Hyrule Scenery September 7th, 2003 - My first scene with Ziggy, that I logged I think. It was so long ago. Here, Ziggy goes looking for MOMO, and finds her in the fields of Hyrule. She loved spending time there, in the nice peaceful scenery. The scene is brief, due to my need to leave before it can go very far, but it's a nice scene between the two, at least.

Initial Contacts September 8th, 2003 - Scene number two is broken up into two seperate scenes, really. First, while Ziggy is still exploring Hyrule, he comes across Dark Link. The two get into a bit of a scuffle, with Ziggy managing to fight off Ganon's dark warrior. Afterward, he makes contact with some Palace personell, and meets up with Jim Raynor's associate Aster who guides him to Toran Castle, where he meets up with KOS-MOS.

Toran Castle September 18th, 2003 - Finally, after settling into Toran Castle, Ziggy meets up with Tir McDohl, and MOMO again. After chatting briefly about the state of affairs, he makes a formal introduction to the Palace. Looking back on my older logs, I noticed I play Ziggy a lot more rigid and robotic than I do now. Thankfuly I soften up a bit on his character as time goes on. He's not KOS-MOS afterall.

Holder of the Triforce September 24th, 2003 - Ziggy goes out to survey Death Mountain.. or so he says. He's really looking for MOMO, but it can't hurt to aqauint oneself with hostile territory, can it? He comes across Dark Link once more, except this time the dark warrior has gotten his hands on a piece of the Triforce, which was recently broke up and shared among the Villains. Suffice to say, things don't go Ziggy's way this time.

The Soul Edge October 24th, 2003 - Ziggy pops into the Palace Dining Room hearing voices, thinking there's a strategy meeting going on. But instead he winds up running in on Cassandra, Aeris and Station eating some pie. The discussion quickly turns to current goings-on, however, as the topic of the Soul Edge is brought up. Ziggy gets more and more familiar with artifacts of power currently in transit across Videoland.

Battle for the Foundation November 2nd, 2003 - The Villains launch a massive assault on the Kukai Foundation, and Ziggy is among those who go to its aid. He goes up aganist Albedo and the Simeon, and near the end of the fight, the two duke it out, EVA style. You'll see.

Obsoletion December 11th, 2003 - While browsing the Dock Colony for spare parts, Ziggy comes across Tails, who is sight seeing in Xenospace. The conversation quickly turns to the nature of Ziggy's cybernetic parts, and eventually to Albedo. It's funny, that when I was doing this scene, I didn't know nearly as much about Albedo as I do know, so there's some fudge-ups in what I say. But, you could argue that Ziggy didn't know much about Albedo at that time either, so it's all cool.

Metroid Invasion January 28th, 2004 - A distress call from the Labyrinth in Puzzle Zone! The Queen Metroid and her kin were on a bit of a rampage, and Ziggy, Link the Wind Waker and Faust answer the call. They manage to get the civilians to safety and chase off the Metroids without too much difficulty.

Blitzball Bar February 1st, 2004 - While surveying the land of Spira, Ziggy enters a Blitzball Bar in Luca, along with Maya Amano, Paine, and Albedo. They all exchange a few words, Paine proves she is the master of dry one-liners, and Maya and Albedo gush about being Ex-Heartless. This also proves to be one of the few scenes that have transpired where Albedo actually calls Ziggy by his name, and not just 'cyborg'.

Leviathan's Naval Base February 28th, 2004 - Zero launches an attack on Leviathan's Naval Base, and Ziggy joins the fray mid-game. He runs into Albedo once more here. He's not stalking him, really! The two don't come to blows this time, as Ziggy allows Albedo to escape with a wounded Leviathan. Ziggy may not have done a lot in this particular scene, but I just like the dialogue between him and Albedo. (Faust and Mew-Two were also in the middle of a seperate scene in the same room, though they leave about half-way through)

Hospital Visit March 6th, 2004 - Jr. winds up in the Hospital. How? The aging fool did it snowboarding! ...no not really. He had a scuffle with Albedo, and on top of getting his butt kicked, Albedo bleached his hair! Humiliation! To make matters worse, Ziggy and Shion pay him a visit, and they're followed by the mad URTV himself. It's almost like something out of a sitcom!

Sparring Match March 13th, 2004 - Ziggy decides to test his mettle against one of the Palace's more experienced fighters. He and Chun-Li arrange to have a little sparring match out in the fields of Hyrule. Things don't quite go Ziggy's way, though he does surprise the Interpol Officer with some 'familiar' moves, and he gains quite a bit of respect for her as well. This is one of those one-on-one fighting logs that essentially goes 'pose' 'attack' 'pose' 'counterattack' rinse and repeat. But it was still fun!

Confronting the Overlord April 4th, 2004 - While buying parts at the Dock Colony, Ziggy runs into Laharl, who, like Tails, appears to have been sight-seeing. Unlike Tails, however, this was not a friendly meeting. The two exchange words, and eventually Laharl attacks Ziggy. Things don't really go the cyborg's way, but he manages to be saved by an ally...

Recalled? April 5th, 2004 - Whoa whoa whoa! What's all this talk of killing chaos you ask? Funny story, that. Awhile before this scene took place, chaos, among many others, were caught in one of Gameshark's 'Snow Crashes', as a result 'odd' things happened. chaos, for one, was turned into a Gnosis, KOS-MOS was turned into a human, and generally, a Snow Crash equates to carnage. Suffice to say, as a Gnosis chaos presented a huge threat, not only to himself, but everyone around him. Ziggy and Jr., of course, don't want to see that happen. This conversation isn't really about chaos, however, it's about Ziggy potentially being recalled by the SOCE. He and Jr. have an interesting discussion about what it is the cyborg really 'wants', and he is faced with a few questions he cannot really answer.

Why am I bleeding? April 6th, 2004 - Remember all that talk in the last log about how chaos was Gnosis-ified? Well as it turns out, while he was in that state, he was able to do PERMANENT injury to Albedo. And guess who happens to crawl into the Kukai Foundation, injured and bleeding? Yeah. Jr., Ziggy, and Gaignun try to deal with the mess, eventually Jr. is left alone to handle his distraught brother.

I am a Weapon April 7th, 2004 - Continuing the saga of the Gnosis chaos, Ziggy runs into the newly humanized (or cyborgisized to be specific) KOS-MOS, who is planning on going out to hunt for chaos, to kill him. Ziggy tries to convince her otherwise, with no success. Left with no alternative, Ziggy sets out on his own search, hoping that he will find chaos before KOS-MOS does.

Conflicting Protocols April 10th, 2004 - The finale of chaos's little Gnosis saga, it ends with Ziggy and KOS-MOS finding chaos at once, and fighting each other over him. Things go downhill fast, though, as chaos loses control and, well, read it and see.

Inquisitor Margulis April 15th, 2004 - After recovering from the incident on the Isle of Mist Ziggy has a rather violent encounter with Margulis, one that doesn't end so well for the cyborg.

Recovery April 17th, 2004 - In the midst of recovering from the battle with Margulis, Ziggy gets some more bad news from the SOCE. Some of the representatives want to have Ziggy recalled due to his poor performances. Chun-Li arrives and tries to cheer him up.

The Little Master May 6th, 2004 - Finally, after some political red tape, Juli Mizrahi gets Ziggy out of hot water with the SOCE. Returning from their headquarters on Fifth Jerusalem Ziggy makes a stop into the Kukai Foundation to have a chat with Jr. regarding the Palace of Power and Videoland as a whole.

A Religious Android? May 8th, 2004 - Despite what you may think about the title, this log actually involves The Guardian, not KOS-MOS. Ziggy, in the process of moving into his quarters in the Palace, meets up with The Guardian in the hallway. A brief conversation results in her thrusting a small statue into Ziggy's possession.

Cleaning Up Vice City August 12th, 2004 - The peace of a few uneventful months is shattered when Ziggy comes across Jr. and a few others in the middle of Vice City 'cleaning up' the city's lowlifes. Ziggy did not approve of outright murder, even to dispose of other murderers, and certainly not from a close ally of his. This marks the beginning of some strained relations between Ziggy and Jr., and the birth of Jr.'s group, the Peacemakers.

Joining The Guard November 18th, 2004 - Yet another few months go by, though this time not due to Ziggy not really RPing, but just due to me being a scatterbrain and not logging things. D'oh. Lots of stuff happened, though, particularly involving the Peacemakers, and Albedo's 'death'. But this log is about the formation of The Palace Guard, and Ziggy being asked to join by Celes Chere.

His Name Is Elrich Webber... December 9th, 2004 - Ziggy has an encounter with Albedo's ghostly form which was haunting the Palace for a period of time. Ziggy refused to be spooked by the encounter, up until the ghostly bird mentions a name that strikes a painful chord within him, and at the time he was unsure why.

Throwdown in Tetrispace January 15th, 2005 - EVIL invades the area around the Palace of Power, specifically Tetrispace. Ziggy, among other heroes, move to intercept, and he winds up facing an Omega Pirate (emitted by Mother Brain) and in the end has to play a quick game of Tetris against EVIL to try and keep them from gaining a foothold in the area.

Fine Tuning March 18th, 2005 - Ziggy meets up with Gaignun Kukai to ask him something about a personal matter. He needs some back-up parts, but his make and model aren't exactly common and, in fact, quite outdated. The conversation jumps around a bit, and Flonne wanders into the middle of it as well.

Sunbeam Sunbeam... April 13th, 2005 - Ziggy meets with Gaignun yet again, this time at the Kukai Foundation, but their talk is intrupted by Albedo's lounging about (who was restored to 'life, more or less, some time before this). At least they all remain... somewhat civil.

A Curry Date May 3rd, 2005 - Ziggy runs into MOMO and Gaignun in the Palace hallways. It has been quite awhile since Ziggy has seen MOMO, and the little realian is certainly happy to see her cyborg protector. She even offers to make dinner for the other two, how sweet!

Damn Stalkers May 21st, 2005 - While taking a stroll with MOMO in Rauru town in Hyrule they have an unpleasent encounter with Albedo. Will Ziggy be able to protect MOMO from Albedo's clutches? Well... probably, if Albedo lets him.

Abduction May 29th, 2005 - Their last encounter with Albedo was just a warning, this time the URTV makes good on his threats. Using a bit of trickey, and some Kirchwassers as bait, Albedo finally managed to abduct MOMO, despite Ziggy's efforts to stop him. The cyborg battles as hard as he can, but in the end he cannot stop Albedo. It is time.

Proto Merkabah May 30th, 2005 - The final showdown with Albedo.... was mostly done by Jr. After absconding away with MOMO to the song of Nephilim, Jr. follows after and confronts Albedo inside. None of this happens in this log, however, as it is all from Ziggy's perspective. Just as he, and others from the Palace, launch a rescue effort Albedo restores Proto Merkabah. Infiltrating the huge structure the group runs across many problems. In the end they need to split up to save both MOMO, and Second Miltia.

The Successor of Alamarion June 10th, 2005 - Weeks after the showdown at Proto Merkabah Ziggy decides to help out Adol Christin with a situation on Canaan Island (no relation to the relian). There Ziggy and Demi confront Ernst while Adol recieves the sword of Alamarion.

Assault on Ceres Station December 4th, 2005 - Five whole months after the last log. Ziggy had a bit of downtime in that period. In this log Ziggy, and a responding force from the Palace, hurry to Ceres Station to repel an attack from two missing Federation Starships, the Ludendorf and the Hitler. These two ships vanished over a week before under mysterious circumstances. I should also note that this was during the Riftripper TP, where many 'sealed' zones were opened up to Videoland. In particular, in this scene there is Anakin Skywalker.

Starship Hitler February 10th, 2006 - Nearly two months after the Starship Ludendorf and Starship Hitler attacked Ceres Station Ziggy finally tracked the Hitler down to a remote starsystem in Federation space called 'Moose Country'. Taking Maya and Erk along on an expedition Ziggy is met with a startling discovery at what happened to the Realians, but ulitmately is left with more questions, and a vivid memory he'd rather not recall. Though they make their escape, with one infected Realian in tow, the Starship and the Realians are ultimately taken care of by Dual.

Riftripper Finale March 10th, 2006 - Finally, after nearly half a year of going unchecked, the Palace launches an assault on Dr. Wily's Skull Fortress in an attempt to destroy the Riftripper. Splitting up into eight teams the Palace tackles eight Robot Masters, each guarding Wily's inner sanctum. Ziggy teams up with Demi and Bang to fight Skull Man, however that encounter quickly becomes chaotic as the Robot Master uses a mini-Riftripper gun sending them all into the world of The Real Ghostbusters. Firewire shows up and is possessed by Zuul, and they fight the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man before settling things. By the time the final assault on the Riftripper begins I had to step out, so it's yet another incomplete scene. I hear the end was real spectacular, though.

Chance Meeting April 29th, 2006 - Ziggy has an abrupt encounter with a certain Wutai Ninja Girl, who stumbles out of a warp zone, in the Second Miltia Space Port. Awkward conversation ensues as Yuffie tries to be friendly to yet another person far too serious for his own good.

A Package May 7th, 2006 - There was a whole other scene before this I forgot to log, where Ziggy and Cloud Strife pull Yuffie out of Shang Tsung's fort. Here Yuffie tries to repay Ziggy, but he's a bit reluctant to accept anything. But Yuffie rewards him, whether he wants it or not.

Super Smash Bros. Sign-Up May 14th, 2006 - A new Super Smash Bros. Tournament was announced, and there was a mixed reaction. Mostp eople were excited at the thought of participating. Others approached it with apprehension. Ziggy was one of the latter. However, enough pestering by Yuffie gets Ziggy to consider signing up. He even tries a mystical drink called 'Root Beer' down at the Insert Coin. Seems that Yuffie just won't stop trying to soften Ziggy up.

Grand Videoland Bridge May 29th, 2006 - Shortly after the Tournament was announced the ruins of Hollow Bastion suddenly appeared close to the Palace of Power. Thankfully it didn't appear that the Heartless were making another invasion, but its sudden appearance raised a lot of questions. The Palace took it upon itself to reconstruct, and guard, the ruins until they could gather what the truth behind it was. In this scene Ziggy is patroling the Grand Videoland Bridge, which connects to the entryway to the ruins, and is visited first by Yuffie, and later by chaos.

A Killer and a Lady June 1st, 2006 - Another patrol of Hollow Bastion becomes a bit more eventful than usual when Ziggy and Terra Brandford confront a trespasser. The confrontation doesn't turn violent, thankfully, since Lady and Killer ultimately leave on their own. But what were they looking for?

Space Paranoids June 9th, 2006 - Lady A and a team of Palace personel dive into the large computer system found in Ansem's study. Inside they see a virtual world, and come across a character by the name of Tron, who is attempting to return order to the system.

Super Smash Bros Melee, Round 1 July 2nd, 2006 - The Super Smash Bros Tournament finally starts, and Ziggy's Melee match takes place at the Reptite Tower in the Chrono Zone. He faces off against Cody Travers, Paula, and Xianghua. The battle is quite close, but the victor is decided thanks to quite a bit of luck.

Super Smash Bros Melee, Round 2 July 21st, 2006 - Round two of the Melee tournament pits Ziggy against The Hero of Speilburg, Nanami, and Rad Spencer (The Bionic Commando!). It was a very close fight, and in the end either one of them could have won. But Ziggy barely pulls through, thanks to a bit of luck, and capsule use.

Good Luck Charm August 7th, 2006 - The night before the final match in the Melee Tournament Ziggy meets up with Yuffie while preparing in the Danger Room. The ninja gives him a little good luck charm, which may very well have saved his cybernetic behind.

Super Smash Bros Melee, Final August 8th, 2006 - The final match of the Melee Tournament. It comes down to Ziggy, Station, Dual, and King K. Rool. It's a heated battle, and it is decided in a dramatic finale. As for who won? Well I'd try to surprise you, but the title of the next log kinda gives it away...

Super Smash Bros Melee, Bonus Round August 12th, 2006 - Ziggy stands victorious over the Melee Tournament. He somewhat owes his victory to Yuffie Kisaragi who conned talked him into participating in the first place. She had her own reasons for it, though. After triumphing over Dual Ziggy is informed he has one more fight to win, he has to defeat the WarMech. After being talked into visiting Wutai for a bit of tea with Yuffie, Ziggy heads to the Sky Palace to fight the mechanical monster. The battle is tense, and close but in the end... Yuffie's Luck Plus materia gets to level up.

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