Persona MUSH
  Current Alts:
Fumiya Watanabe (63)
Natasha Petrova (4)


   Gate MUSH
Current Alts:
Yasutora Sado (22)

Old Alts:
Kururu (5)

Logless Alts:
Tatewaki Kuno
Gourry Gabriev

   Videoland MUSH
Alts At Closure:
Ziggurat 8 (46)
King Bowser (20)
Ashton Anchors (18)
Old Alts:
Goemon (1)
Zio (3)
Necrosaro (1)
Logless Alts:
Ludwig Von Koopa
Arthas Menathil
Leo Christophe
Locke Cole

   Mega Man MUSH
Old Alts:
Flare Feline (71)
Knight Man (40)
Midi (28)
Magnet Man (9)
Caduceus Catfish (2)
Logless Alts:
Tidal Whale

  January 5th, 2010

Welcome to the latest iteration of SpoonyBard's Mush Logs page, now with 100% more Persona 4 stylings! The recent opening of Persona MUSH has gotten my creativity flowing again, so with any luck this place should be updated every now and then once more. It beats a half-hearted updated every few years.

In this update the only new log additions are for Fumiya Watanabe, my Persona Mush OC. You can still find all my old logs here, though any log composed prior to this new redesign will still keep the old blue-style format of the old logs page.

  Persona MUSH Wiki - A Wiki containing info on Persona MUSH. Name says it all!

Gate MUSH Wiki - A Wiki containing info on Gate MUSH. See above!

  SpoonyBard's MUSH Logs page started way back in the early Aughts (that's around 2001 or so) for his first couple of Mega Man MUSH characters. Naturally it expanded as he gained more and more, apping at different places.

Current Alts are the characters he plays now, naturally, with varying levels of activity. Old Alts are characters he played once upon a time, though keep in mind it's entirely possible other people have played these characters since. Finally, Logless Alts are characters that have no recorded alts on this page, but were played by SpoonyBard at one point. Logs for them MAY be added in the future, but odds are low. But don't stop dreaming, characters!

One final note about the Persona MUSH timeline, the MUSH is chronologically set six months before the current date. So for any logs for Persona MUSH characters I'll first list the 'IC Date', and at the end of the description I'll list the actual date the log was recorded.
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