Flare and Razor training - My first log of my first battle in the training room of Repliforce HQ, with Razor Pterodactyl (Macc's character) I learned the basics of combat here, plus had some nice RP.

Flare, Ditz, and the Pie - I step outside Repliforce HQ and I go about 3 feet before a pie is flung at my face by a terrified Ditz Pinkmouse, the MUSH's troublemaker. You'd just have to read it to see how it goes.

The Concert - This was the start of the first TP (tinyplot) I was present for. Repliforcers, Hunters, and even some Mavericks and Robot Masters were present for this event, what started as a little magic show soon erupted into dire situation as two bots from an alternate universe showed up, as to who they were read and see. This was the start of a long and intriguing story.

The Convoy - Later in the TP a convoy is attacked by the Mavericks and the Masters each wanting to get it from the other, and of course who has to step in and stop them, destroying the convoy if necessary? In this rather long log you see quite a show, and even a dramatic battle with the Colonel and Lady Viris, the evil version of his sister Iris from an alternate universe, all and all an entertaining battle.

The North Pole Gate - This is the end of that TP, the longest log I got (at this point). One long battle, and unfortunatly for me, one battle where I had my aft handed to me. I guess I shouldn't have been so eager to take on Pirate Man, stupid water weakness :)

When Stardroids Attack!!! - This log is more comedic than it first seems. What starts off as an attack on a Niagra Power plant turns into an unbelievable farce, which was sorta caused by me ^_^ I left in some OOC stuff and a board message at the end so you can get the whole idea of what happened.

Seig Heil!! - Ok, a bit of explanation here. This is the big climax of a TP involving Cyber Peacock invading Repliforce's main computer system, and trapping the Colonel in a virtual game of Axis and Allies. Basically Cyber causes all sorts of havoc on the system and pretty much torments the Colonel in the virtual world. In this log we head in to rescue him, unfortunatly when we enter we assume the form of human German troops, the Axis, and the Mavericks and the Colonel are the American troops, the Allies. Fun ne? In the end we rescue the Colonel, and drive Cyber out and all's well in RHQ again, pretty much. Though I doubt Anthem and Phoebus will be living down their 'humiliations' too soon (just read it). As for me, I take on Bit and actually don't get my ass kicked too bad! Yay me! ^_^

The Danse Macabre - The title may not make much sense at first, but it will by the time you finish the log. What starts off for me as some conversation in the Training Facility, turns into a battle in a London Museum against the Robot Master Elite Ballade. How does the battle go? Well it's Ballade I'm talking about, this fight was REALLY one sided. But it's still a good read, especially with Auto's humorous battle comments while he's fighting Enker.

Air Race - I really wasn't paying attention to the air race, though I was logging it. A Maverick, Spitfire Jumpjet (same one who's in The Little People log up above) wins the gold.

Foot Race - Overdrive Ostrich wins this one, well that was typical. Though I came in second! Woo! Go me! I also seem to have made an enemy at the end of it, one who I see again in the Water Race.

The Little People - During the Cease Fire caused by the Battle and Chase games, Flare is walking around Torontreal, and he comes across a Pawn shop closing down, and selling off all their junk. Seems harmless enough, but Flare has an interesting encounter with a little reploid called Radar Meerkat. After an encounter with him, and a Maverick, Radar ends up leaving with the Maverick, which leaves Flare pretty upset. Of course, Radar was ALREADY a Maverick, but Flare doesn't know that.

Sharpshooting - Ricochet of Repliforce wins this. I didn't place anywhere near as good, though I did get in the top ten. I WOULD have done better if it wasn't in such a cold environment :)

Water Race - Jet Stingray gets the gold here (Yay, two for Repliforce) This is a really interesting race altogether, even the stuff going on in the stands is entertaining. Dagger Lynx (the guy I beat in the Foot Race) makes a pest of himself, and after the race we all go for drinks at the Reploid room.

4th of July in Tokyo - Yes, we had a big fireworks show for the 4th of July in TOKYO harbour, but in the time of M3, the idea of Independance became a world wide celebrated holiday. Anyway, this log has it all, Romance, Action, Suspense, and (unforunatly) the last moments of Seminole before he walked off to face Vile in an unwinnable showdown. Zero and Jet Stingray have the long awaited confrontration over Iris, Ballade is wrought with depression over being (in his mind) rejected by Wily, and Flare learns the true meaning of love!! *ducks various objects thrown at him* Well ok, not really, but he does learn a few things as he talks to Iris and Jet.

Revenge is a dish best served with a cliche - Dagger Lynx returns here to try and get revenge on me. Chances are he'll be back later, oh well. A generically generic setting for one of the most cliched scenes I've been in. Dagger threatened me with hostages and told me to face him one on one in an abandoned amusement park during a thunderstorm. Well, I'd like to say I showed him a thing or two, but he DID get the better of me (I blame it on the rain, stupid muddy ground!) But I get away mostly unharmed, and then Ten showed up and proceeded to kick the crap out of him for me, so all's well ;)

Attack of the 20ft Banana!! - This is the start of the Ad Astra TP. It begins harmlessly enough with a demonstration of the new teleportation system used to construct the Eurasia space station. And... nothing happens. (nothing BAD anyway) But we Do have to take care of a 20ft tall Bonanza Banana which grew to really big proportion a few days earlier. Also, at the very beginning of this log, Flare has a rather interesting discussion with Siege Wolverine, which sets me up for a rather important series of events which have a give impact on Flare's life (which you'll see in later logs :D)

A Cat lamenting on the past... - At the start of this log (and it's main focus) is a sudden conversation with Ten that Flare has, beginning identical to the one he had with Siege, but Flare eventually brings more of his past out, a past he wasn't willing to face yet. And then, just when he goes to tell all, the Masters suddenly attack Neo Tokyo, (another Ad Astra event) so off Flare and Ten go to help take care of it. Flare get's his aft kicked by Bomb Man as well :)

Emergency Room Repliforce (E.R.R.) - Flare wakes up in the medical bay after an attack in Cairo, and what does he wake up to but Iris clinging to live after a deadly encounter with Cyber Peacock while trying to defend the Eurasia mainframe. There's emotion, suspense, and really really long poses! In the end, Dr. Light saves the day, and Iris pulls through.

A Cat lamenting on the past pt 2... - During the false Repliforce surrender, Flare does some work around their command bunker in Cairo and eventually gets to talking to Ten again, which mounts to his utmost facing of his past. Thanks to Ten, Flare manages to finally accept reality, and face the truth about himself, but it's still not quite over yet...

Repliforce Surrenders... - This event should have happened earlier in the TP, but due to time complications, and some confusion, it never happened until the day before the TP ended. *shrug* At any rate 15million troops (all gumbies, except for myself, Iris, Deluge Elephant and Riptide Wyvern) gather outside RHQ London to surrender to the incoming Robot Master force. Various stuff happens, and at the end, you hear over the broadband that Wily kidnapped ProtoMan and succeeded in re-converting him back into Break Man. Dark times indeed... (Oh, and I ducked out for half an hour, and Pollux sent me the parts I missed, thanks Pollux :D)

Ad Astra finale? - Well, this is the end of Ad Astra all right... at least from the view in the surrendered Repliforce camp. There was a whole other side to it up on Eurasia, but I wasn't there. Basically, Repliforce counters, they destroy Wily's grip on the station, Duelist Cavalier turns out to be Dynamo from X5, Jet Stingray leads a rescue party to the camp, and we all bust out. And at the end some... oddities happen, I would explain it here but... you'll see.

Anthem in Anchorage - Sigh, this turned out as a simple harmless master attack in Anchorage, why oh why did it turn into... THAT? I could explain the situation to you, but... you'd best just read it yourself. Basically Anthem experiments with a method to defeat Blizzard man non-violently, by doing something TOTALLY out of character... or so it seems.

More Cat past lamenting... - Well here Flare finally picks up from where he last talked with Ten, and with her moral support he finally confronted the message from his creator. What happens is well, you'll see.

The Crystal Palace - Agreeing to meet with his creator at a new bar establishment, Flare heads there and also runs into Ten there as well. The Doc arrives and finally the truth about Flare's guilt comes into light.

The Steel Mill - Flare's first mission since his promotion. It starts as a 'routine' Maverick raid on a steel mill, however by the end things take a bad turn for Flare after a battle with Overdrive Ostrich.

Steel Mill aftermath - When Flare was cut in half by Overdrive's Sonic Slicer, it affected him much more than originaly thought. When he collapses in the hallway when his legs give out, it seems not even Heilen can repair the microscopic damage. The only one to turn to is Flare's creator. Now Flare finds himself without a choice, he has to return to his former home to have the Doc repair him, or he'll never walk again.

Home Sweet Home? - While Flare is being repaired, Ten stops by the Doc's house to check up on him. Flare is deactivated at the time, but Doctor Snow and Ten have a nice discussion on the events leading up to this in Flare's life. (As with Knight, I had Flare shelved for a bit while I was doing exams, the next log after this takes place about a month later, when I finally return.)

Paradise Falls - Woo! After a month of inactivity I return to normal RPing at M3, well actually I had some time RPing before this but this is the first log I kept.. And this is a rather long log as well. It starts with a training battle with Jet, then we go to a new town Paradise Falls where I had Douglas fix a reploid pet a few days before, then Douglas gets into some, traffic difficulties. I buy an orange from the General's Fruit Stand and Ion Cannon (No joke) and later return the pet to it's owner, and meet Ten along the way. Oh, and I left some O-Repliforce silliness near the middle as well, thought it was worthy to keep :)

Battle with Burst Man - This is a rather short, and poorly named log. However it's important, because here Ten virtually gets blown to pieces by Burst Man, and Flare comes and returns the favor. However, it's only the start of a far more dire sequence of events.

Emergency Room Repliforce pt 2 - The dire aftermath of the Burst Man battle, it has bad consequences for Ten. But enough foreshadowing, read up, bwargh!

Battle with Chi - This begins a series of long training sessions in preparation for the attack on the Skull Citadel. After what happened to Ten, Flare tries his hardest to be in best shape and help deal a blow to the Robot Masters. He spends virtually all his time in cold simulations to prepare himself for it. And here he has a match with Chi, Ten's brother.

Bass Audition - This isn't an event that actually happens on the Mush's IC grid, it's one of the auditions for the new Bass. However I decided to put it up as a log since it's still good RP :)

Eve before the Citadel Raid - The night before Repliforce's attack against the Skull Citadel. Flare prepares with fighting it out in the training facility, and eventually fights a hologram of Bass, and of course, loses.

Citadel Raid - Big BIG log. It starts off with a meeting in the War Room, soon after a huge spammy battle at the Skull Citadel. Flare fights Search Man, Frost Walrus goes berserk, Crash and Guts do frack all, and the Citadel goes kaboomies. Also, after all that mess, there's a scene in the medbay where Ten is finally repaired. All 'n all, BIG log.

Kaboomies!! - Dr. Landon DeVry has threatened to detonate a hidden bomb somewhere in a populated area unless Repliforce meets his demands, and Repliforce tries to pull one over on him by trying to find the bomb first. Isn't that just frickin' NOVEL? After the location of the signal has been narrowed down, Flare, among others, searches the streets of Sydney trying to find trace of DeVry, and Flare stumbles across the bomb by accident. Unfortunatly it takes him forever to REALIZE it.

Phoebus' party - This is a rather short, and lighthearted log. Basically it's Phoebus' birthday, and a few people from repliforce throw a party for him. Fun! And surprisingly, no battle breaks out. Yes there's a disturbance, but we don't look into it, and I eventually fade away and log off.

Coping with Pain - In this log, Iris comes to Flare with an odd request. It's some time after Iris' 'daughter' Grace was killed by her own father, Sigma, by accident. It took a hard toll on Iris' well being, mentally, and it seems here she wants to resort to Buddhism to learn to cope with her pain, by enjoying it. After a brief match, Iris tries to get away, and after some intervention by Phoebus, Flare decides to talk to Iris, and reveal sorrowful events of his own life that he's only ever revealed to Ten, in order to try to help her cope.

Christmas at Ground Zer..err.. San Angeles - During Christmas break I almost totally lost my connection, which meant no RPing for me. Thankfully I did maange to pop on for this little scene on Christmas Eve, and Phoebus/e obliged a confused Flare with some RP.

Maverick Attack #30501F - The Mavericks launch an attack on Berlin!!!! ...yep. Forgive me for sound so unenthusiastic, but Maverick attacks are nothing new. The only noteworthy thing is that the combat system seems to be forked at that time, and me and Neon Tiger whiff each other all night. It was funny :D

Flare vs... Wily? - Yep, Flare takes on Wily in his newest Wilymachine, the Reggae. Which is a giant.... duck. Normally, someone like Flare fighting solo against a Wily Machine would be suicide, but lucky for me, the combat system was STILL wiggy since the last battle with Neon, and thus we couldn't hit each other all night. Another whiff fest. But in the end, Flare fights it off, only taking one hit himself. Huzzah!

Cassandra Paradox Episode 4 : Ground Control to Major Tom - First Cassandra Paradox log as Flare, most of the CP logs are on Knight's page. This one is a superhappyfun romp through a psychotic space station that tries to kill us all. Thankfully there are only 4 of us 'competing' for this pendent. Myself, Ten, Enker and Celestial Blackbird. Though by the end, Flare nearly had it in his grasp, but the yutz had to give it up and Enker snagged it at the last minute. Oh well, it's better this way, it turned Enker into a loony :D

Cassandra Paradox Episode 5 : Egg Man - This is pendent number 7, which takes place in the Bayous of New Orleans. Lots of, uh, swampy action. Flare doesn't come anywhere nears as close as last time though. Rigger of the Maverick Hunters gets this one, Venus' pendent.

Cassandra Paradox Intermission 3 : TenStar - The fact that Ten got Sunstar's pendent, makes things very complicated for Flare. Speaking to Jet in The Catacombs about it (and other things...) Flare eventually meets Ten in the isolated Ural Mountains where she reveals something to him and Spiral Pegasus, that the pendent's urges may be too strong for her to fight off.

Cassandra Paradox Intermission 5 : Audit - This is a slightly more light-hearted log compared to what I've had lately. Bastion runs a security audit on RHQ-Australia, and Flare, Phoebus, among others, participate. Also, if you remember the Christmas Log earlier where Flare spoke with 'Phoebus' there's a bit of a continuation of that here too. Kinda comic-reliefy compared to what I've had, and what's to come...

Cassandra Paradox Intermission 8 : Paris Attack - A brief break from the Pendents and the Stardoids, when the Mavericks launch an attack on Paris to try to claim the city. Soon after they launch a SECOND attack on Berlin for the same reason, and then the Robot Masters attack Cairo. Repliforce just can't fight them all off, and all three cities are claimed by them. Flare also finds out a bit about how Iris and Colonel were created.

Cassandra Paradox Intermission 9 : TenStar III - The night before it all ended, this scene was a long time coming. Ten calls on Flare again when the pendent starts to overcome her, but this time she can't fight it off anymore. The pendent overpowers her, and Flare... Well you'd have to read it yourself. But the word 'nuked' comes to mind.

Cassandra Paradox Intermission 10 : E.R.R. 3 - On the last night, right before all hell breaks loose, Flare is in dire condition in the Medical Bay. The damage is far too extensive. The Doc returns once again in this log, and with Rigger's help, they both manage to stabalize Flare and save him from certain death.

Cassandra Paradox Epilogue : Ten - Second aftermathy thing. After Flare recovered, well enough so he could walk anyway, he visited Ten in her cell. This is a rather short log, and doesn't end as 'happily' as the last one did.

Hunter Talks - This takes place about a week or so after the last log. I had forgotten to log a few things that happened to Flare since then, so here's a recap. Flare recovered fine physically. And eventually, despite how the last log ended, he did work things out with Ten. During one night in the Medbay, there was a rather bad situation involving Anthem and Zero, and already damaged Repliforce-Hunter relations were hurt further. Since Rigger helped to save Flare's life, Flare felt compelled to do what he could to try to improve RF-MH relations, and after the incident with Zero and Anthem, he seeks out advice from Iris in this log.

Hunter Talks II - The next day Flare runs into Iris and Zero just as there's a situation in the medical bay. Flare helps out a bit in taking care of everyone and while doing so, speaks some more to Iris and to Zero about plans to help the Hunter relations. These past two logs may have seemed brief, but they're important to something that happens later on.

Fall of Repliforce Island - If Flare thought things would be calming down after all the pendent stuff was taken care of, he was dead wrong. The Robot Masters launch a devestating attack on Repliforce Island during a time of crucial weakness. With a precision plan, and overwhelming forces, Repliforce loses this battle, and Replforce Island sinks to the bottom of the sea, lost.

Light Labs - A day or two after the destruction of Repliforce Island, Flare spent a bit of time talking to Stealth Nekojin. And as well, after speaking to Slash Beast, and as a result of the recent events and tensions between the Hunters and Repliforce, Flare takes on the responsibility of becoming Liason to the Maverick Hunters for Repliforce.

Auction - Remember the Flare vs Wily log? Well now beating up the Reggae comes back to haunt him. Flare innocently enough volunteers for an auction, where various members of the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce put themselves up for auction for either a date, or slave for a day. It all turns out well and good, and everyone thought Colonel would walk away with the highest sum earned, until a mysterious old man shows up and bids a surprising amount for Flare.

The Wily Show! - The night after the Auction, Dr. Wily transmits beating up and torturing the poor captured Flare. He gets one heck of a beating before the signal is finally traced to Neo Tokyo, and Flare is rescued. However, Dust Man manages to grab the leg that was blown off, and uses it to fight off Proto Man.

A Night in Sickbay - Yeah so I stole a title from a recent episode of Enterprise, so sue me. At least we don't have a RF version of Dr. Phlox.. though we SHOULD... but I digress. Flare is on the road to recovery from the events in The Wily Show, during one night in the medbay he is visited first by Skyblade Eagle and later by Iris, and they talk about recent events and things going on. Mostly Flare is just trying to get his mind off of everything that has happened recently, from being blasted by an aflicted Ten, to the Fall of Repliforce Island, and to being kidnapped by Wily.

Kalinka and DeVry - Flare's leg has finally started to recover, though he was able to walk without crutch, he would have been fine if he didn't put any stress on it. Too bad he just happened to wander into Neo Tokyo Harbour while being lost, and walk right into an attempt by Dr. Landon DeVry to kidnap Kalinka Cossack. Flare tears open his knee injury again while fighting off Landon's Jane reploid, though he's taken back to Light Labs by Dawn, Kalinka is saved soon after by the other Hunters who intervene.

Anniversary in Hawaii - On March 23 2001 I first loged on M3 as Flare Feline, and on March 23 2002 there was a party going on in Hawaii where everyone was singing kareoke and Flare celebrated his first year in Repliforce.

Dinner with the Emperor - One night while in New York, Flare stops into the Captain's Table diner to have some dinner, and happens to run into Iris in the same place. They both sit and talk for a bit, when to their surprise, Sigma enters. A casual dinner turns incredibly tense, well for Flare anyway. Sadly, it ends a tad prematurely as Sigma's player was booted offline just as we were wrapping up, but it was an interesting scene nevertheless.

Slave for a Day - Flare had thought he'd put the events of the Auction behind him, but now they all start coming back one more time. Maverick Hunter Inverse was stood up by the one who bought her at the Auction, and considering what happened to Flare, she decided to kill two birds with one stone, and make him an offer. The result is quite hilarious as poor Flare doesn't really know HOW to react.

Gift Shopping - A rather brief log, but a set-up for the next one. Flare is thinking about getting a gift for Kalinka's birthday, but is having a hard time with it. He briefly has a talk with Skyblade Eagle and then sets off to figure something out. Of course, he winds up getting her something completely different than what he originally had in mind.

Miss Cossack's Birthday - Kalinka's birthday party, and there was quite a few surprises being thrown around. All 'n all, it was a great time for everyone involved, even Proto Man made an 'apperance'. Kalinka even gave Flare his 100th +cookie, yeah it took me a year, so what? :D

Command Meeting - Just as the title says, it's a Command Meeting. A Meeting where Commandery stuff is talked about. Not much else to say about it, except that it is a set-up for the next log.

The Pit - Like I said, the previous log was leading into this. Silver Mane and Red Tide were captured by the Mavericks, and after Vile had some 'sessions' with Silver Mane, the two Repliforcer's were pitted against each other in the Pit in Tartarus. Flare, Spiral Pegasus, Shinobi Pixie, and Stealth Nekojin are sent to rescue them, but sadly, they don't get to do so until after the 'match' is over, and both victems are hurt quite badly. But they DO get away in the end, and Flare got to show off his new disguise.

Central Park - Flare calls Ten to meet him in Central Park, where he tries out his new disguise on her. This was just to have a test of it's effectivness, but he has a bit of fun with Ten all the same.

Talk with Kalinka - Rather brief and uneventful log, but it's scenes like this that make the IC world go round, or something. Anyway, Flare has a nice chat with Kalinka outside of Light Labs, while she tries out her Magneto-skates invention. And that's about it, friendly chat.

Return of Anthem - Anthem disappeared after the Fall of Repliforce Island, and everyone thought she was dead. Nope. In this scene, she returns, and tries to kill Wily, and fails, naturally. Flare shows up a bit late, but manages to make it in time for all the wacky hijinx that occur when Wily unleases his dreaded Chibi ray on those gathered, then his 'Reality Beam', and then ALL hell breaks loose when he crosses the streams. Utter chaos.

Dodgeball Match 1 - It's Battle and Chase time again! One year later from the last games, Flare this time also participates in Dodgeball, with his teammates Ten and Ring Redwing. In this match, they're up against Toad Man, Gyro Man, and Astro Man.

Jet's Advice - Flare has a few words with Jet Stingray about what to do with his feelings for Ten. Of course, Jet's advice leaves much to be desired, in Iris' eyes, and Flare continues speaking with her once Jet powers down. At the end, there's some amusing radio chatter.

The Footrace Revisited - Flare takes part in the footrace once more, like the previous year. Though it doesn't turn out quite as good for him this time around, it was still a fun race nevertheless.

Skating with Kalinka - Between the mess of the games, Flare goes skating (in roller blades) with Kalinka. Some nice conversation.

Dodgeball Match 2 - Second Dodgeball game, oddly enough the last one too, Flare's team only played two games and won bronze, go figure (and that was only because one team being a no show. Though it looks like his team only won 4th by the end of this log, later on, another higher team was disqualified, bumping his status up. So yay) This game is only 2 on 2, Flare and Ten, versus Quick Man and Overdrive Ostrich.

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