Disclaimer: These logs are circa 2001. They are an interesting part of M3's past, but with the number of changes to the Mush over the years, do not accurately display the state of Knight Man or the Robot Masters of the present. Feel free to take a look at M3's Wiki Page for up to date information on M3's theme and characters.

Knight's first night out - This is my first night playing as Knight Man, and I've already destroyed part of a city ^_^ Well, with the help of Search Man, Grenade Man, Guts Man, Magnet Man and Crash Man. It started off with some banter in the training room, Crash and Charge Man got in a fight, and we went ahead of them, to Mexico City. Basically, this was a victory for the bad guys! Bwahahaha! Repliforce retreated, and even X was taken out by Grenade Man, no less. And for anyone from Repliforce reading this, I beat the crap out of Broadcast Ocelot! Woot! ;)

Opening Ceremonies - The opening ceremonies in the Stadium in Torontreal. Various stuff happens, Knight Man annoys the heck out of Razor, and the general public. Quint bosses Bomb Man around, and Protoman lights the torch, and gives the entire world the finger. :) Fun time.

Aerobics Instructor from Hell - In this log Spring Man (our Aerobics Instructor from Hell, Richard Simmons wannabe on crack) gets POed at Knight for lack of exercise, and decides to beat the crap out of him and get him active that way. Or, he tries. Fortunatly for me, the battle system happened to be totally forked at the time (which you'll see with some of the OOC stuff I left in the log) and I emerged victorious against him. Then he called me a meanie and ran out ;)

Master Raid down under - Knight Man, growing bored of recent inactivity, decides to go and follow Wily's latest orders, with extreme prejudice! Unfortunatly by the time he gets the rest of the available Masters organized, Repliforce was already waiting to ambush them. However it didn't matter, because they were eventually beaten back, and Knight and King make off with the supplies. Bwahaha! :)

The Masters conquer Eurasia! - In this log... well... the masters conquer Eurasia (duh) The main force of the masters distract Repliforce in Cairo as Wily and a select few others gain control of the station. Also, before hand there's some amusing dialogue while said Masters are stuck in a small shuttle together for a while, with no one else to beat up :)

Die Hard in Space - While patrolling the Eurasia station, Knight Man comes across Siege Wolverine, who's disguised (by a holographic emitter thingy) as a giant alien. Things are said, stuff happens, and, most importantly, stuff explodes at the end. Namely Heat Man :)

The U.N. Falls - After securing the Eurasia space station, and forcing Repliforce to surrender, the masters set out on their next target, the UN HQ in Seoul. They conquer it with ease, and begin to take prisoners and loot the building.

Training Trauma - To help work out the aggrivation over the failure after Ad Astra, Knight Man spars with Wind Man in the Robot Master training room, after beating him, he fights Yamato and Stone Man in succession, defeating both. During some boasting, Wily walks in and what happens after that is... well... hilarious.

Training Trauma pt2 - Continuing his winning streak from the past log, Knight Man procceds to layeth the smack down, so to speak, on Yamato Man, Crystal Man and Metal Man. Then Enker steps up to challenge him. Does Knight Man's winning streak last?

The Excalibur - After what appeared to be the legendary Excalibur was excavated, Knight Man went out of his way to claim the sword for Dr. Wily. However he finds that he can't simply rush in, kill everyone and leave with it, as he planned. Complications arise, in the form of the evil Mr.Dressup from hell. Tommis Tomoe.

The Excalibur, pt2 - After deciding to raid Camelot Neo and claim the sword, Knight Man briefly meets with other Robot Masters to gather a team for it. However, most of them seem to care less about the sword.

The Excalibur, pt3 - Knight Man meets with Tomoe again, to get some more info out of him. However, he fled to San Angeles, where Knight Man is unable to threaten him due to the law which governs the city. Totally safe from Knight Man's assault, Tomoe silently gloats, as Knight is unable to find out what he wishes from the goth. (Just a note, I had a log of the actual raid on Camelot Neo, however by the time it got in full swing, I wasn't really in the scene, and it got REALLY out of hand, and in the end the Excalibur wasn't the focus, so I decided not to bother editing that huge log. I also shelve Knight for a bit after this during exams.)

Battle with Vile - I need to think up better titles for these battle logs... anyway here Knight Man and Yamato Man rescue Snake Man from Vile. It's a rather short, and for the most part, uneventful battle. But I decided to stick it here because I don't have enough logs with Knight Man ;)

Radio Free Grace - This is during the 'Perfect Innocence' TP, where Sigma creates a daughter, and in order to 'prove' that someone with total innocence will chose the Maverick cause (I think that's what his plan was anyway) he raises his daughter, Grace, and doesn't infect her with the Maverick Virus. This is some interesting radio conversation with Grace and most of the rest of the Mush.

Knight Man vs Zero - After the attack on the Skull Citadel (Log of it on Flare's page), Wily disappeared, and is presumed dead. Many of the Robot Masters are grief stricken (in their own ways...) Tron is apparently the only one who can rebuild the Robot Masters at this point, and Knight Man insults her, calling her a mere woman (hey, he has the attitude of a medieval knight, he's no feminist) Knight Man decides to go on a suidide mission to kill Iris to get revenge on Repliforce, which he does, while she's on a date with Zero. What happens after that shouldn't be too hard to guess.

Enter Paladin Man - About a week later, Tron finally finishes Knight's new body, and it's not what he expected. To get back at him for his earlier comments against women, Tron rebuilt Knight in the image of a noble Paladin. Nobility and honor are two things Knight Man detests, and now with his new body he has totally lost the ability to strike fear into the hearts of people. He's become a pretty boy even more bishounen than Zero.

Bass Battle - This is where the whole Paladin Man thing ends. It's a pity, I wanted to do more with it. But at least I go out with a bang... literally. And one thing I learned, never call Bass 'Finhead' and challenge him to a duel in the training room.

Cassandra Paradox Episode 1 : It's a Beautiful Day - This is the first of the 'Cassandra Paradox' TP logs. This was a huge freaking event that started in January, and lasted for quite some time. It all starts here, the TP, and the beginning of one helluva situation Knight Man gets into with Tron Bonne.

Cassandra Paradox Episode 2 : Great Balls of Fire - This is my second CP TP log, though technically it should be episode '3' since it happens on the 3rd night. I forgot to log the second night, and here's a run down of what happened the night before. After waking up from being hit with the Spark chaser, Knight set out on his own to try and figure out the riddle. And then he came across Tron, and instead of wanting to rip her head off, he found himself... not hating her at all. Stuff happened, which leads into the opening of THIS log, where Tron and Knight seem to be acting as friends. You'll have to read and see. Oh, and this is a freaking HUGE log too. In the end, Spiral Pegasus gets Mercury's pendent.

Cassandra Paradox Episode 3 : Jaded - This takes place during the night of the hunt for the 4th pendent. Though Knight himself doesn't go to the scene directly. It starts in the Reploid Room, again, and it's mostly Knight and Tron talking about what's happened thus far, and what may happen. And Shaun Gilmour (an OC Civilian) gets Neptune's pendent.

Cassandra Paradox Intermission 1 : Confession - This is a short log, but an important one. Here Knight Man can no longer hide what he's doing from Dr. Wily, and admits it all to him. He gets a few whacks upside the head with his cane, but by the end, he decides to use Knight Man's situation with Tron to his advantage. So everything's hunky dorey. This takes place during the 6th Pendent Hunt.

Cassandra Paradox Intermission 2 : May the spirits guide... - Here's another brief one, but nevertheless important. Knight talks to Crystal Man over the radio about everything that's happened to get the mystic's point of view on it. There's some enlightenment and stuff. Brief interesting log.

Cassandra Paradox Episode 6 : Walking on the Sun - This is the last pendent hunt, though not the end of the TP by a long shot. The long awaited mad dash for Sunstar's pendent in the Valley of Kings. It was one LONG night, and a LONG log to boot. In the end, Ten got Sunstar's pendent, and that causes many... interesting situations later, yes. But anyway, long long log, one of the biggest I have.

Cassandra Paradox Intermission 4 : Preparations - Two things in this log. First Knight Man speaks to Tron about the events that took place at the Nova Tower, after a brief meeting, Tron asks Knight to speak to Enker for her, being her 'emmasary' of sorts. And secondly, Knight speaks to Crystal Man in the Reploid Room about everything that's happened up to now once more.

Cassandra Paradox Intermission 6 : Knight Man Flush - This starts with a converation with Jet in the Reploid Room, though it quickly moves into the main focus of this brief log, Knight Man talking to Enker. There's passing of information, and a few subtle threats on both sides, as the Cassandra Paradox nears it's end, Knight gets pushed deeper and deeper into a situation he wants to avoid.

Cassandra Paradox Intermission 7 : TenStar II - If Knight was in a bad situation in the last long with Enker, this one blows it away. Going to an isolated part of the world to think things through, away from the chaos, he ends up running right into Ten herself. He takes that chance to speak to her about her own struggle against her pendent. It's a very interesting log (Ten even 'kudos'ed me for it, raar).

Cassandra Paradox Episode 7 : Bittersweet Symphony - The last night of the Cassandra Paradox. Yep, it all ends here. First with a mad race, some fighting, more racing, idle threats, REAL threats, and just one huge mess. It finally ends on Easter Island. It's a long read, but come the end, it's all over. For the moment. It's one of those 'not quite ending' endings.

Cassandra Paradox Epilogue : Tron - First part of the aftermath of the whole TP. This from Knight Man's perspective. Surprisingly, he doesn't try to kill Tron. And even more so, something completely unexpected happens at the very end.

Holo-Tronagraph - A rather short, somewhat silly scene, taking a break from the heap of serious stuff that's happened with Knight Man recently. Tron was being 'reeducated' by Gemini Man or somethingorother, and during all that, Gemini invites Knight Man to the Gamma outpost in Africa to test out his latest scheme.

The Chibi Incident - Gemini Man is at it again, and this time he REALLY earns Knight Man's ire. First of all, Wily built a Chibi Cannon, which turns people chibi when blasted. For those not familiar with japanese animation, chibi is a term given to.... uhh.... well, small... cute... things. Kinda hard to explain if you're not familiar with it, but that's the basics of it. Anyway, Gemini goes to mess with the beam and have some fun, by blasting various Masters, Knight Man included, and... well it gets REAL fun when Tron shows up.

Newfie Raid - The UN prepares to set up a new Navel Base at Argentia, Newfoundland. Well, not if Knight Man has anything to say about it. After organizing and carrying out a strategic raid, Knight and a group of Robot Masters battle at the Naval Base, which winds up being blown to smitherines by the end of the evening. Knight Man even gets to fight Proto Man, and though he lost horribly, it was still fun! And I got to lay waste to my hometown on the IC grid, yay!

Loanshark Man? - Magnet Man gets into a bit of trouble with some Loansharks, why he was lending money being a Robot Master is anyone's guess. So it's up to Knight Man and a few others to get those Loansharks off his case, and teach Mags a lesson about proper villianery.

Battle and Chase II Archer - I know, it's like the third Battle and Chase, but it was only my second. Single Combat, Heavyweight round, Knight Man vs Archer Colossus. FIGHT!

Battle and Chase II Agile - Starting off on this log is a load of radio chatter, that doesn't have really anything to do with the fight, but I left it anyway. Nyah. On to the battle, Knight Man did surprisingly well against someone like Agile, but lost in the end regardless. It was close though.

Hailstorms in Mexico? - It seems like an innocent little anti-reploid protest in Mexico City, but unbeknownst to our characters at the time, but knownst to us now, is that this was the subtle beginnings of the Nigh TP. Most of my Nigh TP logs will be in Midi's section, though a few near the start involve Knight Man.

Rings of Saturn - The Stardroid 'Saturn' confronted Enker in Skull Fortress (or Haven.. whatever) Knight walks in late, and doesn't interfere too much. Shortly after that he makes a proposition to Dr. Wily, a surprising one at that.

Return to the Gesellschaft - As the title says, Knight returns to the Bonne ship once more. After almost a year since the entire pendents fiasco occured and the original mess between Knight and Tron started. His stay is short, but important.

The Three Bonne Blunders - This one scene has sort of three parts. First is some basic jabbering between Knight and Tron, nothing new for them. Then big ol' Mr.Nothing makes an omnious broadcast on the GNN, and they talk about that for a bit. Then Knight Man brings up something unexpected, and Tron reacts suddenly, and rushes out of the room upset, at which point Teisel walks in and tries to stand up for his sister, comically.

Flash Man - Most poorly named log ever, I ran out of ideas :) Long after the whole Nigh thing was resolved, Knight's having a drink in the Reploid room when Flash Man walks in. They talk briefly about stuff with Tron, and then Flash has to leave. Short scene, but neat.

The Finale - This is it, last log, last scene, for me as Knight Man, anyway. All the events that have transpired with Tron Bonne, the Paladin Man, the Pendents, the past, it all comes flooding back, as Knight Man gets into a sort of mental dual with his alter ego which should have been buried a year before. It comes to a boiling point, and finally, well, it ends. Read for yourself as Knight battles for his (my) last time.

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