Disclaimer: These logs are circa 2002-2003. They are an interesting part of M3's past, but with the number of changes to the Mush over the years, do not accurately display the present state of Midi. Feel free to take a look at M3's Wiki Page for up to date information on M3's theme and characters.

Chance Meeting - My first Midi scene. Guess it took me a bit to get into the character, but I think I did alright. Anyhoo, Midi finally finishes up on an assignment the UN had him working on for months, but due to an accident, he wound up in Eurasia. Not knowing where to go, he wandered around, and finally though a stroke of luck, he ran into Iris. Sadly, this scene had to end prematurely as Iris had to leave, but it was a good first scene nevertheless.

TETSUO!(Kanada!) - Poor Midi, he just wanted some grub, listen to some Kareoke, and maybe run into Rock, as he went to Tetsuo's in Neo-Tokyo. But sadly, he walked right in on a scene with Bass, Bolero, Iris, and a few others. Trying to sneak by proved impossible, as Bass singled him out to play card dealer in a game of chance or whatever he was playing with Bolero. Thankfully this was during the Battle and Chase cease-fire, so he manages to get away with Iris when she makes a run for it without being Megablasted. Though Midi will never go to Tetsuo's again.

Attack of Number Man - Midi was enjoying a nice peaceful evening, playing Pac-Man on the job, when Number Man hacked into the UN Database, and prevented Midi from getting the fabeled highest score. Naturally upset, Midi goes into cyberspace to duke it out with Wily's hacker. MANY 1980's mascots were used in the cyberfight, though in the end, Number Man got away with some of what he was after, but Midi put up quite a fight regardless.

Talk about nothing at all - Midi meets up with Iris at Eurasia once more. He finds her in a sort of detatched state, and the two strike up a talk about... well, nothing. And that eventually turns into a talk about family, as Midi expresses his worries about his own brother.

Chocolate sale! - Some poor chocolate store in San An makes a huge mistake and advertises a 50% off sale on all it's items. Which of course attracts two of the biggest chocolate fanatics there is, Midi and Iris. And Pyro Squirrel is there too, yeah. A bit shorter than most scenes, since I had to split, but fun nevertheless.

Sigma and Vile 'talk' - Midi was enjoying a peaceful evening, in the UN Plaza, when who should show up but Imperial Sigma and Vile in the Goliath? Umm... bad mojo for Midi? No kidding, he was a bit terrified for a moment. All sorts of heck breaks loose as others show up to take them out, even though they just wanted to 'talk'. But there is no just talking when Sigma is involved.

Halloween!! - Probably Midi's favorite night of the year. And this year he, naturally, dresses up as Rock, and eventually finds his way to Light Labs. A fun log, Midi shows off his costume to some of the Hunters, and even gets to pet Rush. Time of his life. Sadly, it's cut short by my connection dropping me suddenly, I couldn't log on for the rest of the night. I was pulling my hair out over that one too, it was a great scene. Blargh.

Brothers on the Beach - The evening starts off with Midi just having some fun on Rio's southern beach, meeting up with Iris, and Dark Static, when who should happen to show up out of nowhere, but Techno. Up to his old cruelty towards his brother again, Techno pulls a rather mean prank, and the whole scene winds up with Midi having a faceful of sand, and tears.

Starhaven - As the log title says, Midi, not to mention a large group of others of all factions, head up to the recently arrived Starhaven. The Nigh TP is in full swing, and the explorers from Earth... explore. They find some mysteries, and some surprises in the damanged space vessel. Sadly, the scene was going on a tad too long for me, and I had to leave before it all ended, right when things starting getting good, too.

Something Bad - Another Starhaven incident. The whole situation goes from 'uh-oh' to downright 'bad' real quick, and from there, bad to worse. A rather long log, which starts oddly enough with Midi exchanging some words with Dr. Wily, and winds up accompanying the Robot Masters to space, as an unknown object smashes through Starhaven, and earth's forces do what they can to keep the debris from the vessel from destroying half the world. Midi does nothing but watch.

Talk of Doomsday - Shortly after the last log, Midi goes to Ruby's Diner, rather depressed. The item Dr. Wily wanted to find in hand, Midi has some words with Iris, about all that has happened, what he fears will happen, and what he should do in the meantime.

These aren't the (Star)Droids you're looking for - Fun, and long, scene with more plotty stuff with Nigh is revealed, as Procyon appears in Seoul. As does Regulus, Denebola, and a few others, I lost count. Midi's view on the world is more or less thrown for a loop, as he tries to figure out who is in the right.

Stardroid Talks: Pisces - The next few are various talks, or confrontations, revolving around certain Stardroids. Here, Midi stumbles upon Pisces, or rather the other way around, and the two share a brief discussion about what Midi would be able to do in that situation.

Stardroid Talks: Aquarius - More chatter with the SDs, this time with Aquarius. More interesting stuff, Cyclops is also in on this scene, and one other thing of interest. Over the radio, Landon DeVry's ultimate 'death' is transmitted somewhere near the middle.

Stardroid Talks: Duet et all - More stuff goes down, back on Easter Island. Duet is a primary playing figure here, but so is Procyon, Betelguese, Luna and Virgo. Just more plotty stuff being revealed, and more of the same that has gone on for the past few logs. Nigh is coming! We're all doomed! Waah! Abernathy's a traitor! We're all naive fools! And etc...

Stardroid Talks: Virgo - More talking, this bit is rather important, at least to Midi. The whole issue of hope, and delivering hope, and passing hope to others, and stuff, is talked about. Sadly, this is my last Nigh log. Midi had several more scenes after this, some of em really interesting, but like an idiot I forgot to actually log them. Le Sigh.

Returning - A little while after Nigh was taken care of, Midi returns from a sudden 'vacation'. In the end, right when things started getting hairy around Nigh, Midi got, well, scared. After a situation with Aldebarren, Midi saw all he could bear of it, and just split, and hid while the final scenes were unfolding. And here he returns, and has a word with Gale, a bit downtrodden and dissappointed in himself, but he soon gets in good spirits.

Captain's Table - Well, the last log took place sometime in the middle of January, this one takes place near the end of March. -_- Not that nothing was going on, there was quite a few scenes, actually, I just forgot to actually log them. Anyway, Midi wanders into the Captain's Table and has a talk with General, and a few other Repliforcers. Nice scene, and scheming!!! I mean... talk, yeah.

Resurrections - New TPage, yay. This one was quite surprising, and interesting. This scene takes place at a presentation by a company called Arcanum, where the unveil their latest project, Reploid Resurrection. And the four they decided to bring back from the dead? Data Raccoon, King Dragon, Admiral, and Double. Needless to say, things erupt fairly quick.

Talk with Bridgit - Not a creative title, but that's more or less what this log is. Midi having a pleasent (yes, pleasent) talk with Bridgit Cascio, mostly about the recent events with Arcanum and how they'll unfold.

April Fools Prank - Yep, it's April Fools Day, and boy did Cyber Peacock ever had a prank in store for General. I won't spoil it by summarizing, those who know about this, certainly know about it, and those that don't, well read on. It's quite hilarious.

Meeting King Dragon - In this log Midi, well, meets King Dragon. Or the 'resurrected' King Dragon, anyway. It all goes south once a broadcast over the GNN about a situation Double got into happens though. Oh, and General's 'situation' from the last log still hasn't been solved.

Back to Normal - In this quick log, Midi finally takes care of the effects from Cyber Peacock's April Fools Joke on General. It was a bit briefer a scene than I'd have liked, but it need to be done quick, early one morning. It was still fun, though.

Resonance - In this log, Midi is introduced to Resonance, an interesting new addition to Interpol. For awhile he doesn't quite know what to make of her, he probably never will.

Chest - Brief log, a situation occurs between GNN and Interpol, and Midi goes to try to smooth things over by talking directly with Chest.

Data Raccoon - Midi finally meets up with Data Raccoon, after spending some time searching for her, he finds her having 'fun' in a cybernetics convention. After some brief time talking, he convinces her to meet with him later.

Twins Hacking - Not twins, as in Midi and Techno, I mean the OTHER twins on the MUSH. Gemini Man breaks into the database to find as much info as possible, though Midi manages to boot him out before too long. Brief-ish log, but fun scene nevertheless.

A Loss - Midi took this situation as a huge loss, on his account. He tried, and he failed, and to him there is no excuse, he'll be tearing himself up for a long time after this one. He meets with Data Raccoon, as promised before, however because of that, Cyber Peacock manages to track her down, and between him and Midi, with both trying to convince Data of their intentions, who's most likely to win? Suffice to say, Midi's best here just wasn't good enough.

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