The Grand Return? - Though I just got Bowser, I had to have him return to activity in Videoland. Basically, the last big thing that the previous Bowser did, was rescue (yes rescue, not kidnap) Princess Toadstood from Dracula, who was going to sacrifice her and Zelda in some evil power ceremony thing. After being repremanded by Mother Brain, Bowser took some time off to reconstruct his old favorite toy, the Doom Ship. And now, he returns, with the Doom Ship in the air once more. The log is nothing but IC chatter on the radio (or whatever it is, depends on the person) but still, it's Bowser's intro.

Radio Rambling - Another only radio log, but it's some amusing chatter in the villian's frequency. Bowser argues with Smithy, and Topo pesters him about clothes of all things. Though sadly, Smithy quit shortly after this log, so Bowser never got to make good on his threat. Le sigh.

The Jumbo-Goomba - Bowser lures Mario into a 'trap' at Yoshi's Island, though like all of his other schemes, it blows up his face. He almost counters and gets Mario on the deck of the Doom Ship, but that too fails for him. In the end Bowser has a small sort of break-down, but true to character, it doesn't take long for him to get his ego back.

Big Mamma Brain - Bowser has a rather.... enlightening talk with Mother Brain. Actually, he's lucky he got out of that talk with his shell intact, one can only push Mother Brain's temper so far. It's rather humorous too.

Shopping? - Bowser makes a trip to Downtown Simcity to... aquire some goods. And by aquire, I mean steal. And by goods, I mean... well, you'll see. He encounters Rika along the way. Though it's a brief log, due to my having to go, it was fun.

Battle in Mobius - Bowser's out to relieve some built up tension, and decides to attack some random place. Not really like him, but he was irriated by a few things beforehand. Waluigi tags along, and Bowser winds up confronting Gamemaster Station on the ground, while the Doom Ship has an aerial battle with the TCS Morningstar, piloted by Carlie.

Battle with N - Bowser heads to Elfland to get some nice natural elven wood to restore the damaged Doom Ship. Captain N himself shows up to prevent that, and the two battle it out. As for who won, well read and see. Cube also shows up to try and stall Bowser's troops.

Chat with Flea - Flea shows up in Bowser's castle, looking around, seeing who's who, and gets on Bowser's nerves real quick. They have a brief arguement, then she leaves. S/he has yet to make good on the threat s/he makes at the end.

Enforcer Tournament - Mother Brain had this enforcer tournament going on, and for the battle of Slime (yes, Slime, as in a Slime from Dragon Warrior/Quest) versus Captain X. Lots of stuff goes on, stuff blows up, many funny comments are made, and Slime even uses a joke familiar to those who read Online Life. The entire ring goes kablooie by the end though.

Battle on Venom - This was part of a TP Xardion had going, involving a Living Planet and stuff (from the game Xardion, no less :D) Most of those logs are with Goemon, this is the only scene that I played in as Bowser. Just a great big battle, though I have to leave before it was over, so the ending is missing.

Super Smash TV! - Bowser tries out the Super Smash TV game show, against Cube and Terry. Lots of Smash TVery fun. Yeah.

Macbeth May 17th, 2006 - Bowser returns from vacation, and is immediately thrust into a battle against the heroes when they attack one of Andross's facilities on Planet Macbeth. Can't a Koopa catch a break? Things get particularly heated when Young Link starts ragging on Wendy. But he pays for it. With pain.

Shipyards May 21st, 2006 - The Palace launches an attack on Bowser's shipyards as part of a larger attempt to keep EVIL distracted. Bowser doesn't take attacks on his home turf very well (especially spontaneous ones when he hasn't even kidnapped anyone yet!) and drags some of EVIL's heavy hitters along. Though they all fail in the end. Bowser fought hard against Captain N, but this time Keene pulled through/

A Bake Sale June 1st, 2006 - Toad Town has a bake sale that is rudely crashed by Bowser. But while the Koopa King is in the middle of swiping all of the goods he is interupted by Chester, a 'sassy neutral'. One brawl later Bowser walks away victorious, and heads back to the Fortress. There he has an encounter with Kivxi, and plays a 'little' prank on her.

Rivals June 9th, 2006 - Bowser comes across Mario in SimCity, so of course their natural impulse is to kick the crap out of each other. Watch for Bowser getting his hands on Mario's might cap, and failing to hold into it for more than five minutes. (Damage wasn't recorded in this log because I actually forgot to log it, and had Mario email it to me from his PoV)

Super Smash Bros: Round 1 - Luigi June 27th, 2006 - The Super Smash Bros Tournament starts up, and Bowser's first round match in the standard bracket is against Luigi. The two fighters duke it out, but in the end only ONE greenie can come out on top.

Super Smash Bros: Round 2 - Chizuru Kagura July 7th, 2006 - In Bowser's second round match he faces off against Chizuru Kagura on C-Island. The speedy little ninja gives Bowser a run for his money, but brute force triumphs over agility in this case.

Sneaky Like Ninja? July 11th, 2006 - Bowser tries sneaking into the ruins of Hollow Bastion, but runs into Young Link, Paula, and Eddexed. Bowser TRIES to be stealthy, he even dresses in a ninja suit! But stealth just isn't his forte, and the big lummox can't help but be caught. The brawl with Eddexed is quick as Bowser comes to the wrong conclusion (sorta) and runs off.

Super Smash Bros: Round 3 - Little Mac July 14th, 2006 - Round 3 of the Super Smash Bros singles tournament. Bowser faces off against Little Mac on top of a skyscraper in Monsteropolis. The young Rocky-lookalike gives the Koopa King a rough time, but brute force once again wins over speed and agility.

Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament July 20th, 2006 - There were three phases to the Super Smash Bros Tournament. The Singles, Melee, and Brawl. In this case, the Brawl tournament was ... well, a Brawl consisting of every character that signed up. The result is a wholey chaotic spamfest. I stop logged after Bowser is KOed, though, due to having to to hit the sack. Etoile Rosenqueen won, in the end, though.

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