The Beginning - Ashton, after a meeting with Lucca Ashtear, finds his way into the Palace of Power, and thus his journey into Videoland has begun. He starts off just wanting to search Videoland to find a way to remove Gyoro and Ururun from his back without killing them. Lucca brings him into the Palace, where he also meets Kirby and Roto, the Heroine of Dragon Warrior 3, who naturally reacts oddly to the pair of dragons attatched to his back.

Picnic - After Ashton gets his bearings about Videoland, he decides to make a return trip to Expel to gather supplies, and spread the word about what he's seen. Before he leaves, he runs into Dreamcaster and Princess Lana, and they wind up having a picnic together.

The Cross King - Ashton's attempts to tell the people of Expel about Videoland didn't go quite as he had hoped, and he needed some help to give some proof to the King of Cross. Though there was almost some misunderstandings, the King finally accepts the evidence displayed so blatently before him.

Fire Eyes - Ashton runs into Fire Eyes while wandering the Palace, and they have a quick chat.

Xine - During the sign of an alliance treaty between Expel and the Palace of Power, the ruler of the monster race of Expel, Xine, decides to crash the party. Though it could have turned ugly, Gyoro and Ururun manage to talk the monsterous avian down.

Station - Ashton meets with Station, and they have a word about joining forces.

Anomoly - The final scene in the first TP in Videoland. All the elemental items were brought together at the Final Destination, and from the Anomoly which appeared, came Crazy Hand, some guy from Super Smash Bros I think, I never played the games. The result is a LONG FREAKING BATTLE. And in the end, Borgan deals the final blow the insane mitten.

Zelda - A scene starting a mini-plot I got going involving the villains of Star Ocean 2. Ashton had gone to Zelda to ask for assistance in curing a little girl, and Zelda in this log, takes Ashton to a Fairy. Subtle beginnings to something a bit bigger.

Noel Chandler - Business about a plague start up, and Ashton falls ill, as does most of Expel. Noel goes to deliver the news to Station, and informs him that they believe the Gods Ten Wise Men is behind it.

Chisato Madison - Chisato follow's Noel's lead, and finds her way into the Palace of Power, though for her own purposes. She's there to get an exclusive interview with this 'Captain N', and she tracks him down with little trouble. And of course, N gives a speech Dudly Do-right would be proud of.

Celine Jules - Yet another fill-in for Ashton, Celine also grows curious of this Palace of Power, and decides to check it out. Dias Flac also shows up (puppeted by Amon) and they have a nice chat with Lady A and Station.

Cave of Trials - Things come to a head as Ashton, in his sickened condition, goes off to the Cave of Trials alone, to search for the legendary ultimate sword, the Levantine. Gyoro and Ururun alert everyone to this, and Station, Arm Commander, Rika, and Ryu Bateson all go in after the warrior. They have to fight down several levels of the cave, picking up some nice items along the way, and finally meet up with Ashton, and aquire both the Levantine, and the Lavender, a herb which can cure the plague.

Integral Body and Perfect Soul - The climax of the return of the Gods Ten Wise Men, Indalecio arrives on Expel to confront Ashton, Station, and a half dozen others, as one huge beatdown occurs, though it all doesn't end without a typical Deus Ex Machina, as Claude finally arrives in the Calnus II.

Elsa von Spielburg - Some time passes after the situation with the Gods Ten Wise Men, and Ashton has met up with Elsa von Spielburg, and even moved into Red Mages Adventurer's Inn. Some wacky, Hot Bath hijinx involving Elsa, Dalton, and Waluigi go on, and eventually, Ashton takes Elsa on a tour of Expel, which ends in a rather important scene in Cross, where many things about Ashton are finally brought to light, not to mention feelings he's never expressed before.

Downtown - Ashton has another talk with Else, in Downtown Simsville, where he explains the reason behind his actions last night.

Gurgu Volcano - Ashton discovers a charm Else had bought for him was taken from a Red Dragon's horde in the Gurgu Volcano, and that dragon is getting rather upset. Rather than trying to fight and kill the beast, Ashton travels to Gurgu to return the charm, Elsa, Red Mage, and Cody follow.

The Sheath - Ashton has a gift for Elsa, though some bad (?) news to accompany it. Talk about one of the quickest romances ever.

'Battle' with Ridley - A bit of explanation about this log, it's not really a serious scene, sorta. Y'see, during the entire Smash Bros Tournament, I had to go on vacation, but I was lined up to fight Ridley. I could only spare like 20 minutes of online time to do it, so the result is a very brief, short-posed, random, and silly battle. Ridley won in the end, it was probably the best fight I ever had on Videoland.

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