final 'sports play' Seppukumaru threatens to commit... seppuku, plummeting towards Planet Impact, and potentially destroying it when he dies. Not allowing the planet to be destroyed, Impact leaves the Goemon crew behind, and flies up to catch the evil sportslord. He succeeds in catching him, but he knows that as long as Seppukumaru lives, Planet Impact, and the rest of the Universe would be in danger, so while he has him in his clutches, Impact flies towards the sun, to kill the both of them. Along the way, Impact sadly rememebers all the good times he had with Goemon and the others, but is adament to kill himself and his enemy for the good of all. Seppukumaru criticizes Impact that that is not the proper way to play the seppuku sports game. Impact then foolishly reveals to him that seppuku isn't a sport, angered by that (for some reason) Seppukumaru breaks free, and punches Impact away, and flies off. Impact failed to kill Seppukumaru, though he realizes he is still alive. The others start laughing at Impact, because being so close to the sun frazzled his hair, so it looks more afro-y than usual, and they say he looks like a 'Dancer'. So then, Impact.... boogies, for the rest of the credits sequence. The end.

The N64 games

Ganbare Goemon 5, aka Mystical Ninja starring Goemon - The first N64 Goemon game. It starts out harmlessly enough in Oedo, with Goemon and Ebisumaru being chased out of a store (Ebisumaru stripped and tried to negotiate a discount with his 'hypnotic dance') As they argue over this, a huge, peach-shaped, spaceship flies overhead, heading for Oedo Castle. A villainous duo and their servent aboard the ship, blast the castle with an odd beam, which transforms it into a bizarre, stage-like shape (stage, as in a theatrical stage, not a videogame 'stage'). The ship flies off, and Goemon and Ebisumaru investigate. They save Lord and Princess Yuki from one of the weirdo henchmen, and they ask them to help save Oedo once more. The two then head off to see the Wise Ol' Man, but as they approach his temple, it crumbles after an explosion, in the rubble all they find is Impact's Triton Shell. They confront the weirdo, Baron, again, and he claims to know nothing about what happened, then sicks a giant robot on them. Fair enough, they have a giant robot also. Summoning Impact, they battle Baron's robot, and topple it easily. Soon after they run into Yae, who informs them that they are after the 'Peach Mountain Shoguns', and they investigate a disappearance of the children of a small town, all of which were really skilled at dancing. Infiltrating the Ghost Toys Castle, Goemon, Ebisumaru and Yae come across Colon, another weirdo, and the leader of the Peach Mountain Shoguns, Spring Breeze Dancin'. Dancin' states that they won't get in the way of their Great Stage Plan, and leaves after calling Goemon 'Fernandez' for some reason. After battling Colon's robot, they rescue the children, and go on their way. Eventually they meet up with Sasuke, who was blown away from the Wise Ol' Man's temple after the explosion. Wanting revenge for the death of his creator, Sasuke joins and they continue. Eventually they reach Kyushu, thinking that the Spring Mountain Shoguns are based there, then Omitsu passes them, saying she has to make a delivery to Kyushu. As soon as she reaches the island, however, it is uprooted out of the water, and disappears into the sky. Realizing the Peach Mountain Shoguns are behind it, they head off to find out what happened, and eventually consult a fortune teller at Mt. Fear. The old witch summons the ghost of the Wise Ol' Man, who informs them that Spring Breeze Dancin, and his accomplice Kitty Lily, have taken the island of Kyushu into space, aboard their ship, and has tuned it into a marvelous stage. Their plan is to take over the universe with their breathtaking song and performance. Finding a way into space at the Stone Circle Ugo, they set out after finding the four Miracle Items, held by Baron, Colon, Sharon, and Poron, the four weirdos working for Spring Breeze Dancin' and Kitty Lily. They board the spaceship, and eventually find the main town on Kyushu, where they meet up with Omitsu, perfectly safe, and to their surprise, the Wise Ol' Man (they never DO figure out who that spirit the fortune teller summoned for them was). He is surprised that his temple was destroyed, he wasn't there when it happened. He says he built a bunch of robots and a Great Stage Beam for the Shoguns, after they bribed him with a few muscle car posters and some car magazines. Goemon is furious, then he quickly covers up saying that they really FORCED him to do it. He informs them of where their HQ is, and the four set off to topple the Peach Mountain Shoguns once and for all. Finally, they come across a giant stage, where Spring Breeze Dancin and Kitty Lily perform their act 'Gorgeous My Stage' in order to make them into their 'Die Hard Fans' (yes, die hard fans). Though Ebisumaru almost falls for it, the rest aren't impressed. However that was all a distraction, as Spring Breeze Dancin (still calling Goemon 'Fernandez') presses the self destruct and runs. Absolutely furious and insulted by these jokers, Goemon summons Impact who takes them and flies out into space to do battle with the Peach Starship. After destroying it, the evil duo battle Impact with their own giant robot, The Fairy of Love and Dreams - D'Etoile. After that last battle, Spring Breeze Dancin and Kitty Lily go blasting off again, so to speak, and they all return to Oedo, and Kyushu returns to it's proper place as well. Thinking that they will be made heroes, instead they find themselves at the mercy of a group of furious villige girls who accuse them of getting rid of Spring Breeze Dancin and Kitty Lily, and that they can no longer hear their wonderful song. Oh well, all's well that ends.... well.

Ganbare Goemon 6(?), aka Goemon's Great Adventure - Dunno what happens, haven't played it. All I know is that Sister Bismaru from Goemon 3 returns. As far as Videoland is concerned, though, this hasn't happened yet.

The Cast

Goemon - No apping for him, he's taken. But all the same, he's the hero of the series. Most average character, as far as abilities go. Uses an ancestral pipe for his main attack, also throws Ryo (currency) and has a Chain Pipe, which is like Link's Hookshot. He also has the Sudden Impact ability, which turns his hair golden and doubles his attacking power. Guess where they got the idea for that.

Ebisumaru - Goemon's disturbed partner. A retired 'champion of justice' he lives with Goemon, and eats his food. Partners up whenever needed for adventure though, he's not exactly a slouch. Slow, but probably the most endurant of the crew, he weilds different weapons each game. He attacks with everything from Paper Fans, Hula Hoops, Gymnastic Equipment, and giant mallets. Has a magic camera, and a 'ballerena spin' technique which can destroy walls and drill through the ground. And he can also turn 1/16th his normal size with his Mini-Ebisu technique to sqeeze through tight areas. Ebisumaru suffers from a tremendous case of denial, he truely believes he is good looking, a bishounen. He insists this, and the rest of the cast has given up on him, and just ignores it.

Sasuke - Creation of the Wise Man of Iga (Wise Ol' Man, in the NA version), Sasuke is loyal to his creator. His weapon is the Kunai, the Golden Kunai (which can slice very thick and hard obstacles) and the Kunai of Severe Cold. He also uses Firecracker Bombs, to stuff up. Very small, fast, and accurate. Sasuke is eternally loyal to the Wise Man, only going on adventures either when he asks, or when he needs rescuing. Also, from the intro of Goemon 4, he apparently can turn ito a girl, not that it matters, being a robot.

Yae - Skilled Ninja Spy, at first she only helps Goemon and the others out when they need it, but she eventually takes a liking to them, and is always there to lend them a hand. She uses a basic katana, but also has a bazooka in her arsenal. Hey, no one ever said the series was accurate time-wise. Her attacks are probably the most lethal of the bunch, she also uses her katana as a sort of spinning sword shield. As well, she can turn into a mermaid, for all those pesky under-water levels. Probably the most 'serious' of the bunch, she passes a few sarcastic comments along the way during all their wacky adventures.

The Wise Man - Inventor of Sasuke and Goemon-Impact, the perverted old man is usually quite a focus in the games one way or another. In the Japanese version, he is perverted at least, but in the North American version, that was cut out (it was Nintendo in the early N64 days, what did you expect?) In Goemon 5, instead of being bribed by hentai posters and magazines, it was muscle car posters and magazines. So that's how he'd be in Videoland, a car freak, not a pervert. Unless Working Designs hurries up and releases that PS2 Goemon game over here, then Wise Man might be himself again, so he can be apped in all his perverted glory.

Omitsu - Coffee Shop girl of Oedo, and Goemon's girlfriend in secret, Omitsu usually has one role in the games, to be kidnap fodder. She's the Peach and Zelda of the series, though she's not entirely defenseless. She DID blast both Magginesu and Goemon with Impact, after Magginesu offended her. She's apparently quite fickle as well, after being briefly smitten by Jurokubei, but she's still true to Goemon, I mean, who else is going to rescue her the next time she's kidnapped?

Lord and Princess Yuki, and Kurobei - Mostly side characters, not as important, but still, they're prominent enough. The Lord of Oedo seems to be mostly a bumbler, he just sits there fanning himself all day, but he's Yuki's beloved father, and is too good natured to hate. Yuki must do most of the work ruling Oedo, and Kurobei of the Ninja Cat clan, protects her, most of the time. She was the kidnap fodder in the first game, then Omitsu outshone her in that department after Goemon 2. Now she just has to put up with Oedo castle being destroyed every second game.

Goemon-Impact - The fabulous giant robot, Impact sadly isn't appable. Though he is a character, by all rights, he is sentient, and has his own will, as far as the games go he is just a vehicle for the most part. As far as Videoland is concerned, Impact is best left for the main cast of the series to use whenever the situation would call for a giant robot. Impact CAN be taken advantage of, though, his personality is very naive, and he'll listen to whoever has the Triton Shell, like the time Magginesu got his hands on it. Not to mention he loves to dance, he could beat Station in a dancing contest, being a 50ft robot probably helps. He also has a girlfriend, Mrs. Goemon-Impact, who first appeared in Parodius 3, and then for real in Goemon's Great Adventure.

Obisumaru - Ebisumaru's eternal rival. I don't really know when their rivalry started, or why, but they're rivals. Kind of like Wario to Ebisumaru's Mario, or something. He suffers from the same case of denial Ebisumaru does, and thinks he is better looking than the pudgy do-gooder. He is also, apparently, a very greedy thief, and actually might make a good partner for Wario, if he wasn't such a dork.

General Shogun - Villain of the first SNES Goemon game, no one cares about this loser. He was a lousy villain, and even needed a Kitsune's help in order to be any sort of threat. And the fox demon only abandoned him in the end when he threatened to harm Princess Yuki. He's probably not worth apping, unless someone wants to play a loser.

Magginesu - The 'Western' General, who tries to take over and westernize Japan with his army of bunny men. Yeah... I don't know what to make of him either. He manages to steal the Triton Shell, taking control of Impact for the final battle, so that certainly makes him a better villain than General Shogun. From my own knowledge of the Japanese language, and text, Magginesu's speech is very... accented (anyone familiar with subtitled Ranma? Well he's like the Principal in terms of speech) He uses a lot of bad engrish too. I don't really know exactly how he could be apped at Videoland like that, but it'd be fun to try.

Sister Bismaru - Ebisumaru's evil, french, descendent from the future (why does he keep getting all the evil clones?) Seems to be madly in love with Jurokubei, not that it's returned, but she serves him nevertheless. Not much else to say about her, I know she returns in Goemon's Great Adventure, so that makes her the only recurring villain in the series (I also know she dies in that game, but as far as Videoland is concerned, that game hasn't 'happened' yet), though she never is a stand-alone villain, always the pawn of someone else. I actually don't know if Bismaru is male or female, walkthroughs seem to vary, and it's hard to tell from the text in Goemon 3. It probably says for sure someway or another in Goemon's Great Adventure, so whatever she/he is in that game, that's what Bismaru'd be in Videoland.

Jurokubei - The evil samurai-wannabe from the future, behind the kidnapping of the Wise Man and Omitsu. He talks big, likes to make long-winded speeches and laugh a lot, but in the end he's just a wuss. But he has a clone of Impact, called Dark Impact, at his disposal, so he's nothing to sneeze at. Though it looks like he turned good at the end of Goemon 3, I wouldn't hold my breath that he stayed like it for long. He even stranded Bismaru in the past and took her pod back to the future without her. All and all, he's an arrogant jerk.

Seppukumaru - Dig those eyebrows and hair, dang, I wonder how he does that. The completely strange, and evil, villain of Goemon 4, he's an odd one indeed. First of all, he's freaking strong. I mean, he can heft a giant black sphere the size of the freaking Death Star, and toss and catch it without slowing down, AND punch a giant robot away that was holding him rather tight. He also is totally obsessed with sports, and is under the delusion that seppuku is a sort of sport. Stuff like that should be expected in this series. Like all the villains, he lives and gets away in the end, so he could always come back and plague the cast with his stupid plans again. One thing to note, for some reason, walkthroughs on GameFAQs call this guy 'Maguamuge'. I have NO idea where that came from, I played the game and I didn't see the name 'Maguamuge' anywhere, his name is Seppukumaru.

The Flake Gang: Baron, Colon, Sharon and Poron - The four weirdos working for the Peach Mountain Shoguns, they keep on getting in Goemon and the gang's way. They each hold one of the four Miracle Items that the gang eventually needed to get into Outer Space for some reason. They are entirely strange, and for some reason, always get away by spinning themselves offscreen. Baron has control of The King Robot - Congo, and Impact boss 'The Wartime Kabuki Robot - Kashiwagi'. Colon has a Mind Control Robot, which he used to control the Dragon God's son, Koryuta, and The Surrender Robot - Dharmanyo. Sharon controls The Ghost Robot - Tsurami, and also buys foundation for Kitty Lily. And Poron, besides being arrogant and egotistical, controls Impact boss 'The Charming Mermaid - Thaisamba 2'. The four are identical looking, and are just color swaps of each other, Baron is blue, Colon is red, Sharon is green, and Poron is black.

Spring Breeze Dancin' and Kitty Lily - They are a very Team Rocket-esque duo. They lead the Peach Mountain Shoguns and plan to take over the Universe with their mesmorizing performance of the song 'Gorgeous My Stage'. Well, there's been stupider plans in this series. They command the giant Peach Starship 'Balberra', and have their own giant robot, D'Etoile. And they laugh alot, and also tend to unnecessarily say 'la la' randomly in speech. And Dancin always, always calls Goemon 'Fernandez', and Ebisumaru 'Antonio', since he makes up names for people that he thinks suits them.

Well, that's the history and characters of the series, as far as Videoland is concerned. These explanations of the characters and timelines of untranslated games are tentative, or something. If those games are ever fan-translated, then that is what Videoland will go by. But till then, this is as good an explanation of what happened as it's going to get. Since there's so many untranslated games in the series, I thought it would be a good idea to get everything that has happened, as far as Videoland is concerned, down in writing.

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